Getting Invisalign + Running Errands + Recording a Song | Vlog by Dom

Hey guys, welcome back.
In today’s vlog I ran some errands. I got invisalign almost a year ago, and I’m wrapping up my treatment. I’ve been really happy about my experience. πŸ™‚
Also, ran some regular ole’ errands, and recorded a song for my upcoming parody video. Hope y’all are having a great week!


Music by Julian Avila:


Vlogging camera, Canon PowerShot G7:
Canon T5i:
MacBook Air:
Sigma Lens:
Tripod (lightweight and easy to set-up)
Lighting Kit:
Timelapse accessory:
Battery Chargers:
Hard Drive 1TB:
Memory Cards:,
Lens Cap Keepers:

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Why Is Your PC Running Slowly and What Can You Do About It?

It's hard to believe that the now ubiquitous PC has been with us for over 30 years.

Over all those years, people have been complaining from time to time that their PC is running slowly for one reason or another. That has sometimes been accompanied by much pulling out of hair in frustration!

This can be almost as commonplace today as it was 30 years ago. So, what are the causes and more importantly, what exactly can you do about it if it happens to you?

Here is a discussion of some possible commonplace origins and remedies.

Your PC is getting on a bit

As software becomes ever more sophisticated and powerful, it promises to make increasing demands upon the hardware platform hosting it – in other words your PC.

Now you can not really generalize about these things but if your PC is, say, three or four years old or more, there is a fair chance that the latest versions of software are asking it to do things it's actually not capable of. Even if it can actually do what's required, it may struggle to do so quickly and efficiently.

You're going outside of its performance envelope

A slight variation on the first theme arises when you have purchased a relatively low-end PC and have placed on it some extremely complicated and resource-hungry software. It's a bit like trying to take a very basic family saloon car and asking it to perform well in a Formula One race.

In both this and the first case, you may be forced to consider upgrading your equipment.

Your hard disk is fragmented

This does not mean that it is physically broken just that, for very good reasons, lots of data that should be logically stored in the same location on the disk is, in fact, spread over lots of different locations on it instead.

That means every time you try and look something up, your hard disk is working far harder (and therefore more slowly) to find the various bits of data you need.

The answer to this is to run what's called a disk de-fragmentation program.

Your PC has a virus or other malware on it

In the absence of any obvious other cause, the classic symptom of some types of virus infection can be a PC that is running very slowly.

You can use the Task Manager to get at least some idea of ​​what is going on inside your PC. If something is running you do not recognize or vast amounts of resources are being consumed when your PC appears to be doing nothing at all, then you may need to call a specialist in computer technical support to check if you have a virus (unless you 're sure you know how to do so yourself).

Your Security Software is grabbing too much resource

Sometimes individual programs, security and firewall systems are often culprits here, consume very significant amounts of your computer resource while they are trying to do something such as a full virus scan etc.

If you are trying to do things at the same time, your progress may be badly affected.

Once again, this is not always easy to diagnose unless you know a little bit about how your PC works and you might need to contact a specialist provider of IT consulting .


Trying to diagnose why a PC is running slowly is not always easy.

Unless you are technically literate, you might struggle to do so and that's why having a relationship with a good provider of IT support services is a smart idea.

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Running Out of Battery in the Twizy – Keep your charging cables with you

For the second time in 14 months of ownership I ran out of battery whilst out and about in the Renault Twizy, but this time I had my extension lead and type 2 charger in the car. Get these things and don’t leave home without them πŸ™‚

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Keep Your Mobile Device Up and Running By Taking Proper Care of Its Battery

Did you know, according to certain estimates, there are more active mobile devices than there are people living today? We have become very reliant on these devices. So keeping them up and running is very important for a great number of people. One of the best ways to extend the life of your mobile device requires the proper care of its battery.

Proper care involves a number of things. This involves a number of things

1. Understanding the technology of the battery running your device.

2. How to properly charge your mobile device battery.

3. How to store it in a manner that will not shorten its life span.

Today most devices use lithium-ion batteries. These are very good battery as they have a very high charge capacity to weight ratio. However they have a limited life span. Proper care of these batteries can extend their life span.

These batteries use lithium ion's to create the charge stored inside. During the discharge phase lithium ions travel from the negative to positive electrodes contained in the battery. During the charging stage an external power source causes what is known as an over-voltage to occur. This causes the current between electrodes to flow in the reverse direction. This process can only occur so many times before the battery starts lose its charge.

This loss of charge is temperature dependent. The life of the battery will be reduced if stored or charged in high temperatures. The anodes in the batteries produce energy when they go through a discharge / charge cycle. If these occur in an abnormally hot environment, the life span of the battery will be shortened. Do not charge your lithium batteries in your car when it is very warm outside. Also consider storing them in your refrigerator.

Proper charging of the battery is also important. Once these batteries are fully charged, stop the charging process. Lithium ion batteries do not need to be fully charged. Although this reduces the batteries run-time, it will be less stressful on it and increase it's life span. It show be noted that most chargers used in many consumer products attempt to charge a battery to its maximum capacity. It sees run-time of the battery is more important than life span. The run-time of the battery, used in you device, can be maximized by understanding how to reduce its power consumption as it goes through the discharge phase.

