harbor freight solar battery charger

not a bad price for a solar panel and i did test it with my multimeter and its working. has screws on the back, so the light could be removed.


Portable Solar 80 Watt Battery Charger / Car /RV /Boat…Solar Made Simple

Full Time RV Living / RV Travel Videos/RVerTV/Portable Solar Panel /RV Solar/ Portable Solar 80 Watt Battery Charger / Car /RV /Boat…Solar Made Simple With Lensun 80 Watt Solar Panel
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More solar battery chargers?

Using some odd components found around the house, I’m planning to make more solar chargers. I have an old “Tap on” light that I can easily convert to be a solar rechargeable light. Store bought solar recharger usually have under capacity solar panels which means it will take a long time to charge. If you make your own, you have more flexibility. Just match the solar panel to the batteries you are using and you won’t need complicated circuitry. Usually a blocking diode is all you need.
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Solar Energy Facts

This article will address some of the most intriguing solar energy facts. Solar energy is generally one of the most ecologically sound and desirable sources of power these days. Let’s get going with the obvious. Solar power has been in existence since the dawn of time. It has been used by microbial, plant, and animal life as a primary energy supply. Plants, using photosynthesis, create nearly all of the food on the earth and are at the base of the food chain. Furthermore the fossil fuels we rely on so heavily nowadays are created from plants and animals that lived a long time ago. Only in recent times have human beings been able to capture solar energy so that it may be utilized any time of day and night, and in any weather, stored and transferred.

Annually, the earth’s atmosphere absorbs 3.85 million exajoules of energy from our sun. This most likely doesn’t mean much to you, however by comparison, the entire use of electric energy by all people today around the world is just 56.7 exajoules per year. This indicates that within a few hours, the earth receives more energy from the sun than people expend during an entire year! Solar energy is a remarkably clean supply of energy simply because, in contrast to fossil fuels, making use of this kind of energy doesn’t discharge carbon dioxide or other types of harmful toxins into the environment. Furthermore solar energy is collected by almost every single form of life. You’ve almost certainly never seen a reptile collect wood to start a fire, but you most likely have seen one lying on a rock to absorb solar energy. Solar power is probably the most environmentally sound energy option attainable right now.

Perhaps you may be wondering what exactly solar power is capable of doing for our environment. Every year, humans consume 467 exajoules of energy by utilizing several principal power sources: burning coal, gasoline, and oil, along with ‘green’ sources like wind, solar, and hydro energy. However, if we could capture just 10% of the sun’s energy, we would have the capacity to replace all of the fossil fuel sources and have enough space for growth. Without any doubt solar energy facts like this make it clear how much better solar power is for the environment and how great the potential is for solar energy development.

Considering that you’ve seen some of the most remarkable solar energy facts and now have an understanding regarding what solar energy can possibly do for the environment, you’d probably want to know just exactly what solar energy is. To put it simply, solar energy is the heat and light energy emitted from the sun. The sun constantly generates vast quantities of energy into our solar system. Approximately 30% of the sun’s energy that reaches the earth is immediately deflected by the atmosphere, and another 20% is absorbed into the atmosphere. However, around 50% of the energy actually reaches the earth’s surface, where it fuels photosynthesis in plants, maintains both hot tropical and warm temperate climates, maintains the temperature of the ocean, and generally speaking keeps our planet alive. All of this is accomplished without creating any pollution or destruction of natural resources.

A lot of people don’t understand how solar energy functions on the technical level, and so they wonder just what solar energy is going to provide to their homes, businesses, and communities. In the last three decades, solar energy technology has developed at an accelerated rate. Solar energy is gathered at a number of large power plants in the U.S., Spain, Australia, and in other nations, where it delivers power directly to the power grid. This implies that countless houses around the globe already get electrical power generated by the sun. One of several lesser known solar energy facts is that solar power can also be employed on a considerably smaller scale. Solar panels on households and businesses, can certainly create a percentage (or possibly all) of the power these buildings have to have. On an even smaller scale, solar panel systems are put to use in India and Indonesia to disinfect water, and compact solar burners and ovens are often employed in order to cook food in other regions of the globe. Solar energy might be employed to power practically any procedure you can visualize, from large-scale power generation for towns and cities to boiling a single pot of water.

