Overheating Battery Issues Stall Chrysler Hybrid Project

As the demand for hybrid vehicles grows, Chrysler has been forced to momentarily shelve their hybrid testing. Tests found the batteries overheated in some of the pickup trucks. 109 truck models and 23 minivan models with plug-in hybrid technology are no longer currently testing.

It seemed the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks were delayed to damage due to their prototype batteries. There are no reported fires or injuries to operators as a result of the damage. Chrysler is testing a lithium powered battery since the third quarter of 2011. The project was expected to run through 2014, but no plans have been made to extend the testing.

This testing is partially funded by the United States Department of Energy to the tune of $ 58 million. Chrysler makes up for the rest of the funding with $ 65.2 million. A majority of the money was meant to fund the pickup truck testing, which was expected to cost $ 97.4 million. The reminder of the fund was meant for the minivan testing that was expected to cost $ 25.8 million.

The project testing was spread between 16 municipalities and utility companies. That spread the testing between 20 states. The batteries themselves were supplied from a Canadian company called Electrovaya, which specializes in lithium battery development and manufacturing. It even released its own electric car run on the battery that can go for 120 miles on one charge.

Despite the suspension of the truck and minivan hybrid project, Chrysler is moving ahead in development of the company's own battery. A representative has called their vision a "superior battery" to what they were implementing before. This time the company will create a different chemical makeup of the battery to prevent the overheating problem.

So far, the vehicles tested as part of the program have racked up 1.3 million miles equivalent. Minivans have recorded as high as 55 miles per gallon while the trucks have gained as much as 37.4 miles per gallon. Current hybrid minivans average about 28 miles to the gallon and trucks average about 23 miles per gallon.

Part of the testing was not just to increase the mileage of every gallon, but to create reverse power flow. This is where the battery then sends power to the electric grid. In the future, the powerful vehicle batteries could have the backup for home appliances during power outages. Chrysler hopes to have the first to release a vehicle with electric grid connectivity.


Maintenance Shop project part 1

We recently added another rack to our shop today so that all of our power tools and battery chargers were in one place instead of all spread out throughout the shop. This is the beginning stages and a mess of a shop. Also added a half inch metal conduit and double USB receptacle next to the rack so that we can charge our phones and tablets. We have wood to go on the shelves they we are going to paint and I have four more shelves coming for this rack so that we can have all the power tools in the shop of different brands and one area. Stay tuned for part two


Mobile Charging , Free Energy 100% generator , Diy Experiment

Mobile Charging , Free Energy 100% generator , Diy Experiment


How Does Wireless Charging Work? || Crude Wireless Energy Transfer Circuit

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In this video I will show you the operational behaviour of a transformer and how we can alter it in theory and praxis in order to create a crude wireless energy transfer system. Along the way I will also talk about the QI standard and some of the disadvantages of wireless charging.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats

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How To Make a Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger With Computer Fan

How To Make a Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger With Computer Fan

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Raven & Kreyn – So Happy [NCS Official Video]

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Free Energy 100% Mobile Charging self running machine generator using DC Motors

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On this episode, we’ll be install the Duracell 6 amp battery maintainer harness onto the battery terminal of my Z.

DURACELL 6amp Charger/Maintainer (from Ebay)

-10mm socket wrench



Laid Back Guitars by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Convoy Flashlight & Liitokala Charger – Ita sub En

In this video we take a look on power flashlight and a battery charger that Gearbest send me for free.

Convoy S2 + L2 T6 – 4C LED Flashlight

Liitokala Lii – 500 LCD Battery Charger

Flsun12V 20A DC 240W Switching power supply with universal regulation 12V 240W LED Driver

3-Channel Mini Servo Tester for RC Helicopter and Airplane and Car Parts

LiitoKala Lii Battery – 26A 18650 Li-ion

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Tronxy 1.75mm PLA Filament for 3D Printer

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INVISIBLE Wireless Phone Charging Station / Device Organizer

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The area where we charge our phones and other electronic devices has been an absolute DISASTER since we moved into this house and it only gets worse as more devices make it into our home. Today we are going to use some scrap maple to make a organized charging station for all our phones. To make it even cooler we are going to incorporate INVISIBLE wireless chargers hidden behind a thin layer of wood.

The wireless charging station sports TWO hidden fast wireless chargers and a USB charging port that has 7 additional fast USB charging ports. It also has a shelf to hold a few books; out going snail mail and unused devices and a drawer to hide some of your more unsightly items.

The charging station is made from solid maple, assembled with finger / box joints and finished with general finishes enuro-var in a semi-gloss sheen.

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DIY: Lithium 18650 Cells Charger By Using TP4056 Modules

In this video i will show you
how to make 8650 lithium battery charger,

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