5 Essential Travel Trailer Replacement Parts

Owning a travel trailer offers people the chance to enjoy a few home comforts while traveling around. A travel trailer can save you a lot of money that would need to be spent on hotels, but you need to ensure that your trailer is well-maintained or it may cost you a lot of money in repairs in the long run. We take a look at the essential items that you need to keep a check on or that you may want to think about replacing.

1. Safety items

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your travel trailer is safe for use. Making sure that you own and maintain essential items such as fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can save your life. Always ensure that batteries are in your safety devices and have a check on them before you leave. Living in such a confined space and cooking in small areas can mean that you are more prone to fires, so safety first at all times.

2. Light switches and light bulbs

If you are planning on hitting the road for a long period and you will not be near any electrical stores, you will need to check all of your electrics before you leave and ensure you take spare light bulbs that will last you throughout your journey. Many travel trailer parts are specially made and normal household fixtures and fittings may not work. Light bulbs are not very expensive so it’s always good to have them in stock.

3. Auto Sewer Flush Valve

It is not the nicest thing to think about, but looking after your toilet and sewage system is essential. You will be using your toilet and wash facilities a lot while on the road and you do not want you whole living space smelling. You need to make sure your water tanks are kept clean and using an auto sewer flush valve is very advantageous.

4. Silicone Rescue Tape

No matter how much you look after your travel trailer, problems are bound to pop up now and again on your travels. Having a stash of silicone rescue tape will serve you in good stead as a temporary fix for electrical faults, fuel line problems or damaged hoses.

5. Travel Trailer Solar Charging System

Not having to rely on a hook-up for power can feel very liberating and it enhances the sense of freedom the travel trailer brings. The sun is packed full of energy that can be utilized instead of using a generator. Solar power is very cost-effective and is much better for the environment too. There are many systems for solar charging systems to suit all budgets and they are a very wise investment however much you spend.

Maintaining your travel trailer will ensure that you enjoy many years of happy traveling in your home away from home and you will not be tempted to book into a costly hotel simply because you have not looked after your home essentials.



Installation of a Kickass 170AH slimline AGM Dual Battery system with Projecta IDC25 DC-DC charger in an Isuzu D-Max as well as CTEK D250SA DC-DC charger in a Jayco Hawk Camper Trailer.

Kickass products purchased from Australian Direct (www.australiandirect.com.au) on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Feel free to ask any questions or post feedback!


TRAILER: Using CTEK Battery Chargers for Battery Maintenance, Restoration and Storage

This is the trailer for the 14:46-minute feature length video at http://www.4wdmechanix.com/CTEK-Battery-Chargers-for-Battery-Maintenance,-Restoration-and-Storage.html…CTEK is the Swedish developer and manufacturer of premier battery chargers endorsed by World Class automotive and powersports brands. In the HD video how-to, learn why CTEK chargers offer the best protection against battery damage, how to properly store and protect the battery in an RV, 4×4, ATV/UTV or motorcycle, and the unique way to recondition and recover a sulphated or badly depleted battery.


Construction Trailer Electrical Setup and Tour (110v and 12v)

In this video I take you on a quick tour/overview of my onboard electrical system.
I show how I wired and use my household current with outlets located at the rear and front of my trailer. I also go over the 12v system I have in place. The 12v system powers all the interior lights and my exterior lights when the switch is in the on position. The exterior lights become reverse lights when the truck is in reverse and are powered by the truck.

Product links
12v switch

Reverse Lights

Interior lights

Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Switch (Currently Unavailable but you can check the specs)

Battery Indicator Gauge

Battery Charger (exact model may be unavailable)

Exterior/reverse Lights (Auxbeam)


Keep Your Dump Trailer Dumping- It Works, It’s Simple And It’s Cheap

Key function of this system:
To disconnect the truck charge wire from the battery when operating dump cycle. This safeguards the truck wiring from excessive amp draw (blowing your auxiliary fuse). If your trailer is equipped with a charging indicator and/or diode (prevents trailer back feed when truck is off) I would install this on the truck side of this jibberish. The test light is not necessary but nice to show your truck is putting out voltage and that the relay is operating properly.
The most cycles I’ve dumped my trailer in a days work is 15. No Problems. If your dumping more than this I would recommend a second battery and/or some heavy battery cable straight back from your vehicle’s batteries(y).

