Review – Young Thor PSP (PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Minis)

With five titles to their name on Sony's platform for snack-sized digital games, Canadian developer Frima Studio has been one of the staunch supporters of the PlayStation Minis service since launch last year. With the release of the ambitious game Young Thor the studio is pushing the boundaries of the Minis in terms of production quality and sheer value for money.

Save the world, one dead troll at a time

Young Thor is an action-platformer in its purest form. Players get to negotiate dangerous cliffs, escape burning castles and cursed Viking ships, while defeating waves of enemies along the way. Sounds familiar? It is, but Frima Studio has managed to execute with an unwavering hand, while adding plenty of flair, so they're easily forgiven the lack of truly new ideas.

In Young Thor we get to take on the Norse thunder god when he was just a sprouting god-in-the-making. Not fully grown, Thor is still a power to be reckoned with, as he takes on the ruler of the underworld, Hel, trying to foil her plot to destroy the world tree Yggdrasil and then save the world of mankind.

Force of nature

Frima Studio has managed a fine-tuned balance of engaging platform challenges and quick, fun combat. Jumping across tree tops, pounding enemies to dust using Thor's trusty hammer or the powers of lightning is a breeze, mostly. Controls could have benefited from being a bit tighter, most notably against super-fast and unforgiving opponents or jumps requiring precise timing.

Four levels in total lies before you, each with multiplely routes and plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. To expend the total playtime, you're forced to revisit the same levels multiple times – each iteration retooled with new monsters, hidden power-ups and easy dispatched bosses. The idea works to a certain extend, but lter levels tend to quite too much on drawn out arena battles, which whittles a bit of the fun factor away.

Lightning and thunder

For a Minis Young Thor is home to some very impressive art direction. Thor and enemies – although limited in numbers – are detailed and well animated. Intelligent use of a dynamic camera adds a great sense of depth, to a game that essentially plays across a 2D landscape. The scenery impresses with variation and you'll be taken to glomish underground caverns, across icy landscapes to dark, foreboding castles. The action is sprinkled with good looking effects and lighting. Tunes are short but well composed, sadly the effects come across as tinny and few in numbers.

Pushing the envelope

Young Thor is a far cry from the smallish affairs, that PlayStation Minis regularly houses, and Frima Studio has done a brave thing in expanding the boundaries of what can be done on the platform and price range. Inspired and beautiful Young Thor might falter a bit toward the end, but it is still more than worthy of your cash and a place on your memory stick.

Verdict: Get it! (Verdict list: 'Get it!', 'Rent' or 'Never mind')


PSP – Sony Playstation: Portable Ultra Modern Gaming Machine

Sony PlayStation Portable system having 4.3-inch display which dominates the console body and its whole look is so classy, ​​expensive and very elegant. Apple fans can easily experience this feeling of having a PSP console in their hand. It's for sure PSP device is so handy with Pro Duo Memory stick, battery, inserted UMD and including all it just weighs 10.3 ounces. Revolutionary Sony PSP not just include handheld PlayStation 2 like features but beyond that PSP has other value – added features, the video player, the audio player and the photo viewer. PSP has more processing power than other portable console available in the market. Screen of PSP system is simply stunning with simplicity it has vibrant features and exceptionally clear view. If we talk about viewing angle which is again its incredible feature you can have very good image view from any angle with better refresh rate.

Till 2011 Sony releases 4 series of PSP named as PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and PSP GO (N1000). PSP-3000 and PSP GO are the only 2 portable consoles of Sony which are in production. PSP is the seventh generation of console with its 62 million units sold all around the world. Sony PlayStation Portable latest version loading time, 64MB internal system memory which is twice the memory of previous PSP console and this time PSP is 19% thinner and 33% lighter. Built in microphone enables you to enjoy all those games that employ a microphone and cutting edge communication technology enabled device make connectivity easier with your all online friends.

