Smartphone Fast Charging just got FASTER.

Fast charging on Smartphones – OnePlus Warp Charge, Samsung Fast Charge, Qualcomm Quick Charge, OPPO VOOC Charge, is about to get faster in 2019 and beyond. Welcome to the future with Gallium Nitride.

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Xiaomi Mi 9 – Most affordable top3 smartphone camera? – Full Review [Xiaomify]

It’s here: the Xiaomi Mi 9! In this review I’m looking at what’s new, the tech specs, look at the photo quality, audio quality and more. Let’s find out what’s to like about this phone… Let’s go!

You can find the Mi 9 (all models) on Gearbest here: or on Banggood here:

The Mi 9 is the latest successor in Xiaomi’s flagship range of smartphones. The Mi9 is one of the first smartphones to feature the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor; one we will see in a lot of upcoming flagship phones in the coming year. This new CPU means it’s not only much faster than it’s predecessor, the Mi 8, but it should also be much more battery-friendly.

The main upgrades, besides the CPU and GPU, is the (improved) in-glass fingerprint scanner on the front of the phone. This reacts much faster and results in much less failed unlocking-attempts than the Mi 8 Pro.

Very welcome is the addition of Qi wireless charging that’s supporting 20W Qi Quick charge. The 20 watt Qi chargers that Xiaomi recently released are very popular and have been consistently sold out since their launch; so I have not been able to try that out.

The battery is slightly smaller, as the Mi9 comes with a 3300 mAh battery, as opposed to the 3400 mAh battery found in the Mi 8. However, the Mi 9 should give you much better battery performance due to its new CPU and GPU.

The triple camera setup is probably one of its highlight features; considering that has been given a DxO-Mark score of 107 which puts it just below the collective number one spot of Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro, P20 Pro, and Samsungs Galaxy 10 Max.

The camera is really impressive. The regular camera shoots up to 48 MP (downscaled pixels merge it into 12MP output) and these photos come out great! The additional 2x zoom lens and the super-wide angle lens (117˚ field of view) make this a very versatile camera rig which is the first time for a Xiaomi phone.

The video shoots 4K UHD at 30 fps per default and has very impressive image stabilization. At night I did encounter a few times where the focus would abruptly shift, but this was mostly when shooting at 60fps, and felt more like a software bug than an actual problem with the camera.

Overall, both the video and the images I have taken with the Mi 9 are very impressive and I tend to do a full Mi9-camera-video sometimes soon. (Let me know in the comment section if that’s something you would like to see!)

Both the speaker and microphone seem to have slightly improved when comparing to the Mi 8, making it a better performing phone overall.

To conclude; I find the Mi 9 to be a very good upgrade of the Mi 8. It has some of the features I personally missed on the Mi 8, like Qi Charging, and it has improved on all fronts. Also, the significantly smaller notch for the front-facing camera is a change that many will be very pleased with.

Especially when taken into consideration that this is the first phone sporting the Snapdragon 855 processor, that it has a top-3 (or top-4) DxO-mark performing camera AND that it is the most affordable phone from the list: The Mi 9 is probably THE smartphone to look at early 2019: it’s a really well-performing beast of a phone for a very (very!) competitive price!

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erd charger ||ERD TC50 super fast charger Unboxing & Review || best smartphone (mobile) charger

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ERD TC50 super fast charger Unboxing & Review

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Meaning of signs of smartphone chargers!!Mobile के charger में बने symbol का मतलब!original charger

Kya aap kabhi apne mobile ya laptop ke charger par bane symbol ya signs ka matlab jaante hai…
Ya kabhi janna chaha hai,ya janna chahte hai to Yeh video aapke liye hai….

Samsung original charger,mi phones,Samsung new smartphones,technical guruji,technology gyan,manoj dey,absoluters…

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2019 Smartphone Charging Speed Test: The NEW Champion

Which phone is the fastest to charge up from 0 to a full 100%?

