Australian Auto Trade Show Sparks International Incident | Auto Expert John Cadogan

At the recent Miracle Cure for Insomnia Trade Show, which I think was also called the Auto Aftermarket Expo, sparks flew, between two battery charging Retardistani companies you’ve probably never heard of.
There was a highly charged exchange. The cops were called. There was even an arrest. Sadly, without resistance. That would have been perfect, in the domain of journalism.
The alleged victim here – NOCO – that’s ‘N-O-C-O’ – is a 105-year-old Cleveland, Ohio-based maker of battery jump starters (among other things).
Allegedly, NOCO had a critical notebook knocked off by an employee of a competitor you’ve probably never heard of, called CTEK. It’s like Alien Versus Predator … only with battery chargers. At a trade show.
“[The employee] stole a notebook from NOCO’s booth that contained NOCO’s sales strategy, contacts and valuable trade secrets. The CTEK employee, whose name has not yet been released, was arrested by Australian authorities.” – Cision PR Newswire
That’s part of a press release from NOCO, issued just before Easter. And, for me, this is like, taking the red pill and waking up for the first time ever, outside The Matrix. Things seem ever so slightly off-kilter.
See, NOCO is a family-controlled multinational company. It was founded by Joseph Henry Nook, Sr. It’s run today by William Nook and Jonathon Nook. And I’m wondering if anyone in the company’s Glenwillow headquarters has an IQ over the room temperature, in degrees C.
This is a company with about $80 million in revenue annually (that’s in our Shitsvillian micro-pesos, for 2015).
What $80 million company just leaves its core sales strategy just lying around in a friggin’ notebook? NOCO is (according to itself):
“…a world leading designer, marketer and manufacturer of premium consumer battery chargers, jump starters, and a wide range of portable power devices.” – NOCO
“Officials with the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (“AAAA”) recovered the video surveillance, which captured the event and led to the identification of the CTEK employee responsible for the theft. Security at the AAAA located the CTEK employee and detained him until local authorities arrived and arrested him.” – NOCO press release
So – sleepy little trade show in Up-Itself-istan (also known as Melbourne). Melbourne hates the fact that Sydney gets the views, the beaches and the morally ambiguous bikini hotties. What can I say?
Citizen’s arrest. Amateur sleuths a-go-go. Video surveillance. Very dramatic.
“Obviously, we are disappointed with CTEK’s behavior, but it is further evidence of a possible systematic corporate mandate to attempt to curtail NOCO’s growth in the marketplace. We are aggressively pursuing all of our legal rights and will not stop until justice is served.” – Thomas Smith NOCO director of public relations
CTEK’s alleged behaviour – alleged – come on. Do try to keep up. Was it corporate espionage. Was there collusion? Perhaps the Russians set it up, with Don Junior. Or maybe it was just a lone wolf attack.
Here’s the hot tip you NOCO dickheads: Upgrade your operational security. Use advanced protocols like password protecting sensitive information. Or biometrics. Or both.
Or two-factor authentication.
Better still, simply do not bring sensitive information to insecure locations knee-deep in malicious competitors. This is, like, operational security for corporate spastics.
Second, when you get caught with your operationally insecure pants around your ankles, humming the opening stanza of ‘Moon River’, in a foreign land, it’s probably not a PR opportunity. I guess it depends how badly you want to look like dickheads publicly.
And then, obviously, when you get back to Retardistan, just sue the shit out of CTEK because, hey: ‘Murica. We’re suing you because we couldn’t watch our shit. Just couldn’t keep it together – and it’s your fault.
It’s not like Ethan Hunt was commissioned by the IMF to intercept vital NOCO secrets in MIssion: Impossible Antipodean Shitfight.
NOCO filed a lawsuit on April 16th, which includes Federal claims of theft of trade secrets and conspiracy to steal trade secrets. There are also state-level claims of misappropriation of trade secrets, conversion and theft. So that’s nice.
What a pity stupidity is not a crime.


