Which Dual Battery System Do I Need? – Part 2: DC-DC Charger

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This is video number 2 in this 3 part series. In the first video, we discussed using a smart battery isolator for charging your dual battery system. Now we are going to delve into the next level up in dual batteries, the DC to DC charger or more commonly known by Redarc as a BCDC.

Like the Battery Isolator, the DC to DC Charger will always protect your starter battery, leaving you with enough power to start the car.

So let’s explore the reasons you would upgrade from a battery isolator to a DC to DC charger:

The first reason is – The majority of cars manufactured from 2006 onwards have a computer controlled alternator which thinks about fuel consumption and emissions not charging your auxiliary battery. So a DC to DC Charger is the first option for charging your dual battery systems in newer vehicles.

The second reason is – You may have multiple auxiliary batteries you need to charge. If you have one auxiliary battery to charge you would use a 25amp DC to DC charger. If you have two or three auxiliary batteries to charge you would use a 40amp DC to DC Charger

The third reason is – The isolator will only charge your AGM Batteries to 80%, however, due to the five stage charging program a DC to DC charger will charge them to 100%.

The fourth reason is – The DC-DC Charger has the ability to charge not only AGM batteries but also Calcium, Led Acid and now even lithium batteries to 100%.

The power is fed from the alternator to the starting battery to the DC to DC charger.

The DC to DC Charger like the isolator monitors the voltage of the starting battery, to see when your car is turned on and the alternator is charging.

The DC to DC charger is programmed with the chemistry of the auxiliary battery. This allows the power to then go from the DC to DC Charger to your auxiliary battery at the batteries optimum voltage, charging the battery to 100%.

The fifth reason is – As the DC to DC charger charges the battery to 100% your auxiliary battery will last longer before it needs to be replaced. Continuously under charging a battery will shorten its lifespan.

The sixth reason is – If you are driving around every day when you are on holiday’s with your motor running you will easily keep your auxiliary battery topped up enough to power your fridge and accessories, however, if you are parked up at a campsite for more than a couple of days you need another option to charge the auxiliary battery. The DC to DC Chargers come standard with an inbuilt M P P T solar regulator so you can plug a solar panel directly into it. As you can see we have a solar panel setup. The solar panel will run power through this cable into the battery charger and then into your auxiliary battery. So you can plug in a solar panel to keep your batteries topped up when the car isn’t running so you can stay in the one spot for weeks.

The seventh reason is – they feature fan-free cooling, which means no noise, it’s also a fully Sealed unit so it’s protected against dust, water and vibration which is great if you are doing trips like Cape York or the Simpson Desert

The eighth reason is – As long as the DC to DC charger is mounted next to the auxiliary battery it will overcome voltage drop caused by long cable runs. So the DC to DC charger is a great option for those mounting their auxiliary battery in the rear of the car or in a trailer.

There are stacks of brands of DC to DC chargers on the market like the Redarc BCDC range, Thunder Auto has this 20 amp DC to DC charger and CTEK is another leading brand that we stock.

The DC to DC charger allows you to charge from two inputs (alternator and solar). The next option is a battery management system or BMS, which will allow you to charge from a third input – 240 volts.

If you would like to have the option to charge from 240 volts check out the next video in this series explaining the Battery Management System.

If you do have any further questions leave a comment below, send us an email to info@amae.net.au or call 1300 227 353.


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How a Basement Waterproofing System Protects Against Floods, Leaks, and Humidity

Although many homeowners assume they are protected against flooding or water buildup in their basement, most are not. And the truth is that a basement unprotected from potential water damage could cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs, as well as unnecessary headaches and stress. To keep your basement dry and protected from floods, leaks, and humidity, there are a few important steps one must take. Continue reading to learn how to protect your home with a state of the art basement waterproofing system.

Self-Draining Sump Pump Prevents Basement Flooding

In many homes, a basement is an unused room that one simply passes through from time to time. But with the help of a basement waterproofing system, any territory can be transformed from damp and dreary into a healthy and usable space.

A great way to prevent basement flooding is by installing a self-draining sump pump and perimeter drain system. A sump pump works to collect excess water in your foundation and expel the water outside, away from the home. Without a pump pump or comparable waterproof waterproofing system, water can quickly and easily build up in your home's lower level and cause serious damage.