We compare the three fastest phones: the OnePlus 6T with its Dash Charge technology, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with its 40-watt Huawei SuperCharge and the newcomer, the Moto G7 Plus with Motorola’s TurboPower.
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Meaning of Signs on smartphone Charger ? || Tips to identify fake smartphone charger

Hello guys,

Have you ever wondered about the different signs that are usually shown on our mobile chargers? What are the meaning of symbols or a sign on a smartphone chargers? what does it means and what are the use of these symbol on any mobile phone chargers why it is given? How to identify fake smartphone charger ? difference between local and orginal charger in hindi and in this video i will explain each symbol and sign means which are given in any original mobile charger , how to identify fake or local Smartphone charger and USB Cables ? Difference between fake and original smartphone charger? Local vs Original Data Cables (Main Difference in hindi Check if a Samsung Charger or Cable Is Original or fake, Charger and usb cable might harm you smartphone battery Life so you should be able to identify fake and real charger while buying so in this video i will give amazing tips to identify fake or local mobile phone charger and cable in hindi

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Radio with Bluetooth and Smartphone Charger, FRX5BT

Radio with Bluetooth and Smartphone Charger, FRX5BT
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Stay in tune and up to date: This AM/FM/NOAA weather digital radio includes a display and alarm clock. Use it for direct access to news or stream your music while you are on the go.

Have peace of mind: Always have a quick charge for your smartphone and tablet. Simply plug your device into the 2.1A USB port and power from the unit will automatically ‘dump charge’ into your device.
Rugged and reliable: With a splashproof rating its performance is ideal for any outdoor adventures such as camping trips, hiking expeditions, or long road trips. Tune in to the radio for news and weather alerts.

Ready to Stream: Listen to your favorite podcast or music from any smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth device wherever you are. Integrated Bluetooth makes streaming easy with the FRX5 BT. Perfect for today’s lifestyle and fun.

Always on Alert! With Specific Area Messaging (S.A.M.E.) the FRX5 BT automatically broadcasts weather alerts for your area. Be prepared and keep your loved ones safe with alerts in advance of any emergency.

Stay Informed: Depend on the FRX5-BT to provide you with news, weather, and music. Continuously and automatically charge the unit with its high efficiency solar panel for use all day long.

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How to charge old smartphone battery with any charger || very easy ||

inthis video main bataunga aapko ki hum aapki batteries ko kaise charge karen joki open hi padi hain to video dekh ke samajh jao
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Apka Smartphone Aur Uske Battery Charging Tips & Myths (Hyderabadi Hindi)

Apka Smartphone Aur Uske Battery ke bare me charging tips & Myths how long to charge a battery, discharging battery and facts about fast charging and battery heating.

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Meaning of Signs on Smartphone Charger | Mobile के चार्जर में बने Symbol का मतलब क्या होता है

Meaning of Signs on Smartphone Charger | Mobile के चार्जर में बने Symbol का मतलब क्या होता है
Have you ever wondered about the different signs that are usually shown on our mobile chargers ? What are the meaning of symbols or a sign on a smartphone chargers ? what does it means and what are the use of these symbol on any mobile phone chargers why it is given ? How to identify fake smartphone charger ? difference between local and original charger in hindi , in this video i will explain each symbol and sign means which are given in any original mobile charger

Kabhi socha hai mobile phone ke charger me jo sign diye hote hai unka kya mtlb hai kyo har smart phone ke charger me kuch jaruri symbol diye hote hai jaise ki home symbol , V symbol aur cross dustbin symbol in sabhi kya mtlb hota kiya liye likha jata hai har electronics product me ye symbol well is video me aapko iska mtlb bataunga ki akhir kyo likha jata hai aur inka hindi me kya mtlb hota hai acche se explain karunga taaki aapko smjh me aajayega iska alawa aap ye bhi pata kar sakte hai ki charger original hai ye local hai in symbol ki madad se
Dosto iss pure video ko dekhne ke baad aap ko pata chal jaiga ki mobile charger pe bane sare symbols ka kya matlab hota hai aur aap jaibhi koi naya charger lene jainge toh inn bato ka dhiyaan denge dosto agar aap iss video ko pura dekhte ho toh aap bhaut
kuch jaan sakte ho

#Smartphone #MobileCharger #FakeVsRealCharger #Shivam #TechnologyTechInHindi
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mobile charger symbol
Symbols On Mobile Charger And Mobile | Meaning Of Symbols On Charger
Meaning of Signs on Smartphone Charger
Mobile के चार्जर में बने Symbol का मतलब क्या होता है
Signs of mobile charger | Meaning of Symbols and Signs on your Smartphone Charger
Meaning of symbols on Mobile charger पर विचित्र निशानों का मतलब
Symbols on Mobile phone charger