How Battery Work – 12V Battery Lead Acid – Easy + Simple Way Understand – Charge Amps 12V

Here is an easier and simpler way to understand batteries and how it works. Including Battery Charging, Over Charge, Lead, Graphite, Sulfuric Acid, Solid State, 12V 9V AA AAA and etc….

I hope this will make it easier for People who doesn’t understand how a battery work and how it store the Electrons and how it releases during usage.

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Keeping old 2000's digital cameras into function (about batteries & simple chargers)

IMPORTANT: reverse (!) the polarity of the 4 diodes in the ZENER row, I made a mistake! Sorry for that.

How to keep old 2000’s etc digital cameras in function.

Some of them have extremely good properties, like the Pentax Optio E 30, say from 2006-2008, but that Pentax was brought to early on the market in Europe.

With (even) two 2300 mA-Hour Nickel Cadmium batteries that Pentax Optio E 30 could only work for 10 Minutes or so, that is a classic manufacturer failure.

Anyway: that does not have to do anything (!) with their extremely good lenses and high-tech light-sensitive and high resolution photonic chips/sensors.

Often (say) in the past 4 or 7 Mega pixels, but with a high resolution…. Sometimes better than modern (2019) camera’s, though I have to say that the camera lens & photonic chips developments of the past years are immense (2013-2019).

So here I give a solution/idea for these old HQ camera’s: mount a (quite) fierce battery of 2,4 Volt that can give out a current of (say) 500 mA or 1 Ampère at 2,4 Volts during a few (or 1, or 2) hours.

Could be that other 2000’s camera’s need a higher or other supply voltage/current, the principles stay the same. When their supply batteries/accumulators are no longer available: make them!

Good for the environment to NOT through these camera’s away.

With a good battery the camera can/will work properly again for many hours/years.

The charger in case of the Pentax Optio E 30 can be (was) simple: the 4 normal Silicon power diodes (0,7-0,8 V barrier voltage), all in a row, parallelled to the 2,4 Volt (2000 mA – Hour) Ni Cad batteries act as a “zener” diode, that limits the charge voltage to (say) 4 x 0,7 V = 2,8 Volt or somewhat higher, with a sure effect on the charge current, given the situation that the Ni Cad cells can be charged to max. 1,3 up to 1,6 V.

The series diode (“3 A” in the drawing) prevents that the NiCad cells discharge “over” the charger unit.

Chargers for higher voltage for 1990’s camera’s can be made due to the same principles: study the datasheet of the used accumulator, replace it with simple NiCad batteries, if necessary as a kind of “block battery” outside the camera. Does not look nice and looks unprofessional, but who looks at it that way?

Use the “blocking” diode (any Si diode of say 300 V and 5 Amp will do the job) to prevent discharging of the batteries over the “charger” unit.

Even with a too high charge voltage/current (of course within limits, don’t go higher than say 18 Volts, check the charge current and charge voltage with the appropriate Amp. and Volt meters) that zener acts as a voltage and (thus) current current limiter to these 2,4 V/2200 mA-hour Ni Cad cells.

Best idea: slowly charge them to their peak. Of course: standard charge situation is 1/10 x the capacity, so here: 220 mA during 10 Hours (Ni Cad cell = 2200 mA/per hour) .

The Si diodes (“zeners” and blocking diode) can get warm or even hot, but they protect the two Ni Cad cells by limiting the voltage to them.

Do not over-charge NiCad cells, switch the charger “off” (time clock, for a few Euro’s to buy everywhere) when the NiCad cells are charged completely ofter complete depletion, or other wise (half depleted = half time).

With completey depleted NiCad cells the charge time can be calculated. 1/10 of the Ampère hour for which the NiCad cells were made is is normally safe, so a 2200 mA/hour Ni Cad cell needs 1/10 x 2200 mA/Hour = 220 mA charge current during during 10 hours).

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How to Emergency Phone Charger With battery AA simple

DIY – Learn how to Emergency your mobile smartphone Charger with battery AA 1,5v or 1,2v Rechargeable Batteries simple at home
– I USE 1,5 AA Battery , and 1,2v Rechargeable Batteries
– 8 AA battery case, IC L7805CV, and Radiators, 4 x Diode IN4007, Led 3v
– and Resistor 100ohm 1/4W, USB Port, Switch ON/ OFF, Capacitor 16V 470uf, Cardboard, Wire
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Chế xạc acquy đơn giản | Simple battery charger

Đây là mạch xạc acquy cực kì đơn giản . Sử dụng con xạc cũ của xe máy .
Mọi người đăng kí ủng hộ kênh mih với nhé


PS4 CONTROLLER NOT CHARGING? Here's a simple temp. fix!

How I have charged my battery due to failure of micro USB Port. *User discretion advised: This is a very short temp fix, and is risky in its crude implementation! Lithium Ion batteries are known to explode and while personally doing this for two months I managed to not have that happen. This may also kill the battery if done too many times due to the unregulated energy going to the cells. Please be safe and do so at your own discretion, I will not be liable for any damages or harm done.*



Simple Solar Charging: Portable Solar Charger & Battery Bank

Is it possible to setup a simple solar charging system for your van or RV? Or does it always require installing solar panels, a charge controller, batteries, and more?

Nomads who need to run a laptop, refrigerator, or other appliances that use more power may find it necessary (or at least highly preferable) to install a full solar charging system and battery bank, but many people only to charge simple electronic devices like a phone, tablet, camera, or hotspot. These devices, which charge via USB, may not require a full solar power system.

In this video we explore a simple solar charging system that uses only a portable solar charger and battery bank. You can purchase a portable solar charger and portable power bank for about $100. The solar panel USB charger may be used to directly recharge electronics or to recharge the portable battery charger.


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simple transformer less 5 to 12 v easy battery charger


How to Make A Simple Rechargeable Power Bank

Best & Fast Prototype ($2 Without Extra Color Fee)
Check Out

# Link : PCB Layout, Silkscreen, Schematic, Gerber File

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Components List :
3 x 100nF 50V Ceramic Capacitors
6.8K Ohms 1/4W Resistor
2.2K Ohms 1/4W Resistor
1 Ohms 1Watt Resistor
47nF 50V Ceramic Capacitor
1N5819 Schottky Barrier Diodes
100uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
2 x 220uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
220uH Radial Inductor
2 x 8 Pin IC Socket/Base
2 Pin 3.5mm Screw Terminal
3mm Blue LED
3mm Green LED
3mm Red LED
MC34063 DC-DC Converter
TC3582 IC
DC Socket/Connector
6 Pin SK22H03 Slide Switch
USB 2.0 A Type Socket

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How to make emergency solar mobile phone charger from solar at home very simple

How to make emergency solar mobile phone charger from solar at home very simple

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