Schumacher SE-2158 Battery Charger

I came across this tired and crusty wheeled battery charger by the side of the road the other day. I’ve always wanted one of these, so I decided to pick it up. Apparently, all that’s wrong with it (besides needing a cleaning) is that the charge selector switch appears to have a bad section. I will try to source this part and repair this charger for future use. (11/22/2015)


Why I use the Schumacher SP3 Battery Charger (on all my cars!)

If you are looking for a smart charger to keep your battery from going dead consider the Schumacher brand, I had great results with this charger.

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Charge safely with Schumacher Battery Charger (Technical Review)

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Schumacher SE-4022. Schumacher has been a well respected name in batteries for many years, and while we’ll get to the price later on, this inexpensive home model looks to be another success from a company that makes its reputation on quality.

The SE-4022 has an efficient cooling fan that allows it to charge at a high level and make the machine itself durable and long lasting. It is versatile in that can be set to work with both 6 and 12 volt batteries, and the 4022 can analyze electrical and start-up issues accurately as well. it also comes with a volt meter and two rotary switches as controls.

But those features are pretty standard, and there are a number of things that set the Schumacher SE-4022 apart. First is their renowned customer service. The SE-4022 comes with a 3-year warranty, and customer reviews have stated that the customer service process is easy and fast. Next is the price, which at between $150 and $200 is a good deal to say the least. Most comprable battery chargers ask twice that price.

The charger can be used by fleets operations, mechanics or for home use, and due to its versatiliy, can switch between batteries easily and well.

While not a smart charger, which would adjust charging rate during the process to respond to the battery, the Schumacher SE-4022 is very easy to use and can be set to a timer. While some prefer a smart charger, they are much more expensive, and this charger simply requires that you are paying some attention to the charging process.

And again speaking to the price, this model is a Schumacher, meaning it is a time-tested and well respected brand, but at the cost of much more cheaply-made models. Why not get a trusted brand for the same price as a discount brand?

The problems with the SE-4022 are as follows: The tester is only a simple voltometer, and could have been more elaborate. As well, the plastic wheels and housing are not as well made as the unit itself, and moving the heavy charger across dirt or gravel is a dubious task. One can only assume that Schumacher used sub-par housing components and wheels to keep the cost down for this model, but they might have been better served to use better components and raise the price slightly. Another complaint is that it isn’t a smart charger, but it seems a silly thing to be upset about, since the SE-4022 isn’t advertised as one.

The Schumacher SE-4022 is an excellent charger when all is said and done, and for under $200 dollars, the product and the customer service that comes along with the 3-year guarantee makes this unit a great purchase. Whether you have batteries to charge for your fleet of delivery trucks or just for your family, the SE-4022 is a great charger from Schumacher. Just don’t wheel it around too much


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Schumacher ‘ol Skool Battery Charger & Car Starter

Schumacher ‘ol Skool Battery Charger & Car Starter.
From experience I have found out that electronic battery chargers will not last as long as the old manual type of battery charger. A manual battery charger requires that you know a couple things about car batteries and also know how to use a simple voltmeter. But a manual charger will charge a completely dead battery, while an electronic charger might not. Also, if you are careful and know what you are doing, a manual battery charger will do a better job on restoring old batteries. I have an old manual cat battery charger for 40 years and it outlasted 6 of the electronic type of battery chargers. So I bought a Schumacher manual battery charger and 50 amp car starter. There is a reason this type of battery charger has been made since 1947. It reliable and it works. It just requires a little user know-how and input. That’s all. πŸ™‚

dependable battery charger


Replacing the Battery Charger/Converter in a Winnebago/Itasca Motorhome

*** Update – I discovered that 120 volt A/C lead for the old charger was not the one with the nut on it, even though the Itasca wiring diagram said it should be. The guy who installed it on the assembly line reversed the charger and refrigerator leads so I ended up disconnecting the refrigerator. The lead for the charger goes straight back into the metal Schumacher enclosure. The lead for the refrigerator goes up to the three wire cable at the top of the metal Schumacher enclosure. I only discovered it when I heard the refrigerator running on gas instead of A/C.

In this video I show you how I replaced the Schumacher Battery Charger/Converter in my Itasca 30T motorhome with one from Powermax. The total time for the replacement was about 4 hours once I had all the parts in hand. I found the instructions on the internet at:


How It Failed: Schumacher XCS15 6-12V 15A battery charger

my charger broke, i fixed it. but i only fixed it back to the bad design it originally had.

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The Viking Battery Charger and Maintainer – My Initial Thoughts Reuploaded

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Using a Schumacher Battery Charger

How to connect and use a Schumacher Battery Charger


XC10 – 10 Amp Fully Automatic Schumacher Battery Charger

10A FAST CHARGER | 3A MAINTAINER FOR MOST CHARGING APPLICATIONS β€’ Microprocessor controlled ─ automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge & maintain. Multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life. β€’ Float mode monitoring ─ Automatically maintains optimum battery charge β€’ Auto voltage detection ─ 6 or 12 volt β€’ Reverse hook-up protection ─ Charger will not operate if clamps are reversed. LED indicator will flash. β€’ Energy efficient ─ Meets the highest industry standards β€’ Wrap cleats ─ Provide convenient cord storage