It Aint Safe (Official Trailer)

Intro to Mikey P’s new video It “Aint Safe”

Focusing on community crime and police brutality

Mikey P @mikeyp412_

Shot by Film Shockers and Dynasty Productions
instagram @filmshockers @dynastyproductionsllc

Directed by Justin Hill

Gear we usually use:
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RED Scarlet-W
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Sigma 18-35mm:
Zeiss Otus 55mm:
Canon EF 70-200mm:
Canon EF 100mm:
Canon EF 24-70mm:
Tiffen Variable ND:
Tiffen Polarizer:
Tiffen Black Pro Mist ⅛:
Filter Wrench:
Manfrotto Tripod:
Manfrotto Head:
Pocket Dolly:
Pelican Cases:

Camera Accessories:
Rocket Air:
Hot Shoe Camera Handle:
Hot Shoe:
Skinny SDI:
Cine Coil SDI:
Long SDI Cord:
Noga Arm:
Tripod Plate:
GoPro Headstrap:

Red Mag Reader:
SSD 240GG:
32 GB SD Card:
64GB MicroSD Card:
32GB MicroSD Card:
32GB CF Card:
16GB CF Card:

Switronix XP-L90S Battery:
Switronix PowerBase 70 Battery:
Dracast DS-90S V-Mount Battery:
BlueShape Batteries:
Switronix HyperCore V-Mount Battery:
Power Strip:
Switronix Battery Charger:
Sony Infolithium L Series battery:
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Sony NP-F570 Battery:
Canon Battery Pack LP-E6N:
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Power Cord:

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Charge Cell Phones using Li-Ion batteries – Safe Charging

Make a portable charger for your cell phone using Li-Ion batteries. Yes, safely use rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for cell phone power when and where you need it. You can even use the very popular 18650 cells (I get them for free from salvaged laptop batteries – see video link below).

Previous project videos using similar parts and builds (good for extra reference & how to):
* Li-Ion Battery Charger $1 – awesome parts:
* Make a Battery Charger & Tester & Power Pack – 18650 Li-Ion:
* Make Rechargeable Battery Packs – Low Cost & Easy:
* Free 18650 Cells – Laptop Battery Hacking:

Key parts mentioned in the video include:
– Step up power module to change the battery output into the 5v needed to charge a phone. I got the one used in the video on Amazon (DROK Ultra Small Mini DC Power Module; part #090399).
– TP4056 Charging Module. I purchased on Amazon from MakerFocus (5v micro 1A battery charging board with protection charger module; ASIN B071RG4YMW)
– Project box from Amazon – “VNDEFUL 5pcs black waterproof plastic electric project case” (3.94X2.36X0.98)

WARNING: working with electronics, rechargeable batteries and electric DIY comes with risks. Only proceed if you are confident in your skills and safety techniques. You are fully responsible for any and all outcomes from trying to duplicate any of the actions demonstrated in this or any other DID video. Products used in this video worked for my needs but may not suit all needs so please do the necessary research to know what will work for you.

Music: Early Riser, Danger Storm
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


How To Make Sure The Toys You Buy Are Safe

There are some very strict safety regulations in the United States that attempt to insure the safety of toys that are sold. But even with the strict regulations there are occasions from time to time where unsafe toys make it into the market.

As a whole the regulations that are in place to ensure toy safety have been very successful. When compared to the number of toys that are sold on the market each year there have been very few incidents which were caused by unsafe or defective toys. Most accidents are caused by improper usage or common accident such as tripping on them.

In the few cases where defective or unsafe toys have actually made it into the market they were recalled fairly quickly. But this is no reason for parents not let their guard down when buying toys.

Check The Label: Safety Labels Are A Must

The first thing that should be checked when buying a toy is whether or not is has the appropriate safety labels. The primary label in the United States would be that of the Consumer Product Safety Commission which signifies that the toy meets the minimum safety standards.

The next important labels to look for when shopping for toys would be age labels. You should always follow age guidelines, as they are an essential part of toy safety.

Most toys have age labels, even if they are not legally required. Any toy that is not suitable for children under 36 months must have a visible label stating so.

