Dusty the Talking Vacuum Review

A new fun toy for any toddler is Dusty the Talking Vacuum, which is manufactured and sold under the Hasbro toy brand. This Hasbro Vacuum will appeal to children who like to copy mom and dad as they work around the house. This fun toy comes to life with animation and real life sounds. Kids love interacting with their vacuum as they "clean the house" along with the grownups.

One thing that children love about this talking vacuum is his friendly moving eyes, which shake with each movement of the vacuum. Another thing they enjoy? The way Dusty interacts with them. It speaks up to 30 fun phrases. While he is not busy talking, this cartoonish little vacuum will make realistic sounds to properly simulate a vacuum cleaner.

A drop down handle that makes it easy for kids to vacuum under the furniture and get into the corners just like grownups do adds to the fun. While Dusty does not actually clean floors or suck up any dust or lint, there are some artificial pieces of lint which swirl around inside of a tank while the vacuum is activated. It looks pretty much like a real bagless vacuum in action.

Because of the play vacuum cleaner's sturdy and durable construction, it is ideal for youngger children. In fact, Dusty the Talking Vacuum is recommended for toddlers as young as 24 months and is meant to appeal to children as old as 4 years old. Do not be surprised if your slightly older children still love playing with Dusty, though. This toy allows them to mimic a basic chore completed by their parents while enjoying all of its fun and interactive parts.

Dusty the Talking Vacuum comes in a variety of colors and styles. The most popular version of this cute talking vacuum is a purple face with a yellow handle and gray extendable cord which holds the brush attachment. Other varieties of this kids' vacuum cleaner include a blue face with a yellow handle and a burnt orange face with a light blue handle. All versions and styles of the vacuum come with the same face which includes two large circular and friendly eyes paired with a smiling mouth.

Overall, product reviews of this Hasbro toy vacuum have been quite positive. Most parents think that the toy is very cute and find that their children really love the toy's fun sounds, bright colors, and friendly display. Unlike many talking children's toys, the sounds and speech coming out of the talking vacuum is not too loud or annoying. Some parents believe that having a realistic toy vacuum teachers children how to clean and also encourages physical exercise. Many parents feel the toy is even fun for their children when it is not powered by batteries, even though it can not talk or make its fun sounds.

While overall consumer reviews have been positive, some consumers have given negative reviews. The most common negative reviews regarding the toy are that the vacuum can be difficult for a smaller toddler to handle and that kids get tired of the toy easily.

Since I've personally seen my kids pull out our Dirt Devil Jr. over and over to play house, I know that kids love having a toy vacuum to play with. If you are looking for a sturdy toy with kid appeal, a realistic toy like Dusty the Vacuum may be the perfect choice for your family.


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