Projecta’s Intellicharge 7 Stage Battery Charger

George Davies from Projecta talks about Intellicharge, a true 7 stage automatic battery charger.


Projecta Intellicharger Battery Chargers

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East Coast Batteries. Customer testimonial

One of our happy customers kindly sent us a video testimonial.

This is Tom’s recent experience when he brought his Toyota coaster bus in to East Coast Batteries to have a look at his battery set up and purchase Projecta smart battery Gauge (bm320) , Dc to Dc charger with solar regulating (idc25) and some advice as to how to use his batteries and how a few other things worked.

Thank you Tom for your kind words and your business!

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Projecta pro-charge PC400 battery charger repair

Repair of a lead acid car battery charger that won’t turn on. The cause of failure appears to be an overload on the output. This was likely caused by a short across the battery terminals while connected or excessive current draw such as somebody starting the engine while charger was connected. Fault current in excess of 12A was recognized.


Projecta Pro Charge Battery Chargers

A quality battery is a big investment, and the Pro Charge range of battery chargers by Projecta – will ensure you get the most out of your battery. A far cry from your old transformer battery charger – the Pro Charge range utilizes a sophisticated 6 stage charging system to ensure your battery reaches optimal charge. This will ensure your batteries are kept in the best possible condition!


Projecta Pro-Charge Battery Chargers

Mark Allen previews the range of Projecta Pro-Charge battery chargers