How to Fix Energizer Wireless Wii Remote Charger

If your Energizer induction charging system stopped working, then this video is for you.

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Broken Energizer induction charger? Energizer induction charger not working? This video is for you.

Repair Energizer induction charger.


How to make battery charger with Remote car

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Harmony Express Universal Remote Packs Amazon Alexa, Best USB C Charger For Your Laptop, More!

Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant Fail. Android 7+ Now 2FA Security key! Harmony Express Universal Remote: Alexa Built-in!


01:22 Logitech Harmony Express Universal Remote
Logitech’s latest universal remote, the Harmony Express, looks minimalist, “with Alexa Built in,” instead of dozens of buttons and an LCD screen. How well does it work? Do you give anything up compared to traditional Harmony remotes? Watch the video to find out!

11:40 Android 7.0+ Phones Can Now Double as Google Security Keys
We’ve told you that security keys, like a Yubikey, are the most secure way of implementing 2FA/two step authentication on your accounts. Now Google has turned any Android phone running 7.0 and above into a security key. Find out how to set it up in the video, and props to Krebs On Security!

21:46 Battlestation!!!
Orin sent in this week’s battlestation! He emailed, “I thought I’d share my portable battlestation. Laptop w/ 2 Asus ZenScreen MB16AC monitors and 2 iPads. The setup is handy for Search and Rescue when I’m not geeking out watching formula 1.” Check it out in the video!

23:03 USB C Laptop Charger Recco
Alan needs a new USB C charger for his laptop, and writes, “I’ve been looking at Anker Wall Chargers but they come at all different Watt ratings. What does USB-C power charging really require? Are there specific (and small) wall chargers you’d recommend?” All the deets – and some warnings – in the video, including our fave Anker USB C charger for laptops. (Wirecutter has a great recco, too!)

29:12 Skip The Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant
It promises better pictures than the processor inside your camera can deliver, but in our testing, the Arsenal Smart Camera Assistant has some issues. (And judging from the app reviews for iOS and Android, we’re not alone.)

36:17 Thanks Hak5!!!
A big thanks to Hak5 for the studio space! Check out the security and privacy podcasts at .. then head over to such and check out the Plunder Bug… a pocket-sized LAN Tap that lets you “bug” Ethernet connections with USB-C convenience!
Plunder Bug

37:04 Do Something Analog!
Like walk around scottsdale arizona!


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Choices of Remote Controlled Boats You Can Buy

Are you tired of the same old toys that you keep on playing? If yes, then why do not you level up a little bit with remote or radio controlled (RC) boats? These are amazing toys for grownups like you that you can make as part of your good hobby. The good thing here is that you can already buy them in various designs and styles. With so many options to choose from, what do you think are the best options of RC boats for sale that you can buy? In this regard, three (3) of the most popular are the Predator, Bayliner and Tear into Jet Boat.

Predator Speed ​​Boat-

This Predator craft is one of the RC boats for sale that can make offshore racing extremely exciting. It has a very realistic look that has very detailed features too. The craft is also built with Twin Motor High catamaran that is powered by 9.6 volts rechargeable battery. It is factory assembled and ready to run. Another thing that makes this craft special is its vector push design that is very easy to control. You would need eight (8) units of AA batteries in order to make it work. The package usually comes with a quick battery charger.

Bayliner Speed ​​Boat-

Another option of RC boats for sale you have is the Bay liner speed boat. If it is a real speed boat that you are looking for, then you will never be disappointed with this. This product will definitely make you hooked into it, which makes it perfect for RC enthusiasts out there. Aside from being a speed boat, it can also offer long hours of enjoyment and fun since it is a high performance boat. The main boat has a dimension of 470 by 190 by 125 millimetres while it only weighs 2 kilograms.

Tear Into Jet Boat-

Moreover, if you are off for a competitive race, then this Tear Into Jet Boat will surely never fail you. You can control it even up to the distance of 60 meters. It has a superior speed that can reach up to 3 meters per second. With these, you know that what this product offers is a serious excitation and fun. Its length is 17.5 inches while its width is 7 inches and height of 6.5 inches. When you buy RC boats for sale like this, the package will already include the wall battery charger and the rechargeable batteries.


Remote Access Allows You to Control Your DVR

When the world revolved around the VCR, not only did you get to record things, but you got an education in the process. Programming your VCR was notoriously difficult, and many people owned VCR’s that flashed 12:00 the entire time they owned it. By the time manufacturers figured out how to make a programming setup people could use, VCR’s were dinosaurs. Today, with the advent of satellite and cable TV, the remote control and on screen guides, programming your satellite or cable box has become as easy as going to the show you want to record and clicking the button.

However, scheduling has become complex, and with the huge variety of channels available, finding what you want to watch and setting up to record it can be a challenge. Especially when there is another show on you want to watch while you are recording another. All too often, you wind up watching one program and all of a sudden your DVR wants to record something else, interrupting you while you’re watching the news or something else important. Digital Video Recorders (DVR) have definitely made recording programs much easier, however, they still need to be managed.

That’s where a lot of new devices and programs have come into play. You can find apps that will connect to your DVR, manage your recordings, and set up a scheduler for new programs and sporting events you want to watch later. The best part? Yes, you can do all this from your home computer, but now you can do the same things from your mobile device.

The most powerful tool you have to organize is your PC. Connect to your remote access DVR, sort through your recorded programs, set up schedules for new programs and away you go. There are times when you are not sitting at your computer. Or to a laptop for that matter.

