Top 10 Battery Storage Trickle Charger – Buying Guide and Review in 2019

Top 10 Battery Storage Trickle Charger – Buying Guide and Review in 2019

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1. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128, 1.25 Amp Battery Charger is a Smart Charger, it will Fully Charge and Maintain a Battery at Proper Storage Voltage without the Damaging Effects Caused by Trickle Chargers
2. Battery Tender 022-0185G-dl-wh Black 12 Volt 1.25 Amp Plus Battery Charger/Maintainer
3. Foval 2 Amp Battery Charger is a Smart Charger, it will Fully Charge and Maintain a Battery at Proper Storage Voltage without the Damaging Effects Caused by Trickle Chargers
4. CTEK 56-864 MUS4.3 12 Volt Fully Automatic 8 Step Battery Charger
5. NOCO Genius G1100 6V/12V 1.1 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer
6. 12 Volt Automatic Battery Float Trickle Charger by Cen-Tech
7. Battery Tender 022-0148-DL-WH 12-Volt 4-Bank Battery Management System
8. BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger Portable Battery Maintainer with Detachable Alligator/Rings/Clips Fast Charging Waterproof Trickle Charger for Car Boat Lawn Mower Marine Sealed Lead Acid Battery
9. Battery Tender 021-1164 10W Solar Panel Charger and Maintainer with Built-in 3-step Automatic Microprocessor Controller
10. POWOXI Solar Battery Charger Car, 3.3W 12V Solar Trickle Charger for Car Battery, Portable and Waterproof Solar Battery Maintainer, Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel car Battery Charger


Easy Method for 1S Lipo Storage Charging ⚡

This is a method I’ve been using for years so re-making this video to get out the information (again)

⚡1S parallel charging board
amazon –

Link to Nick’s video on a different way to storage charge

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New York allocates $280 million in incentives for energy storage projects



HP LTO 5: Sometimes Your Data Storage Priorities Do not Matter

Each and every business has a certain set of priorities when setting up various operations. This also applies in data storage. However, such priorities might actually be in contravention or incompatible with existing regulatory requirements, at which point you would definitely have to revise your priorities.

Just as with many other business-related issues, such as building construction and financial management, most business environments have certain legal data management requirements that must be followed. In Australia, you would have to comply with the Privacy Amendment Act, which features several Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)

If you have a business with $ 3 million or more annual turnover, you need to be particularly keen on the APPs; otherwise, you face some deep penalties. These could be fines of as much as $ 1.7 million per infringement.

Sometimes Less Storage Capacity Is More

If you're thinking of the best data storage media, either for personal use or for your business / organization, you must consider a wide variety of aspects beyond the storage capacity. In fact, you might actually set up a bit less storage capacity.

One of the most critical aspects that may actually override storage capacity is security. This aspect is particularly essential for information storage in organizations and involving highly sensitive material. Only a storage platform featuring strong encryption of data would be useful in securing your information. Without this, the integrity of your business operations might be at risk.

Fortunately LTO tapes, such as the HP LTO 5, do provide high level encryption capabilities for maximum security. Moreover, using such media, you would have the opportunity to store data offline; hence, making it less accessible to systemic attacks.

Efficiency in use of the storage media is also another critical factor. If you find that you're using up too much time and energy in setting up and maintaining your storage system, you would definitely have to reconsider your options. The cost of keeping such storage may end up being unsustainable.

In this regard, quite a number of organizations that have implemented LTO-based data storage systems have reported significant cost savings in maintaining such systems. This is definitely beneficial in curbing escalating costs of doing business.

No Single Data Storage Option Is Best For Everything

You might actually come across various storage media that some people claim to be the best option for all your data storage needs. However, the reality is that there is not really a single data storage option for all types of data.

Apart from considering the dynamics of the type of data you want to store, you must also consider diversity in the storage systems you apply.

You might have some type of data that requires much more regular access, rather than having it stored for extended periods of time. Perhaps, it might also be data stored mainly for the purposes of backup. The LTO tape is exclusively suited to such backup storage.

On the aspect of diversity of data storage options, the security of your stored data would be greatly enhanced if you use different platforms. You may actually decide to complement your LTO storage platform with cloud storage. Such diversity in data storage is akin to backing up your back-up.


Ruigpro Dual Storage Battery Charger – Initial Photos and Specifications

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Engine Specification: Material: high quality PC + ABS Size: 6.5 * 4.5 * 3.8cm Charger weight:80g Input: 5V / 2A Output: 4.3V 800mAh * 2 Applicable for GoPro Hero5 6 7 battery charging Support for GoPro Hero5 6 7,1.50,1.55,1.75,2.0 version of the battery
Package include: 1 x Hero5 6 7 double charger 1 x Type-C charging cable Note: not include the battery


Braun 7526 Shaver – Syncro System With Clean & Charge Storage Stand Review

One of the main reasons I have tried to stay away from electric razors for my entire adult life was because of how dirty they get. Little bits of beard stubble will build up at the bottom of the razor, and it would need to be cleaned off with a damp rag and aq tip. No matter how long I would work on cleaning the shaver, I could never get it completely clean. I felt the extra work made up of the convenience of having an electric shaver, and that that, the disposable razor just appeared to shave closer.