Taking proper care of the battery in your mobile device will save you time and money. Replacing the battery will cost you money and require time to find a proper replacement.

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Free Energy 100% Mobile Charging self running machine generator using DC Motors

Hello everyone! This is video I want to show you about Free Energy 100% Mobile Charging self running machine generator using DC Motors. All of us hope you’ll like our video clip concerning ” Info Yourself” here, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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Keep Your Dell Laptop Battery Running at Optimal Performance

Your Dell laptop needs a top-notch Dell laptop battery replacement that offers you access to the optimum quality mobile power available to boost the run-time. Run-time is basically how long your charge lasts. Every laptop battery manufacturer is using the different quality and standards. Generally speaking, a battery pack is a storage container for power that you can use in the mobile environment and enjoy being free! If you take care of it and follow the helpful tips provided below, you will not find yourself being frustrated like many other people are.

A major element in protecting your Dell battery is temperature. Never ever use or keep the battery in excessive conditions. For example, you should avoid leaving it in hot places like your car. On almost all laptop computers the vents where air can move across to keep it from heating up. If you are working on your computer on a soft surface such as carpet or a bed, air is unable to pass through and you may hear the vents turn on and your fans will be running all day drawing precious power from the battery. If you want to squeeze the most juice out of your laptop's battery, find a hard, flat surface to use your computer to keep the fans running at a minimum.

While purchasing a Dell notebook computer that you anticipated just the best. But what makes a good battery pack?

The good battery back uses the highest quality cells from the leading cell manufacturers to guarantee maximum capacity and service life. The protection circuit module is added to protect against over-charge, over-discharge and short circuit.

Find Dell laptop battery in a reputable store like In many cases you may find that the good battery will out last the original that came with your computer because of the highest capacity cells, of course, at a much affordable price.


5 Tips to Avoid Front Running by High Frequency Traders HFTs

The new Flash Boys book has captured the imagination of everyone who invests or trades in the stock market. The fear that the market is “rigged” is everywhere. The CEO of IEX is of course hoping his new exchange will benefit from all the news media hype and panic.

However, most investors and retail traders do not need to worry. If your investments for your long term portfolio are with a large to giant mutual fund or pension fund, then these funds are using Dark Pools which are off the exchange transaction the HFTs can’t see and front run.

If you are a retail trader, remember that most of the orders placed with online brokers for retail traders are filled from that online broker inventory. So your orders never make it to the exchanges. If you are using an Electronic Communication Network ECN, most of those orders are not sent to the exchanges either.

Here are 5 Tips to Avoid Front Running by HFTs:

  1. Study your stock charts using volume large lot accumulation/distribution indicators. These are uptick/downtick based indicators that track the larger lot meaning 50,000 – 500,000 shares, against the smaller lots which are usually 100 shares to as high as 5000 shares. Entering with the giant buying keeps you out of the HFT order flow, because the Dark Pool orders are hidden from HFTs.
  2. Remember that any order 10,000 shares and above is considered a “Large Lot” order and these tend to be sent more often to exchanges if inventories for your online broker are too low.
  3. If you are a day trader, you must accept that HFT activity is going to interfere with your trading. There is just no way of getting around it intraday. HFTs trade 1000-3000 times per second, YOU can only trade on the minute scale by law and by circumstance. Most retail traders could not afford a million dollar HFT trading setup of hardware and software.
  4. Do not use “At Market Orders.” An At Market order tells your broker to fill the order at the market price. This can set up an opportunity for slippage and wider spreads which will give you a higher cost entry. In addition, At Market Orders send a message to the online broker and market in general that you are not an educated, experienced investor or trader. At Market Orders are rarely used by experts and professionals. There are only rare specific purposes for such orders.
  5. Do not use a simple “Limit Order.” Limit orders are the most common reason why retail traders, especially day and swing traders have constant losses. Professionals stopped using Limit Orders years ago and have switched to more complex, multi-tiered controlled bracketed orders. You need to learn these new types of orders if you plan to swing or day trade so that you can avoid getting swept into an HFT downdraft or huge gap.

Huge HFT activity is usually a one day event in a stock based on news, arbitrage from another market or instrument, hedging, retail cluster orders caused by retail traders all using the same trading systems, strategies, MACD or Stochastic indicators, and some technical set ups. One of the huge advantages you as a retail trader using technical analysis and stock charts is that you can see the activity of the HFT, Dark Pool, Smaller Fund, Corporate Buybacks, and many more patterns that tell you who is controlling price and thus how price will behave thereafter.

One final tip is that HFTs rarely shift the trend, so do not start selling short right after a huge HFT down day.


12v power Inverter connected to a battery charger running a 500 watt appliance

This is what happens when you run your AC powered appliance connected to a 12v power inverter with a deep cycle marine battery and battery charger connected. This is what I would do if I thought the power was going to go off. This is a true UPS setup. The light you see is a 500 watt halogen load. The inverter is a Harbor Freight 750 watt. The battery is a deep cycle marine.