Model No. PL2545 – 12V, 20/10/2A Intelligent Battery Charger with Engine Starting Assistance

Model PL2545 is a perfect charger to meet the needs of mechanical repair shops, collision repair facilities, fleet operations, marinas, agricultural operations and consumers. Intelligent, beneficial, safe and versatile – one charger enables optimal battery management. With three charge rates, it can manage lead acid batteries of any size, from
small power sport batteries up to Group 31 batteries.

The PL2545 is really three tools in one unit. It functions as an advanced automatic battery charger to bring depleted batteries to full charge so that they can be put back into service. It functions as an advanced automatic battery maintainer, conditioning and maintaining batteries in long term storage charging situations. It also provides engine starting assistance, quickly energizing a depleted battery so that the engine can be started.

• 12 Volt Operation
• 20/10/2A Charging Rates
• Fully Automatic Operation
• 12 Volt Engine Start Assistance
• Ability to Manage Depleted Batteries
• Reverse Polarity Protection
• Battery Fault Detection
• Easy-to-Follow LCD Display


SLI Battery Chargers and Starting, Lighting and Ignition Batteries from Top Battery Chargers…

SLI Battery Chargers and Starting, Lighting and Ignition Batteries from Top Battery Chargers. Visit today!


Fire Starting Methods – Five Tips For Starting a Survival Fire

There are a lot of different ways to start a fire if you find yourself in a situation where you need one. What I'm talking about here is survival fires. You find yourself in a survival situation and you need a fire to keep yourself warm, dry out your clothes, or cook something tasty to eat.

Let me first say this. You know if you are not old enough to do this without adult supervision. So just do not do it without adult supervision if you are not old enough to do it by yourself. You could get yourself into a lot of trouble and either hurt yourself or others or destroy a lot of property. Fire is a great tool if used properly but can be dangerous and destructive if you do not respect it.

The time to learn how to start a fire is not when you are in a survival situation. You need to practice this skill to get good at it.

Tip # 1 for starting a survival fire – No matter what type of fire-starting method you use, you will need tinder and small twigs to begin with, so go ahead and gather it now. Tinder is any light weight combustible material that will easily light. Straws, dry grasses, and stringy type tree bark work well. Sometimes I take lint from my dryer and place it in a small Ziploc bag, then put it in my pants pocket when I plan to go to the woods. Dryer lint makes a great fire starter.

You should use wood that is finger sized in diameter for your starting wood. Be sure to go ahead and gather a few slightly larger pieces of wood also. After going through a lot of effort to start your fire, you do not want to let it go out because you were not prepared.

Clear leaves and other debris from around your fire area to prevent the accidental spread of your fire into an area where you do not want it. If this is a practice survival fire or a campfire, be sure to have plenty of water available to be used to put out the fire. This way if your fire begins to get out of hand, you can quickly put it out. Do not attempt to start a fire when the woods are extremely dry or on a windy day.

Tip # 2 Always carry a good disposable cigarette lighter with you when you go to the woods. There is no need to try and be a hero. I usually have two or more cigarette lighters in my pocket when I go into the woods. They are light weight, do not take up much room, and usually work great.

Tip # 3 If you have a flashlight with you, use the batteries to start a fire. It will help if you have 00 steel wool. You can buy it at the hardware store. Steel wool is made of thousands of tiny metal fibers. These fibers are so small, that the electricity from a flashlight battery will quickly cause them to glow orange. Add some steel wool to your survival kit or pocket as a back-up. Practice this method in case for some reason your lighters do not work.

Tip # 4 You can purchase flint and steel from a number of sources. Practice striking the flint and steel together to send a spark into your tinder. This will take some practice. You never know when you may be in a situation where you have access to a piece of steel in a survival situation. You may be able to strike your steel against rock. Practicing will prepare you for this situation. I do not recommend using your knife for this purpose. Your knife is too valuable to you in a survival situation, and usually does not make that good of a fire starter anyhow. Do not damage your knife. If you absolutely have to try it, be sure to use the back of the knife blade and not the edge.

Tip # 5 Try using a friction method. This is usually the first thing that comes to the mind of most people when they think of a survival fire. There are several friction methods. One of the most popular looks to be the fire bow. Basically for this method, you will use a shoe lace or other similar cordage to manufacture a tiny bow. You will also need a piece of wood for the drill and a fire board. I prefer to use scrub willow for my fire bow construction. This method looks easy, but it takes a lot of practice to get it right. It helps tremendously if you know someone who can teach you this method.

You will need to carve a notch in the edge of your fireboard. When you drill, material from your fireboard and drill will build up in the notch and form a coal. You will then need to transfer that hot coal to your tinder. A good way to do this is to have your tinder underneath the notch on your fireboard to begin with. You will carefully wrap the tinder around your hot coal and gently blow on it. This adds a lot of oxygen for fuel. As you continue to blow on your tinder, it will begin to smoke. Once it lights, you will want to place your tinder underneath some of your small twigs which should be set up in a small tee pee type formation. Of course, your twigs will now begin to catch on fire. As you manage your small fire, you will gradually add more and larger pieces of wood.

There are a multitude of methods you can use for starting a survival fire. Pick one and begin to study and practice it until you have mastered it. Then try another. You can not be too prepared, and your friends will be impressed with your new skills and knowledge.


