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Rc truck Lipo battery Charger unbox

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Think Safety When Flying RC Model Aircraft

When it comes to radio controlled flying one of the most important things in all the hobby is safety, and when I mean safety I do not just mean your own, I mean other peoples as well.

If you look at the hazards you face when it comes to radio controlled flying you have to say starting up your plane is right at the top of the list. The percentage of people who cut their fingers, slice their fingers or even lose a finger through not starting up their plane correctly is quiet high.

But there is not just the start-up of the plane that's a problem, there's a problem of the plane moving forward on its own once it's started.

So what do we have to stop these hazards causing us injury? Well in today's model aircraft scene we have electric starters which are powered by a twelve volt battery, of the more basic method is the chicken stick which is basically a stick about 12 "in length with a rubber sheath at the end to grip the propeller.

Now for a restraint to secure your model when you start it up they're a number of options. You can buy a single ground anchor (or a Y anchor) as its know which you secure into the grass then your aircraft stabilizer sits in the top of the Y securing it when you start-up your model.

One of the best designs that I found was the adjustable long restraint, its one metre in length and has two adjustable loops with trident clips one on each loop and two fixed loops in the other end. It also has a sliding D ring for once you have tightened up your restraint at the back of your model aircraft you simply slide the D ring up to the stabilizer and this stops the restraint from coming off the stabiliser.

The loops at the other end are for securing to a ground anchor or attaching to a towing ball of a vehicle.

The good thing about this restraint is that it can be used both at a Tarmac runway and at a grass field. The other advantage of this type of restraint is that if you have a larger scale model around 120 size and above you can adjust the clips on the adjustable end so you can attach it around the fuselage for added security.

Overall be safe at the field when you fly but most important "have fun".


Zamp Solar Semi-portable RC aircraft field charge station (EX SHORT)

Just thought that I would share my chagrining station that I use to charge all of my RC plane and drone batteries. I can take this out any where and charge all day. and into the night. uses a deep cycle sealed battery and Zamp solar 80 watt system.


Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro RC Charger – Wow, it’s TINY!

I love Technology when things get smaller, packed full of features and less expensive! That’s where the Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro Lithium Polymer (lipo) charger comes in. It’s dual port allows charging of two batteries at once. Add in cool features like a wireless charging pad and USB charger and you have a feature packed charger under 4″ cubed!

Buy yours here:
XT60 to XT90 Adapters:
XT60 to Deans Adapters:

Wireless charging pad compatible devices: iPhone 8, X, Xs, Samsung S8, S9

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RC Must Have! Energizer Battery Charger

If you run RCs then you must have rechargeable batteries! If you have rechargeable batteries then you must have a charger that can charge 8 batteries at a time! This is the Energizer Family Battery Charger.


5 things you NEED in an RC battery charger!!!

My pick for best overall charger: Venom Pro Duo:

There are 5 critical things that are important to look for in an RC battery charger. Here’s my thoughts on what I make sure my charger can do.

#LipoCharger #RCcharger

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Baterai cas untuk mainan mobil remote | Ni-MH Battery Chargers for rc cars

Baterai cas untuk mainan mobil remote | Ni-MH Battery Chargers for rc cars

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Baterai cas untuk mainan mobil remote | Ni-MH Battery Chargers for rc cars
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How to Charging RC Remote Control Car Battery without replace | How to Repair Remote Control Car

How to Charge RC Remote Control Car Battery without replacing | How Repair Remote Control Car, Bugatti Radio Remote Control Sports Racing Car
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The RC Helicopter

Leonardo da Vinci created on paper, at least with the first helicopter, and the very first piloted helicopter was invented by Paul Cornu in 1907, however, this design was not successful. Another Frenchman, Etienne Oehmichen built and flew a helicopter 1 kilometer in 1924. An early practical helicopter that flew for a decent distance was the German Focke-Wulf Fw 61 invented by an unknown inventor. (

Igor Sikorsky is considered to be the “father” of helicopters not because he invented the first. He is called that because he invented the first successful helicopter, upon which future designs were based.

So where when did the RC model helicopter begin? Well I do not know who is credited with the First RC Model Helicopter, but it was in the 70’s that the RC Helicopter revolution really began.

For the most part, they were all Nitro powered, using standard Model Airplane engines (40 and .60 size) and 4-6 channel airplane radios.

Using a 4 channel radio to control the 5 functions of a model helicopter was quit unique in it challenges and results. What they did was used a “Y” connector for the throttle and pitch servo. Then you mechanically set up the throttle and pitch curve on the heli.

In the ‘70’s there were 2 basic type of Helis, the teetering head, fixed pitch and soon after came the collective pitch. And just like today, some had direct drive tail rotors systems while other went with belt drive.

The first of these Heli’s where hard to fly, had very poor control and lacked any tail gyros, radio mixing or any of the modern connivances that make today’s Helis fly so well and easy. We even had to mechanically set the lead/lag of the main blades, until we just left off 2 of the 3 bolts on the main blades and let them seek there our lead/lag.

But the RC Model helicopter matured quickly and by the ‘80’s the RC Model Helicopter could fly quite nicely, the radio manufacturers started making good Helicopter Radios, the Helicopters themselves had the modern style Bell/Hiller control system, single point Main Blade attachment for self Lead/Lag and gyros became common place. Direct drive or belt drive tail rotors still were used.

In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s the Far East began to create beautiful Models of all sizes. And the “Ready To Fly” models became common place. The race was one and the things they started doing with the RC helicopter was only limited by ones imagination.

I would think that this century is know as the “Age of Electrics” and today you can get an Electric Helicopter in any size, (small enough to fix it your hand) to 40-60 size.

And can they ever fly, they are competitive with your fuel choppers, only quiet and no smoke, no starting equipment needed and are fully 3D capable.

So if you’re flying interest lean toward the rotary wings birds, check out the new electrics. They make then so simple today that you can buy one, open the box, and charge the batteries and fly, even if you have never flown before!

Bob Robeson


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