Help!! I've lost the LiPo charge setting on my Venom Charger.

Walk through on how to regain LiPo functionality on most Venom chargers. The “V-Type” adjustment allows you to determine what lithium based chemistry to want to setup on your charger. Sometimes this will get mis-adjusted inadvertently, leaving the user to come to the conclusion that their charger is broken. This simple adjustment can be used on the Venom Pro 2, Pro 3, Pro Duo, or Pro Quad chargers.


SkyRC Battery Charger Charging Car Battery Lead PB Setting


Homemade Power Bank #2 | Setting Up 12V 16ah Batteries Pack w/ Cigarette Adapter and Charger

In this video, I make a 12V 16 amp hour dual lead acid battery power pack for camping trips! I choose to keep the two batteries in a Tupperware bowl with a custom carrying handle made of duct tape and cardboard. I also attach a charger that will maintain the charge on the batteries year around via “float charging”. I attach a barrel jack cord to the batteries which will plug directly into my camping fan for overnight cooling on hot evenings. I also attach a cigarette lighter adapter which I can plug a dual usb cigarette lighter adapter port into that will enable me to recharge my phone overnight or my GoPro cameras overnight after filming all day during a kayaking trip. In addition, I can plug my cigarette lighter power inverter to enable AC devices to be powered by this power supply – this means I can plug in my laptop! Everything fits neatly into the bowl and I plan to keep it plugged in and on a shelf all year long in the garage and then put it in my passenger seat floor for my weekend kayaking trips. I can even recharge the batteries by plugging in their charger into my car’s cigarette lighter inverter which means I will always have plenty of power overnight – even for 5+ days trips.

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Charger pin setting trick! Don’t buy new chargers fix moving pin latest updates 2019 LFT

Wow abb apko bar bar chargers nh lyny paryngy
App fix karyn khud he charging pin

Fix charging pin

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Unboxing and Setting Up Battery Charger for 18650 Cells

Battery Charger for 18650 Cells
Opus BT – C3100 V2.2 Digital Intelligent 4 Slots LCD Battery Charger Compatible with Li-ion NiCd NiMh Batteries – US Plug (PURPLISH BLUE)


Online Business and Setting Up Your Mobile Office

We want a home based online business so that we can be our own boss and time management ourselves but many home based business owners who are making money online drive themselves harder than and boss that they have ever worked for.

If you wanted to go away and work on the road for a while what could have the barriers to your productivity and how could you plan to increase them?

Following the business fair and expo circuit can be fun and exhilarating. Finding yourself trying to work with an unfamiliar lap top computer in an unfamiliar hotel room can be daunting.

Getting comfortable in new surrounding in order to do the necessary tasks to keep your business at premium level is important when you are on the road.

Some of the business factors that you should examine and test before you head out on a road trip include the following:

Make sure that your email will work when you are mobile. Test is by getting a mobile wireless card or stick and going out in your community close to home. You can not afford to take two weeks off and do not have access to emails in this day and age.

Of course there are many technological devices that can help you here. The Blackberry PDA or iPhone can send and receive emails and access the internet as well as phone calls, calendar and organizer. You need to check that the software supporting your email account will work on these medium before you leave home though.

Whatever hardware you choose to take with you on the road needs to be hardy and suitable for the hard knocks of working on the move. You also need to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's instructions so as not to do damage to your equipment during travel.

An example of this is charging lap top batteries on power that does not have consistent regulated output. The batteries may charge but the power source in the laptop will be destroyed and need replacement if power spikes occurring during charging.

Of course there are numerous travel friendly hardware add ons that can and will make your life easier on the road but you do not want to have to have a small truck to move it all around either.

Equipment such as an optical mouse, roll up key board, small ear phones and microphone and inbuilt camera in the lap top will all make business on the road easier.

One other thing that you should check out before you set off on your travels is the connectivity of your devices through the Internet Service Provider (ISP) system where you are heading. Fine if you are going from city to city but can get complicated the further you move away from these hubs.

Make some phone calls before you go and keep a running spreadsheet of any special requirements that are needed for certain locations. This will be useful for you and may be useful for a college in the future too.

Technology such as Bluetooth can be useful because they allow you to connect to multiple devices without having to use cables. The advent of Broadband wireless networks in most major cities has made it simpler to work from your favorite cafe.

Researching the foot prints where access integrity may be lacking can save you frustration and possibly time too.

One application that not only saves you time but can be an excellent risk management tool too is 'Remote Desktop'. This allows you to access your server back at home and add, delete or change data remotely. You can also download data to your current application.

The benefit of this is that if you lap top were to be stolen or damaged while you are away your data files are safe at home still on your server and the only information that you risk losing is whatever you have added while you have been away. Of course the best way of over coming this is to back up any new data onto a memory stck as you go.

