ZUS Smart Dual USB Car Charger and Locator Review and Use

ZUS Smart Dual USB Car Charger and Locator Review and Use

Today, I had the luxury of testing this new, High end product for vehicles. This device, called the Zus, is lit, and has two USB ports for charging your devices. Those USB ports are 4.8 Amp each. That more power then most Chargers! Also, it allows charging of two high drain devices at a faster pace. On top of that, when paired with your iPhone or Android device, it doubles as a vehicle Locator for when you park your vehicle, and parking timer!
Uses Military Grade Quality, German Design.

For more information or to purchase, please see the amazon page:

Best USB Car Charger: Max 4.8A output, fully charges 2 iPads in 3.75 Hours
Smart Car Locator: Download the free iOS/Android app to locate your car in crowded parking lots
German Design: Sophisticated European design that breathes class
Top Quality: US Military MIL-STD-810G Grade. German Bayer PC + Titanium
2X Lifespan: Lasts twice as long as a normal USB Car Charger

Product Description
Color: Black
ZUS is a truly smart USB car charger and car locator. It is not only the best USB car charger on the market, but also different from any normal USB car chargers in below ways:

100% Automated Car Locator

Plug in ZUS, Install free ZUS App, Connect, Done! ZUS automatically remembers where you’ve parked your car when your engine turns off. When you need to find your car, simply open the ZUS app. Further, it is outdoor-friendly. No cellphone signal is needed.

German Design

Designed in Germany, ZUS sports a sophisticated, yet very functional design.

ElegantShineTM Lighting System

ZUS’ proprietary ElegantShineTM lighting system provides great usability in dark environments.

2X USB Charging Speed

ZUS detects what device it’s charging and delivers the maximum charging output. ZUS is able to fully charge 2 iPad Airs within 3.75 Hours, 2X faster than a normal USB car charger.

2X Lifespan & US Military Grade Quality

ZUS is the only USB car charger to meet US Military MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard. It is crafted from the highest grade German Bayer PC with all metal parts coated in Titanium. Plus advanced ZUS cooling system that results in 35% less heat. ZUS is able to last 2 times longer than normal USB Car Chargers. Save your investment by top quality.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

California based customer service team + 12 month warranty. We got you covered.

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Online trading is the paperless method of trading stocks and shares interactively through brokers who work at internet platforms and trade shares for their customers. Online trading is fast paced and more visible to the buyer than offline trade of shares and stocks. Trading is done at all hours of the day on a global scale.

When you trade or invest in equities derivatives or commodities using the internet you are trading online. An internet enabled PC is required for online trading and these come with inherent risks. With the many identity thieves on the prowl it is important that the trader has firewalls anti virus anti spy and registry cleaning software in place.

The brokers will link their online trading terminals to your account. If your details are open to view it is easy for internet hackers to use these details. You are dealing with a volatile market that presents a bewildering array of possibilities. Psychologically you need to exercise caution and the determination to buy and sell only after examining all the facts and options.

Patience is a value and a calm detached attitude towards a volatile market will help you stay within the budget. You should expect the unexpected and have a plan in place to mitigate the inherent risks that are natural fallout of online trade.

You need to access the website of an online stockbroker and place orders through the PC after paying the fees charged by the broker. You must look for a broker who charges affordable fees and gives all the services required by the trader.

The benefits of online trading are that the latest market movements are on the internet at all times and at your fingertips. You control the trade mechanism and you execute instant investments with instant confirmation. Trading is comfortable and convenient and can be done at the click of a mouse button in front of a PC in the comfort of home.

The concept of online trading involves using electronic means and the internet to trade in securities through an online broker. Online trading is the popular method of trading in this the internet dependent modern world.


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