Solar Chargers 10000mAh GRDE Portable – Images and Specifications

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1:High Capacity and Solar Charging–Built-in 10000mAh Lithium Polymer battery,Solar energy technology, with bigger solar panel, which can recharge itself under direct sunshine for emergency.2:Dual USB output socket,convenient to charge 2 equipments at a can simultaneously charge your for iPad and for iPhone(or charging other Android tablet and smartphone at the same time).3:Solid Build and Superior Portability: Waterproof, Dust-proof and Shock-Resistant — Solar Power Bank is the perfect companion for the great outdoors,Superior portability design, easily hang it on your bagpack.4:LED Flashlight–6 LED flashlight works perfectly in darkness, especially for emergency. Just press the button twice, the LED will light up for flashlight mode. press again, the LED will flashing for sos emergency. They can be used as a flashlight or the charger can be hung up in your tent while you’re reading or talking to your friend.5:Solar powered charger is perfect for emergency use, not a main charging resource. so it is recommended to charge by wall charger, which only takes about several hours.
SpecificationCustomGeneral Type: Solar Chargers Mainly Compatible with: MP4,MP3,GPS,Apple,SAMSUNG,HTC 8X,HTC,Nokia,Blackberry,Xperia Z3,Z3 Compact,Zenfone,Lumia 830,Lumia 730,Mate 7,D7,Moto X+1,G2,Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500/I9505,Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300,Galaxy Note 3 N9000,GALAXY Mega2,Galaxy Note 4,HTC One M9,LG,Sony Ericsson,Motorola,Ipad 4,Ipad Mini,iPod,Universal,iPad,Samsung S6,iPhone 5/5S,iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus,Nokia Lumia 920/820,Google Nexus 4/5,Google Nexus 7 2nd,iPhone 4/4S,FDD-LTE 1800/2600MHz Capacity Range: 10000mAh Battery Capacity (mAh): 10000Mah Battery Brand: PUDE Battery Voltage: 3.8V Battery Current: 2A Connection Type: Universal USB Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery Material: ABS Specification Solar Panel : 1.5W Life span: 500次 Charging Time: 8小时 Charging current: 2A Input: 5V2A Output: 5V2A Dimension and Weight Package weight: 0.2900 kg Product size (L x W x H): 16.00 x 7.90 x 1.70 cm / 6.3 x 3.11 x 0.67 inches Package size (L x W x H): 19.00 x 11.00 x 2.50 cm / 7.48 x 4.33 x 0.98 inches Package Contents Package Contents: 1 x Charger, 1 x Mountaineering Buckle, 1 x Packing


DIY All in One Portable Solar Power Pack || Low Cost Solar Generator

#solargenerator, #solar_powerpack, #portable_solar_generator
This video shows how to make a Solar Power Pack at your home.
It is useful during grid power cut off , camping,hiking,fishing etc.

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Parts Used :

1. Solar Panel : or

2. Battery :

3. Solar Charge Controller :

4. Inverter :

5. Dual USB Socket :

7. Switch :

9. Volt Meter :

10.LED Holder :

11. Female Power Jack :

12.Resistors : 1K

13. Heat Shrink :

14. Crimping Terminals :

15. Carrying Box :

16 . Battery Charger :

17. Screw terminals row :

18. USB LED Bulb :

19. Self adhesive Velcro :

Tools :

1. Drill :

2. JigSaw :

3. Soldering Station :

4. Hot Air Blower :

5.Hot Glue Gun :

6. Wire Stripper :


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#diy_LiPo_battery_charger, #TP4056, #battery_charger
This is a LI Ion/Lipo battery charger.The input can be taken from solar panel or from a USB .The charging current can be change up to 1000mA according to the battery capacity.

You can see the full project on my instructable page


Foldable and Detachable 5000mAh Solar Panel Powerbank Review.

