Technology and Need

Throughout my life I have tried not to go so far into technology. It is obvious that technology is not my thing and it has never been. But what happens when the children begin to appear and with them the world opens wide to thousands of ideas and new practices?

Once I was in a consultation for the pediatrician, I was sitting next to me, a lady about 45 years old, we were both waiting for the same doctor. Suddenly, and with a cell phone in his hand he looks at me and starts a chat with me, that I’m not very sociable.

-What this thing from Facebook tells me… with a face of not understanding too much. And the talk continues, that more than conversation was a monologue. Have not you read about the atrocities that are done through this network? He asks me, and I with a smile and shaking my head I say no. Many people with fake personalities, changed names and others are talking and engaging in conversations and even reaching children and teenagers. How exposed our children are, and for this there is no sex, no matter the girl or child.

-Already telling me this, I began to pay more attention to him and said, therefore, to all the parents that I could, I urge you to learn to use technology and accompany your children who are their friends in the networks and who know their Friendships that today are not only flesh and blood but also virtual and very dangerous.

I believe that after this comment, there has been nothing in my life that I have looked for more and with more interest than to approach the technology, which incidentally, is a continuous research but that is so easy to reach.

I remember that before, we only had to attend a library to access the information or go to the home of people who have had the purchasing power to buy them on a particular subject.

Today with a cell phone and an internet connection, we have all the information at the fingertips. When I sit down and think about it, I find the reason for those famous words… There is no better teacher than need.

The thirst to know in what things and our young people and children make that the parents investigate and we are experts in diverse subjects. It is a challenge that we must face as we have done to be parents, but at this moment is when we realize that they are a world different from ours.


Horizon Insider Tech Talk: Get SMART with Spektrum Battery/Charger Technology!

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Horizon Insider Tech Talk: Get SMART with Spektrum Battery/Charger Technology!

In this episode of Horizon Insider, Kyle chats about some of the key benefits of Spektrum SMART technology. Kyle also covers how the SMART ecosystem is beneficial AND available for any application!

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What’s New: Spektrum Smart Technology Batteries, Chargers & Power Supplies

For all radio control hobbyists that are looking for a better way to charge batteries, Spektrum Smart Chargers and Smart Batteries combine for an intuitive charging experience that results in a simple, connected, and safer charging experience.

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Smart IC5 Adapter (required for IC5 equipped batteries):

Smart Adapter Options:

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Portable Charger 22400mAh Power Bank by EC Technology Review and unboxing

This is my honest review and unboxing of the EC Technology power bank 22400 mAh used this for a few weeks now great product although a little heavy:

Link to product –


7 Key Improvements Being Made to Drone Technology

Ever since drone technology has been introduced in the market, it has captured the imagination of people belonging to different sectors. From the armed forces to the real estate businesses to sports, drones have found applications almost every sector. However, even with the amazing success of drones, people have identified the need for continual improvement if these aerial vehicles are to realize their true potential. This is the reason why scientists and tech experts all over the world are trying to make improvements and upgrades to the existing drone technology to iron out its flaws. The following are some of the areas of the drones in which improvements are being made.

Battery Life

One of the biggest challenges faced by the people when using drones is that of its limited battery life. The drones that are currently available cannot remain airborne for more than half an hour as their batteries don’t hold that much power. This is one of the aspects of drones in which a lot of progress is being made. Scientists are trying to come up with more powerful batteries that can keep the drones in the air for a longer period of time. Moreover, tech experts are also exploring the possibility of using solar energy for powering the drones too. It is expected that in the very near future the battery life of drones will be considerably increased, allowing them to fly long distances without requiring a recharge.

Collision Avoidance

Safety has always remained one of the most talked about aspects of the drone technology. There is the risk that the drone would collide with the objects that come in its path like power lines, trees and other aircraft. To combat this risk and to increase the safety of the drones, scientists are working on a collision avoidance system for the drones. The idea behind this is that the drones will be fitted with a system that would be able to detect the presence of other objects in their path and take evasive maneuvers to avoid collision. Although such a system hasn’t been developed yet, research is ongoing and the chances of a breakthrough happening are quite bright.


The drones that are available in the market at the moment need to be controlled to some extent from the ground. You must have to pilot the drone remotely and tell it where it needs to go. This means that drones can only be operated by someone who has the necessary training and certifications required to fly a drone. However, this is about to change. Tech experts are working on the autopilot of the drones so that they can fly autonomously without requiring a human pilot. With this autopilot feature, people who have absolutely no idea about flying drones would be able to use them too.


Navigation is another area of the drone technology that is seeing a great deal of improvement these days. For now, GPS is being used for the purpose of navigating the drones but there are several flaws with this strategy. GPS isn’t reliable in crowded environments like forests and cities with large buildings. The signals of the GPS can get lost in such places which can adversely affect the flight pattern of the drone. To avoid such an issue, scientists are working on backup navigation systems that can take over if the GPS stops working for some reason. These supplemental navigation systems would greatly help in ensuring that the drones get to complete their missions even if something goes wrong.