How far we have come in the past decade. It is no longer a huge drama being away from your office and with a little planning and investigation of the latest mobile office devices you could easily be on the expo circuit for months and not suffer any loss of business.

Do some forward planning and set yourself up so that you are comfortable. Phone ahead to reduce the incidence of surprises. Take any problems you encounter to the local computer shop and see if there is technology to help you increase the problem.


How to save mi mobile baterry new setting 2018

This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It’s easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link:
iOS: Published on Jul 12, 2018

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#Techno_VirendraPublished on Dec 7, 2017

How to charge the battery correctly? Why do the phone batteries decrease so quickly? We have 15 amazing tips that will make your smartphone live a longer life!

Nowadays one can hardly imagine life without a cell phone. And it happens quite often that our gadgets start to act up just half a year after we bought them. It is frustrating, but in most cases, we ourselves are to blame! Let’s face it — we don’t always handle our devices properly.

Recharge your battery more often 0:45
Don’t keep the battery charging all the time 1:24
Don’t buy cheap chargers 2:01
Be careful with «ultrafast» chargers 2:28
Remove your protective case 2:49
Drain your battery from time to time 3:10
Avoid high temperatures 3:29
Avoid cold temperatures 4:02
Avoid bright wallpaper and adjust screen brightness 4:34
Watch out for voltage fluctuations 5:19
Clean the ports and wipe the display 5:45
Keep the phone far from water 6:40
Handle your phone carefully 7:15
Avoid software updates 7:42
Use cloud storage 8:29

– To increase your gadget’s battery life, you should recharge it more often. The best option is to do it each time the battery power indicator drops to 10-20%. This will increase the number of discharge cycles up to 1000-1100 cycles.
– An inbuilt controller stops the battery from taking more current than necessary, so there is absolutely no risk of overcharging the battery and destroying it.
– There have been situations when a person was using a non-native charger, and it caused a fire in the house! And another terrible thing that can happen if you use non-native chargers and cables is getting an electric shock.
– We recommend you to avoid using chargers that claim to charge your battery fully in less than an hour.
– If your smartphone has a bulky protective case, it might cause the device and its battery to overheat during a lengthy recharging session.
– It is recommended to discharge your phone’s battery every three months to 0% and then immediately charge it to 100% to get rid of the extremes of full charge/discharge.
– A high temperature is the worst thing you can imagine for lithium-ion batteries: they totally can’t stand overheating.
– Carry the phone in an inner pocket of your coat or an outer pocket but encased in a protective covering. Low temperatures are harmful to the battery because it needs more power to keep itself warm enough to function.
– Try to lower the brightness of your screen at least by 30-40%.
– At the approach of a thunderstorm, never charge your phone. Actually, the same goes for all the electrical appliances you have.
– To wipe the screen, use lint-free wipers and whatever you do, never use window cleaning liquids. They contain ammonia which can damage the screen irrevocably.
– If you drop your cell phone into a pool or a sink, the first thing you should do after you get it out is turn it off and remove the battery (if it’s possible, of course).
– Don’t put your cell phone on the dashboard when driving. Constant moving and bumping can cause a lot of damage.
– Read user reviews before you hit the update button. The problem with such updates is that it’s either very hard or impossible to go back to the previous version of the software.
– Even if you have a lot of free space on your hard drive, it’s better to use cloud storage anyway. This way your phone won’t be clogged with too much data so that it will perform much better.

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Programming Battery Guards | 12 Volt Planet


In this video we’re going to walk you through programming our battery guards. Discharging your battery to low levels can cause irreversible damage, reducing its performance and charge-holding ability. Battery guards prevent discharging your battery to very low levels by disconnecting the battery in an under-voltage situation. They also disconnect the battery in an over-voltage situation, so protecting sensitive electronic appliances from damage resulting from faulty alternators or chargers.
Once the battery guard senses a charging voltage on the battery it will reconnect, allowing you to continue to use your 12V/24V systems.

Battery Guards:


Battery Charging Setting- بیٹری چارج طریقہ -Bulk Voltage Float Voltage – 3 Stage battery charging

3 stage for battery charging
battery charging setting
#BatteryChargingStage #BestBatteryCharging

we use Battery video Clip from this websight


Cara setting aplikasi Battery Charger Alarm

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,, kali ini saya datang dengan membawa aplikasi yang sangat pas digunakan untuk pengingat baterai rendah atau baterai full, nah Seperti apa aplikasinya ? Yuk kita simak tutorial ini sampai habis, untuk aplikasinya, silahkan download melalui link di bawah ini, dan selamat mencoba