AIMTOM 4AMP 12V & 6V Smart Battery Charger for Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, RV, SUV, ATV

AIMTOM IBC-4000 Smart Battery Charger is ideal for charging and maintaining most 12V and 6V batteries ranging from 12-120Ah, such as Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Cars, RVs, Boats, Trucks, Tractors and more.

Fully automatic, the IBC-4000 provides a charge when needed, stops charging when battery is fully-charged or topped-off and offers built-in circuit protection guards against overcharging, reverse polarity or short circuiting.

Has auto-memory, which returns to last selected mode when restarted, and also automatically adjusts itself to changing current needs.
6V/12V compatibility, and charges 6V and 12V batteries.
Detects the voltage of the battery and automatically select 6V or 12V to charge. Automatically shuts off if charger remains in bulk charge mode for an extended period of time and turn itself to a battery maintainer.
Includes safety features such as reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, spark proof, overheat, overcurrent and overcharge.
Switch mode designed with high-frequency and high-efficiency for a lightweight, compact charger.
Recovers deeply discharged and sulfated batteries with pulse charging.
Multiple battery chemistry, safely charges WET, GEL, Maintenance Free and AGM batteries.
Smart 8-stage MCU controlled charging processes utilize sophisticated levels of intelligence to alter the charge process based on feedback from the battery.
Includes battery clamp connectors, eyelet terminal connectors, and user guide.


Automatic Battery Maintainer Tender Trickle Charger Desulfator for Car Truck SUV Boat



Product Details :

Automatic Battery Maintainer Tender Trickle Charger Desulfator for Car Truck SUV Boat

12V Automatic Battery Maintainer Tender Trickle Charger Desulfator | 1.25 Amp 5 Stage Smart Conditioner for Perfect Battery Charging & Maintenance by KeyLine Chargers | Best for Car Truck SUV Boat.

✔️ [WORKS GREAT FOR YOUR CAR, BOAT, RV, ETC.] KeyLine automatic charger is compatible with automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, RVs, boats, airplanes, golf carts, back-up generator systems lawn mower, etc. Feel secure in knowing it’s going to charge all of your favorite toys!
✔️ [NOT YOUR AVERAGE CHARGER] While other battery chargers can ruin your battery or last a short time before failing. The Mini Pro 5 Stage Charger has automatic overcharge protection and desulfation prolonging battery life up to 4x. Imagine the comfort and reassurance of knowing that your battery is maintained for absolute peak performance every time.
✔️ [PROLONG YOUR BATTERY LIFE] Did you know that in order to extend your battery’s service life, your battery needs to be fully charged at all times? The Mini-Pro Float stage maintains your battery at a perfect 13.3 Volts for maximum battery health and life. Save yourself time, frustration and the cost of buying new batteries often. Instead get 1, or even 2 Mini-Pro automatic smart 12 Volt chargers today.
✔️ [SUPER EASY USE] No Settings, No Buttons, No Switches, Simply connect the leads and plug it in. Measuring 2″ x 3 7/8″ x 1 1/4″, this compact charger packs best in class performance, safety and also is IP65 weather proof rated. That means you can use it and leave it almost anywhere. This sealed charger is great for outdoor and weather exposed environments unlike other trickle chargers on Amazon. So you know that this charger will perform anywhere.
✔️ [OUR PROMISE TO YOU] We are real people who use our chargers every day, we expect the absolute best out of our chargers and we want the same for you! We know you’ll love this charger so much that we back them with an industry leading 5-year warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply take advantage of the No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!


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Electric Mercedes EQC SUV Battery Charging Explained

The EQC is equipped with the latest generation of a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery serving as the energy source for both electric motors. The battery consists of 384 cells and is located in the vehicle floor, between the two axles. The battery system is modular in design, consisting of two modules with 48 cells each and four with 72 cells each. The powerful high-voltage battery has a maximum voltage of 408 V and a nominal capacity of 210 Ah, for an energy content of 80 kWh (according to NEDC).

The integral overall cooling concept of the EQC, consisting of a heat pump function and two electric PTC heater boosters, not only includes the power electronics, the electric motor and the rotor, but also the battery. The entire battery system is liquid-cooled. At low temperatures a battery heater ensures outstanding performance and efficiency (see Climate control section).

The battery is an integral part of the crash concept for the vehicle as a whole. Its low, central location also has a positive effect on the handling characteristics of the EQC (see Safety section).

The battery is produced in Germany, by the wholly-owned Daimler subsidiary Deutsche Accumotive in Kamenz/Saxony (see Production section).

As for all other high-voltage batteries, Mercedes-Benz issues a battery certificate as a commitment to the battery performance.

Whether at home via a wallbox, while shopping, at work or ultra-fast on the motorway: there are various ways to supply electric vehicles with power. Intelligently networked charging solutions focussed on the mobility needs and convenience of customers are an integral part of the new product and technology brand EQ.

As standard the EQC is equipped with a water-cooled onboard charger (OBC) with a capacity of 7.4 kW, making it suitable for AC charging at home or at public charging stations. The charging time required for a full charge depends on the available infrastructure and the country-specific vehicle equipment. Charging at a Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is much faster than at a domestic power socket (see section “The intelligent services for the EQC).

