बिना बिजली के मोबाइल चार्ज करने का सबसे Best तरीका# best way to charge mobail without light

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yaha par humane Bina light ke mobail charge krne ke tarike bataye hai jis se ki apko help mil sake

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How BMW EfficientDynamics Helps to Save Fuel

EffcientDynamics is the latest technology adopted in some of BMW models like 1 series, 3 series and 5 series. This technology aims to deliver more fuel efficiency and eco friendliness without comprising the on the driving experience.

Following are the fuel saving features of EffcientDynamics in BMW

Auto start stop

This saves plenty of fuel and emissions from the car being released. When cars are idle the car is switched off so energy is saved. The engine is able to be turned on simply by pressing down on the clutch. Brake energy regeneration Applying the brakes will not waste energy with this technology; in fact it will reuse it. The battery is recharged using the recycled energy. In effect less C02 emissions are released along with your car having better fuel efficiency.

Electric Power Steering

The steering system is designed in such a way that energy is only used when the wheel is actually turned, and not when the car is driving straight. This naturally reduces fuel consumption. Optimum shift indicator This is a recommendation system built within the car to suggest when to change gears. Following the indicator will give great fuel efficiency as the car will not over rev.

Lightweight engineering

The bodywork as well as the engine is both made of lighter materials. This naturally reduces the power needed for the car to drive forward, thus reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption. The car also much more responsive and has improved handling.

Reduced rolling resistance tyres

Using this technology a lot less friction is caused between the tyres and road. This effectively brings about better fuel efficiency and allows the car to emit less C02 emissions.

Low-friction fluids

Engine oil and transmission fluid are designed to flow with more efficiency throughout the car, working together. Less fuel consumption and C02 emissions are achieved, along with a smoother drive.

Active aerodynamics

Vents are closed automatically to help the engine perform better, quicker from the beginning of journeys and for to be more fuel efficient. Instead of the car wasting fuel to power the engine, vents are opened and air is let in. This naturally reduces the need for fuel to be used. The vents however will be open to cool the car’s engine components when needed.

Efficientdynamics is an excellent example of BMW’s commitment to greener environment and big step toward the company’s vision of ’emission free driving. Servicing BMW as per the manufacturer schedule is also essential for achieving the maximum fuel efficiency.


Tips To Save Your Battery For A Long Time

Having Problem Of Battery Shut Down While Playing Your Favorite Game?
Or Watching A Movie….
Maybe These Tricks Could Help To Stay Your Battery For More..


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New iPhone XS MAX is coming! How to save battery life of your new iPhone XR XS

iPhone XS MAX really excites me. I love iPhone and I’m not even Apple fan. But I love the iPhone! I don’t know what it is. While waiting, I want to share three tips to keep your iPhone battery life longer.

This applies for any electronics with a rechargeable battery, but there are three important characters of rechargeable batteries that you need to understand if you want to make it long life without needing repairing.

1. Battery life is relative to the numbers of recharging time, not the duration of charging. In other words, you want to optimize each charging so you don’t increase the number of charging time unnecessarily. If you charge to 0% to 100% every time, hypothetically you will make the least number of charging for your phone, therefore, your phone battery lasts forever (well not really but feels like forever).

2. The battery is under the extream stress when it’s full. So one of the worst thing you could do is have the device always on the charger, so the device keeps being in full charge. You don’t need necessarily avoid making it 100% as long as you start using it and draining the battery as soon as it becomes 100%.

3. The rechargeable batteries also don’t like being 0% or close to it, because it’s also an extream stress for the batteries. Ideally, keep it at minimum 20%. But it’s difficult in real life, so make sure you always have a charger so when it’s low you recharge it. don’t leave it 0% for a long time.

For the reason 2 and 3, it can be said that it’s the best to keep the battery status in between 20% – 80%. But you also want to minimize the number of charging as much as possible.

Theoretically, if you could live with charging your phone once a day, you are doubling its battery life compared to charging twice a day every day.

My super recommended super solution is to buy three or four 2.4 A fast chargers and cables. Have each one in key locations such as a bedroom, office, study, living room etc. where you spend a lot of time every day. So that you always have a charger available so you can decide to charge your phone at best timing according to the above three factors.

Why 2.4 A fast charger? If you use 1.0 A standard charger, it takes more than 8 hours to charge from 0 – 100%! If you have to move from place to place chances are you have to plug in two or even three times to charge in full instead of one time. That’s battery life shortener.

So it’s very convenient and critical to be able to charge your phone in less than 3 hours. each charger is only &10 and if you have to fix iPhone battery, you don’t know how much it would cost.

Plus there is an intangible productivity increase which has thousands of dollars in value at least but not has to worry about battery insufficiency.

Get 3 or 4 of those chargers. You won’t regret it!

Recommended charger

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iPhone XR XS MAX



iPhone 8 / iPhone X: Best Fast Chargers – SAVE $$$!

