Redmi K20 Pro Signature Edition Rs. 4,80,000 / Mi 27W Superfast Charger unboxing

Redmi K20 Pro Signature edition is for just Rs. 4,80,000. Also watch Mi 27W superfast charger unboxing.

Redmi K20 Pro is all covered in Gold and Diamond, and only 20 such units will be made. This is one of the Costliest phone in the world

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15 May 2019 | Electrify America Opens Superfast Charger, Audi Goes After Tesla Supercharging…

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Wednesday 15th May 2019. It’s Martyn Lee here and I’ve been through every EV story I could find today to save you time.

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There’s a great, long-read CNBC article all about Electrify America which I recommend today. “Almost a year to the day after opening its first charging station, Electrify America says it is rolling out the country’s fastest-growing network of fast chargers. Funded by $2 billion from Volkswagen’s 2016 diesel emissions settlement, it has a goal of building hundreds of stations and putting nearly 2,000 chargers in place by the end of this year.” says CNBC: “Setting up a nationwide infrastructure is the next big challenge, according to many analysts. An August study by McKinsey & Co. projected it will cost as much as $50 billion to ensure public charging stations are as easily accessible as gas stations in three key markets — the U.S., Europe and China. The U.S. alone is expected to require an investment of as much as $11 billion, McKinsey estimated.”

But why replicate the gas station model? Shouldn’t we charge at home and work?

“Electrify America’s new Level 3 systems will almost all provide a minimum of 150 kilowatts at 400 volts and many will push even further, taking that up to 250 kW and 800 volts. That’s far more than most of the current crop of electric cars can handle. The new Porsche Taycan will be the first to be able to make full use of the technology, which can add about 20 miles of range per minute.To make things easier and speed up the charging process, Electrify America this week is rolling out a new smartphone app that can be used to locate its charging stations and see how long it will take for someone already hooked up to finish charging.”


“In these two spy images taken from the Taycan Forum, you can see that the cabin of the first all-electric Porsche is almost the same as what the Mission E concept had in its debut three years ago.” says today: “The resemblance starts at the dashboard layout, which is crowned by a horizontal digital display that flanks across the dashboard. Moreover, the touchscreen control panel by the center console has been carried over from the concept.”


Audi is introducing the vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) service “Traffic Light Information” to Europe. From July Audi will network new models with the traffic lights in Ingolstadt/Germany; further European cities will follow from 2020 onwards. Then cars will be more likely to catch a “green wave” in the city: Audi drivers will see in the cockpit what speed is required to reach the next traffic light on green. If that is not possible within the permitted speed limit, there will be a countdown to the next green phase. Driving in cities will thus become more relaxed and efficient. In the USA, Audi customers have already been using this service since late 2016. Audi is the first manufacturer worldwide to network its series-production models with traffic lights in cities. In the USA, Audi customers have been using the “Time-to-Green” function for two years: if the driver will reach the lights on red, a countdown in the Audi virtual cockpit or head-up display counts the seconds to the next green phase. This service is now available at more than 5,000 intersections in the USA, for example in cities including Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Washington D.C. In the US capital alone, about 1,000 intersections are linked to the Traffic Light Information function.

Since February Audi has offered a further function in North America. The purpose of this is especially to enable driving on the “green wave”. “Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory” (GLOSA) shows to the driver in the ideal speed for reaching the next traffic light on green.

Audi etron will get this function.


“South Korea’s SK Innovation said on Wednesday that it plans to invest 579.9 billion won ($488.30 million) to build its second China factory for electric vehicle batteries, in a bet that China will open up its market to Korean battery makers.” reports Reuters today: “The latecomer to the battery market is…


How to make a superfast charging Power bank at home using 4V rechargeable Lead acid batteries|DIY

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Tutorial related Coreless motor Soon in channel .
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India में Launch हुआ 11000mAh Battery, 6GB RAM, 128GB Internal, Superfast Charging

Hello Dosto,
India में Launch हुआ 11000mAh Battery, 6GB RAM, 128GB Internal, Superfast Charging

Full phone specs-

Price drop new phone price -

Gear I am using-

My Tripod -
Mobile Mic
Smart phone Mi max 2 silver-
Secondary Phone-

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Other Recommended Mobile Phones Less Than 5000

1. Swipe Elite 4G 3999 –
2. MicroMax Spark 4G 4499 –!NNNN
3. Xolo Era 2 4g Volte 4329/-
4. Xolo Era 1X 4999 –

Less Than 5000 – 10,000

1. Swipe ELITE Sense 7499 –
2. Redmi 4A 5999 – /!NNNN
3. Redmi 4 6999 –
4. Redmi 4 8999 –
5. Coolpad Cool 1 8999 –
6. Micromax Infinity –
7. Asus Zenfone 4 Seflie –!NNNN

Less Than 15000 **
Huawei P9 14999 –!NNNN
1. Mi A1 14999 –
2. Honor 6X 9999 – /
3. Redmi 4 10999, 4GB/64GB –
Redmi note 4 3GB/4GB 10999 / 12999 –
6. Coolplay 6 14999 – 6GB RAM, SD Processor, Dual Camera.
7. LG Q6 13999 –
8. Mi Max 2 12999 4GB-32gb /!NNNN
9. Lenovo Z2 Plus 11300 64gb –!NNNN
10. Lenovo p2 – 13499
11. Moto G5 Plus – 13999 –!NNNN

Less than 30000 **

Samsung S7 29990 –
Honor 8 Pro 26990 – /
Oneplus 3T 64GB 24999 –
More Than 30000
1. Oneplus 5 32999 – – No Discount
2. Samsung S8 / S8 Plus –
3. LG G6 36990 –
Acer Predator Helios 300 Core i7 7th Gen!NNNN

Recommended Earphones Under 999

1. JBL T150A True Bass best price between 650 – 799.
2. 1More Piston FIt – 999
1. Oneplus Bullets V2 1199 –
2. Tagg T-07 Wireless BT Headsets 1599


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