The Braun 7526 Shaver has changed all of that. When I first heard that the Braun 7526 shaver could clean itself, I was skeptical. I thought self cleaning mean that it came with some kind of tool that you would use to manually brush out the unwanted hair. I could not have been more wrong. After using the Braun 7526 Shaver, you just place it back in the Syncro System with Clean & Charge Storage Stand, press a button, and it will start to clean itself automatically. The stand also recharges the razor.

There is an alcohol based solution in the stand, and this is used to give the razor a thorough cleaning. The Beard stubble is caught in a filter that will need to be changed every 4 – 6 weeks. These filters are available in 2 packs and 3 packs, and they can be purchased at the same place you purchase your Braun 7526 Shaver.

The Braun 7526 Shaver will shave as close as any blade, and it will not cut your face like a disposable razor will. It comes with a separate cord that you can take with you on overnight trips, although you will need the stand for the self cleaning feature.

If I had to complain about anything, it would be the noise the stand makes while it is cleaning the razor. I usually just press the button before I leave in the morning and then I do not hear the noise.


TRAILER: Using CTEK Battery Chargers for Battery Maintenance, Restoration and Storage

This is the trailer for the 14:46-minute feature length video at,-Restoration-and-Storage.html…CTEK is the Swedish developer and manufacturer of premier battery chargers endorsed by World Class automotive and powersports brands. In the HD video how-to, learn why CTEK chargers offer the best protection against battery damage, how to properly store and protect the battery in an RV, 4×4, ATV/UTV or motorcycle, and the unique way to recondition and recover a sulphated or badly depleted battery.


↓Episode 44 – RV Deep Cycle Battery Storage

↓There can be a fair amount of confusion about the best way to store an RV Battery during the off season. In this episode I break it down to simplify the process and make some nice product recommendations along the way. In most scenarios the RV’er is storing his battery during the cold winter months and typically not during the hot summer months. The methods can adapted to either situation, hot or cold. The summer heat can damage a battery as much as poorly stored battery during the cold months.
↓The bottom line is to keep the battery case and posts clean and keeping the battery properly charged during the storage process . If your battery is going to be stored in the RV during the winter months you will want to make sure that it has a full charge and this will prevent it from freezing. Some have said that an RV Battery will freeze if left in the RV during storage and that is not true unless the temperature drops way below Zero.
↓If you decide to store the battery in the RV, make sure the battery is disconnected from any electrical source that good drain the battery during storage. It might just be best to physically disconnect the battery cables altogether. If you are unsure of how to hook the battery cables up later then you could take a picture or draw a diagram. It is important that battery gets hooked up the same way it was connected was, assuming it was correct to begin with.
↓I would opt to store the battery in a garage or some place that has power to run a Trickle Charger. The stored battery should be fully charged prior to storage and then the charge should be maintain during the storage period. Today there are plenty of Hi Tech battery chargers available and I recommend to purchase a battery charger that will go into float mode after the battery is charged. If your charger has this capability your can leave it hooked up to the battery and plugged in for the off season with no harm being caused to the battery.
↓It is best to store the RV Battery away from any source away from sparks or open flames. Although today’s batteries can be stored on a concrete floor it is best to store it on a piece of wood, work bench or similar. Make sure the surface is protected if it is a nice surface you care about. It is pretty simple to store a battery for the off season.
I recommend Battery Tender and Noco battery chargers to maintain All of your  Batteries. Click here for more information about both brands and to purchase from Amazon.

Bonus Content: The below content was briefly explained in the podcast. You can consider this some bonus content if you are thinking about changing to a different battery type.
Gel Cell vs. AGM (glass mat) batteries. 
What Is A Gel Battery?

Before you can determine the pros and cons of a gel battery and how they will affect you, it’s important to understand what exactly a gel battery is. A gel battery is very similar to a traditional lead-acid battery with the addition of silica to the electrolyte to create the gel like substance. This thickening of the electrolyte means that gel batteries can be installed in a variety of positions and don’t emit as many fumes.

Pro Tip: This allows for gel batteries to be used in applications where ventilation is limited.
How Does It Work?

A gel battery (often referred to as a gel cell battery) is a lead-acid battery that is valve regulated. When the electrolyte is mixed with sulphuric acid and silica, it becomes a relatively stationary gel substance. This gel mixture allows the battery to utilize the acid and electrolyte in the same way it would with a traditional lead-acid battery, just without the added maintenance.
The Pros:


4 Shop Organizing Projects – Blade Storage, Battery Charging System, Storage Racks

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Dado Stack:
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Woodpeckers 12″ square:
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Ultimiate Workbench Plans:
Titebond Original Wood Glue:
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4’x8′ SafeRacks:


how to build a storage shelf / charging station

This simple design can be used to build just about any shop storage shelf, and was done completely out of 3/4 BCX sanded plywood left over from jobs. I was in desperate need for a central place to storage my battery chargers as well as having a central location to charge my multiple batteries on the weekends. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. Its not a post frame, but I had fun doing it anyways.

Please watch: “Building a Mancave 7: Framing a hipped porch” The most recent video for the most recent build series!! Make sure you hit that subscribe for future building content! –~–