Control Systems

Control systems are pivotal to the success of drones. These systems are used for the purpose of controlling different aspects of the drone while it is flying like interference, power conditions, acceleration, moisture and temperature ranges. Without these control systems, the drone would go rogue and it would be impossible to control its movements. Improvements being made to the control metrics are focused on their security. Tech experts are trying to ensure that the control systems are resistant to malware and can’t be hacked easily. In addition to this, new and improved control systems are being developed that provide on-ground pilots a greater degree of control over the drone’s movements.

Communication Systems

As is the case with any other aircraft, communication systems are extremely important for drones. They are used by the ground staff to communicate with the drone and to provide necessary instructions to it. The communication system needs to be fault free and resistant to errors as it is the only means for remaining in touch with the drone. Similar to the control systems, the communication systems aboard a drone need to be firewalled too so that they cannot be hijacked. Drone innovators are working tirelessly on improving the security aspect of the UAV’s communication systems so that they can’t be taken over and remain functional even in the most unfavorable conditions.

Data Processing

Drones are usually used for the purpose of obtaining data. Whether it is in the form of pictures or any other format, it needs to be processed before it can be put to any use. There are a number of software programs available that can process the data being transmitted by the drones on a real-time basis. However, the software programs that are currently in use can’t handle large amounts of data and thus require a lot of processing time. To reduce the time needed for data processing, new and improved software applications are being developed that can process the data obtained by drones in a much quicker manner.

So, as you can see, there are a number of improvements that are being to the drone technology. Tech experts and scientists are joining forces to find out ways through which they can enhance the capabilities of the drones and to make them as safe as possible. If this rate advancement and improvement continues then it can be expected that within a few years time, we will have a number of drones flying around over our heads.


Navitas Explains what is GaNFast technology and how they make GaN chargers so tiny

At CES 2019, a Navitas representative explained GaNFast technology and showed us production units of GaN chargers.


Computer Repair Parts Advice and Software Solutions Using the Latest Technology

Software Solutions

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you need computer repair parts? Of course you have! After all this is the computer age and most of us have at least one computer or laptop in our homes. It is possible that somewhere along the way, your computer will begin acting up and you will think it is a virus, when in fact it might be a problem with software compatibility due to a recent upgrade. While there are many different software tools available via the Internet, there are times when using an onsite repair service is in your best interest. This is especially true if there is concern about losing valuable data or those family photographs that are irreplaceable.

Finding the Solutions Yourself

There are ways available for you to try fixing your computer problems yourself. However, make sure you don’t do more damage, because it can make your repair bill higher, when you end up calling for onsite computer repair. Experts certified in onsite computer repair services can install the computer repair parts you need and offer solutions to solve software problems and data protection concerns. Some experts will even recommend some informational books to help you that you will be able to find at Amazon books or possibly through an online e-book.

Hard Drive Backup Solutions

There are options for backing up your hard drive to protect your data. Onsite computer repair services can advise you on the best solutions for hard drive backup solutions, in the unfortunate event your hard drive is one of the computer repair parts that needs to be replaced. You can purchase mirror hard drives, but you have to make sure that you schedule regular backups and many times, your programs and data files might not be complete. Some repair services are able to recommend Internet-based providers, like Mozy for hard drive backup, for example.

Finding Your Own Parts

Some people are computer savvy enough to have the mechanical ability to replace some computer parts that are easy to access. Places like Tiger Direct sell new and refurbished computer products and parts and Dell offers replacement parts, as well. Just keep in mind this isn’t something that amateurs should attempt. Because you can lose valuable data and corrupt programs, as well as cause additional parts to be needed that might not have been needed to begin with. When you are certain that you have hardware problems and need computer repair parts, consider the experts that can fix your problem the most economically.

Adding More Memory

Most computer experts would recommend that you know the exact computer repair parts you need, when you want to add more memory, because you don’t want to damage your motherboard. Again, this something that you can undertake yourself, if you are knowledgeable in this area, and helpful tools are provided by Crucial Memory so you can find the correct memory for your motherboard. However, if you are unsure about this task, it is easy and affordable for onsite computer repair services to install additional memory with the correct computer repair parts. This might be worth the peace of mind and it is an affordable option.


Hackers Using Hi-Tech Technology | Grabbing Phone Data With Portable Chargers | Be Alert | NTV

Hackers Using Hi-Tech Technology | Grabbing Phone Data With Portable Chargers | Be Alert | NTV

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Revealing The PlayStation 3D TV – Powerful 3D Gaming Technology From Sony

Sony's ever popular games console may be about to step up even further in desirability with the recently announced arrival of the PlayStation 3D TV. Sony announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo during June 2011 that they will bring the model to market alongside their existing range of 3D TVs in an attempt to take the 3D games market by storm. Sony is planning to use breakthrough technology which allows two players to see individual different game images on screen by simply pressing a button, revolutionizing the existing split screen method, and opening up new potential in the ways that competitive games are played.

