Increase Small Business Efficiency With Voice Mail To Email

Every business owner has a to-do list a mile long, and setting time aside to listen to and answer all of your emails at one time is not efficient. That's why voice mail to email is a great option for all sized businesses because you can get your voicemail messages delivered directly to your inbox. Voicemail delivery services will send all of your phone messages to your inbox as text and / or a sound file. This way you are able to read your voicemails as an email or listen to them over your computer using a media playback application. The greatest benefits of using this type of service are that you can increase efficiency and improve the overall competency level of your business.

Get Messages Anywhere

Gone are the days of needing to wait until you get back to the office to check phone messages. With voice mail to email delivery, you can check your voice messages anywhere you have access to your email. You can conduct business in a coffee shop or on an airplane, as long as you have email access. If you use your mobile phone as your business phone, having voicemail delivery is great in case of an emergency. If you misplace your phone, leave it at home, or end up with a dead battery and no way to charge it, you can still get all of your messages by checking your email. Voice mails are delivered within minutes, sometimes seconds, after being received.

If you run a business with multi-phone lines and something happens to your main phone system, you do not have to scurry around trying to figure out a backup system for answering client calls. You can have the calls redirected to a direct voicemail line and your employees or administrative staff can organize and file the messages according to client and importance. By having messages delivered to your email box, you reduce the risk of business setbacks due to technological failures.

Voice Mail to Email Allows You to Multitask

One of the greatest skills a business person can have is the ability to multitask. With message delivery services you can check your voicemail while speaking on the phone with another client, read your voicemails on your mobile phone while in a meeting and work on a project without worrying about answering the phone.

Since email lacks emotions, the voice mails will also be delivered as a .WAV file so that you may listen to them over your computer or mobile phone. This works great if you do not currently use a mobile phone as your main business line and your voicemail messages are rerouted elsewhere. By being able to listen to your messages, you can hear urgency, confusion, anger, and happiness in your client's voices, which can affect how quickly you respond to them.

By utilizing voice mail to email, you can also archive all of your voicemail messages in a saved file for future reference. Your clients will appreciate how quickly you are able to remember their past correspondence, and only you know that you have all of them displayed in front of you on the computer screen.


BlackBerry Playbook Applications That Can Be Beneficial to Small Business Owners

One of the newer tablet devices, the Blackberry Playbook, just released in the United States. And while you're planning on starting a small business or are ready to take things to the next level, the Blackberry Playbook will be your handy tool to utilize all the free and paid apps to maximize the true potential of your coming or growing business. Within this article, we will describe some of the applications that will most likely come in handy when planning on using your Blackberry Playbook for business use.

One of the first applications that you might want to get is Layar. Layar was to augment reality. Augmented reality apps are apps that are designed to blur the lines between real life and the internet or the virtual world by enhancing your ability to take advantage of things in your environment that you would not have noticed otherwise.

One augmented reality application is a GPS; it provides you with a map and directional system in the real world through connections to the virtual world. Layar works similar to small businesses by providing you layers for various classes of objects such as restaurants and banks. All you will need to do to make use of it is to hold up your tablet and point it in any direction and Layar will direct you to nearby businesses, chains, and banks that are in your area, which will allow you to do business with them.

Another app to check out is square. What this does is allows you to accept credit cards for your business without having to set up any phone lines, purchasing the software that you will need for expensive credit card machines, and purchasing and setting up the credit card machines themselves. Square helps you take care of all of these issues by bypassing most of them. When purchased, you get a free card reader in the mail. With all of that, you can start a business using Square, without paying any crazy fees or purchasing any expensive hardware.

But do not stop at just those applications because there are tons of other applications that can help your in general. Whether you are interested in software for analysis, design, financial tracking and planning, organization, or marketing, there is probably going to be an app that gets what you need to get done taken care of.

And addition to all of what we've just mentioned, you might want to also pick up a accessories to help you make the most of your time with the tablet. For instance, a battery will definitely help during long hours of work, while a case will ensure your tablet holds in tip top shape and keeps helping you make a good impression with your clients. And of course, a Blackberry Playbook data cable will be quite handy for helping you transfer information and sync files through the day, whether at work or at home or at your home office.