#1. Choose a Test Light of your liking. Incandescents are nice because they show a voltage curve by brightness. LEDs are pretty but they’ll be on or off

#2. Fuse holder and fuse, 3/4 amp for relay coil

#3. Example of a nice relay and harness on Amazon:

Other Good Info on relays:

Enjoy a Charged Trailer!


how to power your LiPo charger using a trailer plug on your truck

thats a long title

7 pin trailer plug: https://amzn.to/2O08CoJ

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Hopkins Trailer Breakaway Kit Battery Charger Installation

https://www.etrailer.com, Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/etrailertv

CHARGER for Breakaway kit by Hopkins (Accessories and Parts)

https://www.etrailer.com is the world’s leading online retailer of custom-fit towing accessories. We carry thousands of vehicle accessories such as custom-fit trailer hitches for over 3,100 different vehicles, performance chips, heavy-duty towing supplies, trailer parts, bike racks, cargo carriers, step bars, tonneau covers, lights, car covers, RV supplies, floor mats, and much more, to help you make your vehicle more useful and more fun. Our decades of experience and enormous buying power ensure that you will get quality parts, and excellent service, at the lowest price possible. All this is backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee(https://www.etrailer.com/customer-service-ordering.aspx#returns) and our Lowest Price Pledge(https://www.etrailer.com/customer-service-ordering.aspx#pricepledge).

Full transcript: https://www.etrailer.com/tv-install-hopkins-trailer-breakaway-kit-battery-charger-20011.aspx
Today on this enclosed trailer were going to install part number 20011 from Hopkins. This is their trailer breakaway kit battery charger. Right now, looking at our trailer the way its hooked up is that it does not have a battery charger. It has a 12 volt power lead coming off the towing vehicle going straight to the battery that will charge the battery, but over time that could overcharge the battery, especially on a long trip. Were going to install our battery charger. The first step is we will go ahead and locate the wiring that comes off the battery charge from the towing vehicle and we will hook that up to the black wire.

Next we will go ahead and take the red wire and we will hook that up to the battery on the trailer, that way the battery will be getting a charge. Now the blue wire coming off the charger will go out to our breakaway switch. You can use a variety of different connections. In this case we will be using wire nuts. Once our connections are made we can take our charger and tuck it in next to the battery.

With that, that will finish it for our install of part number 20011 from Hopkins on this enclosed trailer.


BOSS™ Dump Trailer Charging Testimonial – Purkeys

Purkeys’ BOSS™ Dump Trailer Charging System enables dump trailer batteries to remain at a high state of charge by using energy from the truck to charge batteries, while boosting voltage for fast, efficient charging. This ensures dump trailers are operational when drivers are ready to use them, eliminating the threat of downtime and road calls.
By maintaining a high state of charge in dump trailer batteries, even in cold weather, battery life and reliability is improved. While the BOSS system provides peace of mind in keeping dump trailer batteries charged, it is important to adhere to regular battery maintenance procedures to ensure that batteries are operating properly.


HuIna 1583 10 Channel Metal RC Wheeled Loader

The HuIna 1583 Wheeled loader is made from Metal & Plastic and simulates the real machine with a working stack.

This is a 10 channel, die cast metal and some plastic remote controlled Wheeled Loader.

Scale 1:14 coming in at a size of 57x 20x 27cm.

This machine has play time of approx 40 minutes and charging time of 3-4 hours.

Simulates forward/backward, turn left/turn right Omni bearing control, with the steering being light.

The remote control uses 2 x joysticks to control the machine. 2.4GHz can control multiple machines without interference. Control distance: 40m

The bucket loader can move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, 360 degrees rotary. With sound and lights and each joint can be independently controlled.

Huina Alloy RC Wheeled LoaderFeatures:

Fully assembled Wheeled Loader
High stability
High quality mechanical and electrical parts
High digging force
Continuous turret rotation
Lights, sounds activated by remote control
2.4 GHz telemetric radio controller with LCD display
Proportional controls of the boom, bucket and turret
Batteries and chargers for the included model
Wheels: independent, forward / backward, against rotation
Turret: continuous rotation left / right
Lights on the arm
Spec Check:

Scale: 1:14
Carriage length (to bucket): 57 cm
Maximum width: 20 cm
Maximum arm height: 27 cm
Rear height: 21 cm
Battery: LiPo 7,4V 2000 mAh
Run Time: 40 minutes
Channels: 10
Weight: about 8 kg
What’s Included:

Huina 583 Wheeled Loader
2.4GHz Radio Remote
USB charger

We are located here in Brisbane, Queensland. We take pride in the products we sell with customer service a high priority.

We offer RC diggers, excavator accessories, batteries, non-remote vehicles, gift vouchers and other RC toys. All Stock Located in Queensland for FAST Delivery!

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Dual Battery Setup for Motorcycle with Trailer

Dual Battery Setup for Motorcycle with Trailer. I receive a message from a subscriber asking me to show how I installed a battery to my motorcycle trailer for additional accessories. In this video, I cover how I made the connection from my motorcycle to my Bushtec Trailer. I also cover dual charging connection and the best way to make different connections to use additional accessories without draining the battery. Please Like, Share, Subscribe, and turn on notifications to support this channel as you leave your comment in the comment section below.