Solar Charger Back Up for Smart Phones in SHTF

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Eboot Solar Chargers for your Smart Phones and other devises as a power back up. The more we depend on our electronic devises, having a back up plan is important. Combine the Solar charging capability and be ready for everyday or SHTF.

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eBoot Water Resistant, Shock & Dust Proof Solar Charger $20.50

EBoot Solar Panel $23.99:

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USB battery charging for SHTF solar

Best 18650 battery chargers for charging from a small solar panal


Anker 14W Solar Panel & Astro E7 Battery Bank

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ToughTested Bigfoot Solar Battery Pack

ToughTested Bigfoot Solar Battery Pack

Bigfoot provides ultimate off the grid power. Provides 8-10 or more full charges for the average Smarphone. Instasense technology makes sure devices get correct power. Super-Effcient solar panel give you to emergency charging power from the sun. Type C charging in & out for Laptops and other advanced devices, and QuickCharge 3.0 for charging enabled devices 75% faster

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DeWalt Lithium Ion and Flexvolt Battery charger comparison and compatibility

Showing battery type compatibility for common Dewalt Lithium Ion power tool battery chargers that come with the power tool package kits. Dewalt DCB112, Dewalt DCB101, Dewalt DCB118


Solar boat battery charger, great for marine, or utv atv car or truck I love this!!!

Solar boat utv atv battery charger
I got tired of electric battery chargers and went with a solar panel battery charger for my boat deep cycle battery, it is easy to use I love this
Solar battery charger
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Solar Charge 18650 and CR123 Batteries – Nitecore Battery Charger + P12 Flashlight

We have a lot of customers who are interested in solar charging 18650 and CR123 batteries, these batteries are mainly used for Satellite phones, two-way radios, flashlights, and other types of heavy duty portable devices.

There are many 18650 and CR123 battery chargers out there, but one we liked in particular came from a company called NiteCore. We found that the NiteCore P12 flashlight used these types of batteries, and it came with its own 18650 and CR123 battery charger. It works great with our solar chargers, you can find this flashlight and battery charger kit here:

We tested the battery charger and it can charge these batteries at around 2 hours from a full charge, the battery charger can charge at 700mAh which is perfect with all three of our solar chargers!

sCharger-5 max output is 1000mA, perfect for this battery charging kit! Interested in solar charging batteries and other types of mobile devices? Get your portable energy solution at today!


Harbor Freight 1.5 watt Solar Battery Charger

Tests of output volts and amps produced before and after removing the blinking LED. Both overcast sky and bright sunshine. I hook up a DC to DC Buck Converter and explain it a bit. I run a USB charging port, I charge a camera and a cell phone. I use the panel to make a batch of colloidal silver. I test the panel with a simple solar charge controller. I charge a 12v- 3ah lead acid battery. This solar panel is not weather proof because it’s designed to be used on the dash of an enclosed vehicle.

Here’s a link to the product web page:
Be sure to read the reviews to get a more well rounded understanding of this product.


Charging Battery With Open Internal Cell Error – Black & Decker Battery Charger BC 12B

Charging a batter with Internal Open Cell error.

Here is PDF of Manual Black & Decker Model BC12B decker battery charger model bc12b manual.pdf