ISDT’s T6 BattGo & T6 Lite Chargers.. Show & Tell :)

My show & tell on ISDT’s T6 & T6 Lite charger 🙂
Link to the T6 Lite:

Link to the T6:


Equipent I use:
FrSky Horus X10S:
FrSky Taranis Q X7:
Aomway Commander FPV Goggle:
Aomway HD518 DVR monitor:
Free Soldier Backpack:

Indoors camera: Canon 5D mkIII
Lens: Tamron 28-75 2.8

Outdoors camera’s:
+ SJcam SJ7 Star
+ SJcam SJ5000X Elite
+ Runcam 3 cube:
+ Runcam 2:

+ Mustool MT826 Multimeter:
+ ToolCraft ST-100D soldering station
+ Steinel Gluematic 3002 hotglue gun
+ several Dremel’s

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Boat Show 2017 – Understand Your Boat’s Electrical, Manage Your Power & Stay At Anchor Longer

Will your boat’s electrical system handle another day at anchor? Join Jeff Cote, monthly “Tech Talk” columnist for Pacific Yachting Magazine, as he explains how a boat’s electrical system can help provide a worry-free boating experience. Jeff will discuss the benefits of battery chargers, alternators, battery technology, generators, inverters, solar and how they operate together. He will also explain what certain electrical devices draw along with some simple tips to reduce your power usage.


EVTV Friday Show – 100kW Tesla Solar Energy Battery

PowerSafe 100kW Solar Energy Storage from Tesla Model S Battery Modules permanent wiring into EVTV shop location. AC Coupling issues activating grid-tied inverters using off-grid 12kW inverter. How to control the grid-tied inverters using frequency shifting.


Live Show # 102 – First Impressions of Batteries and Charger from Golisi


NITECORE V2 Speedy In-Car Battery Charger with 6A Output Sneak Peek Video from Shot Show 2018

NITECORE’s V2 In-car Speedy Battery Charger provides users with a powerful and portable charging solution for daily use and traveling. This two-channel battery charger provides a rapid combined charging current rate up to 6A or 3A per slot, allowing users the ability quickly recharge batteries on the go.




2019 Renault Kwid All-Electric K-ZE Concept Launched At 2018 Paris Motor Show | Full Exterior

Renault has showcased the K-ZE Electric concept car at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. the Renault K-ZE is essentially an all-electric version of the popular Renault Kwid that we get in India but has been designed exclusively for the Chinese market. The new concept car is essentially an all-electric version of the very popular Renault Kwid hatchback and has been officially called the Renault K-ZE concept. The electric car packs an impressive range of 250 kms on a single charge and has a dual charging system that supports both commercial electric car chargers and standard home based plug points too. The Renault K-ZE has been made specifically for the Chinese auto market where it will be launched in a production avatar sometime soon.The new Renault K-ZE concept (in its production form) is said to manufactured locally by the e-GT New Energy Automotive Co, which is the joint venture between the large Dongfeng Motor Group and Nissan that has been created specifically to offer low cost and mass market electric mobility solutions for the Chinese market.While India isn’t an electric market just yet, with Maruti Suzuki already announcing plans to launch an electric car – the new Wagon R in India by 2020, Renault to could have a first mover advantage by launching the K-ZE in India too. Considering an already lower cost for the base car and even lower GST rates for electric cars, the K-ZE could be the low cost funky electric car that the country is looking for – especially since it packs a significant 250 km range.

2019renaultkwid 2019renaultkwidev #RenaultKwidElectricK-ZEConcept


FARM SHOW – How To Convert A Lawn Tractor To Electric

You can mow a 2-acre lawn for pennies with an all-electric lawn tractor. Brian Edmond’s DIY Electric Tractor Conversion Kit lets you take a lawn tractor headed for the scrap heap and make it mow again.

    “I put together a complete kit for converting a 38 to 42-in., gas-powered lawn tractor to 24-volt all electric drive,” says Edmond. “You can convert almost any lawn tractor of that size.”

    Edmond recommends checking with local repair shops for tractors headed for the scrap heap. He advises looking for tractors with 18-in. rims to match the gear ratio of his transaxle. Deck size is also important, as he has sized the electric motors to 19 to 21-in. blades.