What makes all of these different uses achievable is the development of solar energy systems. You will notice two standard varieties of solar energy technologies presently used today: solar thermal energy (STE) and photovoltaic (PV) energy. Solar thermal collectors just harness the heat or thermal energy generated by the sun. This thermal energy is generally used to heat water which in turn can easily be stored and used for common every day requirements or piped to a household heating system. STE may be stored by heating up or energizing a thermal mass that is designed to continue to radiate heat even when the sun isn’t shining. Solar thermal collectors actually are significantly more efficient in comparison with photovoltaic collectors but on the other hand energy storage is somewhat more cumbersome. Photovoltaic solar panel systems produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. This electric current may be used immediately or alternatively stored by using batteries for later use. This is actually one of the more significant solar energy facts whenever you are dealing with PV energy systems. Battery storage is incredibly significant since it means it is possible to store solar power for use through the night or during cloudy or rainy days.

Solar energy is a very important alternative power source which can help us take care of our environment. It can also help to cut down our reliance on fossil fuels. You may be asking yourself just how big of an expense it is going to be for you to convert to solar power? Solar power is not really as costly as most people think. A total solar energy system for a house can potentially cost more than $30,000, having said that this does not really mean you will be paying that total amount. To begin with, you will discover lots of different incentive plans, which include tax credits, rebates and grants, that may reduce the price of installing solar panel systems by 30% or more. One other option you might wish to look into is a smaller solar energy system that just supplements your household power needs. A smaller sized system will cost considerably less, while still lowering your current energy bills, and it will certainly help make your home much more environmentally sound. Currently most electrical power is generated using fossil fuels. So lowering your use of electrical power from the area power company by 50% is actually an important step towards establishing a sustainable power grid.

In this article, we’ve made an effort to supply you with a number of helpful and thought provoking solar energy facts. While you contemplate these facts, also think about just how much value you put on the quality of the environment and on humanity’s ability to preserve it. No matter if fossil fuels do not run out during the next 50 years, it’s very likely that their continued use as our primary energy source is going to wreak environmental havoc. Investing in solar power now might not instantly help you save money, but your monetary investment can certainly provide an improved future for everybody under the sun.

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The Advantages of Solar Energy for Kids

The amazing energy coming from the Sun has been powering life on Earth for billions of years. Even though sunlight is Earth's primary source of energy, man has recently learned how to harness it in order to use it to his advantage, although plants have been doing that since the dawn of time (capturing the energy of sunlight and converting it to chemical form – photosynthesis). It is vital to pass on this information and technology to our children, so that they can develop it further and slowly eliminate the use of fossil fuels for generating energy.

Teaching children in an early state of their development about the benefits of solar energy will ensure the comfortable lifestyle of our lineage, since in a century or so, mankind will not be able to depend on polluting fossil fuels anymore. This will also implement a responsible, ecologically-aware behavior that we want our children to have in the future. Here, teaching children about the devastating effects fossil fuels have on our environment is a key factor that will insure our survival and well being.

Aside from the fact that children could be taught about the benefits of solar power in schools, they must also see it in action, and what better place to do that than in their own homes? Since young children have a tendency to be very curious about what surrounds them and imitate their parents' behavior and practices, owning a solar panel and explaining this choice to your child will make him learn about sustainable living.

For a young child, learning about solar power and panels may be too complex to forgive, so you can also introduce this technology to your child by buying all sorts of solar-powered toys and experimental or science kits that allows him to experience the different uses of solar power and learn about the principles behind solar energy.

Parents can also help their children build their own solar device from scratch, using the information given on educational websites that include how-to guides to making, for instance, a solar power recharger or home-made hot water system.

