Stop Buying Junk Car Chargers! iOttie Easy One Touch Fast Wireless Charger Review

My review of the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Fast Charger after using it for a few weeks. Stop buying those junk car chargers and get what I think may be the last car chargerdock that you need!
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LiPo Charger Dual RC Battery Balance Charger Touch Screen Discharger

LiPo Charger Dual RC Battery Balance Charger Touch Screen Discharger
Get This Product:

★ TOUCH SCREEN & DUO CHARGER: This ST240 charger designed with touch 1602 LCD screen, very easy to operate. duo LiPo charger can simultaneously charge two different batteries with different voltages, AC input max power 150W(CH1+CH2=150W), 100-240V; DC input max power 240W(CH1+CH2=240W) 11-18V; charge current 0.1-10A*2; discharge power 10W; discharge current 0.1-2A*2.
★ PRACTICAL FOR VARIOUS BATTERIES: 1-6s LiIon/LiPo/LiFe/LiHV; 1-15cell NiCd/NiMH; 2-20V PB battery; Smart Battery I,II,III 5-27V,0.1-6A.(pls make sure is the rechargable batteries which meet this specifications of this charger).
★ MULTI-FUNCTION: Charge, Balancer, Discharge, Terminal Voltage Control, Lithium Battery Capacity & Voltage Checking, Battery Internal Resistance Checking, Lipo Storage Mode, Data Storage and Memory Loading, Lipo Meter, Digital DC Power.
★ SMART CHARGER: This balance charger allows you to memorize up to 20*2 datas of your battery and do not need you set the proper value of your battery while charging and discharging again.
★ PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 x EYESKY ST240 LiPo Charger; 1 x AC Power Cable; 2 x XT60 Plug 2 in 1; 2 x T Crocodile Clip; 2 x Balance Board with Pin Cord; 2 x T Banana Connector; 2 x Tamiya; 1 x User Manual; 1 x Lipo Battery Voltage Tester

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HTRC LiPo Battery Charger Touch Screen Balance Discharger 150W

HTRC LiPo Battery Charger Touch Screen Balance Discharger 150W
Get This Product:

3.2 inch color LCD Toch screen ,easy operation. Full plastic shell, safe, compact, beautiful.AC DC dual input. High-power and high-performance circuit – maximum output power 150W. Maximum charge current 10A. built-in cooling fan, comes with power switch and a 5V 2.1A USB output ports.
Multi-chemistry battery charging and discharging : 1-6s LiPo LiFe LiHV Lilon,1-15s NiCd/NiMH, 2-20V PB and smart battery. Automatic identification of lithium batteries cells counts.multi-charging models: charge discharge, and more model such as: balance charge, storage model of Lithium, Cycle model of NiMH/NiCd .Trickle model of PB.
Battery monitor ,balancer and resistance check: this charger can display battery status by color can easily see lithium battery cell counts, battery capacity percentage,each cell’s voltage,total voltage.can check each cells’ internal resistance of Lithium battery.
Calibration and Terminal voltage control. This Charger support 6s battery cell voltage calibration. it also allows user to set the charge/discharge end voltage of the battery. For an example:lipo battery end voltage is 4.2V /cell when charging, while on this charger, the end voltage is adjustable, rangs from 3.85v to 4.3v. warning: TVC function for expert only!
Max safety: Low input voltage limit, automatic charge current limit, Delta-peak sensitivity, capacity limit, processing time limit,temperature threshold. Data storage and loading: 6 memory data.

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Protek Prodigy 680 AC/DC Lipo Charger review – reliable workhorse with touch screen

Protek Prodigy 680 Lipo Charger – $80 –

Venom Pro Duo – $119 – 80w dual
Venom 0683 2-4 cell – $55 40w
ISDT Q6 = $49 200w
Turnigy 2s/3s – $25 11w
Traxxas 2790 – $50 40w
ISDT D2 – – $130 200w
HTRC T150 – – $72 150w
HTRC T240 – – $86 240w dual
dynamite passport p1 – $51 60 watt
Hobbymate D6 – $40 300w

Hobbymate Imax B6 with adapter


HTRC T240 Duo ACDC 150W 10A x 2 Color Touch Screen Battery Charger Discharger

T240 is a new design dual balance charger by HTRC. You can charge two different kinds of batteries simultaneously. Its a Multi function, high power battery charger. Utilizing 3.2 inch color LCD Touch screen display that makes operating the charger very easy. It has built-in cooling fan. Operating on DC 11-18V or AC 100-240V providing dual power, HTRC T240 is Designed for charging LiPo LiFe Lilon LiHV NiCd NiMh Pb Smart Batteries.

