3D Printed Tesla Wireless Qi Charger


Tow-charging the Tesla Model 3 (part two). CRAZY results!!!

Today I do more thorough tow testing of the Tesla Model 3. The results are something you need to see!

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EVTV Friday Show – 100kW Tesla Solar Energy Battery

PowerSafe 100kW Solar Energy Storage from Tesla Model S Battery Modules permanent wiring into EVTV shop location. AC Coupling issues activating grid-tied inverters using off-grid 12kW inverter. How to control the grid-tied inverters using frequency shifting.



Here we are charging a battery. This is a Tesla turbine with 10 blades and an 8 inch rotor. We developed a converging nozzle for a better angle of attack. The generator is a 2 hp three phase motor. It has been modified with 72 N-48 rare earth magnets. The magnets are 1/2 inch diameter and 1/2 inch long. each has 17 pounds of pull force. The rotor has two poles. 36 N and 36 S.

The initial charge is 12.85 volts. The ending charge is 13.33 volts. Because there is no voltage regulation, the battery is the limiting factor. In series, this unit can output well over 240 volts and adapts automatically with the rectification bridge. The current begins to flow through the rectifier when the voltage meets or exceeds the battery charge. This can and will very easily overcharge a single battery fast. In series or parallel with multiple batteries this hazard is easily averted and the system efficiency is maximized.


Tesla makes a WIRELESS charger?! – Teardown

The wireless Tesla charger is BACK. And we get to see the insides during this teardown video. Do you think wireless charging is the way of the future? Should Tesla implement this in their vehicles? Design your own Tesla HERE: https://ts.la/zack10701

The Tesla Wireless charger is here: https://shop.tesla.com/us/en/product/apparel/tesla-wireless-charger.html?sku=1479398-00-A

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Macquarie Shopping Centre Electric Car Charger is tricky to find

There are two ChargePoint Type 1 J1772 chargers located at the Macquarie Shopping Centre carpark. These chargers are difficult to reach as they are ‘hidden’ behind the valet parking area. This video shows you how to get to these chargers (without having to pay for valet).


EV Chargers, an informal discussion with James (“James and Kate”)

Informal discussion about chargers and charging needs for the future. Being significantly more experienced I was keen to pick Jame’s brain on a few things that have been on my mind.

Although, not staged for videoing and sharing the cameras were rolling and I thought many others might be interested in the discussion.

With thanks to James for his views and permission to share.

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30 Oct 2018 | Electrify America Up To 30 Locations, China Speeds Up EV Infrastructure and…

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A quick stat on the rise and fall, and fall and fall of Diesel from Matthias Schmidt @auto_schmidt: “European #diesel mix of new passenger car sales fell below one third in September… Sep YTD: 9% Last 4 qtrs: Q3 ’18: 35.2% Q2 ’18: 36.7% Q1 ’18: 38.5% Q4 ’17: 41.6% Last time annual diesel mix fell below 1/3 was the year 2000 (32.3%)”  


A new update today about Electrify America progress ahead of the on onslaught of EVs which should be coming 2019, at least early 2020. They have 30 fast charging stations now online and a huge task ahead of them to spend the $2bn settlement with the EPA and California Air Resources Board over dieselgate. Of those 30 stations, most have 7 CCS chargers plus a 1 CHAdeMo point. This weeks question of the week is where would you put a charger – if you were thinking Walmart, they’ve beaten you to it. Over 100 off the Electrify America chargers will be at a Walmart store. But that’s still a drop in the ocean with more than 2,000 Ultra Fast chargers in place by June 2019. “Electrify America DC fast charging stations display clear, up-front pricing. Electrify America charging will include the following elements: $1.00 session fee + per minute charging cost + idle fee of $0.40/minute (if applicable). Our introductory charging cost pricing is $0.30 to $0.35 per minute of charging”  




“While battery-powered vehicles may be cheaper to run and maintain compared to their petrol- and diesel-powered cousins, the European Union isn’t yet the perfect place to charge them and keep them going because more than three quarters (76 percent) of the EU’s charging points are concentrated across just four countries – the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. What’s more, those countries only make up 27 percent of the Union’s total area” reports Motor1.com: “The country with the most dense concentration of electric vehicle charging points in the EU is currently the Netherlands, where 28 percent of charging points cover one percent of the total area of the EU. The Netherlands also has solid fast charging networks like Fastned. There is currently around 100,000 charging points the in the European Union according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), and that number should multiply at least 20 times by 2025 giving the EU 20 million charging points to handle the anticipated rise in sales of plug-in cars. To meet that target, 1.9 million charging points need to be produced and sold within 7 years.”  




“The Chinese government has come up with a plan to accelerate infrastructure construction for electric vehicles (EVs). Chinese premier Li Keqiang at a state council meeting last week released a guidance plan for the EV industry, aimed at building sufficient charging poles to meet demand from at least 5mn EVs by 2020.” according to Argus Media: “The plan requires all parking spots at new residential buildings to have charging poles and at least 10pc of spots at public parking facilities to have charging poles. This is to ensure one charging pole in a public area for every 2,000 EVs. China is the world’s largest EV producer and consumer. It produced 795,000 EVs last year and is on target to produce 1mn EVs in 2018. Beijing is aiming to double production of EVs to 2mn by 2020 to save energy and curb pollution. China produced only 8,200 EVs in 2011. China as of August has installed at least 662,000 charging poles across the country — 275,000 public poles and 387,000 private poles. The central government’s guidance plan comes after many Chinese provinces introduced regional plans to boost the use of EVs.”  





Model 3 day trip on 35% battery!!!

Checkout my day trip in my Tesla Model 3. We only had less than 40% battery for an out of town day trip. No chargers, no problems! The range of 310 miles is way more than you need.

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Lithium Battery Electric Chevy S10 EV Tesla Destination Charging with a TeslaTap

2003 Chevrolet S10 Battery Electric Conversion. Winston Thundersky WB-LYP300AHA, Orion BMS, Manzanita Micro PFC-30, Android Torque App, EV, Electric Vehicle, TeslaTap