Best Mini R/C Battery Chargers – Small Size, Big Power

Check out the lineup of D/C chargers here:
iSDT T6 Lite (6S/25A/600W):
iSDT Q6 Pro (6S/14A/300W):
iSDT T8 (8S/30A/1000W):

Spektrum S1200 (6S/8A/200W):
Spektrum S2100 (6S/12A/100W x2):

Junsi X6 (6S/30A/800W):
Junsi X8 (8S/30A/1100W):

Motiv Power Brick Power Supply:

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Lipo Explosion Lipo Fire RC Lipo Battery Explodes at home

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Watch the a big and scare lipo explosion in my house. This lipo battery explosion and fire was really scary and could have burnt my house down if I did not notice the Lipo battery getting ready to explode in time.

I got these zop power batteries just recently and it was my first time to charge them as they were brand new batteries. Just after 15 minutes I heard a hissing sound while I was packing my bag to go out. I saw the battery cell bloating badly. I disconnect the battery and run to throw it at some safe place. and the only place in my home where nothing could catch fire was my bathroom. So I left it there on floor in time. It immediately started to smoke and instantly burst out in heavy flames. 2 cells exploded first with long flames and the final cell erupted big fire engulfing the floor. I feel lucky that I saw that in time and was able to put it away from objects or it would have burnt my house down.

Never ever charge Lipo batteries unattended. Always use good quality batteries and good quality chargers and always watch lipo batteries when charging.

Enjoy the scary Lipo Explosion video.

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HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro Battery Charger Review | Real RC Reviews

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Hey guys, I’m not writing this one up, so it’ll just live here on my youtube channel. Anyway, I thought it was worth sharing because it’s a good little charger in a compact body. I am adding the link here, but just so you know, I AM NOT MAKING MONEY OFF OF IT. So whether you buy it or not has no effect on me 🙂 Just thought you all might want to see some alternatives to the same old brands out there.


RC HOT TIP: How To Connect Batteries in Series

RC HOT TIP: How To Connect Batteries in Series
In this episode I show you how to properly match two batteries to run them in series or parallel, explain the differences between the two methods and why it’s important to follow certain rules.

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. 🙂

MaxAmps Batteries:

Turnigy 5000mAh 2S 60C Batteries:

Hobbyking XT150 Connectors:

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The Coolest RC Battery Charger

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iMAX B6 80W 6A Battery Charger Lipo NiMh Li-ion Ni-Cd Digital RC

iMAX B6 80W 6A Battery Charger Lipo NiMh Li-ion Ni-Cd Digital RC Balance Charger Discharger + 15v 6A Power Adapter+Charge Cable …


10 Pairs/lot 150mm RC lipo battery balance charger plug 2S1P 3S1P 4S1P

10 Pairs/lot 150mm RC lipo battery balance charger plug 2S1P 3S1P 4S1P 5S1P 6S1P 7S1P Wire Line Cable with male and female plug

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HTRC iMAX B6 80W 6A Battery Charger Lipo NiMh Li ion Ni Cd Digital RC Charger
HTRC Imax B6 V2 80W 6A RC Balance Charger For LiIon LiFe NiCd NiMH High Power


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Atomik Barbwire XL 2 RTR Brushless 24" RC Race Boat

Back by popular demand and better than ever, Atomik RC borrowed from over 10 years of boat design to bring you the highly anticipated Atomik Barbwire XL 2 Brushless RC RTR Racing Boat.

With high-end features typically reserved for expensive racing boats, Atomik RC pulled out all of the stops to bring you the new Barbwire XL 2. A water-cooled brushless power system along with a Venom 75C LiPo battery pushes the XL 2 to blistering speeds of 25+ mph while the included 2.4Ghz radio systems ensures precise control. For that locked in on rails feel, the XL2 features an aluminum rudder that resists the flex experienced with plastic

Website Link: Amazon Link:

An integrated flood chamber provides self-righting ability allowing for carefree, edge of your seat operation. When its time to recharge batteries the included Atomik RC LiPo balance charger gets the job done quickly without all of the complicated settings typically found on most hobby chargers.

Maintenance is made easy with a single size all stainless steel hex head hardware and an included hex key. Keeping drag to a minimum and enjoyment at a maximum, Atomik RC now also includes a small tube of high quality waterproof drive shaft lubricant.

If you want the best performing and highest valued 24 inch brushless RC boat on the market, pick up the Atomik RC Barbwire XL 2 today.

WARNING: This boat is designed for fresh water use only. Running in salt water will damage components.

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo Battery)
Volts: 11.1
Plug Type: XT60
Watt Hours: 24.42
Motor Type: Water Cooled 2800KV Brushless Outrunner
Age Rating: 14+ with adult supervision
ESC: 30A Water Cooled Brushless ESC
Batteries: Venom 75C 3S 2200mAh 11.1V LiPo
Charger: 2-4 Cell Balance 2A 110V AC Charger
Radio: 2-Channel 2.4Ghz
Servos: 9g
Fuel Source: Electric
Length: 24 in (620mm)
Width/Diameter: 6 in (152mm)

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10 RC LiPo Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Here are 10 common LiPo mistakes we’ve seen and the remedies behind them.

For safe disposal Information, as well as general LiPo safety precautions, check out the ProTek R/C LiPo Battery Manual here:

This is a must have item for any r/c enthusiast, the XBC100 Cell Checker:

This is one of the safest LiPo cases out there: the BatSafe LiPo Charging Case:

One of the slickest Battery Dischargers on the market: the SkyRC 30 Amp LiPo/NiMH Battery Discharger:

Need a budget friendly LiPo Balance Charger:

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RC beginners guide to battery chargers

You just got your first RC now what charger do you need?