Throw Out Your Old Chargers!

Tired of waiting for batteries to charge? Check out these quick charge USB chargers from Nitecore and you’ll never go back.

These, in particular, are for Sony NP-F style batteries, but check out their website for tons of other variations! (or grab one on Amazon with the link below)

To see my review of their Canon LP-E6 charger options, click here:


USN3 PRO (Sony NP-F):
UCN3 (Canon LP-E6 – compact):
UCN2 PRO (Canon LP-E6 – standard):

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Motorcycle Saddlebags – Hard Mounted Or Throw Over?

Everyone remembers getting their first motorcycle over fifty years ago and having that fancy saddlebag along side with them holding just about anything imaginable. Using your saddlebag could be done in many different ways, but one of the best ways was for storing all your necessities for your trips anywhere throughout the world. The pockets on your clothing just can’t hold everything you need securely, so by having a saddlebag you can keep everything safe for every motorcycle ride, whether long or short.

What exactly sets motorcycle saddlebags apart now a day? Currently two types motorcycle saddlebags have been designed hard mounted and throw over saddlebags.

Hard Mounted Saddlebags

If you require a stable saddlebag then a hard mounted motorcycle saddlebag is perfect for you. Back in the 1950s there was a group of motorcyclists that decided to drill several holes into their motorcycle fenders to place their motorcycle saddlebags onto securely. By doing this they prevented their saddlebags from flapping and flying off of their motorcycles, making it a huge hit in the motorcycle industry.

As this option became more popular many manufacturers began their trial and error periods and soon developed a motorcycle saddlebag that mounted onto the motorcycle, instead of drilling multiple holes into the fender.

Just about any motorcycle now has a hard mounted saddlebag one them, whether its been purchased with the motorcycle, or installed later on. Many people are turning to adding on a hard mounted saddlebag themselves, as it can be costly having someone do it for you.

Now you are probably wondering what kind of leather would be better, hard or soft? If you need astounding protection then you may consider hard leather, but soft leather can be good as well, just not as strong. It solely depends on the motorcyclist’s preference of texture and strength.

Throw Over Motorcycle Saddlebags

Now if you are looking to avoid making any modifications to your motorcycle then you may want to consider purchasing a throw over motorcycle saddlebag. Just like the name says, a throw over motorcycle saddlebag is thrown over the seat and attached with a string to hold them on.

When it comes to installing a throw over motorcycle saddlebag you may quickly discover that it can be quite frustrating installing it onto the motorcycle. Some require that you remove the seat, but others don’t.

Don’t fret at the difficulty in installing a throw over saddlebag; they can be quite useful especially if you don’t want to be making any modifications onto your motorcycle. It is a great way to have the storage, but be able to remove the storage at anytime.

Deciding on what motorcycle saddlebag is right for you may be difficult, but if you require something that is permanent then you may want to consider a hard mounted saddlebag, but if you want something temporary that requires no modifications then a throw over saddlebag is right for you. Do your research and don’t decide which one is right for you just by looking at one. Every saddlebag varies, so weigh your options.


Fix a Dead Drill Battery That Wont Charge- Don’t Throw it Away!

How I fixed my completely dead drill battery. Works fine again
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My Black & Decker drill decided to complete stop working and would not charge or function with the factory battery charger. I knew the battery had only a few cycles on it so it should be recoverable. The stock charger refuses to apply any charge if the cells are not at the correct level.

Here’s an easy fix anyone can do just be careful.

I used this drill all day afterward at the capacity seems right back to 100%. Beats the heck out of throwing it away.
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