Order the charger here

I get my RC Supplies here. You too can get your stuff here.

It can support power distribution in AC mode,total power 150W (CH1+CH2=150Watt). and in DC mode, works in 2 * 120W. Max charge current can reach 10A each port in both AC and DC mode.

HTRC T240 Features:
Full plastic shell, safe, compact, beautiful.
Twin-channel,charge two different kinds of batteries simultaneously.
high power,single port max 150W. Support power distribution.
Practical for variety of batteries. LiPo LiFe Lilon NiCd NiMh Pb,and high power battery LiHV.
Automatic identification of Li-Po batteries cells counts
Adjustable digital DC Power.
Built in smart cooling fan for easy heat dissipation.
Built-In PFC AC adapter high efficiency. comes with power switch.
Graph display of charging status
Multiple charging modes.
Lipo/Lilo/LiFe/LiHv: balance charge, charge, storage, discharge.
NiMH/NiCd: Charge, Discharge, Cycle.
PB: Charge,Discharge,Trickle.

Multi function:
Battery Meter:Display lithium battery cell counts, battery capacity percentage, each cell’s voltage. (does not support 1s battery)
TVC(Terminal voltage control):The Charger allows user to set the charge/discharge end voltage.
Lithium Battery internal Resistance Check: can display each cell’s resistance. (does not support 1s battery)
Calibration: cell voltage monitoring and calibration.
Smart battery:Smart battery I,II,III,(Need optional DJI Charging cable)
Data storage and loading
Re-peak and cycling of NiMH/NiCD battery.
Maximum Safety:Automatic charge current limit, Delta-peak sensitivity, capacity limit, processing time limit, temperature threshold.
Firmware update

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Efficient Charging with HTRC T240 DUO AC/DC Touch Charger

HTRC T240 Touch Charger

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I highly recommend these products if unsure


kakuteV2 AIO

Hakcrc (Best Budget ESC)

25km Range on these awesome VTX’s



The HEX driver I recommended which i bought 2 sets of (Must have if your into building)

Batteries I use

Camera I use

Standoffs I find to be the best

Xt60 Premade I use

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Soldering station

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Efan Lux S4 Touch Screen LCD Battery Charger

Mooch report on Efan 21700 5000mah battery

Bench Test Results: Eizfan 10A 5000mAh 21700…accurately rated, identical to Samsung 50EBottom Line: This is an…

Posted by Mooch on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mooch report on Efan 21700 3750mah battery

Bench Test Results: Eizfan 30A 3750mAh 21700…slightly overrated but good performerBottom Line: This is a good…

Posted by Mooch on Saturday, December 1, 2018

official website

Efan facebook page

Efan facebook page


The First Touch Screen EFAN LUX S4 LCD Battery Charger

1) compatible with Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd/LiFePO4/3.7V 3.8V Li-ion battery for any capacity
2) provide 4 independent optional charging modes 0.5A 1.0A 1.5A 2.0A for each slot
3) LCD display shows charging progress,battery voltage,current,time,capacity,charge-discharge curve and diagram of internal resistance testing
4) protection of opposite connection and short circuit
5) automatic activation function and intelligent temperature control



Efan Lux touch screen charger S4 for 18650,20700,21700,26650 battery recommended by Breaking Vap

Efan Lux touch screen charger S4 is a brand new idea charger. It can charge battery, discharge battery, test battery capacity and test battery resistance. Display all information including voltage, current, charging time, battery type and others. Supports 0.5A,1.0A,1.5A,2A for all four slots. Touch screen design. Clear display battery information. Suitable for Li-ion battery, LifePo4 battery, AA battery,Ni-Mh battery, Ni-Cd battery.


Touch Screen RC Charger? The Easiest to use Charger Ever? Microzone M200!

Have you ever struggled through pressing buttons on your charger 25 times just to set the # of cells,, amps, modes etc only to be frustrated? Check out the Microzone M200 Soft Touch Professional Charging System! 200W of power and the easiest charger to ever come to our RC industry! Self intuitive, clear touch buttons on the 3.5″ LCD Screen makes navigating through each and every parameter fast and easy with no confusion! Included is a 4 Port Paraboard for charging up to 4 lipos of the same mAh at the same time! Be sure to stay tuned to the full tutorial with Pete!

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