Solar Battery Chargers – Check Out This Great Deal! EBL Emergency Radio Dynamo Solar Hand Crank A.. – EBL Emergency Radio Dynamo Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/SW Radio Music Radio, SD Music Player, LED Flashlight Reading Camping Lamp with 3.7V 2300mAh Cell Phone Charger Batteries
5 Charge in One: Multiple ways to charge radio, USB Charging, Solar Power, Hand cranking, AA Batteries, 18650 Battery (included) 2300mAh Cell Phone Charger Batteries: Standard 5V USB output port, can use for charging the cellphone and USB enables devices, such as MP3 players, digital cameras by 2300mAh Cell Phone Charger Batteries. Two useful lights way: LED flashlight and LED reading lamp, which are very convenient for emergency use or use in the night or in poor light environment. Support Micro SD card work as a MP3 Player. Support Frequency Range: AM/FM, SW1 – SW4 FM: 76.0 – 108.0KHz, AM: 530 – 1710KHz Sw1: 3.2 – 7.0MHz SW2: 5.6 – 12MHz SW4: 12 – 22MHz AM/FM Emergency Radio keeps you informed of any important weather or news updates. And can be used as an alertor when in danger.

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Crayola AM FM Alarm Clock Radio With Night Light Product Review

If your little one is having trouble waking up on his own, and you are tired of rolling him out of bed in the morning, then Crayola AM / FM Alarm Clock Radio with Night Light is a perfect solution. The front panel comes with customizable plates, so kids can be in charge of the design, and for younger kids the three color night light feature is a definite bonus.

The alarm functions on this clock lets kids wake up to the radio, a buzzer, or a programmable 10-second message. Kids can have a blast leaving messages for themselves, or silly sounds, jokes or a to-do list for the next morning if they desire. The cool blue backlight LCD display has a dimmer adjustment in case it is too bright for the little ones. Mums and dads will love the back-up battery power, meaning that they never have to set the time after a power cut.

Children can set the sleep timer if they want to fall sleep to the radio and can gently ease into a new day with the gradual wake system. They will quickly discover the snooze function as well, allowing them to catch a few more winks before getting ready for school.

With all the great functions on this alarm clock at a great price it is no wonder that the Crayola AM / FM Alarm Clock Radio with Night Light is such a popular model for kids, which make it a great birthday or Christmas gift. Give kids control over when they wake up and let them learn about time and promptness.


Main Facts to Know About Radio Modems

The concepts of wireless networks and related forms of communication have been seen as a great innovation ever since they were developed in the 1990s, and a remarkable leap forward in the field of technologies, which is precisely why most specialists in gadgets and devices consider them to be the main reason behind the current revolution in the world of industrial communication. And what do you think standing at the forefront of this revolution? The answer is none other than the amazing modems and similar devices. Regardless if you want to know more about the use, way of functioning or applications of a radio modem on SRD bands or any other similar technology, there are some basic facts and main characteristics shared by these products which can be seen in each and every particular device. Stick with us as we are about to show you in full detail what radio models are and how they have brought change to our surrounding environment.

A digital radio modem, also referred as radio transceiver, is used to transmit data over short distances without a physical wire or connection, but rather basing the transmission of information on wireless systems sending the data to another device of the same type in a multipoint or a point-to-point link. Their range differs greatly according to the transmission power, environment, antenna gain and could be affected by radiofrequency pollution (other systems transmissions) or multipath fading in close environments. If it is used hundreds to thousands Watts emitting radio modems, the maximum range of 100 kilometers can be achieved, as long as the environment is favurable (curvature of Earth at certain distances should be kept into account). However, much leader regions are usually covered by implementing radio modem repeaters.

For Building Automation or Industrial applications, the same considerations of the open-fields radio transmissions are applicable, but other tricky phenomena should be faced. Even if the ranges to be covered are shorter, from tens to hundred meters, two main interactions with the buildings and the objects inside its environment affect the radio transmissions reducing the level of the signal at the receiver device side and making the radio links less reliable

1. Obstacles (walls, doors, furniture, floors, ceilings, people, household appliances) absorption;
2. Obstacles multipath, that is a multiple reflection of the same signal that arrive in different copies to the receiver at the same time. This multiple reception of different un-phased copies of the same signal could greatly reduce the signal strength.

The last phenomena is particularly insidious because the changing of the radiofrequency patterns, that could be caused simply by people or furniture movements, could drop down a radio link, that seemed to be robust enough, losing the control of a remote wireless device. Just very recently some high performer SRD radio modems offered antenna diversity that can mitigate or even transform into advantages the indoor multipath phenomena. In fact, statistically, the multipath phenomena at the reception side creates areas on which the signal is stronger and other on which the signal is weaker; these contiguous and alternate areas distance is more or less equal to 10-30 cm at SRD band frequencies. Antenna diversity technology allows the receiver to receive from two antennas at the same time the initial part of a data packet and choose from which of the two is more convenient to receive all of it. If the antenna are conveniently placed at 10-30cm distance each other at least the signal will be strong enough from one of them. This increase the level of the signal from 10dB to 15dB in average and could make a big difference: a wireless device not lost means that we can still control a radiator, have measures from a thermostat or from a portable biomedical device applied to patients in a hospital.

