iMars™ 12V 6A Pulse Repair LCD Battery Charger For Car Motorcycle Lead Acid Battery Agm Gel Wet

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Battery Charger for motorcycle and cars top pulse repair lead acid battery charger details

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Battery Charger for Motorcycle and Cars etc 12 volt pulse repair lead acid battery charger review

My Youtube Review products devices & equipements
Banggood product…
NightEye S2 COB LED Car Headlights :
Xiaomi 17pin Juicer :

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The Best Repair Tips For Your Heating and Cooling Appliances

Appliance repair is inevitable, especially when your appliances get old or are excessively overused. Of all the appliances AC, HVAC, and Refrigerator are the most heavily used equipment that often breakdown. Although there could be many service providers that offer AC repair, HVAC repair, and Refrigerator repair not all of them can be trusted with these expensive pieces of machinery.

Here is how you can make sure of not being conned into repair swindle.

  • Identifying the real issue

Identifying the core issue with your appliance holds the key to better and informed decisions on your part to get a repair job done better. Often times it is the ignorance of the appliance owner that could turn a simple repair job into a repair repair nightmare. The only way to do this to have your appliance checked up by more than one service providers, this really helps as you get to the bottom of the issue and during this process also get to know about the available options.

  • Multiple Repair quotes

Your biggest mistake while looking for appliance-repair service could be reliance on a single appliance repair resource. Get multiple quotes (try the services that offer free quotes) to avoid getting cost surprises towards the end of a repair job. Ask for all-inclusive quotes, and make sure (confirm at the time of getting a quote) that the initial quote will be the final amount billed.

  • Check repo of your repair service provider

Checking reputation of a service provider could be easy and is capable done both ways, online and offline, given a particular service provider does have online presence. It is amazing how most people react to a bad service and would happily testify to the non-professional attitude of any service provider, neverless, goes without saying that the phenomenon holds true the other way around as well.

  • Look for appliance specific specialty

Special items, just as you would look for a dermatologist in case you have a skin disorder, just there are professionals who specialize in appliance specific repairs. It is better if you refer to a specialist for AC repair, HVAC repair, and Refrigerator repair. Of course, there are companies that specialize in multiple appliance repair services giving their customers the benefit of all under a single roof solution.

  • Guaranteed Repair Work

Although most appliance-repair services avoid issuing warranties on their repair works, the real professional confident of the repair work done by them, offer guarantees on all their repair jobs. These warranties rarely need claiming, but for the owner they provide a peace of mind that the job done is 100% reliable. Make sure you ask any prospective service provider (before hand) whether they would be offering comprehensive warranties against all their repair jobs, and honoring them as well.


E Rickshaw Battary Charger Repair

this video covers the repairing of e rickshaw battery charger in which igbt are faulty but replaced with equivalent value igbt


Repair Car Motorcycle Battery Charger

Click CC for subtitles or setting to select English or Malay subtitles.

Description: Repair no power output at the beginning, after several soldering back wire at switch its seem working fine. For more information watch the video till the end.

Replacement part:
1. Diode 1N4007 – 1 Unit

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How to: Repair a Ryobi Battery Charger P117

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Repair Lii-500 LiitoKala

Thanks for watching!

The battery leaked because I pushed the inner fuse tab down too hard most likely. The battery was immediately disposed of safely but was not hot nor showing any signs of fire/explosion.

lii-500 aliexpress:
mini volt meter:
HW-586 battery tester:

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spot welder:
alumina copper spot welding rod:
spot welder pcb:
foot pedal switch:
buy an old microwave off kajiji or thrift store 800watts is good
you can just buy a roll of 12awg braded wire from a hardware store

A/C power parts:
Switch Male Power Socket 10A 250V 3Pin IEC320 C14 Inlet:
110ac to dc power supplies:

USB output Tester:
best USB phone charger 24v QC3.0 Dual USB 5-29.4vdc:

House Lighting system parts:
12-24vdc LED lights:
dpdt switch:
Pots var pack:
pot knob:
200W 8A buck converter:
terminal connectors:
resistor set:
Fuse holder:
fuse kit:

60 cell panels are best for 7s 29.4v systems
urethane @ lowes:
45v 10A Schottky Diode 10SQ045: or
50$ 10A MPPT mpt-7210a:
15$ 5A MPPT CC/CV buck converter 6-36v to 1.25-32v:
0.37w 78x26mm:
0.43w 52x52mm
0.66w 78x52mm
1.75w 156mmx62.4mm:
2.55w 156x104MM:
4.38w 156×156mm:

A/C power parts:
Switch Male Power Socket 10A 250V 3Pin IEC320 C14 Inlet:
Wide selection of 110ac to dc power supplies:

BMS Balancing boards:
3$ terrible 66mA Balance board:
20A BMS 7s 50mA balance:
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7s 60A dis, 30A charge, 60mA balance:
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Wall chargers:
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din rail 20A:
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20A dc breaker:
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Fuse wire 30 AWG Tinned Copper 100′ 0.0100″ Dia:

18650 Battery holder With 8Pin Soldering Connection:

12vdc desktop computer ATX power supply:
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MJ2955 transistor:
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Two Faulty Battery Drill Chargers, tear down inspection and repair

In this episode we repair a pair of faulty chargers for battery drills, one 14.4V and one 18V. Both were rather easy to fix, unfortunately the 18V battery turned out to have a few dead cells, most likely the reason why the charger overheated.
If we can salvage some identical cells from another faulty battery pack, we’ll show that when it happens.
At least we ended up with 2 working chargers.

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Intex power bank not Charging (how to repair) | in telugu | by syam | new mobiletricks |

Intex power bank not Charging (how to repair)
Chargingsocket problem
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How to factory reset your Motorola moto E in Android recovery

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How to test a computer power supply with simple trick

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