Though, in general most toys give guidance as to what age group they are designed for. These guidelines let you know what age group will benefit the most from the toy, in terms of development, fun, and understanding. Here is a brief guide of different kinds of toys and what age group they are intended for:

Under three years

For this age group the greatest threat that toys pose is a choking hazard. Most everything a baby or toddler gets their hands on, ends up in their mouth. For this reason, very small toys or toys with small parts are especially unsuitable. Be sure to keep marbles and small balls or buttons out of their reach; be careful with inflatable toys and balloons; and avoid toys with pointy or sharp edges.

Three to five years

Children of this age are full of discovery and are capable of playing with more sophisticated toys. However, you should still be cautious as certain toys could still pose a risk to them. Avoid toys made with thin plastic that might break and cause injury and still watch for small parts that they may still be tempted to put in their mouth.

Six to twelve years

By this age children will be able to safely play with almost any toy they are given. However, always read hazard warnings and instruction pamphlets for maintenance guides. For example, if you buy a trampoline you will need to carry out maintenance on it on a regular basis. If you buy a bike or skateboard for your child, you should also buy appropriate protective equipment. Always make sure you get the right size ride on toy for your child, so he/she can handle and enjoy what he/she is given.

Things can get a little complicated when you have children of varying ages. When you have lots of different toys that are suitable for varying ages you have to stay vigilant. For starters, you should teach older children to keep their toys out of reach of younger children, especially when they contain small parts and/or are breakable. It is also best if you do not put different age appropriate toys into one toy bin. Have a separate box for each child and make sure they do not swap out toys. To help keep organized, you should follow and separate based on the age labels on the toys.

In general it is a good idea to be organized and keep toys in order. Having toys lying around the house is a common cause of accidents. If you have children of varying ages, this can be dangerous and allow smaller children to get to toys not intended for their age group. Keep in mind that children are intended to play with the toys, but all maintenance, such as changing of batteries should be carried out by an adult.

Toy safety labels offer an important safeguard against dangerous toys reaching our children, but it is just as important to use your own common sense. Before purchasing a toy, examine it thoroughly yourself to make sure that it is sturdy and well constructed. Check for any sharp edges or pointy corners, especially when buying toys for younger children. For example, if you are buying a stuffed animal make sure all stitching is secure and small items like the eyes or nose will not come off easily.

If your child has an accident with a toy or you suspect a toy is potentially harmful, you should take immediate action. The first step is to take the toy out of the reach of all children. Once the child is cared for and the immediate danger has passed, you should report the toy to the appropriate authorities. You will need to keep the toy safe for examination and you should also try to provide details of where and when you bought the toy. It is important to regularly check online for toy recalls. This way you can remove a potentially dangerous toy before any incident occurs.

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OCULUS GO MAG SAFE CABLE!! Magnetic Micro USB Cable For Oculus Go Review

I show you a neat little accessory for Oculus Go, a magnetic mag safe micro USB cable. This Oculus Go accessory will prevent damage to the headset if someone trips over the USB cable while the Oculus Go is charging.

If you’re interested in this Oculus Go Mag Safe Cable, you can pick one up here (affiliate links):
US $9.99 –
UK £6.99 –

I paid for this cable myself. I was not paid to make this video and my opinions are my own.

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Bat-Safe LiPo Battery Charging Safe Box – HobbyKing Daily

For more information on this product:


Safe Alternative To Vaniqa For Facial Hair Removal

Is there a safe alternative to Vaniqa cream for women wanting to do something about unwanted facial hair?

Yes there is! In fact, this alternative to Vaniqa was on the market some years before Vaniqa was finally approved by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) for public distribution on prescription in the year 2000.

In the early 1990’s a lesser known company operating near Toronto in Canada by the name of Nisim International was carrying out extensive research in its laboratories for a natural herbal solution to hair loss.

In 1993 they released the NewHair Biofactors range which consisted of deep cleansing shampoos and a hair growth stimulator made from natural herbs. It received a positive write up in the Medical Post of 1993 and the article listed some impressive success results from the clinical trials. (See for the full text of the article)

In the course of this research the folks at Nisim stumbled on a way to not only stop hair loss and get hair to regrow, they also found a way to stop unwanted hair from growing by interrupting the mechanism for hair growth in the hair follicle.