    Once it has been stripped down and parts resold or discarded, the frame should be power washed. He estimates the repower could take as long as 40 hrs., depending on experience levels. He provides complete plans, including videos and diagrams.

    “Standard hand tools and basic electrical skills stripping and wrapping wires are all that are needed, aside from a small amount of welding,” says Edmond. “A local welding shop can easily handle that.”

    With the exception of batteries, the kit contains the most difficult-to-get parts. The transaxle with brake and drive motor come in one unit. The kit also includes individual motors with mounting flanges for blade drives, electronic motor controller, control relays, digital amp/volt meter, circuit breakers and more.

    Edmond selected components for their energy efficiency. “Other conversion kits are out there that will run for 15 to 20 min., but my kit will cut as much as 2 acres of grass on one 50-cent charge,” he says. “Another difference is battery placement. Instead of under the hood, I put the batteries under the driver’s seat for traction. Without the extra weight over the drive wheels, you can spin out on wet grass.”

    Safety is a big feature with Edmond’s kit. He focused his 41 years of experience with electric motors and instrumentation on making his kit not only efficient, but also safe.

    “Take your foot off the accelerator pedal, and the tractor slows in 1/2 a second, stops and applies the parking brake,” explains Edmond. “Without a mechanical drive, the cutter blades stop within 2 seconds. You could fall off, and the tractor will come to a standstill and the blades will stop before they could hit you.”

    Other safety features include the mower deck itself. In order to activate the blades, the deck has to be lowered and the tractor has to be at rest with the operator’s foot on the brake pedal.

    “You can’t activate the blades when the tractor is moving,” says Edmond.

    Stopping and restarting on a hillside is also safer than with a mechanical drive. Stop on a slope, and the parking brake engages. Step on the accelerator pedal, and the parking brake disengages. The tractor begins moving within 1/10 of a second.

    “With a mechanical drive, release the brake, and the tractor will begin to roll as you let out the clutch,” says Edmond. “With my kit, the mower won’t roll back more than an inch.”

    Minimal maintenance is an attractive feature of Edmond’s converted tractors. Not only are there no oil or gas levels to check, but there are also no filters, belts or pulleys to replace.

    Removing the entire mower deck can be done by pulling 2 pins and a steel bar at the front. Even the blades are easy to maintain. Remove 4 pins to pull the blades for sharpening or replacement. Again, safety is paramount.

    “Power to the motors on each blade is delivered via a plug-in cable,” explains Edmond.

    The kit is available at an introductory 22 percent discount of $1,247 U.S. or $1,597 Canadian. It uses standard 6-volt golf cart batteries and can be recharged with a standard battery charger in 4 to 5 hrs.

    “You can go on eBay and find a battery charger from an electric wheelchair. They are all smart chargers,” suggests Edmond. “They will shut off automatically, extending battery life.”

    Edmond estimates annual operating cost for cutting 2 acres 22 times a year with his repowered mower at about $11 plus $57 towards replacing $400 batteries every 7 years. He compares that with the $366 estimated cost of operating a gas tractor (fuel and service) the same amount of time.

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NEVER do what I am about to show you! Ultra power – UPSAC 1s lipo charger for whoops

for charing your micro fpv racing drones and tiny whoop batteries there is a fantastic new 1s charger. the UP-S6AC – Super easy to use, great read out and can be powered from the wall OR a lipo. perfect for anyone who loves flying their whoop drones.

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Good value beginner drone – Furibee x215 –

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***Demos for Days*** Sundown Van Demos at Sundown Show 2018

Dishing out demos with the Sundown Audio van from Sundown Show 2018
160db+ with both doors wide open
Pioneer head unit
Rockford processor
17 Selenium tweeters
30 Sundown NeoPro 6.5″ mids
26 Sundown NeoPro 8″ mids
9 Sundown NightShade v.4 15″ subwoofers
9 Sundown sax-125.4 amplifiers
9 Sundown scv-7500d amplifiers
2 Excessive Amperage alternators
19 XS Power Batteries
4 built in XS Power battery chargers
Hundreds of feet of Sundown Audio wire and rcas
Video tour of the van can be found here