TP-Link: delves into the world of wireless chargers

TP-Link has decided to enter the wireless recharging sector and for this they have announced the launch of a charger compatible with the Qi standard. It is the model TL-WCS200 and is a mobile charging base compatible with multi-brand terminals with support for fast charging systems requiring up to 10 watts of power. offers a recharging speed 1.4 times faster than a conventional 5-watt charger.


ABLEGRID Wireless Car Charger UNBOXING

►ABLEGRID Wireless Car Charger :
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☈◤FAST CHARGING QI CERTIFICATED WIRELESS CAR CHARGER◢: For a fast life pace and for higher efficiency, ABLEGRID wireless car charger will charge your wireless charging phone hassle-free, in safe and secure conditions. You don’t need to do anything, the ABLEGRID wireless car charges will quickly and securely take care of your phone.
☈◤STRONG MAGNETIC GRIP◢: The ABLEGRID wireless phone car charger has a powerful built-in magnet to hold your phone securely for bumpy drive. With the aid of an external magnet ring (which you receive at purchase), the magnetism between the holder and the phone can be improved. It always is recommended to place the external magnet ring inside your cell phone’s case.
☈◤LATEST WIRELESS CHARGING TECHNOLOGY◢: We ensure you that the latest wireless charging technology (QI certificated) used in our products will never allow your phones and the wireless car charger mount to warm up or cause any safety issues. For us, safety always comes first, and we combine ergonomic design with safe, latest technologies to provide you an excellent product and a great wireless charging experience.
☈◤SIMPLE DESIGN& EASY TO INSTALL IN CAR◢: An impressive mixture of wireless car charger and car mount, our product is perfect to use in the car. The magnetic wireless car charger mount will securely hold your phone while the wireless phone car charger will automatically start charging the phone as you set it up on the wireless charging car mount.
☈◤100% QUALITY Guarantee◢: We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and this means that after purchase you are fully covered by a 90-days no questions asked return and refund policy, 2 years of warranty and 24/7 live chat customer support. If you have any questions or issues, just let us know and we’ll make things right!
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5 Best Wireless Power Bank On Amazon – Top Qi Wireless Charger Power Banks To Buy

5► Hokonui Wireless Portable Charger, Hokonui 10000mAh 10W Fast Qi Wireless Power Bank with 18W Power Delivery, Type-C, QC 3.0 Ports and LED Displaly External Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and More
●●Amazon US :

4► MOMAX Wireless Charger Power Bank, MOMAX 10000mAh Portable Power Bank Charger QI Wireless Charging Pad for for iPhone XS MAX XR,Samsung and More with 2 USB Outputs 5V 2.1A Fast Output (Black)
●●Amazon US :

3► Wofalodata Wireless Charger Power Bank,Qi Power Bank,Wofalodata 10000mAh External Battery Support Qi Charging Pack with Built in Micro Cable and Lightning Adapter for iPhone X,iPhone 8,Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8
●●Amazon US :

2► iWALK Qi Wireless Charger Dual USB Power Bank 8000mAh Slim Portable Charging Pad External Battery Pack for iPhone X/8/8 Plus,Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6 Edge+/Note8 All Mobile Phone Qi-Enabled
●●Amazon US :

1► MIPOW Portable Wireless Charger, Ultra-Compact Qi 10000mah Power Bank with High-Speed Charging Technology External Battery for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More
●●Amazon US :

0► Cheap wireless power banks From china To buy here :
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5 Best Wireless Power Bank On Amazon – Top Qi Wireless Charger Power Banks To Buy
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5 Unique Fast Wireless Power Bank In 2018 on Amazon … You Don’t Need Any Cables !!
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Prelude: Wireless Battery Phone Charger ➜ Now Live

An on-the-go wireless charging solution using the latest in wireless charging technology. Reserve Now & Save 50% ➜


Is 7.5W Qi-Charging on the iPhone X/XS and 8’s worth the HYPE?