This led to the release of Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor in 1997, some years before Vaniqa arrived on the scene.

Vaniqa And Kalo Compared

There are some main differences between this alternative to Vaniqa and Vaniqa cream. For one thing, Kalo can be used by men, women and children whereas Vaniqa is only for women and girls under the age of 12 are recommended not to use it.

Vaniqa is available on prescription only, Kalo is a non-prescription hair growth inhibitor.

Some may raise a question over Kalo being a viable alternative to Vaniqa because it is not FDA approved. While that is true it is important to understand the process of FDA approval.

Vaniqa was brought to the market by two powerful giants in the personal care industry, Bristol-Myer Squibb and The Gillette Company. Will millions of dollars available they put up the necessary funding to get Vaniqa through the many years of tests and trials necessary before the FDA gives approval.

The final clinical trial results showed that 58% of women who used Vaniqa found a reduction in hair growth. That means a fairly large percentage did not see any difference.

The alternative to Vaniqa, Kalo, is produced by a small company without the massive resources available to the major pharmaceuticals. They also rely on word of mouth instead of pouring large sums into advertising. As a result, Kalo has grown in popularity and since the appearance of Vaniqa on the personal care scene, it has proven to be a viable non-prescription alternative to Vaniqa cream.

Reasonable Expectations

As with Vaniqa, Kalo doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why the company offers a money back guarantee. Given the rate of returns and refunds however, no more than about 1%, it is evident the majority of users are satisfied to a degree.

Finding an ideal method of facial hair removal is a matter of experimentation for many women before settling on the method that suits their pocket, skin sensitivity and lifestyle.

Combining the use of Vaniqa cream, or an alternative to Vaniqa such as Kalo, has helped thousands of women make facial hair removal sessions much easier and more convenient!


Asus Zenfone 5Z battery AI charging, smartphone Night charging made safe

In this video I have talked about the Asus Zenfone 5Z battery AI charging feature. What is this Zenfone 5z Battery AI feature, how it works and how you can enable it – the Mobile care.

This battery AI (Artificial Intelligent) feature will charge the battery to 80% then stop charging and 2 to 1 hours before you wake up it will continue slow charging and charge the handset to 100%.

This is really good option for those who keep their smartphone for charging for the whole night.

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Is Microwave Food Safe?

Microwave ovens can be found in most kitchens. They are used as a fast way of reheating food, making a quick meal, fixing elements of a meal or preparing an entire meal. Using a microwave oven is getting wide spread approval for the energy savings and time savings it provides the user.

Microwaves have really made cooking fun again. No longer does someone have to take hours cooking a nice meal. Instead they can get the same meal done in a fraction of the time. Many often say it tastes the same too. Others agree, but still feel some of their favorites taste best the old fashion way. It is really a matter of tastes. Another major plus microwave oven users have found there is less mess when using it. They use fewer dishes to make it and need fewer dishes for cooking, as examples.

A microwave heats up the food with dielectric heating by using microwave radiation. This is when water and food molecules within the item in the microwave are heated. Non ionized microwave radiation goes through the item to heat it to provide energy transferred to the food, which is dielectric heating. This does not mean that the food is being cooked from the “inside out”. Instead, energy from microwave radiation travels through the outside.

Do you know what the best type of microwave oven is? Many consider the microwaves that work the best have low microwave energy, but a higher penetration of the transferred heat. Keeping this in mind may not mean a thing to many consumers. There are many microwaves and many other elements to consider as well. Selling points are often more direct such as the size of the microwave and power levels available, such as defrost or popcorn. Nevertheless, most microwave ovens providing a close range of radiation intensity. Some newer microwaves offer a continued low power heat that is a good match no matter what you cook.

Microwaves have a variety of accessories as well. Some have browning trays and options, for example. Keep everything in mind when looking for a microwave. Since there are so many options chances are you will be able to find the microwave you want and fit all your needs that are also in your price range. But, if you don’t for some reason just consider what you want the most. You’ll find it!

