MIT LaunchXClubs Finalist:Team Emergence: Cord Restored Never replace a charger again! Save🌎 from🔌

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Our Product: Cord Restored products repair laptop and phone chargers, electrical cords, cables, wires and external power chargers using a proprietary cutting-edge technology. Easy-to-apply and quick-drying!


MIT LaunchXClubs Finalist:Team Emergence: Cord Restored Never replace a charger again! Save🌎 from🔌


Our Product: Cord Restored products repair laptop and phone chargers, electrical cords, cables, wires and external power chargers using a proprietary cutting-edge technology. Easy-to-apply and quick-drying!

Our Mission: One million tons of external power supplies are manufactured each year, but most end up in the landfill. We aim to slow down this pipeline by extending the life-cycle of these items.

About Us: The MIT LaunchX Entrepreneurship Program will be holding the LaunchX Global Demo Day Finals on May 4, 2019, at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Cord Restored team is excited to be selected as one of twenty LaunchX Global Finalists out of over a thousand teams from around the world.

In an effort to slow down the amount of toxic e-waste being sent to landfills, Cord Restored produces cutting-edge products that extend the lifespan of electric cords and chargers. Throughout the year in the lead up to the Global Demo Day, the Polytechnic School team worked through the MIT LaunchX School Club curriculum, as well as with their LaunchX appointed mentor, to develop a comprehensive business plan for their innovative company. Finnegan Keller, Matthew Burke and Ryan Lavery are looking forward to meeting the Launch X team and other LaunchX Global Finalists. Let’s work together and make a difference!


LaunchX Clubs Pasadena Polytechnic Team Emergence


Mobile Phone Repair Tips To Help Your Save Money

For many people, getting your phone fixed or repaired is a very costly move. And so, whenever they get a cracked phone’s screen, dropped their phone in the toilet or their battery is no longer working, they usually just opt to buy a new one. However, having your phone fixed or repaired is actually not that costly only if you know the right thing to do.

Consumers have plenty of misconceptions which may either be grounded on some truth or are simply untrue. Specialists in mobile phone repair share some tips below on how to save money for your mobile phone repair.

In most cases, there is still a high chance that your phone can be repaired. So instead of actually buying a new one, just have it checked first so you will know your options. You can actually have your phone fixed. You can buy parts online and watch or read tutorials. But one key thing that you have to understand is that repairing a mobile device requires some technical skills and lots of patience.

Sometimes, it is more cost-effective to bring your device to a trained professional rather than experiment with your device. You can save time, money and effort, and expect better results. Additionally, premium brands have limited one-year warranties. And if your device is accidentally damaged, it is highly likely that the warranty has already been voided. Simply put, if you bring your device to a third party shop, you don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty because it already is.

And compared to service providers who will convince you to buy a new device, third party shops will try to do their best to repair your phone first before recommending to you to buy a new one. So you can really rely on their skills and knowledgeable before you are advised to buy a new mobile phone.

The cost of repairing your phone will depend on where you bring it as well as the damage your phone has. But if you consider the convenience and guaranteed results, in most circumstances, you are paying a small price to give your device a new lease on life. A lot of people underestimate the value of their devices. They forget the fact that when you sign a contract with a carrier, the carrier subsidizes the device. So if you think that phone repair cost is too pricey, know the real value of your phone first.

Lastly, there are some third party repair shops which have earned dubious reputations, however, there are also mobile repair shops, majority of them actually, are honest and provide quality service to their customers.


How to Recondition a Battery – Save Money, Save the Planet

Battery reconditioning is big business these days and it is only going to get bigger. Batteries are an environmental hazard containing many dangerous chemicals and many people not disposing of them properly.

While our society becomes more and more dependent of battery power year after year millions of old batteries are thrown away. However you don’t have to throw them away, in fact you can recondition them and bring the life back into any battery and reuse it over and over again.

First however many people have a misconception that recharging and reconditioning a battery is the same thing. They aren’t, when you recharge a battery you simply are adding a charge to the battery for a period of time, the more you do this the less they work to their full capacity and need to be charged more often.

When you recondition a battery you are restoring the battery back to its full capabilities. There are many methods around that can help recondition batteries depending on the type of battery you have.