So the iPhone 8 and X now support 7.5 W Qi-charging. Which is 2.5 W’s higher than before. Which is awesome right?

From all the tests that I did, 7.5W Qi-charging isn’t great. Why? Because the charge times for the 7.5W charger sits here when compared against all the other ways to charge your iPhone.

In the next few minutes, I’ll show you what I discovered when I compared charge rates against:

– A 5W Spigen Qi-Charger
– A regular 5W Apple iPhone Charger
– A 29W MacBook Charger
– A 87W MacBook Pro Charger
– and a slew of other fast chargers

All the details below!

The Anker 7.5W Qi-Charger is the best one I’ve used to date. Get now on Amazon!

Get the Anker PowerWave 7.5W on Amazon!
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:
Amazon UK:
Amazon DE:

With 7.5 W charging, Apple turned on that feature in iOS 11.2. When the iPhone X and 8 were announced, they were only capable of being charged using 5W which is the bare minimum is quite slow. Now we’ve known about the 7.5 W charging since launch as well so if you went and bought a Qi-charger that isn’t 7.5 W capable, well, that just sucks. So how much better is the 7.5 W charging over the normal 5 W charger?

To answer this question, I ran several discharge cycles between my favourite 5W Qi-charger, the Spigen F300W and the a 7.5W Anker PowerWave charger. There’s a design feature with these two products that make it stand out over the others. I’ll elaborate after I talk about the charge rate differences.

It took almost 15000 seconds for the Spigen Qi-charger to bring my iPhone X from 10% to 100%. It took this Anker 7.5 W only 10500 seconds. These numbers makes sense to me as the 7.5 W is 150% of 5W. But let that sink in, it took over 4 hours for the Spigen charger to bring my iPhone X to 100% and almost 3 hours for the Anker charger. The only time in my day to day life where I can leave my iPhone in one location for 3-4 hours at a time is when I sleep. For me, it’s almost impossible for me to get a decent charge during the day and I work mostly from home.

So how does 7.5 W charger compare against the standard charger that comes with the iPhone? Well, from my tests, the was almost no difference. There was a 6 min difference between my tests which seems insignificant when you consider that it still takes 3 hours to charge for both chargers. So let that sink in, the $70 dollar, 7.5W charger will charge at the same rate as the charger that comes with the device.

On top of this annoyance is the fact that Qi-wireless charging isn’t as wireless as we all think as your device still needs to be physically touching the charger.

So how does the 7.5 W Qi-charging compare against the fastest way to charge your iPhone which is to use a laptop charger. With the 29W charger, it only takes 2 hours to charge the iPhone X from 10% which is a full hour shorter than the 7.5 W charger. If you’re looking for a better way to charge your iPhone, consider taking the $70 dollars you’d spend on the Qi-charger and buy yourself a 29W MacBook charger. The fast charging feature from 0-50 is handy. Going back to my lunch example, in 30 minutes, I can get approx. 50% charged on my device. So that would bring me close to 60% which would last me past supper for the day.

You’ll need to get a USB-3 to Lightning cable as well and if you’re wondering, the charge time between the Apple cable and ESR cable I used in this video was negligible which is nice. Unlike some of the other lightning cables I’ve used in previous videos. If you think those $10 dollar cables at the gas station are a good deal, watch that video.

So how about the 87W charger. Is it the fastest of the bunch? It isn’t. It’s actually charges at the same rate as the 29W charger despite having more than double the potential wattage. This may seem odd but these higher Wattage chargers are based on the USB-PD specification which allows the device to pull in the maximum power it can handle.

At the end of the day, for Qi-charging to be a decent alternative, it’s needs to be faster. Much much faster because the money you’d spend on a charger would better be spent on getting a higher wattage laptop charger

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Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Speed Test & Review | Galaxy S9

Samsung’s Wireless Convertible wireless charging stand is gorgeous and very practical, but how fast it it vs standard wired fast charging?

