Plug-Side Chat: Stop Charging to 100% on Public DCFC

I’ve been noticing a number of new EV drivers using the public DCFC network to charge up to 100%. What is worse, these owners were not with their vehicles, so they were blocking other EV owners from accessing the chargers. In addition, both sites where I saw that activity also had Level 2 AC charging available, so if they did really need 100% battery, they should use the Level 2 AC for the last 5% to 10% of their battery.


EV Chargers, an informal discussion with James (“James and Kate”)

Informal discussion about chargers and charging needs for the future. Being significantly more experienced I was keen to pick Jame’s brain on a few things that have been on my mind.

Although, not staged for videoing and sharing the cameras were rolling and I thought many others might be interested in the discussion.

With thanks to James for his views and permission to share.

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Recargo: Prunedale, CA Soft Open (200 kW Public DC Fast Chargers)

I was able to attend Recargo’s soft opening of their new DC fast charging site in Prunedale, CA. This site features six 200 kW (CCS 200kW, CHAdeMO restricted to 100 kW) DC fast chargers with grid-tie batteries.

This is a key location connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles along the Highway 101 corridor.

It is not currently open to the public, but it will be soon. So stay tuned for updates!


How to Charge Electronics in the Backcountry

One of the biggest challenges of filming in the backcountry is charging camera batteries. These aren’t AA batteries, these things are huge and take hours to charge. And as we all know there are no outlets in the mountains. Until now….

Field producer Marcus Hockett explains the solar charging solution that he has found to work best for charging these beasts of batteries. Obviously, you can use this solar charging for anything that has AC or DC power. So go ahead and bring that blender or any electronics with you on your next backcountry trip with this solar charging solution!

We have not tested the below setups, but they are the closest things we can find that are currently on the market.

Chargetech Battery:
Solar Panel Equivalent:

Here is a smaller, less powerful AC Power Setup:


Also, Chargetech now has a panel offered on their website, but again, we have not tested it.

Solar Panel Charger for AC Battery Packs

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Public charging sucks

Why I gave up on public charging


Radio Training – Motorola Impres Battery Charger v511

a tutorial on Motorola’s IMPRES Portable Radio Charger for Warren County Public Safety and other agencies for whom we supply radios.


CTEK Multi XS 3600 battery charger teardown & repair

In this video, I reveal the sheer horror that resides inside one of these CTEK chargers, and I track down and remedy an issue that causes the charger to be unresponsive to the mode switch. When done, it does a good job of charging batteries at 4 or 0,65 A, but I’m not sure if one should rely too heavily on one of these.

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