A hands-on look at three iPhone 8 & iPhone X Fast Charging solutions. Save money by going with a third-party charger! Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/9to5YT | Read full article ► http://wp.me/p1xtr9-26Df

Aukey fast charger: http://amzn.to/2xAY74U
Anker fast charger: http://amzn.to/2xBE72h
Apple fast charger: http://amzn.to/2ydu7O5
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top 5 smartphone secrets ||save battery power || phone secret tricks

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These are the 5 mistakes which damage the smartphone

Friends, we feel really sad when our smartphone gets damaged. Most of the times it’s our fault in the damaging of the smartphone. So let’s see which are the mistakes we make which damage the smartphone.

1. Using metal cover for the phone
To keep our phone secure we sometimes use metal covers because of which we see a disturbance in the networks. Searching for the network again n again makes the phone’s temperature hot and chances of it getting damaged , increase.

2. Playing games a lot
Nowadays, the games on the smartphones are of high graphics. If your phone costs more than 30 thousand, then it’s ok but if it costs between 15 to 20 thousand then u shouldn’t play games a lot because the load on the processor increases and it can damage the phone.

3. Downloading and installing unsafe apps
When you download any app from a website other than google playstore , it has a chance of having a lot of virus in it and the phone starts misbehaving. The operating system of the phone also getter infected and the phone stops working.

4. Using fake chargers and headphones

This happens a lot. As soon as our phone’s chargers or headphones stop working , we start using some other company’s charger. This damages the phone the most because either the voltage of these chargers is high or very low which is not good for the chargers.

5. Charging the phone a lot
If we continuously keep charging the phone , it damages the battery.


All you need to know about Power Banks and how they can save your life! iPhone | iPad

This Power Bank (External Battery) not only saves the battery life of your smartphone or tablet but also your own! Everything you need to know about power banks! Here are the links to the reviewed products:

► Get the Power Bank here http://geni.us/AmazonPowerBankECTech
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►Detailed video description:
This is my tech review about the power bank 22400 mAh from EC Technology with a built in LED Flashlight inclusive an extra case from EasyAcc. You can even charger your Apple Pencil with it! I also go into more detail about what amperes are needed for charging an iPhone or an iPad Pro. In the end I talk about solar panel power banks which are the future of power banks in 2017.

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How To DIY Solar Battery Charger

http://www.EnergyBrainiac.com – How To DIY Solar Battery Charger
The DIY Solar Charger | Popular Science
Jul 6, 2007 … The DIY Solar Charger. Keep your gadgets powered even when the grid … and build frames to hold the DC charger controller and the battery. …DIY: Solar Powered Battery Rechargers
In their latest catalog, several solar battery chargers are offered but one is particularly useful. The small Multi-volt Output Solar Panel (Cat. …Get Prepared Stuff – DIY Solar AA Battery Charger”
Most of the AA solar battery chargers available wouldn’t charge two AA 2000 mAh batteries in 4 days let alone 1 day of 4-5 hours of sun.Solar Battery Charging – Solar
Jul 30, 2007 … One of the simplest DIY solar projects is to make your own solar battery charger using a small Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel. …DIY Solar Battery Charger – Solar Energy How-to-Guide Directoy
DIY Solar Battery charger. Build your own solar battery charger for all of your electronic gadgets.Design Solar-Powered Computing Device – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog
DIY projects describing how to build electronic projects. … Solar Battery Chargers – Cheap Solar Battery Chargers and Battery Charger ..
How To DIY Solar Battery Charger

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How to Repair Battery Charger for Dewalt/Skill/Black and Decker. Save Money

A simple troubleshooting method to fix your cordless drill power pack without spending money. Common Issue with packs.
This fix will work on many other power tools that use a battery. Store in dry areas. Thanks for all your support!


Learn How to Recondition Battery and Save Money

Learning how to recondition battery is the solution to restore old batteries to new again. This is an ideal solution for people who often discard batteries when they stop functioning after a period of time and purchasing new ones again and again. Just imagine the amount of money everyone can save by reconditioning these old batteries.

There is a common misconception among many people in regards to recharging and reconditioning for being identical. The fact is that recharging a battery only gives charge for a period of time, however, battery reconditioning means restoring the battery to its full capacity.

When you learn how to recondition battery, you will eventually come across various methods of approach. Some people may use mechanical tools to reclaim them, and some others will build new devices. Some experts even place their batteries in a freezer through the night and then recharging it. This process takes about 3 full cycles for the battery to start working again. Also, some chargers come along with the option of reconditioning and they do work extremely well with fridge pre-conditioned batteries.

There are many companies out there that offer reconditioning services, however, homeowners can do it themselves by buying a reconditioner. In fact, some batteries do not require a special reconditioner and can be easily reconditioned by draining the battery completely with the help of a battery powered device or a resistive circuit that discharges the battery safely and then charging it as per normal.

All types of batteries, including the latest car batteries can be reconditioned, but if the reconditioning process is done by the users, it has to be handled with extreme care as they do contain dangerous acids. Before learning how to recondition battery, it is essential to understand the various battery types and know exactly how it should be appropriately handled.