There are companies out there that offer a reconditioning service or you can learn to do it yourself. To do it yourself is not difficult with the right tools and equipment however you should have a good understanding of the different types of batteries and how they should be handled before attempting any reconditioning.

One method to help recondition batteries that some people suggest is to put them in a freezer for 24 hours and then recharge them again. If you have a lead-acid battery these often will go a crystalline form if old or left to discharge for a long time, in this case you can get a specialized battery charger that shots a high current though the battery causing the crystalline to turn back into lead and sulfuric acid and bring the life back into the battery.

Some people have even created a home business out of reconditioning old batteries that they get for free and sell for a profit.


Beat the Printer Scheme and Save a Ton of Money on Ink or Toner

Before you buy another printer, make sure you read this article. The printing manufacturers actually do not make any money on the printer itself. Instead, the real profits are made on the ink and toner. In general, the cheaper the printer, the more you will get gouged when it comes to replacing cartridges. But this is not always the case. The high end printer manufacturers are ready and willing to jump deep into your pocketbook. And if you let them, they will stay there for very long time.

The Microchip Scheme

The primary way in which the printing companies gouge your pocketbook is by placing a small microchip on the ink or toner cartridge. The cartridge will stop working when you print a fixed number of pages (usually around 5,000) even if you have plenty of supply remaining. Sometimes the chips are also programmed to stop working after a fixed period of time (eg, six months) regardless of how many pages you have printed. The chips are usually patented so as to guarantee that you will always buy a new cartridge from the original manufacturer.

Just to illustrate how expensive it can be to buy the wrong printer, here is a personal example. I fell for HP's marketing scheme and bought a "low cost" HP 1500 Color Laser Jet two years ago for $ 499.00. I just checked with and the cost of replacing all the toner cartridges and drum including tax (free shipping) is $ 597.33.

Is there a way around this?

Yes! If you do not have a chip on the cartridge then you can simply look on the internet and find a refill kit. This will work quite well. However, as a general rule, printing quality will decrease after approximately five refills.

If you have a microchip on your cartridge, there are a couple of options. First, with many cartridges you will be able to find a "chip reset" kit on the internet. Buying ink or toner and a chip reset kit is usually much cheaper than replacing the cartridge. You will be able to use the reset kit over and over again, so it will pay for itself. If you can not find a reset kit for your cartridge, you can probably find a replacement chip. The microchips are usually glued on the side of the cartridge, so you can just pry off the old chip and glue on a new one.

The "Nuclear Option"

I saved the best for last! If this works, it is your best option, but you might have to do a little bit of internet research on your specific printer. What the printing companies do not want you to know is that there is usually a way to configure your printer so that you are able to reset the chip memory. In some cases, you can completely disable the printer's use of the chip. Getting back to my HP 1500 Color LaserJet, I was able to do this by holding down the big green button for 20 seconds when the power is turned on. On this printer, this causes what is known as a "hard reset" of all internal memory settings. Whereas I should have been forced to replace all of my toner and the drum, I have now been printing for months in normal operation without a glitch and with no error messages!

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be able to reset, replace, or bypass the microchip on your printer's cartridge. Every year, it sees that the printer manufacturers become more and more skilled at preventing you from taking charge of your machine. However, now you are armed with a little bit of knowledge – and knowledge is power. The next time your printer runs out of ink or toner, do not be so eager to go out and buy a new cartridge. Remember, if there is a way around it, you can find it! The personal satisfaction you get in saving money and beating them at their own game will put a little bit of excitement in what might have been a depressing and costly situation.

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Save Paper Work and Time With an Access Control System

The word access means to provide authorization to the user for any of the tasks. There is similar meaning in understanding the concept of access control systems. It states that providing authorizations to any individual for the shorter periods or longer periods of time becomes easier to manage and integrate accordingly. There is a need to manage and handle high levels of security so that time is saved, paper work is reduced and also operating and maintenance costs are reduced.

We often say that access control systems are the powerful systems that monitor even the smallest of the systems in the large buildings, organizations and institutions for better safety and reliability. With the use of these systems, the critical tasks can be monitored and handled very efficiently. There are some of the key benefits in regards with the access control systems:

1. It handles critical situations very smartly and rapidly responds to any of the security threats and issues around.

2. In case of any threat, the management receives immediate alarm notifications so that steps can be taken to prevent happening to occur.

