How to charge vechileBattery with smps

Unfortunately, a computer PSU (power supply unit) can not easily be converted to a battery charger by simply adding clips to the output and connecting to battery terminals. Doing so may cause burns, injury or explosion. Use of the correct charger will ensure a long, safe battery life. Read on for more battery information
Car Booster Packs may be suited for recharging via the small tabletop type automotive battery chargers. These chargers are probably cheaper than many computer PSU’s, and are designed specifically for automotive type batteries. Determine the cell or battery technology (if unable to transport) and consult a battery specialist (such as Battery Plus or Interstate Battery stores) for the suitability to task for this charger

Please watch: ” iBall Slide Imprint 4GImprint 4G Integrated Fingerprint”



Bioenno LifePO4 Batteries, Solar Charging, For Ham Radio And More!

This video is about the battery I chose to power my gear when out in the field. Bioennopower makes some very high quality rock solid and trusted batteries for an entire range of applications. This video will show the battery I purchased, the solar charge controller and the foldable solar panel. In the future I plan on showing it in use in the field and updating you with the run times in my situation. (Folding solar panel) (to support my efforts) (to stay up to date)


Duratrax Onyx 200 AC/DC Battery charger Review

A review of the Onyx 200 AC/DC sport Charger. It’s a great little charger and is perfect for people who are just entering the hobby. I would definitely recommend it.


Radio Training – Motorola Impres Battery Charger v511

a tutorial on Motorola’s IMPRES Portable Radio Charger for Warren County Public Safety and other agencies for whom we supply radios.


Turnigy ACCUCEL 6 – NiMh/NiCd/LiPo/LiFe/Pb Battery Charger Guide

This video is a brief “how to use” guide for hte “Turnigy ACCUCEL 6 – NiMh/NiCd/LiPo/LiFe/Pb Battery Charger”.

Great for charging nearly any battery for your Arisoft RIFS and RC Vehicles.

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How a Content Provider Can Be Beneficial to Small and Mid Market Radio!

Casey Kasem said "Basically, radio has not changed over the years." This was true up until as recently as a decade ago. Since then we have seen a DRASTIC change in the way radio does business. When all there was to offer was an analog radio signal, all was good. Customers came to you. Now you need to go to them with a product that they want or they can just move on to the next choice! We have seen the advent of the internet, smart phones, streaming and all the other ways that we get our content. Small market radio must now adapt to the demands put on them by the consumer, and if they do not, they can just turn off the transmitter now!

The thing is radio is in a unique position to harness this trend towards new media. If companies look for creative solutions (and trust me they are out there), they will find that the end product with improve radio as a whole.

The bottom line is that content providers can help your station in a variety of ways.

  1. Gives Your Station a Bigger Sound! – With a provider that can produce audio you can accomplish getting a variety of voices and personalities without the cost of having to all of those voices on staff.
  2. Better Cater to Your Clients and Demo – With access to a production library and a range of vocal talents, content providers can cater any element with pinpoint accuracy to your event, station, or demographic.
  3. Sound Local Without the Cost – Although I am not saying you should get rid of live content completely, I do understand the need to make some air shifts at some stations redundant. Content providers can provide a station with a "butt in the seat" during those shifts.
  4. Save Time – With a content provider you can take some of the daily task off of your essential staff's to-do list. This frees them up for more important work, promos, remotes, community involvement. Let your staff worry about being local and let a content provider worry about the daily content.

Some providers also can handle all of your station's new media needs as well. From complete website design to graphics for promotions and even print graphics, you can make the management of your online presence stress free, dynamic and accessible to your audience.

When looking for a content provider here are some things to consider.

  • Be sure they know what they are talking about. Find someone who has been in the industry and who has deal with similar problems to the ones you are facing at your station
  • Find a company who has the skills to accomplish the goals YOU need to have accomplished. This is about making YOUR station better, not their company! If the company is not willing to adapt to YOUR needs then just move on.
  • Ask to see examples of their work. Fact is, you are hiring this company to work for you. You need to make sure that their vision is going to meet your expectations.
  • Look for the fine print. Make sure that you are not going to run into any incidental charges and, if so, how much and for what!
  • Versatility – why go to a content provider that can only handle one side of your content needs. Companies are out there that can do it all.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – Communicate with them. Look for someone who is passionate about what they do. This will effectively provide your station with a better end product and ensure a good relationship.

I know some of this sounds like common sense but it needs to be said. Bottom line is that content providers are an effective and budget friendly way to improve your station's sound and online presence.


Understanding RC Battery Chargers by Horizon Hobby

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Whether you fly or drive your RC vehicle will need to have a battery recharged. Both main battery packs and receiver packs need care and attention when recharging and there are a lot of different options out there for you to use. In this video we’ll walk you through the different types of chargers that are available, what differentiates one charger from another and what are some of the cool features to be on the lookout for.

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