3 Tips for Promoting Your Band on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular content sharing platforms on the internet. Thousands of people use it to stay in touch with friends and family or engage in discussions with different people from around the world. The service’s no-nonsense status updates, called “tweets,” allow users to essentially text message the internet at large by typing 140 character messages and blasting them either to a private network or the entire user base.

Additionally, many blogs, YouTube videos, songs, or other pieces of content have been known to go viral after being posted on Twitter. For long links, a link shortener can be used to leave room for a text description. Due to the easy and intuitive nature of the tweet, many bands have been using them to promote songs, music videos, and upcoming tour dates. Let’s look at 3 tips that will help you promote your band on Twitter.

Stay True to Yourself

On the internet, authenticity is very important. People want to click links posted by trustworthy people who have authority on a given subject. To appeal to this, it is important that people trust you.

Twitter users are in the habit of sharing things of an almost mundane nature with each other. As a result, it is important to submit personal tweets in addition to those announcing new shows or songs. This will help the user base grow to trust your band.

Respond to Your Fans As Much As Possible

Celebrities such as musicians and actors like Twitter because it gives them an opportunity to connect directly with their fans. In the past, a full-blown press release was necessary to move information to fans and followers. In the age of Twitter, you can respond to topical issues and conversations very quickly without having to engage in formality or hire a dedicated PR professional.

As a result, it is important to take advantage of this direct connection by actively responding to your fans. When people are reaching out to you on Twitter, they often hope that you’ll respond, thus making them feel special. Take advantage of this opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of the service.

Include Important Keywords in Tweets

Search engines index tweets. This means that they can help you build associations in algorithms that will lead people to find your music. In order to get the most out of this, it is important to include all of your crucial tags and keywords in tweets that describe or link to your promotional content.

Over time, this will help associate your band with various keywords in search engines like Google. With millions of people searching for different terms each day, this could lead to significant web traffic and record sales. This is yet another advantage Twitter offers for bands.

Regardless of your specific genre, Twitter can be a powerful tool for finding new listeners. The users of the service tend to share links quite frequently, so it is easy to get a song or music video to go viral when a band has a lot of followers. If you are looking to show your music to the world, follow these 3 tips for promoting your band on Twitter.


Tips to Cut Your Baby's Hair

If you have a baby to take care of, you may need to trim their hair from time to time. Babies' hair tend to grow too fast. In this article, we are going to guide you as to how you can trim your baby's hair. So, read on to know the tips.

Feed your Baby

First of all, make sure you feed your baby. This is important if you want to calm down your baby. You can also play with them a few minutes ahead of time, which will lighten their mood.

Get some Toys

Prepare a bath and get a few bath toys in the tub. This will create a happy environment for your kid and they will not get scared. The toys will keep them entertained through the process.

Dampen their Hair

Use water to dampen the hair of your baby. If they do not like to get their hair wet, you can mist their hair using a spray bottle. As an alternative, you can run your wet fingers through their hair.

Section their Hair

You can use a comb to set your kid's hair apart in the middle. Secure each side with good quality hair elastic, which is important if your kid has curly hair.

Pinch some hair vertically using your fingers. Now, cut the hair that is above your fingers. Your fingers should be between your baby's head and the scissors.

Use Special Scissors

It's not a good idea to use blunt scissors or the scissors used to cut clothing. Using these scissors will damage your kid's hair.

Do not forget to trim the hair around your baby's ears. It may be hard to work on this section as you will not have anything to buffer with. Moreover, your baby will tend to move around.

Finish with a Bath

Once you have trimmed the hair properly, you may want to finish with a bath. You can make use of gentle baby soap for this purpose. Shampoo can also do the job.

An Easy Alternative

What should you do if you do not know how to trim the hair of your baby using a pair of scissors? The fact of the matter is that most people do not know how to go about trimming their baby's hair. Most parents fear that they will end up damaging their Kid's hair instead of doing a good job.

So, what should you do in this situation? There is a good alternative: baby hair clippers. They are also known as baby hair trimmers. As the name suggests, these small machines have motors inside them. These battery-powered devices are handheld and can be used to trim a baby's hair in a few minutes.