3. These systems are installed quickly and saves lot of time.

4. It also saves a lot of paper work as records are automatically stored within the database and can be accessed any time to verify the records of the employees in the organization.

5. It provides flexibility in every type of environment and is thus trusted by most of the customers.

To implement the access control systems, we have 3 types of controls:

1. Physical Controls: It provides security and access to one's personal computer or the group of computers. Physical access control can be related to a human and the alternative systems provide the authority to the individual to work on its controls. Few examples of physical control include: Alarms, Lightning, Locks, Security guards, etc.

2. Logical Controls: These types of controls are used to restrict the access to systems for unauthorized users. It protects and limits the number of available resources. Logical controls are also known as technical controls. Some of the examples include: Routers, Encryption Software, Smart-Cards, Firewalls, Access Control Lists (ACLs), etc.

3. Administrative Controls: These are the controls that are handled under the supervision of management and administration with proper planning, structure, security awareness along with the list of policies and procedures. Few examples include: Testing, Job-rotations, investigations, etc.

Biometrics is one of the big examples of the access control systems in terms of network security, home security and others. If people are still using the old-fashioned methods of securing their data, systems, home, etc. they are decreasing the invention of technologies and extremely creating lots of problems for them. Access control systems open the doors to opportunity and provide security, protection and integrity to the available resources.


Do it Yourself Solar Energy – Save Electricity With Solar Power

One of the fastest growing home power solutions is a Do It Yourself solar energy system. Our homes consume large amount of power. We use electricity to run all of our electrical appliances. In fact, we never thought of how we use energy until we receive the monthly utility bill or when there is a blackout.

At the current housing growth rate, very soon we will have an energy scarcity and that in effect will raise its cost. Are there any ways we can reduce our home electricity consumption? One option is to explore the concept or renewable energy such as solar. This article will provide some information of the process of using solar power at home.

In the past, a home solar power system was quite expensive since making it impractical. With a Do It Yourself solar energy system, the cost is substantially less making it available for the average home owners.

To build a solar generator at home is quite simple. All you have to do is build a solar array to collect the sun energy. The array is made of multiple solar cells joined together.

Solar cell or Photovoltaic (PV) has the ability to create electric current when exposed to sun light. The electric current generated by the array can be flowed into a deep cycle batteries bank via a charge controller.

The stored energy can be used to power our homes. Since battery can only hold Direct Current (DC), we need to use an inverter to convert to DC to Alternate Current (AC). AC is use to run all our household electrical equipment.

To reduce your home electricity bills, you can start with a Do It Yourself solar energy system. If you are not well versed with hand tools, you can outsource the construction work to a professional contractor. With a minimum investment, you will be reaping the benefits of solar power at home year after year.


iPhone 8 / iPhone X: Wireless Qi Chargers – SAVE $$$!

A hands-on look at iPhone 8 and iPhone X-compatible wireless Qi charger. Which one is right for you? Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

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How to save battery life?

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5 Clutter Free Wireless Charger To Save You From Cable

5 Clutter Free Wireless Charger To Save You From Cable

1. elago Charging Hub –
Power your phone, your smartwatch and your wireless earbuds with the elago Charging Hub 3-in-1 Dock for Apple Devices. With clean curves and a compact design, this charging dock helps you top up your devices overnight.

2. Legrand Radiant Wireless Charger Wall Plate –
Legrand radiant wireless charger Qi certified, first in-wall wireless phone charging solution for iPhone and Samsung

3. Sanctuary4 Charging Station –
Sanctuary4 is a four-port multi device charging valet for tablets and phones. With 4-amps of power, there is plenty of juice to quickly charge multiple devices at the same time.

4. HyperCube Wireless Charger Sleep Aid –
HyperCube is a patent pending, award-winning wireless charger. Packed with more than 13 smart features, HyperCube also acts as a sleep aid, wake-up light and alarm clock – all while wirelessly charging up to 3 Qi-enabled devices at once.

5. HoverCharge –
Fast Qi Wireless Charger, 7.5W for Apple & 10W for Android. Anti-Gravity, No Magnets, won’t block NFC, for Car, Home, Office & more.