Discount Type C Wireless Charging Receiver Nillkin short USB C Qi Wir

Welcome to my channel, today i want to SHARE about Type C Wireless Charging Receiver Nillkin short USB C Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Chip for huawei for Google Pixel XL For LG.
You Can Get This Type C Wireless Charging Receiver Nillkin short USB C Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Chip for huawei for Google Pixel XL For LG Reviewed Produt at US $11.28 and you will get 38% Cashback From this link
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Exide AAC 12/15 Battery Charger – Unboxing and short review (German)

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DIY: Hack a Kobalt 24V USB battery XT60 connector to use on Electric vehicles & short review

Today, I will hack a Kobalt 24V USB battery connector and turn it into a 24V connector for my electric vehicles. I will also do a short review on this unit.
I made 2 of these. For the hack, I made an improvement on the second one which took much less time and it was much easier to make. But I will show you how I did it on both units.
Update: I have tried it on all my electric vehicles: ebike, electric scooter, and electric go kart and they all worked great! And they look great, too!


Car battery charger – ULGD 5.0A (Protections: Short circuit, Reverse polarity, Overload)

Bought from Lidl
Lead-Acid battery charger for cars & motorcycles (12V/6V)

This charger automatically stops charging when the battery is fully charged (older chargers didn’t stopped)!


A Short List of the Top Rated Baby Monitors

Buying baby monitors is a very important investment for new moms and dads out there. This ensures them that while they do home related stuff or just outside the home, they can make sure that the baby is safe using audio and video to check if they are sleeping, wake, playing or crying if they fall. When looking for top rated monitors, some of the most important aspects to consider would be the energy consumption or demand for batteries, reliability againstferences and noise levels. Here are some of the top rated monitors and how to buy the right one.

According to Baby Gear Lab, one of the top rated baby monitors to have for your home would be Angelcare Deluxe Movement and Sound. For the price of a standard baby monitor, this one outperforms other monitors based on tests. It is highly resistant to interference, the range is good, and it offers a unique feature to detect baby's movement. Baby Gear Lab editors even confused that they used this particular monitor for their babies.

When it comes to value, the Sony Baby Call is definitely one of the top rated baby monitors for the year. With a retail value of around $ 40, this unique monitor from one the top electronics manufacturers in the world boasts of unique features, easy to use interface and high resistance against interference. In fact, reviewers agree that the clarity of sound of this monitor is on par with other monitors that are twice the price. So, if you want a simple yet effective sound monitor, this definitely is your best solution for top rated baby monitors.

When looking for the top rated baby monitors, you have to consider the kind of monitor you would like to buy. There are those who want to enjoy wireless network monitors so that they can see the baby through their computer screens. These tend to be pricier than analog types but can be very ideal also for other purposes. While there are also strictly audio monitors, nowdays, video and audio types are very popular to a lot of consumers since they are able to see their babies or hear movements inside the room.

Choosing the top rated baby monitors should be based on your lifestyle and your distance from the baby room. With greater distance, you need to have a monitor that can give you clear, crisp sounds and video functionality to see what is happening. If the baby is just on the other side of the room, a regular audio monitor could be efficient enough to check on the baby.


Best Convenient Chargers in 2019 // Never Come up short on Battery

Chargers in 2019
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Best Convenient Chargers in 2019/ Never Come up short on Battery

Best Convenient Chargers in 2019/ Never Come up short on Battery


Zamp Solar Semi-portable RC aircraft field charge station (EX SHORT)

Just thought that I would share my chagrining station that I use to charge all of my RC plane and drone batteries. I can take this out any where and charge all day. and into the night. uses a deep cycle sealed battery and Zamp solar 80 watt system.


Parrot Anafi Battery Charger Hub in 80 minutes quick short fast time USB PD long 充電 時間 短縮 速 遅

Charger Hub charges Anafi Battery in 80 minutes.
充電ハブで Anafi のバッテリーを 80分で充電できる。
USB-A 5V 300 min … Fuck !!
USB-C PD 110 min … so so
Charger Hub 80 min … Wow !

Buy Charger Hub at below.


A Short Article on Technology

The world has undergone enormous changes over the past decade. We now live in a world where communication is paramount. It seems that everyone and everything is connected in some way.

For school students this has made things much more efficient. Research papers that used to involve hours of laborious effort, can now be researched and documented without ever touching a card catalog or a periodical index. Worlds of information are now available at the click of a mouse.

Questions that people pondered without any answer previously can now simply be typed into any convenient search engine and answered almost immediately. There are countless sites filled with informative short articles all over the Internet. Videos and music can now be seen on demand and news from across the world can be delivered in an instant.

There are some people who worry that the technological revolution and evolution we are experiencing today is moving too fast. There seems to be a loss of privacy in some respects and the specter of a Big Brother society looms larger than it has since 1984. Whether their fears are well founded or not will remain to be seen, but it is unlikely that people will ever willingly give up the almost instant connections to our wired world.

Flying in the face of these fears are individuals who share their worlds through their blogs. What used to be shared with only close friends is now put online for millions of people to see if they should happen upon the blogger’s website. Individuals are learning to take advantage of this by using their well placed blogs to sell products and services. The internet has allowed individuals an opportunity to step on to the same playing field as the big boys of business. With the right information and the ability to get it seen, anyone can now reach the masses and share their thoughts, feelings and even sales pitches.

Businesses as well as individuals have come to rely on the Internet as a source of advertising and actual sales. Entire business models have been constructed and thriving based solely on using Internet websites. It is rare today to find a traditional brick and mortar establishment that does not have some type of online presence. Any business that does not adapt and grow to keep up with the newest technology seriously risks being left behind in the wake of their competitors who choose to ride technology’s leading edge.

Time will tell where this all will lead. We should make the most of the positive possibilities technology promises, but we should also keep a careful watch on where we are going.