Renouncing our habits and changing our mentality by becoming more protective towards our environment and replacing a comfortable but pricey way of obtaining the energy we need to sustain our lifestyle is a process which will take some time, but will bring worldwide benefits. By doing that, we are making a change that our children will only have to improve in the future.


DIY Solar Battery Charger for Ebike or E-skateboard

My book DIY Lithium Batteries: http://amzn.to/2jbxvzS
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Parts that I use:
48V 14.5 Ah Hailong (shark) battery: https://goo.gl/jg429Z
36V 11 Ah bottle battery: https://goo.gl/Snja5H
All ebike batteries: https://goo.gl/FLC3cK
All 18650 cells: https://goo.gl/hYWnwU
Bafang BBS01 kit: https://goo.gl/6wi43g
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100W Flexible solar panel: https://goo.gl/dQPhQX
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Nickel strip: http://goo.gl/VIrNQq
Spot welder: https://goo.gl/KN3Uaw
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Silicone wire: http://goo.gl/xmpbKD
Black 18650 cell spacers: http://goo.gl/hQxWF6
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Large heat shrink tubing: http://goo.gl/6v1ow9
Small heat shrink tubing: https://goo.gl/OU3Z6u
Foam sheet for protecting battery: http://goo.gl/5e71tE
Kapton tape: https://goo.gl/D6BT57
Chargers: https://goo.gl/js0T0V
350W hubmotor: https://goo.gl/K1mYvR
36V/48V controllers I used: https://goo.gl/nJBnJP
Throttle: https://goo.gl/UebsNC
Cycle Analyst: http://amzn.to/2CIKIIe

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DIY Folding solar car battery charger

Do you have a vehicle you don’t drive often? This DIY folding solar car battery charger is a great way to ensure it always starts.

Curious about the FOLDING solar panels in this video? Click the links below:

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Instapark® Mercury27 Portable & Foldable 27 Watts Solar Battery Charger with DC 12V Output: [affiliate] http://amzn.to/1MtvIkB

Here’s the power meter used in the video:

“Watt’s Up” RC Watt Meter & Power Analyzer WU100 Version 2 — SALE! [affiliate] http://amzn.to/1QLil0X

This is the charge controller I use in the video:

HQRP Solar 10A Charge Power Controller / Regulator 12V / 24V 10 Amp with LED Indicator plus HQRP UV Meter: [affiliate] http://amzn.to/1MtzhqM

But this one should also work (untested):

Instapark INCC1205 12V / 5A Waterproof PWM Solar Charge Controller: [affiliate] http://amzn.to/1Pyx7B7

Finally, this is the cigarette lighter extension cable I sacrificed to the power gods:

Milliard 12ft 12V Car Outlet Cigarette Plug Extension Cord/Cigarette Car Extender Cable with 5 Amp Fuse for Protecting Devices: [affiliate] http://amzn.to/1PyxhbI

Here are some of the tools I use in the video:

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Crimper, Ergo- Anderson Power Pole Products: [amazon affiliate] http://amzn.to/1Kbvo2Y

Klein Automatic Wire Stripper: [amazon affiliate] http://amzn.to/1KKuEqK

Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D FX-888 (blue & yellow): [affiliate] http://amzn.to/1XsEZKd

Curious about the micro USB cigarette lighter adapter? It’s the best one I’ve found so far:

Belkin Micro Car Charger with 3-Foot 30-Pin ChargeSync Cable for iPhone 4 / 4S (2.1 AMP): [affiliate] http://amzn.to/1MtvZEd

Here are some of the materials used in the video:

Vktech 150pcs 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing Tube Sleeving Wire Cable 8 Sizes 2-13mm Black: [affiliate] http://amzn.to/1Mtw5vq

Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 66/44 0.80mm(0.31 inches) 1 lb. Spool: [affiliate] http://amzn.to/1VOQU6L


EPIC 24v RV Solar Upgrade with Battle Born Batteries & Victron Energy

We begin an EPIC 24-volt RV power system upgrade while boondocking in the mountains of Colorado in our Class A motorhome in Part 1 of this RV Solar Upgrade video series. Every single component of our existing solar system is swapped out for new. Goodbye AGM batteries and Magnum equipment and hello Battle Born Lithium Batteries and Victron Energy Inverters and Solar Chargers. All in all when complete we will have 2000w of panels on the roof with 10 HighTec 200w solar panels, 10 Battle Born 24v Lithium Batteries, 2 3000w Victron inverters, a Victron Energy solar controller and a 24 to 12v dc/dc converter. (Season 3 Episode 33)

We are proud to partner with Battle Born Batteries thru Epic Nomad TV and RV Nomads the movie. We look forward to sharing our monster 24v Battle Born battery story. Disclosure… we are a paying customer with a reviewing relationship with Battle Born Batteries.

To see a complete parts list, wiring guide and links to purchase your own DIY solar project visit our PHT Solar Guide at www.pauhanatravels.com/solarguide.

Battle Born Batteries Epic Nomad Edition can also be found at https://epicnomadtradingpost.com/collections/battle-born-rv-lithium

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Filmed: June 9, 2018
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2018 MacBook Pro
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{OUR RIG – THE Disco’s Stats & Specifications}
2016 Fleetwood Discover 37R (REV Group)
Length: 38’8″
Slides: 4
Tank Capacity: Fresh water 100 / Grey tank 75 / Black tank 50
Engine: Cummins ISL9 380 HP
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 100 gallons
MPG: 7.5-9 mpg depending on terrain and altitude.
Chassis: Freightliner XCM
Gross Dry Weight: 33400 lbs
Our RV Dealer: RnR RV in North Spokane, WA: https://www.rnrrv.com/

Solar System: (10) 200w HighTec Solar Panels. (10) 24v Lithium batteries by Battle Born Batteries totaling 500 usable amp hours. Inverters, Solar Controller and DC/DC Converter by Victron Energy.
Installed by Gary Quimby as a DIY project.

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Solar panel se fast charger kaise banaye?

DOSTO aaj ka hamara video bohot hi majedar he kyoki aaj ham banane vale he solar charger jo aapke mobile karega bohot hi fast chaging to aaj ke es video ko last tak jarur dekhe

Please watch: “15 August special video independence day special heart video”



Top 10 Boat Battery Chargers [2018]: ALLPOWERS 18V 12V 10W Portable Solar Panel Battery Charger

Top 10 Boat Battery Chargers [2018]: ALLPOWERS 18V 12V 10W Portable Solar Panel Battery Charger
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ALLPOWERS 18V 12V 10W Portable Solar Panel Battery Charger Maintainer Bundle with Cigarette Lighter Plug, Alligator Clip for Automobile Motorcycle Tractor Boat RV Batteries 10W Portable Solar Panel Battery Charger Maintainer Bundle…

NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V 7.2A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger 12V/24V 7.2A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

Coleman CPX 6 4D Portable Electronics Charger Portable Electronics Charger

Busch & Müller USB-Werk 361BW Battery Charger AC Black USB Werk 361BW Battery Charger AC Black

Promariner – Pro Mariner Pro Nautic 1250 12 Volt 50 Amp 3 Bank Charger Mariner Pro Nautic 1250 12 Volt 50 Amp 3 Bank Charger

Bushnell Powersync Solar Wrap 250 Charger – Black Powersync Solar Wrap 250 Charger Black

NOCO Genius G4 6V/12V 4.4A 4-Bank UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger 6V/12V 4.4A 4 Bank UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

Galaxy S9 Fast Wireless Charger, Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Qi Wireless Charger, for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, Note 8, S8, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5 and All Smartphone Qi-Enabled By UPXIANG (Black) Wireless Charger, Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Qi Wireless…

Wireless Charger Stand Dock for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus, Turkey Qi Portable Fast Charging Wireless Pad for iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus / Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus / Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge ETC (White) Stand Dock for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus, Turkey Qi…

Numax Connect & Forget Mobility Charger – 24V 12A Forget Mobility Charger 24V 12A

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