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Review on Portable Chargers!!

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The Newest Version Of VARTA BATTERY CHARGER Review – Yonatan Michael

It works, but i does’t work with a battery that have under 2.2 volts.


NOCO Genius UltraSafe Battery Charger Review –

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Full transcript:
Today we’re going to be taking a look at NOCO’s Genius Ultrasafe battery charger. We’ve got our vehicle here that we’ve flat towing behind our motorhome. It’s been towed behind the motorhome now for over six hours and the braking system draws down the battery when it’s being towed behind the motorhome. Got our NOCO charger here, we’re about ready to hook it up to see how low our battery is drained down. And then we’re also going to use it to top it back up to 100 percent charge in the fastest, yet safest way possible. Whenever you charge a battery, you do run the risk of potentially overcharging it or charging it at too high of an amperage, which could potentially cause damage to the inside of the battery.The smart charger inside of here constantly monitors the amperage output to your battery, and the voltage to the battery to ensure that it doesn’t overcharge it, and it charges it at the quickest rate possible without causing damage to it.

Let’s go ahead and power it on and see where we’re at.Gone ahead and plugged it in and set it to the normal 12 volt charge mode. Our battery went ahead and kicked on and you can see here that it’s flashing at 25 percent. This means that we have less than a 25 percent charge on our battery. The unit’s going to analyze the battery’s condition right now. Choose the appropriate charge method that determines is best to get this battery at a full charge as quickly and efficiently as possible with causing as minimal amount of damage that you could imagine.The charger will now evaluate the battery’s current charge and determine the appropriate charge voltage and amperage to get it to 100 percent as quickly as possible without causing damage to the battery.

We’ve had our charger on for a little while here and we’ve already charged it up to 75 percent. The charger has a 26 amp output on its regular charge options. It does have a jump charge mode, which pushes it up to a 30 amp output. And it’ll run this at 30 amps for about five minutes. The amperage output determines how quickly the charger could potentially charge your battery.The amp hours that are on your battery indicates how much storage that that battery can hold before it will be discharged.

That number along with the output from our charger can be used to estimate how quickly it would charge the battery. So if you had a 26 amp hour battery and it was charging at 26 amps from our charger, it would charge in about an hour. Now that’s under perfect conditions. More than likely it’s not going to charge at 26 amps for a 26 amp battery because it’s going to monitor that battery’s voltage and charge intake and it’s going to chose the appropriate amount of amperage to charge it safely.That’s the big thing with this, is that it’s charging your battery safely. You can get plenty of chargers out there that will allow you to just select 26 amps or 25 amps and it’ll just charge that battery 25 amps.

The problem with that is that if you just set it to 25 amps and let it go, you’re likely going to cause damage to the internal of that battery. If you’re charging at too high of an amperage, it can cause excessive heat inside the battery, which can boil the electric light inside of it. Which can cause it to separate. All this leads to corrosion inside the battery, reducing the battery’s life.Charging it properly may take a little longer, but the monitors inside this battery ensures that it’s doing it optimally. So that way it’s cutting back that amperage to charge safely, but back only far enough to where it’s going to charge as quickly as possible at that particular amperage.If you have a dead battery when you hit the jump charge button, it does output at 30 amps. That’s why it indicates on here it’s five minutes. This is unlike your typical engine start on many battery chargers where it puts out a high amount of amperage to allow you to start the vehicle. 30 amps is a little bit less than what most of those are. But this is again because it wants to do it safely. So it does it a little bit less for five minutes. Once that five minute cycle is complete, the indicators will change to green to let you know hey it’s time to start your vehicle.We already discussed how charging at excessive amperage for long periods of time can damage the battery. So it is recommended by NOCO that you don’t use the jump charge feature more than twice on the same battery within 24 hours. Sometimes 30 amps at five minutes may not be enough if your battery’s very dead. You may have to do it twice. If


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Fast Charger | Samsung Galaxy A30 | Charger Review | Nice Charger | Really We Need Fast Charger

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