Once charged, these devices are ready to use for up to an hour. So, you have plenty of time to do the job. All you need to do is turn the unit on and use it to trim the hair of your baby when they are sleep.

So, these are a few tips that can help you trim your baby's hair without any problem.

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RV Tips – How to check your battery and charging system

Jeff from Johnson’s RV shows us how to check your battery and charging system on your trailer.


Tips on How to Use Your Golf Cart Battery Charger

Golf carts run on lead acid batteries. The efficiency and performance of a golf cart battery are directly proportional to the levels of maintenance in general and how the battery is charged in particular. Improper and irregular maintenance may damage the vehicle and at times explosions may occur as a result of overheating. Here is the proper charging of the batteries with the right golf cart battery charger is primary for a trouble free and safe golf cart.

It is a good idea to keep at hand some general purpose utility accessories like acid proof gloves, a good adjustable wrench, anti-corrosion gel, baking soda, distilled water and post cleaner. Make sure that the area where you charge the batteries is well ventilated and do not smoke there. Hydrogen emissions are common during charging. Hydrogen concentration and accumulation can cause explosions. Hydrogen detectors can be used to ensure safety. Never expose the plates of the battery to air nor add any acid to batteries. Check connection of the batteries to the steed.

Charging itself becomes deficient if the cables, posts and connectors are fractured or corroded. Check and correct that situation first before charging the batteries. Inspect and replace the damaged vent caps of your golf cart battery charger and tighten them. Use baking soda and water to clean the top and external surfaces of the battery. In addition to cleaning, the solution can neutralize acid spills. Use acid resistant gloves during charging. Clean and dry surrounding for the battery is mandatory while charging.

Maintaining proper water level is primary at the time of charging. Make sure that the water levels are sufficient enough to cover the lead plates in the battery. The plates must be completely submerged in water at any point of time. Yet, overfilling may cause boiling over during charging time. Also check for any cracks or leaks in the container. A leaking battery could be potentially dangerous while charging. Avoid using mineral water as mineral deposits may damage the plates. Fill the batteries only with distilled water for a prolonged life. The water used should be absolutely clean and clear of any foreign particles. These particles can cause a serious damage to the battery.

The charging itself is not difficult but can be very tricky. Choose the right golf cart battery charger specifically designed for your cart. Mount the chargers properly and make sure that they are properly connected to power source and protected from wind, sun, snow and rain. Scrupulously follow the instructions of the manufacturer and pay attention to all safety tips and measures. Just 2 hours time is sufficient for about 80% of recharge. But the remaining 20% ​​may take 6 hours of time.


Digoo DG-UA10 Selectable Voltage Adapter w/10 Tips – Review and Output Test

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▶️How to Safely Put A Mercedes-Benz on a Trickle Charger ▶️w/ Helpful Tips

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Tips to Help You Put Together an Effective B2B Sales Strategy

If you are a B2B business owner, make sure you reevaluate your sales strategy from time to time. Since this is the age of the Internet, product / service related information is easily available to B2B buyers. Given below are a few tips and tricks that can help you put together a solid sales strategy.

Research your Customers

First off, you may want to call your prospective leads right away. Actually, you should give them some time to do their homework before you ask your sales reps to contact them. You can take a look at their sites and then follow them on major social media websites, which will give you a pretty good idea of ​​which leads you should target.

Train your Sales Reps

Also, make sure your sales representatives have a good knowledge of your products and services. In other words, they should have solid know-how of the features and functions of your products. With this knowledge, your sales reps can find it easier to convince your customers.

Ask Questions

Once you have done your research, you can give a call to the qualified leads. The idea is to find out more information about them and the problems they have been facing. For the resolution of their problems, you can recommend your products or services.

Listen More

Make sure you can communicate well with your target customers. Learn to listen to them and then present your services as a solution to their problems.

Here, it's important to keep in mind that an effective sales strategy should revolve around the customers instead of your products alone.

