Mini Speaker Guide – Enjoy Music on Your iPod With Quality Powered Speakers

You must be tired of listening to those plug-ins connected to your ears. Tendency is if you do this over and over again, you may acquire audit disabilities such as eventual becoming deaf. Try blasting the music and power your iPod with an alternative mini speaker, instead of using headphones or earphones.

There are lists of quality powered speakers which you may like to have. It will give you quality sound. Choose from a top of the range of iPod docking speakers online. Various speakers have different features. Better view the yellow pages of the internet for you to see it yourself.

There is an iPod speaker that is an alarm clock and speaker in one. You may want it. The best thing about this is that you can set a specific time whenever you want to listen to your iPod of FM Radio. Plus, the snooze button feature is so functional and practical, which you can choose to set the length of time for you to listen. Through its 3.5mm input, you can connect it to other audio devices.

You may also consider the outdoor wireless speaker system. As the name of the appliance recommends, it is for your convenience when you decided to take the relaxing music outside your homes. It is all-weather. It is better because it has an iCast transmitter, which is for the benefit and use of your iPod. Another best feature also is that this speaker has a auxiliary output jack, allowing you to connect to other audio devices, such as MP3 players and computers.

There are also mini speakers which are powered by batteries and can be connected to your USB. It is mini and handy.


Best 5.1 Speakers Under $ 200 (Rs 10,000)

After a lot of research and hearing out different 5.1 systems in the friend's homes I have come to the decision about the best 5.1 system in the market. But before you jump to that here is a list of other 2 that cave it a competition.

3. Creative T6100
This is for surround sound on the budget. Enough sound for an average sized room but anything larger will not get good sound from the underpowered sub. At Rs 4000 ($ 85 approx) this is the speaker to go for if you are on a budget.

2. Logitech X 540
Similar specs as the above but a much more refined sound and a powerful bass. This costs more than Rs 5000 ($ 100 approx). If you have extra Rs 1000 to spare then go for this over creative t6100.

1. Altec Lansing 5051
At approximately $ 200 (Rs 10,000) this one has to be heard and only then will you know why the price is high. A much rich and deep sound along with a good sound stage, this is the speaker set to go for if you have the cash.

It is to be noted however that some of the other 2 speaker sets with a sub woofer can give a some what better sound than these. Speakers like Klipsch are recommended. A speaker set combination 2 2.1 sets can also be made to give a surround sound effect which may sound better and be cheaper than the speakers listed here.

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The Major Things to Consider When Buying Portable Speakers

When it comes to choosing portable speakers, there are thousands of speakers available in many different shapes and sizes. With all the available options out there, it can be tough to select the best one. So, we have listed out the important things that you should look for in portable wireless speaker. This helps you to select the perfect ones that offer you good value for money in addition to excellent performance, portability and convenience. Let’s have a look at the checklist:

1. Sound Quality

The first and foremost feature to look for in portable speakers is the sound quality. As portable speakers are small, thus compromising the overall loudness of the music. So, it is essential to strike a good balance between the size of the speaker and the loudness. The drivers should be tuned to optimum efficiency so as to allow the system to play loud. They should produce quality sound, especially when used in noisy environment.

2. Cost

Portable speakers come with a wide variety of features and thus, the price differs accordingly. It is wise to choose the speaker that offers you good value for the money spent. The more features included in the speaker; the more likely it is going to be expensive. The good thing is that many companies are offering well designed speakers with great audio quality and at an affordable price.

3. Battery

The built-in battery feature in portable speakers is a great plus. Though most wireless speakers have built-in speaker batteries but again, they are not created equal. So, having a good battery life of the speaker is also an essential feature to look out for when buying one. Lithium ion batteries can provide you high power with long battery life.

4. Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection has also become a vital feature of portable speakers. The ability to support Bluetooth lets you stream music from another Bluetooth device directly to the speakers. This offers added convenience and versatility as one can use them with tablets and smartphones as well.

5. Size of the Speaker

Size plays a pivotal role when it comes to portability of the speaker. Some think that large ones are not powerful. But, these days even the small-sized portable speaker systems are capable of offering clear and crisp sound quality. So, look out for the ideal size of the speaker that suits your needs.

