How to test the quality of your chargers with RD UM25C USB tester and RD HD35 electric load

we made this video to show you how to test the quality of your chargers
there are two ways to test
1. increase the current slowly until the max value, check if the voltage drop more than 0.5V, if so, the quality is not so good.
2.check the temperaure, if it produce a lot heat, the quality is not good as well
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Importance of Quality Laptop Accessories Like Chargers and Battery

There are various laptops & accessories which can be purchased to make your working or playing easier. You can use them when you do traveling, whenever you are at home or every time you use your laptop. Different products like laptop chargers, laptop batteries, etc. can help you make your laptop easier than using a desktop.

Today, people are using computers for a much longer time during their work, social networking requirements, or entertainment. Therefore, selecting the right laptop accessories is very important considering longer use, the health and convenience-related reasons of users, better efficiency, etc. A universal laptop charger and a battery are the key components that people require for uninterrupted working for hours.

Laptop Chargers of Different Companies
There are laptop chargers available for many companies.

Surge Protection
Surge protection is the major component of ensuring that your laptop continues to be safe. They have traveling strips and the majority of charging cords come with one built in them. The majority of peripherals is small in size and could be placed in a bag and can be taken while traveling.

Laptop Bags
Bags are an important accessory that can help you move your laptop easily and you can find leather bags, cloth bags and more for laptop. Sleeves protect your laptop additionally and most of these could be used for carrying them on the airports or during traveling; therefore you can use them.



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not proper plug type

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Ride on Ebike Headless Cross to Batchley, Redditch High quality 2 cam 1080p 120fps

New Camera so all rides on my Ebike will be this quality now, done a few videos today so have broke them down so they are not to long and will upload as soon as i have finished editing.
Joining 2 cams takes quite a while and others i have also recorded speedo so it means editing 3 videos together, i will get the hang of it lol 🙂
Video camera used in new videos
and the picture in picture cam

My video skills aint good so be patient lol
My original ebike kit
Controller i upgraded to this
Replacment Throttle

I have decided to do some giveaways things like Battery BMS, ebike battery chargers, 18650 battery chargers, It will be all prizes to do with the DIY ebike enthusiast,
To be in with a chance of winning these please Subscribe. this will start once i reach certain land marks like 100,500,1000 subscribers. and maybe when i have a video reach 1000 watch`s etc. This will be shipped world wide so don`t worry about where you are from. i wish i could ship batteries too but that is too hard to ship outside of europe
Ebike from cheap ebay kit to a hotrod 50mph.
Will be making a series of videos of how i upgraded from a £150 ebay kit to a hotrod capable of 50mph and how i built the batteries.

plus a few rides around on the bike

What inspired me to make my own was watching other ebike/battery channels
Vortex inspired me for more speed
Andy Kirby inspired me to make the lighting
Rohin super genius inspired me to go ahead and use used laptop cells and make a battery

So i am using their ideas of what they have done but doing it on a budget, My total build comes in at less than £500 but i already had the bike frame. hopefully when i have finished making all the videos on how i have built it, You will be riding something similar