Have a Consultative Approach

If you want to grow your B2B sales, make sure you have something to give to your customers. For instance, you can provide good advice and general tips that can help your customers grow their business using what you offer. You can even recommend good online courses, blogs, and books.

Develop Relationships

If you have some customers who show some interest in your offers, do not push them to sign a deal. Instead, give them enough time to think about the deal. Offering a free of charge demo is also a great idea.

Remember: developing a strong business relationship is a lot more important than the deal. What you need to do is work on building a strong reputation as an honest business advisor.

Have a Customer-Oriented Approach

As far as a B2B sales strategy is concerned, it's important to show empathy towards your customers. The more you do it, the better. Also, make sure your teams communicate with each other to find out more about what your customers want. This will help your teams get equipped with more knowledge.

In the same way, make sure your sales team knows everything about what they want to sell. Ideally, they should have the industry knowledge as well. So, you may want to train them to keep your customers delighted.

Long story short, if you use these strategies, you can attract a lot of B2B customers, which will grow your business at the end of the day.


7 Commonest Office Chair Annoyances – Tips For Resolving Them

Sometimes little things on an office chair are really annoying and they can drive you nuts trying to solve them. In this article I look at the top 7 annoyances and how to easily fix them.

Chair Keeps Sinking

Office chairs sink for 2 reasons, first because the pneumatic lift is worn out and is no longer able to carry any weight. When this happens the only answer is to replace the faulty lift and you need to contact the chair supplier to get a replacement.

The second reason this happens is usually because the height adjustment lever is damaged or out of alignment as a result what happens is the gas lift is permanently set to release any weight applied and so forces it to sink.

Turn your chair over and see if the lever is misaligned, sometimes all it needs is for the lever to be pressed back into position.

If the chair is a number of years old you may be faced with having to replace it where parts aren’t available or the overall condition of the chair is poor.

Squeaking Office Chair

When your office chair squeaks it can be really frustrating, especially when you can’t work out why it’s doing it.

Squeaks and creaks commonly have 2 sources, first any metal to metal contact typically where the back attaches to the chair seat. If this is the case try exposing the moving parts and coat those with a light spray of WD40 be careful not to get any on the chair’s upholstery.

The other common cause is loose fixings securing either the back or the mechanism to the seat, look for any large fixings and tighten them all up. Some of these may be concealed and not readily accessible with the risk of damage attempting to remove covers, so take care when trying to take them off.

Loose Gas Lift Post

This most commonly affects new chairs, when you pick up the chair to move it the top falls away from the bottom.

The gas lift post is made to wedge into the base or chair seat, if it’s come out, wipe off any oil or grease place it back together and sit down heavily in your chair and this should jam them together properly.

Static Shocks Getting Out of Chair

Static electricity shocks are unpleasant and can be quite difficult to resolve as they sometimes originate from your chair’s upholstery, clothing and more frequently from your office carpet.

Air conditioning can make things worse as it dries the air and increases the build up of static and the chance of getting a shock.

A portable humidifier can help reduce static as the moisture released lowers the likelihood of static building up. Some clothes are also more likely to create static problems, so see if a change of outfit helps.

If all else fails try gripping a metal part of your desk or chair before you get up and continue holding onto it before moving, this can ground the electrical charge.

Office Chair Height Setting Issues

Most office chairs are made to fit the average person which generally means people between 5 foot 6 inches and 6 foot.

However, people either side of these heights often find the seat’s height doesn’t work for them. Tall people end up with their legs pointing uncomfortably upwards whereas small built people discover their feet can’t be placed firmly on the floor.

Neither is desirable often all thats required is to replace the gas lift with a higher or lower version, so speak with the chair supplier and ask if they offer different lift options.

A foot rest is another alternative for smaller built individuals.

Office Chair Back No Longer Reclines

When you have an office chair where the back has stopped reclining it’s highly likely the back has been accidentally set to the locked position. A lot of chair backs are designed to move back and forward as you move and also include a function letting you lock the back in a pre-set position.