Complete S9 Review:
S9 Video Camera Review:
S9 Unboxing:

Galaxy S9:
Wireless Charger:

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First True wireless charger You must need to see

BricksPower, first-ever true wireless charger on the go.

0:00 Trailer.

1:26 Please Enable CC ( subtitle ) to know in detail.

Please Visit here for more:

The TRUE wireless charger that closely grips your phone, power you up anywhere, any time, and no worries of disruptions.

BricksPower is a walking power backup, the first-ever TRUE wireless charger, consistently delivering powers anytime, anywhere by simply sticking it to your phone. BricksPowers gathers features of ALL other wireless chargers, power banks and battery cases in this one tiny brick. It helps conveniently charge your new iPhone and wireless mobile phones. Furthermore, it could also charge your non-wireless phones by simply upgrading them!

BricksPower can be used for ALL Wireless Charging Phones! And, MOST non-Wireless Charging Phones!

If your phone has no wireless charging function, no worries, by adding a wireless charging receiver, your phone can be wirelessly charged ! Do not hesitate, upgrade your phone right now! Check the receiver and special phone case as our add on items in our campaign page.

Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible. We wouldn’t be here without you from around the globe who have provided us with huge support!

AWKWARD MOMENTS linked to wired or “wireless” chargers!

From the desk to the street. A TRUE mobile wireless charger that attaches easily to your device, without the unsightly wireless.

BricksPower a walking power backup, consistently delivers powers anytime, anywhere by simply sticking it to your device.

Unlike other wireless chargers, BricksPower is always closely pasted to your device. Whenever you grap up your phone to make a call or read message, you should never worry about charging disconnected.

When using a typical wireless power bank, your mobile phone easily slips out of position and charging disconnects. Our charger is equipped with Super Sticky Nano-suction that stays attached to your device.

After use BricksPower for a long time, you just need to wipe it with a clean, wet cloth to remove all dust and dirt particles on the surface, renewing its strong adhesive contact.

A single BricksPower come with the function of Wireless Charger, PowerBank and Battery Phone Case.

BricksPower can charge your phone while you are listening to the music without any using discomfortable feeling.

You can now buy BricksPower for as low as $24, 40% off retail price! A single device that can replace almost $200 worth of separate accessories!

Check out the ADD ON items special phone case and receiver to UPGRADE your phones to Wireless Charging! Want to add some to your Reward? Just increase your pledge amount accordingly.

In current campaign, we have two color options for the battery to you.You can choose orange or grey color battery to match with RX.

FCC,CE and QI standard on product and solution. The charging solution is integrated with temperature control protection, smart monitoring of charge to prevent overheating or circuit malfunction, prolonging the lifespan of your phone battery.

Concept for design inspired by different colors of bricks, to highlight the modular usage and creative nature.

We design BricksPower with expandable functions: Wireless Stand, Wireless car charger and more…

More expandable items will be released as soon as we reach our goal.

New perks for our stretch goal on next.

If you have a BricksPower:

Check out the ADD ON items special phone case and receiver to UPGRADE your phones to Wireless Charging! Want to add some to your Reward? Just increase your pledge amount accordingly.

Alex has been working in the mobile accessories industry for over 15 years, and he loves to create new accessories. Last year he attended AppleWorld the new iPhoneX announcement. Alex wanted to design true wireless charger. So Alex challenged his team “Hey team, let’s develop a “wireless” wireless charger and give it a cool look?” After 3 months, the first prototype was ready, everybody who’s seen the product was like “Hey, this is so cool, where I can buy?” So we thought, let’s have a kickstarter campaign to share with everyone who’d like to have one.

The team has had extensive industry training in supply chain and logistics control from various assessments and collaborations.

Risks and challenges
We are confident that our experience and we have done everything possible to minimize risks and challenges to BricksPower Kickstarter backers.
We have been relentlessly concerned with the details throughout design, prototyping, DVT, EVT, RTS and mass production, the mechanical and electronic solution has been done and now ramping up the factory and ready to meet the estimated delivery time.

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