Vintage Dayton 1ZA52A battery charger part 1 the teardown

We open and see what we need to repair on a classic Dayton 6v-12V battery charger Part one of


Voltlog #228 – LIDL UltimateSpeed Car Battery Charger Teardown

$2 for 5 PCBs Any Color In this video I am talking a look at this UltimateSpeed (LIDL) branded car battery charger. The unit is intended for charging 6V or 12V lead batteries and is advertised as having a FLIRT processor 🙂

F.L.I.R.T. Processor HT66F0185 Datasheet
Similar Charger on Aliexpress

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Newmowa LP E12 battery charger kit teardown | DrRunCMD

A teardown of a dual LP-E12 battery charger powered from just 5v and output of 8.7v x2.

Interesting little device which uses a common method by using a boost circuit.

Lets have a look! Enjoy!


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CTEK Multi XS 3600 battery charger teardown & repair

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NiteCore i4 vs XTAR VC4 teardown. 18650 lithium battery chargers

See the insides of two lithium battery chargers.


EEVblog #388 – Fake Apple USB Charger Teardown

Teardown Tuesday.
What is inside a fake clone A1265 Apple USB charger?
WARNING: These fakes and cheap no-name chargers are DANGEROUS. If you have one, throw it out and get a quality one.

Teardown of a real Apple USB charger:

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Tesla makes a WIRELESS charger?! – Teardown

The wireless Tesla charger is BACK. And we get to see the insides during this teardown video. Do you think wireless charging is the way of the future? Should Tesla implement this in their vehicles? Design your own Tesla HERE:

The Tesla Wireless charger is here:

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R&D #32: Teardown of the Milwaukee M12 battery charger.

Today I do a short tear down video of the Milwaukee M12 battery charger, showing the internals, AC to DC section, Step down converter and the charging controller, an Atmel ATmega 48.


What’s Inside A Solar Portable Battery Charger?

What is inside these battery packs? How do they work? Are you really getting the charging capacity that is advertised? Watch now as I answer these questions and many more.

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LiitoKala Lii 402 Smart Battery Charger Review & Teardown

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LiitoKala Lii 402 Smart Battery Charger Review & Teardown

In this video we take a look at the LiitoKala Lii-402 Smart Battery Charger. It will charge 1-4 Lithium batteries or 1-4 AA/AAA NiMh batteryies. It’s powered from a 2A USB wall charger and can auto-detect the type of battery inserted.

LiitoKala Lii-402 Smart Battery Charger:

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