For Building Automation and Industrial or Medical application some of the characteristics that should be properly evaluated are here listed:

– Maximum data rate
– Maximum data packet length (bytes)
– Possibility to modulate the RF power
– Possibility to change frequency (channel
– Possibility to change bandwidth
– Possibility to skip buffering at transmitter and receiver side avoiding reduction of real data rate performances
– Receiver sensitivity
– Antenna diversity

The ability to change the bandwidth coincidently with the data rate is very important to not waste on occupation of radio frequency. In fact, if the radio modem allows at changing the bandwidth, it is possible to decrease it when lower data rates are used increasing increasing the number of independent radio channels.

There are many other interesting facts and information that should be known about the world of wireless transmissions, regardless of their working frequency and power. These facts include the details about private wireless modems such as normative considerations (use unlicensed or restricted frequency bands) or the internal different stages of the communication, which are, at high level perspective, data encoding first, data transmission secondly and lastly, data reception. Furthermore, these communication devices are subsystem of a higher level hosting device and need to communicate with this. External radio modem, generally radio working at high power, include RS422, RS485, RS232 or USB; while for SRD bands application, which modems are small as a stamp and are generally welded on the hosting device PCB, UART or SPI interfaces are used.

Other applications of these communication technologies include but do not stop at: video security, mining, city bus fleet monitoring and the oil and gas industry or even long distance sports and many more activities which require the participants to have a constant line of communication opened between them.

Being at the front edge of the modern revolution in technologies, wireless and radio systems are an amazing discovery which has tremendously influenced the world we live in. the modern day industrial radio modems are used to encode the data, after which it is transmitted and finally decoded. Their technology is based on the use of radio waves as a means to transmit the information, which has brought a large improvement in comparison to the formerly used types of wired data. As a final point, the applications of these technologies are so vast that they have been called unlimited by experts in the field, meaning that the user's creativity is the only thing standing in his way.

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DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Jobsite Radio and Battery Charger (DCR025)

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DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Jobsite Radio and Battery Charger (DCR025)


Unique Digital Alarm Clock with Remote Control, FM Radio, Battery Charger on Amazon

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Rock Crawler 1:18 2.4GHz Radio Controlled Car Review

This is a review of the Rock Crawler 1:18 2.4GHz Radio Controlled Car.

This RC car kit contains everything you need, the 4×4 car, remote control, car battery and wall charger, remote control batteries and an instruction leaflet. Everything is securely packed and well presented.

The remote controls are digital. There is one speed going forward, and one speed going back. And the same goes for the steering, either the car goes straight, or it goes full lock to the left, or right.

The strength of this radio control car is not its speed, but its ability to drive on rough terrains. From my testings, the control range is just over 30 meters. The suspension is excellent, and each full charge gives around 20 mins of play. The speed and ease of control means that this car is perfect for children, I would say from 7 or 8 year old upwards, or anyone who is new to radio controlled cars.

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Radio with Bluetooth and Smartphone Charger, FRX5BT

Radio with Bluetooth and Smartphone Charger, FRX5BT
To get this product order now:

Stay in tune and up to date: This AM/FM/NOAA weather digital radio includes a display and alarm clock. Use it for direct access to news or stream your music while you are on the go.

Have peace of mind: Always have a quick charge for your smartphone and tablet. Simply plug your device into the 2.1A USB port and power from the unit will automatically ‘dump charge’ into your device.
Rugged and reliable: With a splashproof rating its performance is ideal for any outdoor adventures such as camping trips, hiking expeditions, or long road trips. Tune in to the radio for news and weather alerts.

Ready to Stream: Listen to your favorite podcast or music from any smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth device wherever you are. Integrated Bluetooth makes streaming easy with the FRX5 BT. Perfect for today’s lifestyle and fun.

Always on Alert! With Specific Area Messaging (S.A.M.E.) the FRX5 BT automatically broadcasts weather alerts for your area. Be prepared and keep your loved ones safe with alerts in advance of any emergency.

Stay Informed: Depend on the FRX5-BT to provide you with news, weather, and music. Continuously and automatically charge the unit with its high efficiency solar panel for use all day long.

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Frsky Taranis X-LITE review – 2 4ghz ACCST 16CH Radio Control Transmitter

Taranis X-LITE review. This Frsky Taranis X-LITE 2.4GHz ACCST 16CH Radio Control Transmitter review shares unboxing, inspection, functions, features, setup, adapters & accessories for this innovative and dynamic ergonomically designed RC Radio Control Transmitter.

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Eton FRX2 emergency charger, battery, weather radio, camping flashlight, solar generator

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Be prepared, stay connected

This all-purpose, rechargeable weather radio with solar panel and hand turbine power generator will keep you in the know and well connected. Perfect for camping or that impromptu power outage.

Listen up

With this AM/FM/NOAA weather band analog radio you’ll always be in tune and up to date. And, when you want to listen alone, just plug in your favorite headp

More power to you

The FRX2 powers up in multiple ways—via solar panel, hand crank, or built-in rechargeable battery.

Ready, set, go

Crank the hand turbine for four minutes and you’ll produce enough power for 10-15 minutes of music, news and weather. Or simply charge it in the sun using the built-in solar panel. You can also use the mini USB cable to charge the FRX2’s built-in rechargeable battery.

Say hello

To charge your smartphone, simply plug it into the USB port. Power will automatically “dump charge” to your phone, just like plugging into the wall.

Light the way

The bright LED flashlight is always handy…at home, at the office, or even in the car. And with the glow-in-the-dark locator, the FRX2 is always easy to find.