6. Durability

Durability is another feature to look for in portable speakers. The dust-proof and screw-less casing are more durable. Ruggedness is not just limited to the looks but also gives you the peace of mind during unfavorable weather conditions. For example, water-resistant speakers are more in demand as you can easily carry them anywhere.

7. Additional Features

There are many additional features that one requires in a portable speaker. For example, if you are using NFC-enabled smartphone, you might want speaker with NFC. This lets you connect your smartphone in a single tap. Some speakers come with accessories as well such as woofer to meet the needs of music enthusiasts. Then, there are speakers that can double up as battery bank.

We hope that these tips help you in selection of right portable speakers with confidence.


Funny Motivational Speakers – The Best Of Both Worlds

Meeting planners everywhere are reducing unnecessary spending. They have been using creative techniques to save on most event expenses. So it is understandable that many entertainment budgets for conferences have been cutback or eliminated completely. Fortunately, keynote speakers have endured stringent conference budgeting. But, entertainment isn’t always so fortunate-often thought of as a luxury, it is dropped from some smaller budgets. But, in order to save money you don’t have to choose a keynote over entertainment. You can save a ton of money by simply killing two birds with one stone; get a funny motivational speaker.

A funny motivational speaker is the best of both worlds. They are a meeting planners dream keynote, because they are inspirational and funny. A funny motivational speaker blends humor and wisdom into their presentation, and transform a regular speech into something special and memorable for viewers. The speaker fulfills multifaceted functions for the audience by both boosting morale and energy levels, while discussing highly informative content. Therefore, the audience is not only going to be engaged, but they are also going to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Scott Alexander is a perfect example of a funny motivational speaker. He informs, empowers, and entertains his audiences. His presentations not only feature comedy, but also magic and illusion. And the content of his programs are still based on motivational concepts. Concepts such as: The Power of Perception, The Power of Goal Setting, and The Power of Laughter. Each topic is filled with magic, comedy and insights into the world of perception, goal setting and laughter. Scott takes the audience on a journey through the ways in which he obtained his career goals, and gives examples of how we manifested a successful outcome from seemingly impossible situations. Scott uses magic and humor to teach his audience about the power of a positive and lighthearted attitude. With speakers like Scott Alexander, the days of the one-dimensional “rah-rah” speaker are a thing of the past!

A motivational speaker should be as entertaining as they are inspiring. Event planners can be confident that their audiences hunger for entertainment and need for information will be satisfied in one sitting. This will not only save conferences money, but also save them time in their program schedules. The evolution of motivational speaking is the humorous motivational speaker. Now all types of speakers are adapting their speaking styles to make themselves more appealing and marketable. Business speakers, Health and Wellness speakers, and even Economist are adding humor in their presentations for audiences. You can be motivated and informed with humor, and the speaker can still make a serious impact on your audience.


Tech haul from 5 Below! | Headphones, Speakers, Chargers, Cases

All of these items were purchased from 5 below. I went there in the mind of spending a decent amount of money and seeing what items I can get. It was fun to go to the store and see what tech items they sold. I picked out what I thought was good, from iPhone cases to phone chargers, to even portable batteries! I say to avoid speakers and headphones. The other items I picked out were ok. It’s up to you with the robots if you want those.

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Professional Speakers – How to Write Your Booking Contract

The speaking world is full of forms and contracts – the two most important are the contract you’ll fax to the meeting planner who’s agreed to hire you and the preprogram questionnaire that you’ll send out to the planner before the event.

Your credibility is on the line with each one of these documents – they need to be highly professional.

Here is a sample booking contract:

Booking Contract

____________________________________________ (ABC

Corporation) has agreed to hire ________________(Ms. Speaker)

to speak at the convention held at ______________(time)

_____________________________ (location) on


Deposit and Cancellations Policy:

o An advance retainer of 50% is required with the return of signed agreement.

o In the event of program cancellation, Ms. Speaker will rebook the program on

o a mutually convenient date with no penalty. Due to potential loss of income to the speaker, cancellation of this date less than 30 days prior to the event carries a penalty of the deposit being non-refundable.