Apple Mac Mini MGEM2LL / A Guide to a Must-Have Small Form Factor PC With Tons of Great Features

These days, many consumers are preferring small desks over the traditional towers. Since most small devices are now compatible with large displays, users want to free up as much space as possible. Large desktop towers will only get in the way. With 4GB of memory and 4th Generation processors, the Apple Mac mini MGEM2LL / A is proof that a lot of power can be packed into a small package.

Everything works perfectly together. Just plug in a compatible keyboard, display and mouse and the Mac mini is ready to go. You can hook it up in any room or office and get access to the internet, thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. He 802.11 ac technology is provided so that you can enjoy wireless connectivity any time you want. With the Bluetooth feature, you can share files via AirDrop or Handoff, which are found on Apple devices.

One display via HDMI is not enough? Support for a dual-monitor setup is provided with Thunderbolt 2. The card slot (SDXC) allows you to import videos and images from your digital camera. Other connectivity includes multiple USB 3.0 ports for connecting all USB-compatible devices, including your iPhone, printer, tablet, etc. "Daisy-chaining" is possible, meaning you can connect up to six devices in just a single port.

Additional technical specifications that must be stated in an Apple Mac mini MGEM2LL / A include review include:

• Intel Core i5 CPU (1.4GHz) dual-core / turbo speed 2.7GHz

• 4GB RAM 1600MHz


• Intel Graphics HD 5000

• Power Supply 85-Watt

Fusion Drive Technology of the Apple Mac mini MGEM2LL / A

Fusion Drive technology keeps your frequently used programs and applications from the rarely used, and puts the previous in PCIe-based flash storage, allowing you to have a smooth, fast way of accessing them. Data from the rarely used programs is put in traditional storage.

Not used to any OS other than Windows? macOS is easy to get the hang of. It introduces Siri to the mini, along with all of the apps you need to enjoy your music, shopping photos, social media, work, and other tasks seamlessly between devices.

The machine has dimensions of 7.8 × 7.81.4-inch (WDH) and a weight of 2.62-lbs, making it no heavier than a notebook. In fact, it's actually LIGHTER than most mainstream laptops.

If you want to do some multi-tasking, this Mac mini can handle it well. It's also capable of running professional editing programs for sound and movies.

Whether you want to use it in your home or office, the Apple Mac mini MGEM2LL / A has plenty to offer. It works perfectly as either a main computer or additional computer in any network. It's also a highly-rated energy-efficient desktop.

There are different kinds of Apple Mac mini MGEM2LL / A discount offers available for shoppers, from educational to retail sales. With an Apple coupon or two, you should be able to get a good deal on this PC and accessories.


Best Small Power Bank – Charmast 10400mAh Portable Charger Review

Charmast Smallest 10000 PD Quick Charge Portable Charger, Ultra-Compact 10400mah USB C Power Delivery & QC 3.0 Power Bank, Lightest External Battery Pack iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel
Get this Power Bank on Amazon:

Looking to get a power bank or portable charger? In this unboxing and review we test the Charmast Small 10000 Portable Charger. This tiny power bank features 10400mAh of charge capacity, the ability to be charged by type c and micro USB connectors, and an 3 output connectors. It even has the ability to charge a Macbook Pro and Nintendo Switch at the same time.

Pros of the Charmast 10400mAh Portable Charger:
– Very small at less than an inch thick
– Great build quality feels very sturdy and is easy to grip with the carbon fiber like material
– Included Type-C and Micro USB charging cables
– Include case is large enough to hold the power bank and accessories.
– Similar in quality to other Power Banks from brands like RAVPower, Anker, AUKEY, Jackery, and iMuto
– 10400mAh is enough to charge most phones a couple times.
– Works great and delivers consistent output while charging two devices at the same time.

Cons of the Charmast 10400mAh Power Bank:
– Type-C charging seems to be capped at 1 AMP. While this will quickly charger your phone it could be faster.
– LED charge indicators are a little bit hard to see during the day

#Charmast #PowerBank #Review

Disclaimer: Thank you to Charmast for sending me the Small 10000 Portable Charger for me to test. All of the statements and opinions in this video are my own. Links in this description contain affiliate links.