AKA COOPOW 10000mAh Fast Solar Charger. A review on the 5000 mAh (though often described as COOPOW 10,000 mAh) foldable and detachable solar panel powerbank. It actually beat the listed specifications in the manual. It’s also available on Amazon or Ebay as:

8W/6W10000MAH Foldable Solar Panel Power Bank Battery Charger for iPhone/Samsung


COOPOW 10000mAh Fast Solar Charger


EVTV Friday Show – 100kW Tesla Solar Energy Battery

PowerSafe 100kW Solar Energy Storage from Tesla Model S Battery Modules permanent wiring into EVTV shop location. AC Coupling issues activating grid-tied inverters using off-grid 12kW inverter. How to control the grid-tied inverters using frequency shifting.


usb solar panel & dynamo hub charger for bicycle touring – tutb ✔

usb charger via solar panel & dynamo hub for bicycle touring – the ultimate touring bike.

in this video i take you through how i maintain a charge on all of my devices including phone, camra’s and lights.

i hope this helps you with charging your phone and dievices via a usb charger

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AA Car Battery Solar Charger

The AA Solar Panel Car & Caravan Battery Charger plugs directly into the EOBD plug socket inside your vehcile (standard on most cars, petrol from 2001 and diesel from 2004). The solar charger will trickle charge and maintain a 12V vehicle battery while the vehicle is parked by converting light energy during daylight hours into 12 volts DC. The unit is maintainence free and will protect the battery against the discharge process that occurs naturally within a lead acid battery.

Did you know that batteries need to be maintained above 12.4V to ensure sulphation does not occur? The number one cause of battery failure according to the AA Patrols team. The AA Solar Panel Car & Caravan Battery Charger is ideal for vehicles that have occasional use, or are used for short journeys. It extends battery life by keeping the battery in a good state of charge.

The AA Solar Charger is easy to install and is fitted with a flashing blue LED light to indicate charge. There is built in discharge protection as well as reverse polarity protection and the Solar Charger will not overcharge your battery.The ‘THINFILM’ technology allows a wider spectrum of natural light to be absorbed, meaning the unit can still generate electricity under cloudy winter conditions. This technology also enables the solar panel to handle the intense heat of the summer sun with little power loss due to the rising temperature.

Direct battery clamp style connector clips with a generous 2.8m connector lead are also included as well as four suction cups to allow easy installation in most vehicles. A 7 page user guide and quick start guide are included to give the user easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Four reasons to own an AA Solar Panel Car & Caravan Battery Charger:

Batteries Naturally Discharge – Automotive batteries naturally discharge when not in use.
Modern vehicles have a small but constant battery drain – Modern vehicles can now have upwards of 30 body control modules (computers), plus alarm systems, immobilisers and lock monitoring. These units all consume valuable electricity from the battery (up to 0.02 of an amp per hour). This means that over the course of a week or two with no or little vehicle use the battery can become discharged.
Battery life is shortened if it is not kept charged – A 12V battery that is not correctly maintained above 12.4V can suffer from sulphation. Sulphation is the number one cause of battery failure, somthing not covered under warranty as it is not a manufacturing defect.
Peace of mind – Vehicles that are used infrequently or do short trips are prime candidates for discharged batteries.


Peak Power Output: 2.4 watt, Peak Volts Output: 12.7 volts, Optimum Working Current: 0.13-0.2 amps.

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MPP Solar Hybrid Inverter/Charger PIP5048MG How to Connect Parallel Sensing Cable & Communication

how to connect mpp solar pip parallel sensing and communication cable


Here’s Something You Never Knew You Needed for Your Car – Solar Power

Solar power battery charger ►

Solar power battery charger for your car. Here’s Something You Never Knew You Needed for Your Car, solar power, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to install solar power on car. Installing solar power system on your car. Solar panel charging system. Does solar power work on cars? Solar power system review. Do solar panels really work? DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years. Scotty Kilmer, gives you a chance to win a car product, by entering in this weekly giveaway.

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Mechanic Monday Official Rules:
1. The Mechanic Monday Giveaway will begin August 13th at 7 am CST and run for six days, ending on August 19th at 9 am CST.
2. There will be one winner of a car Solar Power Charger valued at $70. To enter, simply leave one non-offensive comment in the video below.
4. Only one comment per entrant is allowed and more than one comment will not increase your odds of winning.
5. Must be 18 years or old at the time of entering this giveaway OR have your parents’ permission.
6. This giveaway is open worldwide.
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11. The winner will be required to give Scotty their full name and mailing address to receive the prize.
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⬇Things used in this video:
1. Solar Power Charger:
2. Common Sense
3. 4k Camera:
4. Camera Microphone:
5. Camera Tripod:
6. My computer for editing / uploading:
7. Video editing software:
8. Thumbnail software:

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Projecta DCDC solar charger

Response video to how i have had the replacement Projecta DCDC solar charger installed in my removable canopy.

The Projecta DCDC solar charger isuues i have faced, and how i have overcome them.

Projecta DCDC solar charger review and setup after 2 tears installed.

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