Travel and Accommodation:

o All fees are as quoted, plus travel expenses. Ms. Speaker will book full coach airfare and expenses will be invoiced after the program has been completed. Airfare is always prorated when the itinerary involves multiple clients.

o Speaker’s accommodation, meals and ground transportation will be billed direct to your organization.

Support Materials:

o Please note that speaker’s materials, written, oral or visual, are copyrighted and may not be used or reproduced without the written consent of the speaker.

o Participants’ handouts are billed separately.


o No recording, audio or visual, may be made without the

prior written permission of the speaker.

o The speaker reserves the right to make available books

and A/V materials for sale or viewing purposes to the participants with client approval.

While it is standard practice for the client to cover travel and accommodation expenses, some speakers charge a flat fee to cover expenses where travel is involved. It makes for less paperwork and is something that the client can work into the budget ahead of time.

I recommend having a flat fee policy since it means that payment for expenses will be included in the final check you receive on the day of your speaking engagement.

Another benefit of having a flat fee policy means that there are no

unpleasant surprises for the client long after the event is over and they receive

a whopping bill for expenses.

However you decide to handle expenses, it’s important to let clients know up front and to be consistent with each client.

Once hired, you should send the client a pre-program questionnaire to help you customize your speech to the needs of this particular group. This questionnaire should cover such things as confirming time, date and location of your speech, Agenda of program, whether other speakers are on before or after your speech, Theme of the conference, expected number of attendees and any other information that will help you do a better job on the stage.

Professional contracts will make your work much easier and make you look highly professional – which of course you are!


Motivational Speakers for Business

Whilst we may think of motivational speakers as featuring predominately in the world of sport, they are actually increasingly used in business. In the past, business speakers with a particular area of ​​expertise were drafted in to give advice in the workplace, but increasing employers are giving more importance to morale, attitudes in the workplace and openness to learn and improve.

This explains why motivational speakers are becoming more of a regular feature in training days, away days and conferences. Sometimes, it is not a person's knowledge that needs to be improved, but rather their morale or attitude. It's long been said that failing to believe in oneself is to set oneself up for failure, and motivational speakers can help to address this.

One of the problems with a poorly performing workplace is the cycle of failure employees find themselves in. Things are going badly, so people start to feel hopeless and less inclined to try and improve their situation, so things keep going badly. Motivational speakers understand this cycle and have techniques for getting people to reassess their situation and doing something about it. If the audience can change their attitude from being fearful and frustrated with their situation to viewing it as an exciting challenge and something to resolve then they are on the way to beating the problem.

Another of the reasons why people may not be performing as well as they can be at work is them feeling undervalued. Motivational speakers can build morale and a sense of team so that each individual understands their role and how it affects the success of the team as a whole. If an individual feels needed and as though others are relying upon them then they are more likely to feel motivated.


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What’s inside? 20000mAh Dual USB External Power Bank Battery Charger Review Recenze

What’s inside? the Ultrathin – Ultra Slim 20000mAh 2 USB – Dual USB – Micro USB Mobile Power Bank USB #powerbank portable external #battery #charger for smartphone – cell battery charger. How good are the cheap battery chargers? Zvažujete koupi externí power banky? Tak se podívejte co také může být uvnitř – co v sobě skrývá power banka? Jaká baterie je v power bance – to zjistíte teprve když se podíváte dovnitř 🙂 Jak vybrat Powerbanku – to Vám bohužel neporadím, pouze mohu doporučit – tuto rozhodně ne 🙂
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AUKEY Booth Tour: Speakers, Chargers & Batteries Galore | Pocketnow

[Sponsored post] As you may have divined from a few of our sponsored hands-on videos, Pocketnow’s attendance at this year’s CES was made possible by the fine folks at AUKEY, makers of mobile device accessories from the practical to the beautiful. They asked us to swing by their booth so we could see some of the cool stuff they’re showcasing, so that’s just what we did. Visit AUKEY at or follow the links for specific products below!

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