How to Keep Yuneec Q500 4K & Typhoon H Batteries Safe and Working Great! Lipo Batteries, Lipo Bags

How to Keep Yuneec Q500 4K & Typhoon H Batteries Safe and Working Great! Lipo Batteries, Lipo Bags

Many new owners of Yuneec Q500 or Typhoon H drones may not be aware of the potential hazards presented by Lithium Polymer, or Lipo batteries. As a pilot of Yuneec drones, you need to understand the dangers inherent to lipo batteries and how you can reduce your risk. You also want to make your expensive Yuneec batteries last as long as possible.

In this episode, I’ll discuss safety considerations for Yuneec Typhoon H and Q500 batteries, and offer tips on you can be safe and save money by extending the life of your batteries.

I’ll discuss:

Lipo battery safety
What are smart batteries? Are Yuneec batteries smart batteries?
Things NOT to do with Yuneec lipo batteries
How to manage your Yuneec batteries to make them last
Typhoon H battery covers (battery caps)
Lipo bags

Please – if you are new to the RC hobby, watch this video so you understand how to use a Yuneec battery safely.

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Special thanks to COSTEL NEJNERU and his Youtube channel. Costel was kind enough to grant permission for me to use his dramatic footage of a lipo bag containing a burning lipo battery. You can (and should) watch his whole video at


I featured some items in the video that you may want to buy. I do not get any payment from you buying these items; I recommend them because I use them:

Silver permanent markers for Typhoon H batteries:

Irctek RC Model LiPo Battery Voltage Indicator Tester Voltage Display for YUNEEC Q500 H480 Battery

Yuneec Typhoon H Battery Terminal Covers (Multi-Pack) – you can get these from – they’re a veteran-owned business so show them some love. – awesome website for tracking flights, maintenance, battery usage and more – free and paid accounts available.

Lipo bags
There are MANY lipo bags at – you can pick the size, quality and price that meets your needs there.


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How to Keep Yuneec Q500 4K & Typhoon H Batteries Safe and Working Great! Lipo Batteries, Lipo Bags


AP08 Apprentice S 15e RTF Battery Chargers

This video shows options for Lipo battery chargers that can be used with the E-Flite Apprentice S 15e RTF electric RC aircraft.


How to Check which charger is best for your mobile – Safe Battery || Charger Tester App Urdu/Hindi

How to Check which charger is best for your mobile – Safe Battery || Charger Tester App Urdu/Hindi
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Dynamite – Passport Ultra (battery charger) – Review

Link to purchase from
$110 –

Since I did reviews of some low-end LiPo chargers, I figured I’d do a review of my new hobby-grade multi-chemistry charger, with touch screen controls.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Midtronics car battery charger and testing tool – ChargeXpress PRO 25, MDX-P300

A demonstration of the Midtronics ChargeXpress PRO 25 and the Midtronics MDX-P300 car battery tester / diagnosis tool.
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Midtronics’ ChargeXpress PRO series is best described as a multi-tasking specialty charger and power
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Specialty chargers
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CX PRO is safe, fast and simple.

• Perform a wide range of vehicle battery charging &
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Midtronics MDX-300 Series Battery & Electrical System Analyzers:

With the Midtronics MDX-300 Series Battery Testers with Integrated Printer, it’s now easier and more economical than ever to determine and present the current state of a battery and electrical system.

A Preventative Maintenance Solution That’s Fast,
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Using patented conductance technology and time-tested reliability, the MDX-300 Series performs a quick and accurate battery or system test in seconds—without heat, sparks or user interpretation. The results can then be printed and reviewed immediately with customers for added impact in preventative maintenance routines and customer service.

Integrated printer
Customizable header on printout
Tests 12 volt batteries and systems for cars and light trucks
Tests starting and charging system voltage and displays results
Bad cell detection
Reverse polarity protection
Tests discharged batteries down to 1 volt
Multiple rating system compatible (CCA, SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS#)
Tests multiple battery chemistries; regular automotive, AGM, and GEL


How to wire and install a 20W Solar Battery Charger and charge controller

An easy-to-follow guide to wiring and installing a solar panel to charge a battery


home made 3.7 volt 18650 battery chargers.. are they safe ?…..or Dangerous ????…..

Home made 3.7 volts 18650 battery chargers .. are they safe ? ….. or dangerous ?….
I just discussed this topic in this video … and gave the best solution about how to charge a 3.7-volt battery or 18650 battery
and also discussed about how to use that charger..

safest charger-

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VRK X4 PRO Charger! | Safe & Reliable Multi Battery Charger! | IndoorSmokers

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