This is where connecting by other devices can come into play. With apps for smart phones, the iPad and iPod Touch, you can now control things the same way you can with your computer. And when you’re away from your DVR and need to make changes, with those devices, you can be sitting in Starbucks or even in a taxi and make all the scheduling changes you want.

There isn’t much left that you can’t control when it comes to your TV. Enjoy it!


History of Remote Control Helicopters

The remote control helicopters are controlled remotely by a handheld transmitter and a receiver built into the craft. The receiver controls the motors / servos which in turn controls the movement of the plane. Ancient Chinese people were playing with a handmade toy that would rise up into the air when spun rapidly. Leonardo da-vinci then made the earliest drawings of a machine we now call a helicopter. The groundbreaking invention of the internal combustion engine just before the 20th century made it possible for pioneers to create full size models. And in 1924, the French pioneer Etienne Oehmichen, was the first person to ever fly a helicopter within a monitored closed circuit. After that advances in their technology become fast and furious. By 1936, most of the early problems had been overcome and the first practical chopper was a reality.

Dieter Schulte was the first person to create a remote control helicopter in 1968. It took another ten years for a semi scale model to be introduced to the mainstream. But they were not mass produced till Dave Gray came up with the Du-Bro Whirlybird. The Whirlybird and a majority of the early versions of remote control helicopters were difficult and dangerous to fly. Achieving height and maintaining flight for a long period of time were some of the problems encountered by early versions created. This was due to the fact that to gain lift required a larger engine which in turn required more fuel and this meant a heavier aircraft. Maneuvering turns was also another problem as the helicopter would end up spinning uncontrollably.

Recently Wallis Auto gyro introduced gyroscope technology which helped resolve the problem of endless spinning of the device while trying to maneuver corners. Gyroscope technology has eliminated the constant circling of the toy-bird as it can detect any yaw movement and return itself to a more stable position. This means that it is now easier for novices to use remote controlled helicopters.

The increase in technology has seen remote control helicopters becoming smaller and smaller with some of them able to fit right in the palm of your hand. These days, they are available at your local drug store with the more complex ones readily available online. There is a wider variety to choose from for every type of enthusiast and they are now even used for military purposes as spy planes or for commercial purposes like low altitude photography. Designs have also greatly improved with the inclusion of remote control helicopters which are endowed with collective pitches (blades that rotate longitudinally to vary or reverse the body's lift). Although these models have proven to be more difficult to fly, they are more maneuverable aerodynamically speaking. There are also several power sources to choose from including electric, gasoline and nitro.

Originally, these mini engines used to be methanol powered two-stroke engines but it is now more common to find brushless motors combined with a lithium polymer battery which provides for more efficiency, performance and a longer lifespan.

With constantly improving technology, the future of this helicopter is limitless.


JUAL Baterai Cas mobil remote control 6 volt socket hitam

JUAL Baterai Cas mobil remote control 6 volt socket hitam

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Flying Remote Control Planes Alone (Part 1)

Two basic options are relevant to the subject; the first is “Will you be flying alone or with a group of flight enthusiasts?”. If you are flying alone, there are some basic considerations that must be taken into account. We will cover flying in groups later in a separate articles.

When flying alone, a few things to keep in mind are as follows:

a) Location: If there is a good runway without obstructions, high voltage lines, or lots of people then you are most likely safe and good to go. Let’s explore this a little further. Obstructions must be flown around and if your skill level is not top notch, it is very likely that you will cause a catastrophic loss to your aircraft. High voltage line while easy to miss do pose a threat as they can interfere with your transmitter which again will create a likelihood that you will crash. Remember that people are obstructions and the more people the higher the possibility that you may crash your plane into a crowd causing injury and possible lawsuits. It is fun to have people watch your flight and many people will gravitate to the lure of flight; but, you need to be proficient. If you are just starting out, make sure you are alone or with trusted friends standing behind you.

b) Pre-Flight Checks: Just as pilots of full size aircraft complete a pre-flight check list, you must also do the same before taking flight. The reason is simple; mechanical and electrical devices are prone to failure. Ensure that the transmitter controls are in a neutral position. Example: do not have the throttle at full speed. Then place your plane on the ground and turn on the transmitter and connect the battery on the plane to the appropriate connection. Check your transmitter battery power level as weak batteries could bring your plane down. While your plane is on the ground, test out the controls on the transmitter to ensure they respond as expected. This applies to three, four, or even six channel controllers. Select a good take off runway and taxi your plane down the runway and back without actually getting enough speed to leave the runway. If everything seems to be operating as expected, go down the run way with a little more speed and gently lift off the ground and then land again. Do this several times. Things you want to look for when you lift off are shifts in your planes direction (left or right). Adjust any shifting issues with the trim controls on your controller. If this does not fix the problem, you may need to adjust the hard linkage to correct the problem.

Good luck (skill) to you and expect more to follow on this subject.


Bluesmart One – Smart Luggage: GPS, Remote Locking, Battery Charger (International Carry-on Size, TS

Bluesmart One – Smart Luggage: GPS, Remote Locking, Battery Charger (International Carry-on Size, TSA-Approved)


Loading Up 05 – Battery Management For Remote Touring – Patriot Games

This is the ultimate battery management system for remote touring to suit your camper trailer, caravan or truck set up.

BMS Featured:
Patriot Games: