Not charging repair M365 Xiaomi electric scooter bird fix charger port plug

Tools: 2mm Allen wrench, vice grip, SUPER GLUE-don’t use Gorilla Tape like I did since it loosened up the next skatepark day…

The charger was showing solid green so I took out the 2mm Allen head bolts from the skid plate/ battery cover and removed the 350 watt 18 amp aftermarket controller to reveal a loose plug between the charging port and the battery.

A stock hardware Xiaomi m365 will have the same exact charger plug and you should SUPER GLUE it if this happens to you!!!!

Also chop 7 inches off your handlebar pole so it doesn’t punch you in the gut jumping off the quarter pipe at Bonita Skatepark.

Never use a folding mechanism if you jump and stunt because it will fail and you’ll fall flat on your back on the concrete (happened to me at Venice beach skatepark even though the folding mechanism was perfectly adjusted…)


Gas Scooter

A gas scooter is a ton of fun and will save you many hard-earned dollars on gasoline. With fuel prices soaring, the scooter is becoming very popular for a commuting vehicle or just simply going to and from the corner store to run a few errands. With the vast selection available in almost every shape and size it is easy to find exactly the scooter that will fit your needs. They also come in the of karts, skateboards, and choppers. Entry level scooters will usually have a 20+ cc motor and can reach speeds of 18 + MPH. Even if you're a bit on the heavy side, it can carry a remarkable 350-pound capacity. Now is not that something! You will find this gas scooter is most suitable for ages 10 and up and is more adult friendly because of its direct drive system offering a better power band. Then there are intermediate sizes with motor sizes in the 35cc and higher range that will carry you along at 18 plus MPH and have a 250-pound capacity. Many will have removable seats and centrifugal clutches and will fold into a size that might even fit into your suit if you push hard enough! You will find tires in the 8 to 9-inch range and will also sport disc brakes for your safety. Looking into the bigger gas scooter models, there then comes the 50cc plus size with it's 350-pound capacity and will wisk you nicely along at 28 + MPH. These scooters come with 9 or 10-inch tires and include front and rear disc brakes, and also include the removable seats.

When it comes to performance configurations, like most other motorized vehicles the sky is the limit. You can get larger motors for them that sport 2.5 HP and can offer you speeds in excess of 35 MPH. The next scooter, usually reserved for the younger person or anyone with a sense of adventure is the off-road or racing scooter. This gas scooter is a ton of fun and is recommended for ages over 13 years old. Here is some great information on the gas scooter:

With these off road or competition scooters, speeds of 40 MPH or higher are attainable and most come with dual front shocks. Some standard items such as front and rear disc brakes are common. The have a great torque capacity and will even lug a 350-pound person up a hill without a problem. Here is a site with lots of gas scooter information to browse through:

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Electric Scooter For Sale – 7 Tips Before You Buy An Electric Scooter

So you have found the best electric scooter for sale that suits your needs and personality and you are ready to make a purchase. Before you finally buy it there are some things that you must look for so that you don’t end up with a bad quality piece.

There are so many websites that offering electric scooters for sale. You can find such stores by searching on the Internet search engines. Many manufacturers have their own websites that display a list of products with images. Here are some pointers on what to look for.

1) Always look for electric scooter images or photos (preferable more than one) from different angles. Some websites allow visitors to see photos of accessories too. Some have more than one photo of the same model for sale with different color schemes.

2) Always look for basic price of the electric scooter plus shipping charges and handling charges. Sometimes shipping charges are not mentioned on the website but many manufacturers charge extra during final sale of the electric scooter.

3) Read customer reviews before make a final decision. No matter how cool an electric scooter for sale look on the website, if it’s performance is poor, you will suffer in the end. Honest customer reviews should be one of the major deciding factors.

4) Ask the company officials about servicing of the vehicle. If they happen to have service center near your home then it’s a great thing.

5) Look for special discount coupons or promotional coupons. Many electric scooter for sale will have some amount of discount. Many companies use these marketing techniques to attract more customers. However discount coupons are not always advertised on the website. You will have to send an email to their customer care department and check out about the availability.

6) Make sure about guarantees and warranties before you buy. What happens if you receive a broken part when you get the scooter in your home? Who will pay for the damages occurred during shipping? Is there any free servicing for the vehicle? Answers to such kind of questions must be sorted out before you buy an electric scooter that is for sale.

7) Is there any discount for repeat customers? This is not an absolute necessity but you can try asking. If you like the electric scooter very much and decide to buy another one from them, will you get any discount? Again, many companies have this policy, which they do not advertise to public.

These were just a few things to look for when you find an electric scooter for sale. These will definitely save your money and future troubles.

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How to Choose an Urban Scooter

The living conditions in the city influence the choice of transport we use. Against the background of the endless traffic congestion, crowding and lack of air buses and minibuses, the scooter has gained its popularity all over the world, especially in cities.

Reviews suggest that the most popular urban scooters are used for commuting and just walking through the streets. They are designed for driving on asphalt road and equipped with polyurethane wheels. An urban scooter has a small size and is suitable for driving on sidewalks and tile. The main advantages of these scooters are the ease, compactness, relatively low price.

How to Choose an Adult Urban Scooter

Before you choose an adult urban scooter, you should know much about it. Collapsible scooters are most often made of steel withstanding considerable weight, with reliable polyurethane wheels and a broad deck for the adult feet. They are always adjustable in height so that everyone can choose a comfortable position. An important condition is the safety, which depends on the quality material and high reliability of all connections.

To select the appropriate for the city, it's necessary to pay attention to several parameters. Firstly, you should pay attention primarily to the wheel. It has the meaning of their size. The larger the wheel is, the higher the drive speed is. But at the same time, it reduces maneuverability. Such a model will suit an adult, self-confident rider. The width of the tire is directly proportional to the stability of the scooter. The material from which made the wheels is too important. Plastic wheels are rare, usually in cheaper models. They serve not for very long and are suitable for driving on a perfectly flat surface. Polyurethane wheels differ in stiffness. The higher the score is, the more sensitive you will have to clash with stones and potholes on the road. Soft wheels would negate such inconvenience. But on the perfectly smooth asphalt road, of course, they lose more stringent control. The most versatile can be wheels with inflatable tires. They can travel on a variety of roads and even on the easy road (on the sand and grass).


If you are badly in need of an urban scooter, the X8 portable folding scooter would be a right choice.

With the folding design, this scooter is light, compact and portable. The folding size is 1056 * 1190 * 188mm and the folding size is 188 * 480 * 860mm. It weighs only 13 kg, but its max load is 120 kg. The frame is made of aerospace aluminum alloy so that the whole scooter is light but solid. It's powerful and drives fast. And the max speed is up to 30 KM / h.

In addition, it offers safe and comfortable travel experience because of the professional design. The shock absorption system in includes the front pneumatic tire and built-in rear shock absorber. The security system includes high-and-low-speed control, cruise control and rear disc brake. The full protection system includes battery over-discharging protection, battery over- charging protection and battery operation protection. Moreover, the smart digital display shows battery and motor status, current speed and travel distance.


Selecting a folding model or a fully static designed model depends on your needs. As far as I'm concerned, folding models are more suitable for citizens as they are convenient to transport, store in an apartment with a lack of space and lift to the desired floor.

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mobile charger for activa / scooter / bikes || 12v cigarette lighter socket

Hello friends. in this video i had shown how to make mobile charger by using 12v cigarette lighter socket. the cost of making is less than 150 rs.

do watch my other video for riding activa from Mumbai to igatpuri on activa.

handle bar with led lights.

how to make tron helmet.

reuse old strobe light controller

how to chin mount action camera

installation of music system.

#charger #mobilecharger


Free Energy Scooter: Ambient Energy Accessed By Charging Parallel Batteries With Series Batteries 🔋

Thomas Bearden (See Link Below) understands and teaches that all circuits are tapping into the energy of the vacuum (which Thomas Bearden Explains Powers Every Atom And Molecule Of Everything We Know, And Are), Source Energy, Zero Point Energy, and furthermore explains in his videos that it is the way we wire a circuit, which permits what is often refered to as over unity.

Getting more energy out than is put in, is not a free lunch, it’s more like “all you can eat”, which means, put a little energy in, and get a lot of energy out. Rick Friedrich (See Link Below) documents his understanding of this concept by explaining in his videos, that we can have two fully charged twelve volt batteries wired in series, running a load (free of charge) and charging two twelve volt batteries wired in parallel. In this wiring configuration, the load (We are using a 24V 500 Watt DC Brushed Motor) runs or is powered by energy from the vacuum, and the energy that transfers from one set of batteries to the other, is almost entirely transferred to the other set of batteries – by switching each set of batteries from series to parallel (series being the input set, and parallel being the charging set) the charge in the batteries can be transferred back and forth multiple times, between battery sets (the set wired in series to the set wired in parallel). Please confirm with Rick Friedrich on his YouTube channel how the circuit works, I’m just now in the beginning stages of learning 🙂

By splitting the positive wire, or connecting the positive wire from the two 12 volt batteries that are wired in series, to the load, then connecting the 2 drained batteries (wired in parallel) positive wire, to the load (called splitting the positive) then connecting the negative wire of the fully charged series batteries, to the negative wire of the parallel (drained/empty) batteries. This wiring configuration allows energy from the vacuum to power the load (in this video we use a 24Volt 500 Watt Brushed DC Motor) and transfer almost all of the energy from the series set of batteries to the parallel set of batteries. This circuit is the most efficient means of powering any load, that I’ve study thus far. Special thanks to Rick Friedrich for teaching the world how to make less pollution 🙂

Hello Everyone!
We are sharing our journey of learning to reduce smog, and we are also teaching ourselves how to build an electric scooter with a range extender. It’s an exciting journey and we enjoy sharing our experience of learning. Have a great day 🙂

We are currently studying Rick Friedrich:

We are also studying Thomas Bearden:

We are also studying Russell Anderson:

We are also studying John Searl:

We are also studying Peter Lindemann:

Self-charging scooter projects we are studying:


Lime Scooter Charger (Worth It?)

As soon as I received my power supplies to charge Lime scooters I was out the door and looking to “harvest”, but was it worth it? In this part one video I give you my first impressions of being a Lime Juicer.

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Bird Charger Scooter Garage Set Up (Super Charger Level Capacity) up to 48 scooters

#bird #scooters #chargeSetUp

Supercharger status garage set up for Bird or lime scooters. Although I was just told that the guy rented it out to the first person who you spoke with so I’m not going to be able to get it right now but I’m hoping they fall through and I’m able to rent it next month because this would be a perfect set up.
Fingers crossed that the other person falls through, and that I can rent out this garage soon because it’s perfect for doing the scooter charging.

Scooter charge cables:
Battery to Outlet:
300W Power Inverter:
Orange Box:
12V 26AH Battery:
12V 2Amp Battery Charger:
Screws and Washers to be bought at a local hardware store

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Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes, so protect your family if anything ever happened to you via a life insurance policy. Rates are affordable for ample coverage to help your loved ones if you were to pass. Getting back into the scooter charging hustle.. finally had the spark and inspiration to start working again doing charging!

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This Link is:

Then buy a few items I would recommend,
first an outlet power meter to track your usage: (own one to measure power use)

Then get 2) 12 out surge protectors: (have two and use them to charge with)

Purchase a pair of working gloves:
or some single use high quality gloves:

Buy a small tool kit to keep with you for just in case scenarios:

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DIY 2x range booster battery for electric scooter or e-bike

Learn how to make your own battery with my book DIY Lithium Batteries: or check out my second book – The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide:
This battery building kit from:

The gear I use for my videos:
Camera – Nikon D5300:
Lens – Tamron 18mm – 270mm:
Thermal camera for iPhone/Android:
Drone for “follow me” filming:
Camera for invisible selfie stick shots:

Here are some of the products I use:
Bafang BBS01 kit:
Bafang BBS02 kit:
Bafang BBSHD kit:
250W complete e-bike kit:
500W complete e-bike kit:
1,000W complete e-bike kit:
36V 13Ah Hailong (shark) battery:
48V 15 Ah triangle battery:
52V 17.5 Ah triangle battery:
All ebike batteries:
All 18650 cells:
Xiaomi QiCycle:
500 Wh folding e-bike:
Weird suspension folding e-bike:
Segway ES2 scooter (AliExpress):
Segway ES2 scooter (Gearbest):
Xiaomi M365 scooter:
100W Flexible solar panel:
100W Folding solar panel:
Cycle Analyst:

The parts that I use for building batteries:
18650 cells:
18650 positive insulating washer:
Nickel strip:
Spot welder:
Silicone wire:
Black 18650 cell spacers:
Vruzend cell spacers:
Large heat shrink tubing:
Small heat shrink tubing:
Foam sheet for protecting battery:
Kapton tape:

***Question response book giveaway rules***
When you guys asks questions in the comments of my videos, I’ll try to answer them. If there are questions that I think would make a good video response, I’ll choose them to do a longer segment. If I choose your question for a video response, you’ll win a copy of my book The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide (the paperback or the ebook), or my book DIY Lithium Batteries.
Here are some things that YouTube makes me say: This contest is not sponsored by YouTube and YouTube isn’t affiliated with it. I’m supposed to provide a link to the community guidelines for YouTube (…). YouTube is not a sponsor of this “contest” and by participating, you are releasing YouTube from any potential liability, whatever that might be. Privacy notice: I won’t steal your info. If you do win, you can choose to send me your address so I can mail you a paperback copy of the book (or some other prize if that changes) or you can send me an email address and I’ll send you a copy of the ebook. I will do everything in my power to immediately forget your personal information afterwards.

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He Ran Over the Scooter! | Vlog by Dom

Hola friends!
So I posed a question to y’all last night on what kind of video you’d most like to see, and y’all voted for a vlog. So, here it is!
We had a pretty chill day yesterday. We hung around the house, I cleaned, and we ran some errands at the end of the day.
It’s been so long since we vlogged, so this was fun.
Hope you enjoy!

Happy Sunday,


Music by Joakim Karud


Vlogging camera, Canon PowerShot G7:
Canon T5i:
MacBook Air:
iPhone 6:
Sigma Lens:
Tripod (lightweight and easy to set-up)
Lighting Kit:
Timelapse accessory:
Battery Chargers:
Hard Drive 1TB:
Memory Cards:,
Lens Cap Keepers:

*Affiliate links above.

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