People are buying these in 4 packs (usb solar charger power with tactical flashlight bank review)

This incredible “pocket solar generator” keeps selling out:

High Capacity:
The 8000 mAh lithium ion battery provides plenty of emergency charging power whether you’re in a crisis and need to charge up, or you’re simply out for a hike or camping with the family.

Charges With FREE Power From the Sun:
The 1.5-watt solar cell provides integrated charging… so even if the internal battery is dead, you can recharge the Patriot Power Cell wherever you have sun.

Charge Two At Once!
Two USB ports let you charge 2 devices at once, doubling your ability to keep in contact with family members or emergency responders in the event of a disaster.

Works for ANY Phone:
Use the included USB adapter or plug in your current charging cord.

Built-In Emergency Light:
The LED flashlight gives plenty of light so you’ll see your way clear, even when the lights go out. And a second emergency S.O.S. setting sounds the alarm when you really need to let someone know exactly where you are.

Easy to Use:
A 5-LED power meter means you’ll always know how much power your Patriot Power Cell has… no surprises here!

Water-Resistant and Durable:
The rubberized exterior and weatherproof USB cover mean it can withstand anything from a light mist to a full torrential downpour. And the rubber exterior doubles as a cushion from shocks. No worries if you drop it or knock it off a table.


Klaurs XT21X Review 21700 Rechargeable Tactical LED Torch Light

Click to buy Klarus XT21X:

Not satisfied with your 18650 tactical flashlight?
Try Klarus XT21X! A force to be reckoned with…5-Year Warranty…

• Forged by unforgiving missions, 4000lumens + 316meters
• Powered by one 5000mAh 21700 Power Li-ion Battery(Included)
• 2A USB fast charging with 200hours long runtime
• Side switch + tactical tail dual switch for tactical and outdoor settings

Klarus XT21X is High Performance 21700 Rechargeable Tactical LED Torch Light, and one of the Best Rechargeable Brightest Flashlights of 2019 that using 21700 battery.

Buy one XT21X Get One Survival Pracord Wristband FREE, worth US$8.89, May 1st-31st 2019 ONLY!

Learn more and Click to buy
the 21700 Rechargeable Tactical LED Torch Light
Klarus XT21X:

• 4000 Lumen tactical style flashlight
• Dual-tail switch plus side switch activation for ease of use
• Dual-mode settings – choose between tactical and outdoor mode configurations
• Includes a high capacity 5000mAh 21700 Li-ion battery
• USB Rechargeable for quick charging anywhere
• 3 Level charge indicator displays charging, charged and inspection required status
• Any-slip knurling provides a superior grip
• Lockout mode prevents accidental activation
• Package Includes:
o XT21X
o USB Charging Cable
o Spare O-ring
o User Manual
o 21700 Battery
o Holster
o Pocket Clip
o Lanyard
• LED: CREE XHP70.2 P2
• Power Source: 1 x 21700 (Included)
• Peak Beam Distance: 316 meters (1036.75 ft.)
• Peak Beam Intensity: 24964cd
• Brightness Outputs:
o Turbo 4000 Lumens – 1.2 Hours
o High 1200 Lumens – 2.3 Hours
o Medium 400 Lumens – 6.5 Hours
o Low 100 Lumens – 21 Hours
o Moonlight 5 Lumens – 200 Hours
o Special Outputs Strobe, SOS
• IPX Rating: IPX-8 Waterproof (2 Meter Submersible)
• Impact Resistance: 1 meter (3.2 ft.)
• Dimensions:
o Length – 6.34″ (161 mm)
o Head Diameter – 1.61″ (41 mm)
o Body Diameter – 1.08″ (27.5 mm)
• Weight: 5.57oz. (158g)

Video provided by Black Market


10 Best Marine Battery Charger – Tactical Gears Lab 2019


If you search the Best Marine Battery Charger, then look at our complete review, including our best selection for the year’s and more exclusively available on Tactical Gears Lab.

Here we show you the Best Marine Battery Charger models from different reliable brands NOCO, Minn Kota, ProMariner, Schumacher, WEEGO, BMK, etc.

#TacticalGearsLab #MarineBatteryCharger


Best Marine Cooler –

Best Sea Kayaks –

Best Kayak Roof Rack –

Best Boat Covers –

Best Pontoon Boats –

Best Pontoon Boat Grill –

Best Boat Anchor –

Best Marine GPS –


Oper8 Tactical Touch Charger Overview and Charging Demo – Airsoft Doc (Thanks to Socom Tactical)

Hey guy, Thanks for tuning into my channel – This week I was sent a Oper8 Tactical Smart Charger from the guys over at Socom Tactical. This video is a short overview of the charger to show how it is put together and just how easy it is to charge your Lipo batteries.

The Tech Specs for the charger:
– Input 110 – 240v AC 11 – 18v DC
– Display TFT LCD
– Batteries it can charge, LiPo, Liion, life, LiHv, PS (Lead Acid) Nicd, NIMH ( 1 – 15 cells)
-Charge Power 100w
Charge Current 0.1a – 10A
– Discharge 10w
– Discharge Current 0.1-2A
– Balancing Current 400ma
– Sub-functions Digital power, Balancer, IR test
-Firmware upgrade, External mini USD device
-Languages English
-External Temp socket, Futuba 3p socket
-Memory 6 Saves
-Auto Cell selection so no more errors
-Full Touch Screen Programming with easy to use instructions

Whats in the Box:
1x Charging unit
1x UK plug
1x Multi adapter for Small Tamiya / Large Tamiya and Deans
1x Balance board for lips

Thank you again to Oper8 Tactical and also Socom Tactical for making this video possible – for more information on the shop (click here)


Charging of battery 18650 Li-Ion 3000mAh for Vape with Armytek Handy C1

The new battery charger Armytek Handy C1 charges a fully discharged battery for electronic cigarettes 18650 Li-Ion 3000mAh for 3 hours!

You can buy Chargers here:


Thrunite MCC-2: My Favorite Battery Charger

Recently, I received the MCC-2 Battery Charger from Thrunite, and I am extremely impressed! Some of the things I like about it are…

1) it has an easy to read backlit display;
2) a solo battery can be charged, or two batteries of different types can charge simultaneously;
3) it can charge rechargeable AA, AAA, C, 32650, 26650, 18650, 18500, 1835, 16340 (RCR123A), 14500, 10440 batteries;
4) with shipping, it only costs approximately $16 on

These make the Thrunite MCC-2 an excellent deal for the money and by far my favorite battery charger.

If you want to purchase this charger or one of the other amazing products Thrunite sells, follow one of the links below:

Amazon US:
Amazon CA:
Thrunite’s Official Site:
Thrunite’s Forum:


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admin LiPo Safe Bag – Charging and Traveling Battery Bag

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What batteries you can charge in Armytek Uni C2?

Battery Charger Uni C2 of Canadian manufacturer Armytek supports IMR, Li-Ion 4.2V, Li-Ion 4.35V, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and Li-FePO4 with diameter 10..32mm and lengths 30..70mm, for example : AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, 10440, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650, 18700, 26650, 32650.

You can buy Armytek Uni C2 here: