Go Power Weekender ISW Charging System Review

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Go Power! Weekender ISW Charging System – 170 Watts by Go Power (RV Solar Panels)

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Speaker 1: Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Go Power Weekender ISW Solar Charging System, part number is 34282551. Now the Weekender ISW Kit is designed to give you really everything you’re gonna need whether you’re connected to power or if you’re off-grid. We’ve got our solar panel to generate energy. We’re gonna have our inverter. Now the inverter’s designed to take 12 Volt power and turn it into usable power for hair dryers, small appliances, and things like that. We’ve got our transfer switch, fuse, we’ve got our control for the inverter, we’ve got our solar controller for our solar panel, then wiring, bracketry, and everything we need to get it all set up.

Now this kit’s better suited for your one- and two-battery style setups. If you have additional batteries, you have more storage capabilities in those batteries, and we can go with larger kits to deliver more power. Essentially with this kit, it’s gonna help to get us through a weekend of powering our AC, appliances, and things like that, maybe even a long weekend if we’ve got some really good sun. Combine that with the inverter that we’re able to plug in, and when we have that access available, it’s really gonna maintain everything and keep everything charged up.Now the solar panel that’s gonna come with your kit, it’s 170 Watts. It’s gonna deliver about 8.8 amp hours of charging power for you.

Now this is one of the higher end panels that is out there available. They typically make solar panels in two ways. One would be what we have here, which is a mono. A mono type panel is basically, they draw one big in get out, they slice it, and that’s kind of why you see the edges are trimmed here and around. The other type is a poly type, so basically it’s almost like a particle board, they take a bunch of pieces of silica, they put them all in a big box, they bake them, and essentially the benefits while they are very slight with the mono panel would be that it handles the heat better.

So as this is in direct sunlight all day, it’s gonna heat up. Even as it heats up, it’s able to deliver that power. You typically get more wattage out of it, it’s gonna deliver more power down to your batteries.So all in all, while it is slight, this is one of the better panels that we’re gonna see. It’s also gonna be completely encased in aluminum here. We’ve got a good quality glass here on the top that’s designed to resist the hail and other elements that we’re gonna encounter.

And if you notice on the back, got really nice plugs here. These are designed to, of course you’re not gonna plug these together when it’s in direct sun, but these are designed to slide together with the additional cables that you’ll get. We’re gonna have an O-ring right here that prevents any moisture from getting in there and causing corrosion. To maximize the capability of your solar panel, of course you want it to be really clean, and you wanna keep it in the sun. If you pull your RV in underneath a tree, it’s going to get some sun, but it’s not gonna be nearly as much what we get out in full sun. So couple things there to keep in mind.Now even though it is a very high-quality panel, weight isn’t really high. It’s about 26 1/2 pounds, so overall gonna get a lot of power out of it without adding a lot of weight.The solar controller that’s gonna come with the kit is a 30 Amp controller, so we’re able to expand this kit up to a total of three panels. That’ll deliver up to 30 Amps if you decide you need a little bit more power. This is a post lift modulation solar controller, so it’s gonna get the power that we need to our batteries, and it can all be displayed right here so we can kind of fine tune it. Additionally as a little benefit there, there’s also a USB plug-in, so if we wanna plug in one of our chargers directly in there, we can also do th


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two different volt system battery charger. easy make battery charger. ac to dc converter.


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By adding solar panels to your house, you have significantly cut back on your use of dirty energy and increased your use of green energy.

Furthermore, you’ve reduced your demand for utility power. The more people who do this, the less we will need to construct and operate large power plants that can harm our earth, our air, and our health.

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Wireless Surround Sound System: Initiating The Sound Of Life

Sound systems play important roles in the lives of men. This give quick and easy access to high quality definition of sound given by one's television set, computer set or simply the stereo set in their living rooms. A sound system that could cover as much area to provide sound is sufficient to satisfically the musically charged ear. The latest innovation provided during the 1940s has traversed the sounds' sufficient quality into one that can be easily heard and travel from, even as far as, the outskirts of the house. The birth of surround sound systems provided solutions for many sound hungry sufferers and fans of the great creation of music.

For many the surround sound systems rescued their Friday game nights and turned it into the best night of their lives. But then as years went by, it came to man's attention the great problem that this system has bestowed to man. It contains too much wiring that causes one to either slip, to have a headache to the hours wasted to get the tangled parts of the wires to be untangled and most especially, these wirings tend to be high risk source of danger to the children most particularly those who crawls from one room to another. Such problems cause the technological scientists team to gather around for numerous days to weeks and years to enhance the sound system and create a safe and free quality sound to roam within the household. And with this, the modern twist of such revolutionary technology has given birth to the existence of, no other than the world famous, wireless surround sound system.

Since its introduction into the shark world of competitive market industry, this wireless name has already disrupted many of the world's famous naïve, amateur consumers of sound systems. Yes, the myth of being wireless had stuck into the minds of these consumers and they ever get to be frustrated at the end. Ladies and gentlemen of this compacted confusing world, a quick simple fact: wireless surround sound system does not exist to be complete free of wires as the name impedy. Such system is named for the mere reason that these speakers do contain within them, infrared lights or radio waves that easily pick up the signals for providing sound but the front speakers of such set still makes use of wires for them to be plugged to near sources of electrical power. Although, one could go for a battery maintenance type of these speakers for hassle free convenience yet you compromise the quality of sound that is provided for by these speakers. Still, one would really see that this system gives an amazing effect to one's living room and a good quality of sound within the household.

The speakers of such system are very much conducive and are easily adaptable to be attached or hung on walls, away from view or hidden desired places yet still give the perfectly clean and clear sound quality. Thus, justice is given to one's favorite movie or music. Also, due to this amazing feature, the hazard of exposing children and pets to electrical wires come close to inexistence.

With such vast advances given by technology one is never lost in getting their hands busy with the latest frenzy of the entertainment industry. Their favorite relaxing activity can be truly absorbed within a small of large room filled with good quality style music, tone, beat or rhythm. With one click of a button to start up the main speaker, music is then delivered and a boost of high definition of sound would swarm through the comfort of one's home. One great set of technological equipment does provide life in heart of each and every home.


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we have to know the process in order to make it ,after knowing the basic theory and the working process of a lead acid 12v battery we can build assemble or make a 12 volt battery charger with protection. The 12v battery is still in demand these days altho the lithium battery technology is fighting back, but till 18650 battery will win we still have to use lead-acid battery because there are more affordable at this point.As well as starting the engine, an SLI battery supplies the extra power necessary when the vehicle’s electrical requirements exceed the supply from the charging system. It is also a stabilizer, evening out potentially damaging voltage spikes.[2] While the engine is running, most of the power is provided by the alternator, which includes a voltage regulator to keep the output between 13.5 and 14.5 V.[3] Modern SLI batteries are lead-acid type, using six series-connected cells to provide a nominal 12 volt system (in most passenger vehicles and light trucks), or twelve cells for a 24 volt system in heavy trucks or earth-moving equipment, for example.
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