LiFePO4 Battery & Charger Testing

1. Start with the charger not plugged into anything.
2. Plug the charger into the battery first.
a. LED 1 lights up Red / LED 2 is off
i. This indicates that the fuse on the DC (battery side) of the charger is good and the charging fuse in the battery is also good
b. If LED 1 does not light up:
i. Check first, then replace the fuse in the screw-in holder under the DC (battery) plug on the charger
ii. If the fuse is good but LED1 did not light up, you must check the battery charging port and fuse by taking a voltage reading off the battery’s charging port
1. Red / positive is center, black / negative is outer
2. If you see voltage (30v-40v DC), fuse / plug is okay
3. No voltage, or millivolts only, fuse on charging port inside of battery must be replaced

3. Unplug the charger from the battery, let the lights go out
4. Plug the charger into the wall only
a. LED 1 lights up red / LED 2 Lights up green
i. Fuse on the wall / AC side is okay and your AC plug is okay
b. If LEDs do not light up, the fuse on the AC / Wall side of the charger is out
i. Slide open the plastic tray under the wall plug. Check and replace the fuse
5. Plug the charger into the battery now.
a. LED 1 is red, LED 2 goes from green to red. The fan comes on
i. Now the battery is charging. Take note of how long the fan runs for (3-4 hours should be expected now)


Testing an Automatic 12V Battery Charging Procedure

The video shows the testing of an automatic battery charger using an opamp and relay. We see how the circuit automatically activates and deactivates the charging process of the connected battery at the fixed predetermined thresholds, indicated by the relevant LEDs…the schematic can be found below:

Opamp Low High Battery Charger Circuit


Testing 3 popular 20 watt Solar Panels under $30, Which one wins?

SOLARLAND 20w Schottky Diode 20w MonoFlex w/USB Suaoki 18v/20w panel 8amp charger HIT SHOW MORE

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Testing the Battery Charging of my Nissan Leaf

Last week I tried to charge the Nissan Leaf in a shopping centre and it didn’t work. I thought it would be a good idea to go to a local charge and plug in and make sure it was working as it should be. I went to the local bus station where there is a charger and it puts out up to 7 kW. I plugged in and everything worked perfectly. Not like last week where after plugging in, it lasted for about 30 seconds and then stopped. The problem was with the chargers in the shopping centre and not with the car.

While I was testing the charger another guy turned up with a 2018 Nissan Leaf. I had a quick chat with him and he loves his car just as much as I love mine. Driving electric vehicles is the future, but now. It sometimes amazes me how cheap it is to drive. Apart from there being very little maintenance required the cost of the electric means it’s extremely cheap to run. The cost of the energy is nothing, especially when you plug into a free charger. Today the electricity cost me nothing at the charger at the bus station in St. Feliu de Guixols.

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Testing USB chargers.

Testing USB chargers to see how different manufacturers handle charging voltages and modes.

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Testing out the tonic fast battery charger system

Dc power


Analytical Equipment Company: Supplying Everything a Business Needs for VOC Testing

Research labs today strongly heavies on analytical devices to obtain quality testing results in relation to product development, compliance, and safety testing. Equipment used in a laboratory setting is very broad due to the widespread analysis processes applied to identify items such as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Advanced analysis systems provided by supply companies to research facilities include fast sequencing devices, spectrometry detection tools, high end chromatography systems, and supporting tools and equipment such as sampling systems. The introduction of these items to research facilities has been greatly due to the changing demands of the consumer market. Government standards, green practices, and product enhancements have caused analytical equipment companies to offer advanced testing devices designed to produce more accurate results at a faster rate.

Refurbished VOC Analysis Equipment Helps Businesses Reduced Lab Expenses

VOC analysis equipmentwhile in high demand comes with a very large price tag and various economic changes have made these devices harder to acquire for necessary testing procedures. Company mergers are reducing development funding provided to labs and global banking complications have greatly hindered the amount of funding businesses have available to perform beneficial research. Instruments designed to detect VOC compound concentrations have become a necessity for businesses revolving around environmental, emission, food, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Many types of equipment are implemented to perform certain forms of laboratory testing.

A spectrometer is a measurement instrument used to identify materials through use of light and the magnetic spectrum. Mass spectrometers are more common when VOC's are being identified. Spectrometry involves ionizing a chemical compound to create charged molecules in order to measure specific ratios. The instrument is loaded with a sample which is then subjected to vaporization. Samples are ionized in a variety of ways to be separated based on their mass-to-charge ratio. The electromagnetic field enables this type of separation allowing for additional compound research. A gas chromatograph is another form of VOC analysis equipment used to separate chemical compounds. During this type of lab technique, a sample is loaded into the chromatograph which then uses a carrier gas to put the mixture into a mobile phase. As the mixture advanced through a column, it bonds to the tubing walls, and compounds making up the sample exit the column within different time frames. Data is recorded to allow technicians to further evaluate all testing results.

A sampling system may be used with both of these instruments to increase the reliability of sample insertion. It is also beneficial to many other types of testing involving mixtures trials. These devices can be expensive for businesses to purchase but are a necessity in many laboratory settings. Secondhand instruments are one option being provided by analytical equipment companies to facilitate the cost of VOC testing equipment. Quality suppliers have additional support teams available for each device upon purchasing. Every piece of used equipment is put through an intense quality control program to be sold in refurbished condition. Providers offer on-site servicing, installation assistance, and dependable support. Companies specializing in both new and used equipment provide immense cost benefits to laboratory research facilities.


AA solar panel car battery charger testing

Connected using a ob2 port to charge / maintain the car battery under sunlight . Compared the results while putting the panel under and over the windscreen during a summer morning in the UK.


Anker PowerCore+ Portable Charger Review & Testing!!! Is It Worth The Money???

Anker PowerCore+ Portable Charger Review & Testing!!! Is It Worth The Money???
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Testing The Brand New @Mclaren @Oneplus 6T 30W Warp Charger To See How fast It Is!!!

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Today I have for 4 you my testing of the brand new OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition warp charger 30w. How much faster is it than the regular dash charger that’s comes with the regular 6t.

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