The out of the blue announcement firmly places 3D gaming as the one source of 3D content that has true potential to place 3D TV at the center of our home technology needs. Watching images in 3D naturally increases the feeling of immersion, which of course is one of the key attractions of gaming in general – to take you out of this world and into another where you're in control and slap bang in the middle of the action . With video games attempting to deliver a true 3D experience unsuccessfully for many years, and the Nintendo 3DS not quite delivering everything promised, it very much looks as if it will ensure that their new PlayStation 3D TV takes the pole position in the race for the best new 3D entertainment of 2011.

Sony have stated that the PlayStation 3D TV screen size will be 24 inches and come as part of a bundle that will include various essential accessories such as active shutter 3D glasses, HDMI connector cables to hook up the PS3 to the TV, and a 3D game which first indications suggest will be Resistance 3. The glasses operate on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that according to Sony needs a 45 minute charge to give up to 30 hours playing time, plus just a few minutes charge is expected to provide a few full hours use. With a planned Autumn 2011 release date there is plenty of time for elements of this bundle to change, and it'll be no surprise to see either different or extra games included.

For anyone who's been following the progress of 3D TV technology over the last year or so, the 24 inch display size might be surprising. On first impressions it does seem on the small side given much of the focus on 3D TV has been on building and selling larger screen models to increase the immersive feeling that's a major part of watching 3D images. But Sony are aiming this innovation at gamers who are used to smaller screens, they might be playing in bedrooms and other small spaces where standard larger 3D TVs are way too big.

At roughly £ 320 or around $ 500 the price might just about be set at the right level, though extra pairs of Sony glasses cost between around $ 50 – $ 70 as well. Early reports indicate that the picture quality delivered by the 1080p, 24 inch, edge LED lit display is strong, and other specifications of the model include a 5000 to 1 contract ratio, 2 HDMI inputs, and a 176 degree viewing angle for players. This wide viewing angle looks to be a critical element of the TV, allowing players to sit next to each other exactly as they do now to enjoy multiplayer games and yet still get the full 3D effect.

Other features include a headset port, two HDMI ports, one component port, and two speakers. All combined with an ultra thin display. But the ability for players to see different 3D images while playing the same game is of course the jewel in the crown. The technology uses what's known as quad speed frame sequential display technology, and in simple terms it works by combining the glasses with the TV to send the separate 3D images to the different players.

Most major manufacturers, and Sony in particular of course, believe that 3D games will drive the adoption of 3D TVs even higher, and this looks to be the first real effort from a major games manufacturer to try and prove that point. For an experienced gamer the PlayStation 3D TV could have become one of the all time must have gaming gadgets. And for those of us who do not class themselves as hardened gamers, then this new development might be the fuel that sets us on the road. There are already over 100 PS3 3D games in circulation and if the PlayStation 3D TV is successful it will be no surprise to see that number increase substantially.

At the expected price of around $ 500 this option may just encourage anyone who's been sitting on the fence about buying a 3D TV to jump in with both feet. And the potential for the future is outstanding. Imagine when 3D games get to be paired with motion-sensing controls or head tracking technology, we could be facing whole new ways of gaming. Players could manipulate 3D environments with a wave of their hand. Game play and even player level creation could become far more intuitive than ever before. Should the PlayStation 3D TV be as successful as seems likely, it could open the doorway to even more new and innovative gaming experiences.

It all sounds good, does not it? But there are some drawbacks. The major one is that the dual player mode will only work with 3D games that have been specially created to take advantage of it. Clearly that means that all existing games will be incompatible from this perspective, though of course you'll be able to play them as a single player in 3D. Sony will reportedly have around 100 fully compatible games released by the end of the year.

So we'll need to wait and see what further developments take place. But if the idea of ​​the PlayStation 3D TV does not grab your imagination there's an alternative way to hook up your PlayStation to a 3D TV with the recently released Sony combination 3D TV / PC. Known as the Vaio All In One, the combo comes with a 24 inch, 1080p HD LCD monitor, plus a built-in Blu-Ray player. Connectivity to a PS3 is via an HDMI port. At a price of around $ 1400, the All-In-One could be a better option for anyone who wants to combine 3D gaming with their other online activities.


The Invisible Fast Wireless Charger | ENERQi | Technology 2019

Technology 2019 “Technology 2019” “Tech 2019”

The Invisible Fast Wireless Charger | ENERQi

Charge through desks and table-tops with a range of 40mm.


Risks and challenges
With over 20+ years of experience in design and manufacturing, ENERQi brings together a team that has shipped over 500,000 Qi wireless chargers to satisfied customers across the globe. With a manufacturing partnership that’s been proven for over 15 years, we are are confident to ship ENERQi within 60 days of successful project funding.

With quality our number one priority, and user experience the crux of our design process, ENERQi became a wireless charger like no other. Everything we had learned up until this point went into the ENERQi. A vision that began in early 2017 comes to its final stage, and with a product that packs smart technologies like smart-smartphone detection, metal detection, eco-cool housing & long-range Qi magnetic resonance technology, rest assure that ENERQi is a refined product that will last for generations.

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