If you are having this problem it’s highly likely the chair back has been set locked. To release it try moving the control levers on the chair’s underside, you may need to lean back slightly to apply some weight before the locked position can be released.

Chair Back Won’t Stop Reclining All the Time

There are 2 possible problems here, first if the back doesn’t move and is leaning back significantly it’s likely the back is locked off at full recline so just follow the suggestions in the previous topic to release it.

The other situation happens when leaning back in you chair it just seems to fall away immediately with little or no resistance. This could be the result of a faulty mechanism, however it may also be because the chair’s tension adjustment isn’t correctly set up.

Look under the chair for a round knob at the middle of the front, try turning this clockwise and increase the tension of the back this will help stiffen resistance when you recline.


This covers the commonest problems found on office chairs and hopefully helped fix a problem. Where a chair is a number of years old or low quality you may have little option other than accepting replacing it is the best course of action.


Top 3 tips charge phone faster android | how to charge mobile faster in telugu | charge battery fast

Hi friends welcome to my channel. My name is itham prasad. here are Top 3 tips charge phone faster android. In this video I will tell you how to charge battery faster and to increase the android mobile battery life. You can charge android mobile faster telugu. I hope you got how to speed up charging android. Friends please do subscribe my youtube channel for more videos. aluminium foil does not charges mobile faster. That’s fake. They will try to increase their video’s view count. You can also use third party charger if in case your charger was damaged or lost. But the configuration must be the same. Use reputed branded chargers for best results. Keep your mobile in airplane mode or switch off while charging.


Use Fast chargers. Fast chargers are available in all e-commerce sites.use the fast charger and keep your smartphone in airplane mode or switch off so that mobile charging will be much faster.

Fast charger links are given below. click on the links to buy if you are in need.

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Every phone battery has life cycles. if you charge from 0 percent to 100 percent, that’s called as one life cycle. Mobile batteries might have 1000 life cycles or more. Keep your battery charging between 20 percent to 80 percent to keep your smartphone battery healthy and long life. It’s best for the battery life.

Don’t play with your phone while its charging. Do not plug to computer or laptop for charging purpose. Turn off bluetooth, wifi, gps and all other networks while charging to increase the battery life. Reduce the mobile brightness, disable the adaptive brightness. And also reduce the display sleep time.

Reboot your android mobile or phone once in a week. Turn on the Stand by battery saving mode in settings. turn off the auto-update option in the playstore for all apps. If your display is amoled then use the black colored wallpaper to increase the battery life. If you have TFT or IPS display then do not use animated wallpapers that is, live wallpapers. just use static wallpapers.

Ok friends. i hope this video will be useful to you. Please like this video and share to your friends and family please comment in the comment section don’t forget to subscribe my channel for more updates.
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Follow Simple Tips To Extend The Life Of Old And Dead Batteries Or Recondition Them To Bring Them Ba

Check your car’s electric connections and cables, be all ears to your vehicle, and if you are sure that your battery is about to die think about replacing it or learn how to bring it back to life in easy steps…

car battery safe for a long time. And if it happens that it starts dying, you can save it by using the guide to recondition it properly and bring it back to life again. The guide can save you money and also, it can help you run a business.

before their limit time. This will make you buy expensive new batteries for your battery bank. But, if you know how to maintain them for a long time, you will surely save eneough money. On other hand, you also can recondition and bring dead batteries back to life for your off-grid energy system or start a lucratif business of battery reconditioning.

Smartphones, laptops, cameras, and tablets have their original chargers with specific voltage and amperage.
However, many people use inadequate chargers, what affects their devices batteries.

easy tips and tricks to extend your cell-phone, laptop, Lithium-Ion batteries lifespans, or bring them back to life if they fail you.

Choose between 3 different batteries for your off-grid energy sytem. Read carefully and make a based choice on the battery that fits your needs.

Compare battery types and components is a crucial step before you pick up your batteries for your solar energy off-grid system.

Fully charging your LA battery can extend its life. if you opt to recharge your Lead-Acid Battery yourself, be cautious when you get your equalizing charger.
For more details http://tinyurl.com/y4koet8u