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Hurricane Preparation to Help You Stay Alive and Be Safe

As you begin to take in the news about Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Irma, not to mention Jose coming in behind her, you may wonder about your little area of the world; Is it safe and can you escape if a large funnel of wind, rain, and waves come after your town? With the appropriate hurricane preparation, hurricane supplies, and some planning, you can be safe. It will also help your family get closer together.

Hurricane Planning

A great hurricane guide and the hurricane kit it recommends will see you through hurricane. Think about what is coming when you are in the path of a hurricane. There will be a fairly wide swath of storm with winds (based on whether it is category 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) of up to 200 miles per hour. No matter where it ‘makes landfall’, as it is heading toward you, trees can be ripped up, roads can become buckled and electrical power lines will start to fall. This, of course, makes it dangerous to be out on the roads, even if you want to go out.

You will probably be out of power before you even feel the wind and/or rain, so use the time you have to watch the television and listen to the radio about what is coming. During this time, the planning you will need to do, if you have not done so by now, is fairly straight forward:

Gather materials together to help you survive for a few days. This will be your ‘Go-Bag’ or hurricane kit and should be prepared in advance for when it’s necessary.

* Paper maps of the local area from your neighborhood to the safest place you believe you can get to are a good idea. This might mean to the State border or, at least completely out of the danger zone. Do not depend on the Google Maps app in your cell phone as the signal may not even be there for its operation.

* Hand crank radio to listen to news and disaster updates. If you have a good battery operated one, get plenty of batteries now, so you will not have to go to the store, which will probably be out by the time you get there anyway.

* Water for every member of your party. You will need approximately one gallon for each member for each day. Pack more if it is hot and you will be doing any kind of strenuous activity to survive. Do not be as concerned about water for bathing as this luxury can be ignored for a couple of days.

* Medications: Pack all regular, normal medications for everyone. Include a lot of antiseptic, or sanitary wipes. A full First Aid kit should also be packed. A bottle, or tin, of water purification tablets should also be in your bag. You will also want to include any real valuable paperwork and/or things that looters like to get if you are not there to protect them.

* A sharp knife, a tarp for shelter and sleeping bags can also be included. Be careful about packing any guns unless you know the laws in your area, and the area you are going into. Do not depend on the authorities looking the other way all of the time in this matter.

* Food: Your hurricane supplies will need to contain enough food for your family. This should include simple things that do not need to be heated, as this convenience might be hard to find for a while. Previously bought dehydrated foods is the ideal.

If you are going to be able to move out of the area in your car or truck, weight may not be an issue, however, if you will be walking out, or catching a ride from someone else, weight will be a big issue and all of the above supplies will need to be broken down into a backpack or duffel bag for each member of your party, so plan this out carefully.

House Preparation

It could help ensure you have a drier place to come back to. All things that can be picked up by the wind and thrown into your windows should be taken inside. This can also prevent looters from getting them. This includes lawn furniture and those cute gnomes that are in the yard that can make nasty torpedoes when thrown through a patio door. The BBQ grill in the shed or garage and tables and chairs should be brought inside too.

Several days before the storm hits, if there are still lumber yards open, get plywood and mount these over at least the large picture windows you have. It won’t matter if your house is destroyed or blown away, but, if not, these few steps will help keep things together and less water and damage can enter into your house. You could go to the point of putting sand bags in all exterior doors and basement entrances. Many communities offer a large pile of sand in some situations like this. By checking the news, you can find out if this is available in your area.

Even if you evacuate to a local safety center, established in a secure area by the city or State, the preservation of your home will help you get back to business quicker after the all clear has been sounded.

If the storm is not actually going to hit your house physically, you may decide to hunker down inside. Follow the instructions above for the preparing of your home, and consider acquiring a generator. This might be needed because, even if the hurricane misses your house or neighborhood, your electrical power comes from a bit further away than that and may be turned off.

Check List

A quick look at your hurricane preparation:

  1. As soon as you hear about the storm, track it’s progress through TV and radio.
  2. Start packing your Go-Bag.
  3. Check for open lumber yards and clean up the yard.
  4. Check into generator availability if you are going to be staying inside.
  5. Evacuate if, and when, directed to do so, following your plan, and be patient on the roads as there will be many people fighting for their piece of it.
  6. If you are going to a local safety center, be courteous and know that everyone is having a hard time of it as well.