It is faster still with DC charging – which is standard for the EQC – for example via CCS (Combined Charging Systems) in Europe and the USA, CHAdeMO in Japan or GB/T in China. This usually public quick-charging system expands the existing technical standard for AC charging of electric vehicles with the capacity for DC fast charging. Depending on the SoC (status of charge), the EQC can be charged with a maximum output of up to 110 kW at an appropriate charging station. In around 40 minutes, the battery can be charged from 10 – 80 percent SoC (provisional data).

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Dream SUV of Kids, Range Rover VELAR a Creative Team Work, CARGURU, #rangerovervelar

Not a Sponsored video, Range Rover Velar design philosophy is revolutionary. Striking proportions, flush door handles and an integrated rear spoiler all improve aerodynamics. Features including the foil stamped grille give the vehicle’s front profile an undeniable presence.
New Range Rover Velar (starting at ₹ 83.34 Lakh),
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2019 Mercedes EQC – What about the new fully electric Mercedes SUV

The luxury brands have been late to the electric revolution but that’s about to change as a flood of new models arrive in the coming years, particularly from the German brands. Mercedes-Benz alone will launch 10 electric cars by 2025, one of which is the EQC small SUV that made its debut Tuesday in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mercedes’ parent company Daimler has established the EQ sub-brand for electrified cars, and the EQC is the first Mercedes from the brand. The first actual EQ car was the Smart EQ ForTwo that debuted in March, though this was actually just a rebranding of the existing Smart ForTwo Electric Drive.

The new EQC is a better example of the technology and design we can expect from EQ in the coming years. Unfortunately, we won’t see it in showrooms for a while as Mercedes says sales are only due to start in 2020. Sales in other markets commence in mid-2019.

Despite the lengthy wait, Mercedes has already locked in some key specs for the initial EQC 400 model. It will come with an electric motor at each axle to form an all-wheel-drive system, with peak output registering at 402 horsepower and 564 pound-feet of torque. The front motor is optimized for efficiency in the low to medium load range, while the rear motor adds performance. They both connect to the wheels via a single-speed transmission, and 0-60 mph acceleration should happen in 4.9 seconds.

The battery in the EQC 400 will be an 80-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion unit sourced from fellow Daimler subsidiary Deutsche Accumotive. The EPA is yet to test the vehicle but Mercedes estimates a 200-mile range on a single charge. The rival 2019 Jaguar I-Pace promises 240 miles from a 90-kwh battery. Other alternatives in the pipeline include the Audi e-tron due for a reveal in San Francisco on September 17, as well as the BMW iX3 and Tesla Model Y both due in 2020.

The EQC will be capable of charging on a 150-kilowatt DC line, under the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard. That high-speed will replenish the battery up to 80 percent capacity in 40 minutes. Daimler is part of a network called Ionity that is installing public DC chargers, with the first 400 currently being installed across Europe.

And on the road, drivers will be able to optimize range by adjusting the car’s driving modes. The five modes in the EQC are Comfort, Eco, Max Range, Sport plus an Individual mode where the driver can program their favorite options. The driver is also able to influence the brake energy recovery level using paddles behind the steering wheel.

At 187.4 inches in length, the EQC is roughly the size of the GLC, with the electric SUV about 4 inches longer than its internal combustion counterpart. There is enough space for five within, with no room taken up by the battery since the unit lies flat in the floor.

The cabin of the EQC adopts an “electro-look” design that will filter across to other EQ models. One example is the louvered edges of the dashboard and door trim which resembles the cooling fins of a hi-fi amplifier. You’ll also notice the rectangular air vents with key-shaped, rose-gold colored louvres. Dominating the dash is Mercedes’ combined digital instrument cluster and infotainment system which feature numerous displays and functions unique to EQ.

For the exterior, the key electro-look distinguisher is the large black-panel surface combining the headlamps and grille. For the first time, the black panel is bordered at the top by an LED light signature as a visual link between the torch-like daytime running lamps. At night, this is said to create an almost uninterrupted, horizontal light band. And finally the wheels, which will range from 19 to 21 inches in size, are aerodynamically enhanced and feature dual-tone designs. Two wheel variants have blue touches on the rim flange or spokes.

Pricing information will be announced closer to the EQC’s 2020 launch. As a guide, Jaguar’s I-Pace can be had for $70,495.

And beyond the EQC, additional Mercedes EQ cars known to be in development are an EQA compact hatch and EQS flagship sedan.


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Car+Vehicle Jump Start Guide EverStart 100 Electric Battery Charger

How to use a battery charger/jumper to start a vehicle. EverStart Starter 100 Battery Charger Directions.
Step by Step guide! Just what you need!

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How to Use the DC Fast Charger | 2018 Ioniq Electric | Hyundai

Your Hyundai electric vehicle comes equipped with the option to charge with DC Fast chargers. Watch this video to learn more about DC Fast charging and how to locate the station nearest you.

Applicable to 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

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How to Use the DC Fast Charger | 2018 Ioniq Electric | Hyundai



This video shows you how your BMW Battery Charger works and how to use it.

This video shows you how your BMW Battery Charger works and how to use it.