Car Battery Booster Charger Booster Power Bank Starting Device

Car Battery Booster Charger Booster Power Bank Starting Device

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Multifunction Jump Starter 89800mAh 12V 4USB 600A Portable Car Battery Booster Charger Booster Power Bank Starting Device
Brand Name:AutoleaderFast Charge:One Way Fast ChargeCertified:MSDS,ceExternal Testing Certification:ce

Special Features:SOS Lighting,Warning Light,Lighting,USBVoltage:12VNumber Of Built-in Batteries:3

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Jump Starting Car Battery with USB Battery Pack!

Enter Thrustmaster & Kinesis GIVEAWAY [Ending Soon]
^- Split Mechanical Keyboard & Full Hotas Joystick Setup

Enter Thrustmaster & Kinesis GIVEAWAY [Ending Soon]
^- Split Mechanical Keyboard & Full Hotas Joystick Setup
We take a look at the WinPlus Car Jump Start UL Certified 8,000 mAh Portable USB Power Bank that is capable of jump starting any vehicle with a 12 volt system (Car, Truck, Boat, Farm Equipment) up to 3 times before it needs to be recharged. It also will charge your phone, tablet and any other USB powered device that you have.

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EGO Electric Lawn Mower –
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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) Is this video sponsored?
A) Nope, I purchased my power pack from Costco and the Aukey power pack from Amazon with my own money.

Q) Why is the capacity of this pack so low?
A) It’s because of the room required for the 12v high current inverter that is in the box that allows it to provide a burst of power that can start a car.

Q) Why did you charge one pack with another pack?
A) Because I was outside and didn’t have a little wall outlet and wanted to keep an eye on it while mowing. I realize this isn’t the most efficient way however the Aukey has 2.4amp charging ports so it charged it up QUICK!

Q) How many times were you able to start the truck with 3 bars on the pack?
A) I was able to start the truck 4 times, I had to let it cool down before the 4th attempt and it did crank slightly slower but did start.

Q) Why do you need this?
A) I have an alarm on my truck that drains the battery slowly and if I don’t drive it once a week the battery goes flat. When this happens I usually stop driving it because jump starting it requires me to pull my car up next to it on the lawn and try to get the tables to stretch far enough. Now I can just pop this out of the glove compartment and start the truck in under a minute.

Q) Why don’t you have a battery tender?
A) I do now, check my instagram at to see the picture. But I still want this in the glove compartment when I take my truck places to stay and don’t start it for a while.

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Best Battery Chargers Review! Charging OR Jump Starting?

Sweet Project Cars Sweet Sunday Review shares the Best of The Best Battery Chargers.

To Tools

200 Amp Jumper/Charger

100 Amp Jumper/Charger

8 Amp Trickle Charger


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Starting a New Personal Blog – Follow These Important Steps

If you have ever considered starting a blog, but you thought that it would be expensive to do, or you would need a lot of technical knowledge to do it, think again, because starting a new personal blog requires virtually no technical knowledge and it will cost you very little, if anything at all.

You can blog for pleasure, blog to air your views, or blog to sell products. Blogs can also be a very effective and easy way to promote as small business or to drive more traffic to a business website. Whatever your reason for wanting start a blog, the steps that are needed to set up a blog are the same. Here are the basic steps you will need to follow to set up a blog.

Choose your blogging platform

The first decision that you will need to make is which of the various blogging platforms you will choose for your blog. There is a quite a large range of different platforms that you could use, but it is important that you choose a platform that is easy to use, still being developed and supported, and one that can provide you with the flexibility to tailor your blog and add in extra functionality when you are ready. One of the most popular blogging platforms in the world is WordPress. It is easy to use and you can set up a blog with WordPress free of charge.

Choose a theme for your blog

Once you have selected your blogging platform, you will then need to select a theme for your blog, which is what defines the basic layout of your blog and the color scheme. If you have chosen WordPress as your blogging platform, you can choose from a huge range of free themes and you can then, if you wish, tailor a theme by changing things such as the colors and the fonts, or by modifying the layout. One important consideration when choosing a theme is to make sure that is "responsive", which means that it will be compatible with mobile devices as well as PCs and laptops.

Register your domain

You will then need to choose and register a domain. This is reliably inexpensively to do and it can be done through a variety of big domain registration websites. Domain registration is an annual fee that will usually cost less than $ 10 per year. Try to think of a name that will distinguish your blog from similar sites, one that will be memorable, and one that will describe what your blog is about.

Purchase web hosting

The next step will be to select a hosting supplier to host your blog. The choice of hosting provider is an important one, because it can affect the speed that your blog will operate and it can affect the visibility of your blog in search engine results. There will be a fee for hosting your blog and it will usually be a lot higher than the domain registration fee. However, if you are looking for cost effective hosting for your personal blog, you can choose any of these best free web hosting services that have been recommended by users.

Start writing your blog posts

Once you have gotten those steps out of the way you start writing your blog posts. The best way to start is to plan your blog posts in advance. Start by thinking about what you are trying to achieve, the tone that you want to create for your blog and how often you can write posts. The best way to generate a readership and gain attention for a blog is to write good quality content while staying within a fairly narrow niche and posting new content regularly.


Mobile accessories importer and Manufacturer starting at 1/-Rs Memory card,power banks | VANSHMJ

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