In the list of portable gaming devices Sony PSP has exceptional gaming power, audio-video quality is superb and when you watch movies on UMD it just look great on the sleek wide screen. Since the launch of Sony PlayStation Portable in December 2004, it is the leading handheld device in the portable gaming industry. Success of PSP console tells whole story about this device. True gamers admire PSP system for all its fully loaded feature, support, accessories, games and add-ons to make this device complete gaming and entertainment satisfaction zone while they are traveling. In true sense Sony PSP is more than a game console.


How Can Any One Copy Music To Your PSP For Free

Do you know that Transferring music and other audio files to your PSP is not difficult, once you know the process. This article is going to show you any one Copy Music to his or her PSP for Free

Adventure plus accentuated technology is what the PSP or PlayStation Portable is all about. Gone are the days that kids play outside and enjoy their best games with their friends. With the advent of Internet and the skyrocketing technology, kids now could enjoy playing games with their best buds even inside the house, far from their groups of friends and share time playing their favorite games with the use of a PSP. What exactly could a PSP do compare to the ever famous PS2?

PSP and PS2 differ in size, considering that PSP is a lighter version of the PS2-handy, portable, has a built-in sound card and is Wi-fi ready. PSP's capability to connect through wi-fi allows you to play with your best buds online. This also means you could connect through the Internet if you have a higher firmware version, or at least 2.00. With the use of a Universal Media Disc format (UMD), you can enjoy your online games with your online buddies even if you're traveling or enjoying your vacation in Aruba!

The PSP is packaged at a color black hand held device weighing around 62 lbs or around 280 grams with its battery. Never underestimate this small device for it consists of a 32 MB memory and can provide you the best 16.77 millions of colors available for your best viewing time. This means you could watch the perfect hues and colors of the images in your PSP. And that's not all the PSP could offer. Say how could you enjoy viewing the almost-real images if you're unable to play the sounds or at least play music if you're bored of playing games?

With this consideration, the PSP handheld device could offer you best ways on how to copy music on the PSP itself. As you all know, listening to music could elevate your moods when you're all tired playing online games with your buddies. Not all that time that you want to play using your PSP. Music soothes your times while on travel. Remember, your PSP has 32MB and what does it mean?

To copy music on the PSP, you can either use its UMD features or a Memory Stick. Whichever is your choice, it's important to understand while PSP device offers larger space for your games, music and video, PSP is however limited to building and accessing files when it comes to music and videos. At this time, UMD music quality is very limited and Sony is not providing information if there are future offers. With the use of memory sticks, you can copy music on your PSP but you'll need a larger memory stick for you to transfer music files. The catch there is it will really take you longer times to successfully transfer music to your PSP say 3-5 minute transfer compared to iRiver which takes around 30-40 seconds. With this info in mind and in order for you to enjoy time listening to music, equip yourself with tons of patience while allocating time for your PSP to load music from your memory stick.

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How to Charge a PSP Without Original charger

Your charger broken? Thats unfortunate. Too broke to buy one? Even worse! Well here is something for you! Drop a like if it worked, and sub for more tutorials.

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Unboxing New Sony PSP charger

I bought this new Sony PSP charger on Aliexpress to replace my original one that I lost.
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How to make a PSP charger.


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Review: PSP Battery Charger

Looking for a faster way to charge up your PSP battery if it takes too long, watch this video where I review the PSP battery charger. I went over the specs, what it comes with, showing the device itself, discussing how long it takes to charge the battery completely, demonstrating the charger, and concluding whether you should get it or not.

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Docks, Displays and Chargers for Controllers and Handhelds / MY LIFE IN GAMING

In a world where everything needs to be recharged, how do you keep things neat? And how to make it so that older devices are inviting to continue to use? Try takes a look at stands for everything from a Game & Watch to a WaveBird, and charging methods for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, 8bitdo, and more.

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Power Bank / Portable Battery Charger 20,000 mAh Review

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This is the review of the Portable Battery Charger/Power Bank I had recently bought on eBay.

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Hue Kard and Plus: BEST portable battery chargers by Junopower

With 9900 mAh the Hue Plus allows you to charge your smartphone for example several times, same with the Hue Kard with 4400 mAh!
Everything else is cover in this video.

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