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This video explains how to increase phone battery without charger in tamil | phone battery dying fast Phone-ல Charge குறையாம இருக்க 100% யாருக்கும் தெரியாத 5 Simple Tips | why is phone battery dying so fast | why is my android battery dying so fast all of a sudden | battery charger mobile settings | mobile battery problem | smartphone battery charging tips | battery charging 5 simple tips | mobile battery charger fast | mobile battery charging tricks tamil | mobile battery charging tricks without charger

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Best Way to Improve Mobile Signal-How to boost my cell phone signal for free Tamil

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0 to 100% Charge in 17 Min on Xiaomi Super Turbo Charger | Tamil Explainer

Xiaomi CEO released a video showing Super Charge Turbo technology of a xiaomi phone gets 100% Full charge in 17 minutes with 100w charger while the Oppo R17 phone gets only 65% charge with its 50watts charger.

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When will Xiaomi Super Turbo Charger be released in India ?
XIaomi Super turbo charger price in India ?

This is upcoming technology product in 2019 , if released on right time there’s a chance this would be huge hit.

All these details would be updated here as we get those details.

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Best AA/AAA Battery Chargers Unboxing and Overview in Tamil | 2018

Today We See About battery charger unboxing and review

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Machine : 5w

Battery Mah : 1100MaH

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Common Types of Battery Charging – In Tamil

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Tech Essentials in Tamil – Aukey Charging Station and Instaneat Cable Management Box

This is the first video in Tech Essential Series.
I have shared the usage and thoughts on Aukey Charging Station and Instaneat Cable Management Box.
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Aukey Chargers – Aukey 50W / 10A 5 Ports USB Charging Station – AUKEY USB Charger with 6-Port 60W Desktop USB Charging Station – Aukey Quick 2.0 42W 3 Ports USB
Desktop Station

GeekCases Power Station – GeekCases Power hub Non-QC GC-IN5U-BLACK 5 Ports 8A/40 Watts Charging Station (Black) – GeekCases Power hub QC GC-IN5UQC-BLACK 5 USB Ports Fast Charging Station

Anker Charging Station – Anker PowerPort+ 6 (Premium 60W 6-Port USB Charging Hub)

Cable Management Box – InstaNeat Cable Management Box Cum
Charging Station – Electomania® Cable Management Box – Tidy Up! Wire Bin (Black)


Smart Phones Without Battery is developed | no need of chargers for lifetime | tamil hacks

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Fastest Charger For Your Phone!In Tamil!

Hey guys this is Geekytamizha!Who doesn’t love fast charging? But how many of us know about fast charging,it’s working and uses?Where to buy fast Chargers?Watch this video fully to know it!Share this video with your family and friends!Stay Subscribed:)

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