Importance of Time and Clocks

The clock is one of the most important devices of all civilization. It is simply a gadget that we use to tell the exact time of day. Its name was borrowed from a Greek term that meant the ringing of a bell. Now since clocks would make some sort of sound after every hour, it was dubbed with this name.

We are living in a civilized time that has put such a heavy importance on time. Everything is dependent on it. That is how important therefore that the clock is. Due to this importance there are clocks all around us. In a developed area you cannot walk for five minutes before you see a clock somewhere.

The clocks we have in our society today all have a common ancestor. Their common ancestor is the sun dial. It would cast the sun’s shadow around its fixed centre to show us the time. The sun dial had a huge disadvantage that today’s clocks do not have. It only worked during the day.

The water clock came soon after the sun dial. As a matter of fact it is not known exactly when both these clocks were first invented. Let us just say that it was a long time ago. The sun dial was used to set the water clock which would then tell fairly accurate time. Yes, even through the night.

The pendulum clock brought a fresh sense of accurate timing in the world of clocks. It would rarely lose time like the water clock. It therefore became a huge success. I am sure we have all at one time or the other seen one. Many of us just know it as the grandfather clock.

The next evolution in clocks came with the electrical era. The clocks would have electric motors wound electromagnetically that would run for days. There are many forms of electrical clocks still in use today. One does not have to worry about winding them every six hours.

With the introduction of electricity into the world of clock manufacture, came even further advancements. There was the invention of the batteries. The two together led the inventors to digital clocks. These were clocks that did not need mechanically moving components. They are now the most common clocks in the outdoors of most urban places.

The alarm clock is another important development of the simple clock. You set the time that you want to wake up and it will go off at that time. There are very old models that were highly mechanical but today we have even digital ones that will wake you up to your favorite tune.

We may categorize the alarm clock with the auditory clock. A lot of people call the auditory clock the talking clock. You just press a button and it says the time out loud for you. This is very good for example when you are asleep and do not want to get up and switch on the lights.

This last one is not literally a clock. It is symbolically a clock. It is called the doomsday clock. It counts the threats to human existence in the number of minutes before the clock strikes twelve. These threats are for example the nuclear weapons we build. There will be total human annihilation when the doomsday clock strikes midnight.


mi power bank 2i 10000 mAh Full charging time

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Mi power bank normal charging

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Realme 2 Charging Time Test with Fast Charger

Realme 2 has a 4230mAh Battery which comes with 5V 2A Charger In Box. We have used Quick charge 3.0 supported charger let’s check out if Realme 2 support fast charging how to much time it takes to charge fully

Realme 2 smartphone has a 6.2-inch HD+ 19:9 aspect ratio display with a notch, 88% screen-to-body ratio powered by Snapdragon 450 processor, 13-megapixel rear camera along with a secondary 2-megapixel camera for portrait shots and an 8-megapixel front camera, 4230mAh #Battery

#Realme2 Unboxing
Realme 2 Fingerprint scanner Setup & Working
Realme 2 USB OTG Support
How to Use App Lock on Realme 2
Realme 2 Battery Drain Test

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Honor 7C Charging Time Test | Fast Charging Support?

In this Video lets check out How much Time it takes to charge 3000mAh battery on Honor 7C, Honor 7A also comes with 3000mAh battery both phones come with 5V 2A charge. Does it support quick charge?

Honor 7C comes with 5.99-inch HD+ Display powered by Snapdragon 450 processor, 13+2MP Dual Rear Camera, 8MP front Camera, 3000mAh battery.

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Time to Charge: Apple iPhone X

Back on Youtube finally, sorry for being so absent. Starting off the videos with a time to charge video on the Apple iPhone X, lets see how long it takes.

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Power Time with Jeff Cote – Battery Charger, Temp Sensor Tips

The battery temperature sensor is very important to ensure batteries are charged to the right voltage at the right temperature.


Charge ANY Two Camera Batteries At The Same Time – Watson Duo Battery Charger

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Oukitel K7 Power – Battery Drain Test & Charging Time

Watch our video with battery review of Oukitel K7 Power. The smartphone has 10000mAh battery and fast charging support. We made drain test, found out SOT (screen on time), and then charged the phone from 0% to 100%, and found out charging time.

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Oukitel K7 Power Battery Test:
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Oukitel K7 Power Specifications:
Display: 6.0-inch, HD+ 1440×720 pixels, 18:9,
Processor: MT6750T Octa-core 1.5GHz
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo
Storage: 16GB + Micro SD support
Rear camera: dual 13MP Sony IMX214 sensor + 5MP
Front camera: 5MP
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Honor 8X vs Realme 2 Pro vs Redmi Note 5 Pro Battery Charging Speedtest | 0-100% Charging Time 🔋🔥

Honor 8X vs Realme 2 Pro vs Redmi Note 5 Pro Battery Charging Speedtest | 0-100% Charging Time
In this video we are making things bit different as we are going to charge three best midrangers. we are doing the battery charging speedtest between honor 8x, Realme 2 Pro & Redmi Note 5 Pro. Honor 8x has 3750mah battery, Realme 2 Pro has 3500mah battery capacity whereas Redmi Note 5 Pro has 4000mah battery but neither of them support fast charging and for this test we will be using the default chargers of these phones.

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