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How Phone Systems For Small Office Help Enhance Collaboration And Efficiency

Regardless of whether you have a small office that several hundred individuals work in or a small office that just a dozen people work in, it's vital that you have the right kind of communication in the office to ensure both collaboration and efficiency in the workplace.

Phone systems for small office come in a variety of options that offer your growing business a wide range of benefits and features. One of the more advanced phone systems for small office is the VoIP phone system which operates on a voice Internet protocol – which is most likely the same system you use for other business communications for customers and employees.

There are quite a few things you need to look at when considering new phone systems for small office! The first thing that you have to consider is what your users (associates) require when utilizing these phone systems. If you do a lot of conferencing, then you'll require a conferencing option on your phone.

If you need one number which runs on one system with various rings, then you will need something such as a PBX system. Small businesses phones include features such as conferencing, mobile soft phones, automated attendant, paging, intercom, wireless, CRM system integration, unified messaging with email, text messaging or phone.

Do not purchase a phone if it does not have features you need and likewise do not purchase a phone which does have features you do not require because you would just be hiking up the price for things you will not ever use! You even have to be prepared for a change. If you are using regular land line phones now and plan to put in new phone systems for small office, you may want to have a meeting with your employees to show them how to work the new system so that they could better adhere to it.

Schedule a meeting, round everyone up in groups, and show various aspects of the phone to your people, how to work them, and let them know that if they have any issues adjusting to new phone systems for small office that they are more than welcome to ask you (or whomever is in charge) any questions about the system.

Sometimes its hard to go from something pretty archaic to something really innovative, so just ensure everyone knows what they're doing and you must be good to go! In order to discover the best phone systems for small office, take a look on-line! There are web sites which are designed for this specific kind of product.

They should have a quote option on their website that will allow you to input some aspects you need from the new phone systems for small office and they should be able to give you a quote on what the price will be and maybe some suggestions on the type of phones you should be looking at!


Small Drone Multi Battery Charger – Works Great!!!

Banggood sent me this super small portable battery charger. It will charge the most common type of 1 cell (1S) batteries (the kind that come with mini-drones). You can also charge most USB powered devices. You can find it here on the Banggood website:
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RENOGY E.FLEX 10W Portable Solar Panel Charger Review. Minimalist and small!

Welcome to #solarsunday for this episode I review the RENOGY E.FLEX 10W Portable Solar Panel Charger. This is a minimalist small size 10W solar panel charger. Minimalist and small!

Link to the one I purchased.


Small Charging Cable? Resolved!

#shoppingreview #mobileaccessories #lifehack

We All Face This Problem In Our Everyday Life Because Cable With Our Phone Chargers Are Extremely Short.

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Installing Solar in a Small Off Grid Cabin III

This is the 3rd video of a 3 video series about installing solar panels in our small off grid cabin in the woods. We give a top level overview of the system and give some other general pointers if you want to install your own medium size solar setup. The install isn’t quite finished but I’m tired of making videos about solar and want to move onto other topics. Thank you for watching!

First Video In Series:

Second Video in Series:

0:28 Story About Friend Getting Buried Alive in Snow
1:17 Clearing Snow Off Panels
1:32 Why I put Panels on the Roof
1:51 Intro and Hello
2:05 Technical Overview of System
2:48 Generator Input
4:10 Battery Monitoring System
4:35 Why DC Power
4:45 What Can You Power off This System
5:13 Why Oversize Your System
5:24 How to Select Your System Voltage
6:00 Why You Should go Higher than 12 Volt
7:22 Where to Buy Solar Stuff
7:55 Preview of Next Video
8:08 View From The Top of Our Land

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Installing Solar in a Small Off Grid Cabin II

Part II of installing a solar power generating system in a small off grid cabin in the woods. We install the second string of hightec solar panels. We install the PV wire cord grip which makes a water tight connection to route the wires off the roof. We change around the position of some stuff, install the Victron 100/30 charge controller, the Cotek SD 124 1500 inverter, the Victron BMV 712 battery monitor and the Victron temperature sensor. We mount the IOTA DLS 27-40-X 40 amp battery charger and IQ4X smart charger. In part III I’ll give a quick rundown of what each component does and explain some of the choices I made when selecting components.

Part I here:

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