How to charge battery – trak power mini HOPPECKE

How to charge battery – trak power mini
The unique HOPPECKE High-Frequency battery charger for small traction applications


Traction batteries are designed for special applications and form a system together with their charger. The operation of your vehicle and maximum life of your battery can be ensured only when this system is working in perfect harmony.
So that you may always be offered the very best system, HOPPECKE has designed and developed the new trak | power mini range in the ultra-modern facilities of HOPPECKE Technologies in Germany.
The trak | power mini HF charger range has been specially developed for smaller industrial trucks, electric lift trucks, order pickers, lifting and work platforms, and cleaning machines. This range may be used with all traction batteries currently on the market and guarantees optimal charging in the HOPPECKE trak | basic and trak | bloc systems.
Thanks to HOPPECKE HF technology and when compared with conventional systems, the trak | power mini has the lowest energy consumption with minimal losses, and therefore gives the best energy efficiency. These especially energy-saving chargers merit a top spot on the rating scale for energy consumption, comparable to efficiency class 1A.