Speak with a certified basement systems specialist about the type of basement drainage system that's right for your home and budget. And remember to only consider a sump pump with a battery backup system, as it will continue to protect your basement from flooding even if you lose power during a heavy rainstorm.

Moisture Barriers help Prevent Leaks

Basement walls and floors are susceptible to leakage if moisture can easily pass through the lower levels of your home. And unfortunately, this is the case with most basements. Even if your foundation looks dry, there's a very good chance that moisture is continuously entering the area in the form of water vapor.

So what can you do to protect your foundation from water vapor damage and leaks? Hire a certified basement specialist to install a moisture or vapor barrier on your basement walls and floors. This covering will not only improve the appearance of your basement, but also keep it dry and safe year-round.

It is important, however, to install a moisture barrier after installing a reliable basement drainage system, such as a pump pump previously discussed. The two systems go hand-in-hand and are extremely effective basement waterproofing agents.

Energy-Efficient Dehumidifiers Help Prevent Humidity and Mold Growth

One of the most important steps in your basement "makeover" is to install an energy-efficient dehumidifier. A dehumidifier works to remove moisture from your foundation, thus lowering the humidity level. Why is this important? Because mold can not grow in an area with low humidity and can cause such health issues as allergies, asthma, and skin and eye irritation.

Mold and rot can also cause structural damage to your home. A basement dehumidifier can help prevent mold, mildew, and rot by reducing humidity, so making your basement a safer and more habitable space.

Not any dehumidifier will do, however. Be sure to install a basement dehumidifier that is self-draining. This means that you do not have to empty the collection tray numerous times each week. Instead, the dehumidifier will run on its own, empty on its own, and you will not need to think twice about it!

Contact a Certified Basement Specialist Today!

If you'd like to have a basement that is not only dry and safe but also usable, contact a certified basement specialist today. He or she can help save you potentially thousands of dollars in water damages by protecting your infrastructure against flooding, leaks, and / or humidity!



In this video we check out the Novo pod system by Smok. This is a 400mah pod kit that comes with 2 pods and has a loose mouth to lung draw.


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Alternator 220V & Motor 12V charging system

Alternator and Motor charging system Explanation: In this system, the alternator is able to give stable and durable current because it has a low number of turns and the motor pushing the alternator makes little effort to drag it. Note: This unusual method of generating current between motor and alternator is different from conventional current generators and can not be compared with 12V 220V electronic inverters, they are different systems for running time and current absorption. Features: Alternator, 220V 1.2KW, 50Hz, 1450rpm, year 1948. 12V DC permanent magnet motor. Bulbs 220V 500W + 200W. Battery power system12V 44 Ah. Two 12V 44 Ah batteries. Charger 12-24 volts.
NOTICE: This video is just an experiment and a demonstration, no confirmation of free energy.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrgd8qJ7CE97PSaPJySR6wA


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How to Install a Lithium Iron Battle Born Battery Solar system in an Eagle Cap 1165 Truck Camper


Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z2rvdRKaeI&t=1s

The MultiPlus, as the name suggests, is a combined inverter and charger in one elegant package. Its many features include a true sine wave inverter, adaptive charging, hybrid PowerAssist technology, plus multiple system integration features.

Lithium ion batteries provide better performance, last longer, and have sustainable qualities for the price. They contain no toxic components and are environmentally safe. They also feature the highest energy density, by far. Buy a lithium battery and relax knowing you’re doing the most for your RV.
Our goal is to improve the customer experience of upgrading your RV to an LFP deep cycle battery bank, it’s a big decision and we want to help you design the right DIY lithium system for your RV.

Battle Born Batteries has done extensive testing to make sure that all the major suppliers we enjoy using are compatible with our products. These brands include: Progressive Dynamics, Magnum Energy, Xantrex, Victron Energy, Zamp Solar, Go Power and many more. Their components can help ensure technical and customer support which is what we want to provide you with as well. We have designed our battery packs to be compatible with conventional chargers – including converters, inverter/chargers, alternators, and solar charge controllers.