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Vaping Tips & Tricks #3 Best Battery Chargers & which fit 20700’S??

I do a video on vaping tips & tricks series #3 battery chargers & which fit 20700’s. plus the nitcore i8 battery charger. find the nitcore i8 here: https://www.elementvape.com/nitecore-i8-8-bay-intelligent-battery-charger 49.95$

driptech-ts squonk bottles colored: https://tgsvapes.com/ 20$ 5 different colors.
This product was sent to me from https://www.elementvape.com/ and will NOT change my opinion!!!
it is hard to find the right battery charger for your vaping batteries. i have sued a lot of different chargers but these are the best by far and fit 20700 batteries in them no problem! the nitcore D4 or the i8 are the best to get for your money in vaping. over my 4 years of trying different battery chargers for your 18650,26650,18350 & 20700 batteries these are the best to purchase.
Nitecore i8 8-Bay Intelligent Battery Charger Features:
Dimensions: 117mm by 101mm by 134.5mm
8-Bay Battery Charger
Active Current Distribution
Independent Charging and Monitoring
Charging Output Current – 2 Bay Use – 1.5A
Charging Output Current – 4 Bay Use – 0.75A/1A
Charging Output Current – 8 Bay Use – 0.5A
Maximum Charging Current – 1.5A
Output Voltage Current – 4.20V / 5V
USB Output Charging Capability – 5V / 2.1A
Three Charging Modes: Constant Current, Constant Voltage, -dV/dt
Automatically Detect Power Level of Batteries
Selects Appropriate Voltage & Charging Mode
Over-Charging Prevention
Reverse Polarity Protection
Short-Circuit Protection
Durable PC Material Construction – Flame Resistant / Fire Retardant
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