DIY 18650 Battery Charger and Voltmeter

DIY 18650 Battery Charger and Voltmeter by Flexible PCB from PCBWay :
Battery sizes : 21700, 26650, 18650, 14500
Maximum charge current : 0.8A
Voltmeter : 2.7 ~ 5.5V
Download Project (gerber, schematic, images, …) :


Stanley 25 amp battery charger | Audiopipe Blazer | #Basscop

Stanley 25 amp battery charger | Audiopipe Blazer | #Basscop

Short video today on the batter charger that I use to charge the battery bank of Duralast Platinum AGM batteries in The Audiopipe Blazer. This is a multi function 25 amp charger that test, charges, reconditions, float charges batteries, and is a 75 amp starter. I picked this up at Walmart for $50.00 a couple of years ago, and this has been a great charger comes with a LCD screen that monitors everything including while charging! This charger is safe for all batteries (unsure if safe for lithium)

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***Demos for Days*** Sundown Van Demos at Sundown Show 2018

Dishing out demos with the Sundown Audio van from Sundown Show 2018
160db+ with both doors wide open
Pioneer head unit
Rockford processor
17 Selenium tweeters
30 Sundown NeoPro 6.5″ mids
26 Sundown NeoPro 8″ mids
9 Sundown NightShade v.4 15″ subwoofers
9 Sundown sax-125.4 amplifiers
9 Sundown scv-7500d amplifiers
2 Excessive Amperage alternators
19 XS Power Batteries
4 built in XS Power battery chargers
Hundreds of feet of Sundown Audio wire and rcas
Video tour of the van can be found here


How To Charge Multiple Car Batteries w/ EXO’s XS Power Battery Charger & DUAL Copper Bus Bar Install

User Request: This Is How Charge My Batteries

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Subwoofer Demo Coming Up!


Awesome NEW Battery Charger! XS Power 12v AGM Intellicharger

In this video, i introduce you to the newest 12v AGM “intelliCharger” from XS Power. i have been running XS Power Intellichargers for years with great success, but this one is the newest model. I needed one for the Tahoe since i dont drive it as much now that i have the new Lexus ISF. Basically, its always good to keep fresh batteries so when you are ready to roll, you are good to go. You never want to charge dead batteries with your alternators. That is the best way to burn one up. Anyway, i needed another one so i got this one. It is 1/8th the size (or smaller) then the older models which is nice. I run 10 XS Power D3100 Batteries and this little guy should have NO PROBLEM keeping them full and happy. After being brought up to 14.5v slowly, it slowly cycles the battery back to around 13.2v which it will stay at forever, or until you turn it off.

For some reason, this new charger is not listed on their site yet. Please contact for inquires or join my website message board at and scroll down to the XS power section, and ask a rep direct questions! Pretty simple! Also, check out their youtube channel at