Schumacher Charge-N-Ride electric toy charger- Stop damaged battery

Schumacher charge n ride is the ultimate battery charger upgrade for your kids ride on toy. Sealed lead acid batteries are low maintenance batteries, but can become easily overcharged with the stock type chargers. Schumacher has the solution with a plug and play charger system for most brands and models of electric toy ride on vehicles. In this video we do a product overview of the wide selection of plug adapters and why this will save you big money by not have to buy replacement batteries from overcharging damage.

CR1 charger- for powerwheels. peg perego motion trendz

CR2- 24 volt razor/12,16,24 volt universal charger

CR5- kid trax and motion trendz charger

CR6- peg perego, rollplay 6 volt 12 volt charger

CR7- 6/12 volt powerwheels, coaxial plug charger

CR8- (24 volt ONLY) for razor and dynacraft batteries

Powerwheels brand connector-

Kid Trax brand connector-

Rollplay 6/12 volt brand connector-

Charges brands like: Dynacraft, Huffy, Pulse Performance Products, and Razor ride-on toys
Charges Pulse Performance Products, GRT Scooter, Dynacraft, Camo SUV Dynacraft, BMW i8 Concept Car, Huffy Minnie Roadster, Huffy Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, and Razor Power Core 90 Electric Scooter ride-on toys-

Charges brands like: Razor ride-on toys
Charges Razor E150 Scooter, Razor MX350, Razor Pocket Mod Scooter, Razor Power Core 100 Scooter, and Dirt Quad Dig Camo Gray ride-on toys-

Motion Trendz, Charges brands like: Action Wheels ride-on toys
Charges Frozen SUV, Girl’s Yamaha Raptor, Yamaha Raptor, and Princess Coupe ride-on toys-

3 prong charge port-


Schumacher Battery Maintainer 1.5 Amp – Available at

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New Battery Charger & Maintainer from

In this video, 1A Auto reviews a Schumacher Battery Maintainer 1.5 Amp available on

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Schumacher battery chargers problem

Schumacher battery chargers problem , do not buy until you watch this video


Review: Schumacher WM-12 12" Cable Connector for Battery Charger / Maintainer – Schumacher WM-12 12″ Cable Connector for Battery Charger / Maintainer
12″ cable + quick-connect ring terminal for a total 18″ length Compatible with Schumacher chargers and maintainers up to 5A Easily attaches to hard-to-reach batteries on motorcycles, lawn mower and more Color-coded cables for user safety Versatile and user-friendly

Lots more detail here –


Schumacher Battery Charger Repair, Part II

This video will deal mainly with fixing the fan circuit in the charger. I Finally got the fan working again! Never seen it work since I’ve been at my job. This’ll keep the transformer and wires cool. Also check out the customization I did.
Model SF.2001
IC AZ34063AP-E1
New IC AZ34063U

My Other Channel- HenryVlogs


Designer- Adzedesign (from Fiverr)

Repair Shop- Merit Electronics, Bay St, Victoria BC, Canada

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Unboxing and initial review of the Schumacher SSC-1500A-CA Ship n Shore battery charger

A review of the first few days using the charger on our solar batteries.


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Schumacher Battery Charger | Review & Instruction

Walmart Schumacher Battery Charger Review and Instruction Model SC1281


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Fixing a Schumacher Battery Charger

The charger stopped working, no amperage at all. So the shop decided to buy a new charger, at least 300$ for these chargers. Well, why not fix it? So I did.
I actually measured 13.6V after it was fixed. Every setting except the 2A.
Also that battery at the end of the video probably wasnt the best to show charging amperage because it was bad, sorry. but at least I showed that the charger was working. A bad battery wont take much of a charge.


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Schumacher SC1309 40amp Battery Charger Review and Info