Smartphone Tricks | mobile battery saver | mobile heating problem | mobile chargers

Smartphone Tricks | mobile battery saver | mobile heating problem | mobile chargers

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I have told you in this video how you can use your smartphone well How to increase the battery backup of the mobile. The correct way to charge Which charger should we use to charge our mobile? How To Increase Battery Life In this video I have given you a lot of information about mobile

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mobile battery charging tricks ! battery charger tricks

Hi friends in this video I’m going to tell you

About mobile charging tricks


Traxxas Tips & Tricks #1 Chargers

Ez Peak Charger:49.99


Fast Charging Tricks for All Android Smartphones | Make Your Smartphone Fast Charge | Quick Charge

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Amazing Gadgets –

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Super Fast Charger helps charger the battery faster than normal, let use it
Super Fast Charger is a FREE quick charger saving app that not only helps in increasing battery timings but also optimizes device`s performance, battery charger not only faster, but also extend the life of your battery.
Super Fast Charger is a useful tool, which can boost your battery charging, applications will kill all apps running in the background and consumes battery services such as wifi, 3G, mobile internet, blue tooth … so will cause faster charging. Super Fast Charger will automatically activate when you connect your Charging and it will boost your charging speed.
Customize a mode that fits your energy usage;
Charging, Fast Charging Plus
How to use Supper Fast Charging:
When you connect your charger, Fast charger will detect it and limit the power consumption of your phone/tablet. Then your battery doesn’t withdraw much power during the charging time and therefore it can charge very quickly.
– Click start button to start charging
– Click stop button to end charging
* Super Fast Charger is not only faster but also extend the life of the battery.
* Show battery basic information such as: battery temperature, battery voltage, battery health, battery technology…
* Beautifully designed and easy to use.
* Show information about Ram, CPU your phone.
* Optimize battery
* The app is free forever!
Support devices: Samsung galaxy, Sony, Lenovo, Oppo, Asus, LG, Huawei, Nexus, Tablet, Xaomi, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, LG G4, G5, V10, Nexus 5x, 6P, Xperia Z4, Z5 Compact,Note 5, Galaxy s8 plus, Galaxy S7…..
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8 Straightforward Tricks to Lengthen The Lifetime of Your Car’s Guide Acid Battery

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8 Straightforward Tricks to Lengthen The Lifetime of Your Car’s Guide Acid Battery

Trick 1: Do a monthly inspection with the battery terminals to make certain They may be clean and corrosion no cost

Just one of the main challenges most individuals have with their car battery could be the Construct-up of corrosion around the terminals.

Corrosion destroys the relationship among the battery and the car or truck and plenty of batteries are replaced resulting from a lot of corrosive build up.

The acid from the Cola or even the alkaline Attributes while in the DIY anti-corrosion paste will try to eat the corrosion away.

Trick 2: Don’t run any vehicle components (radio, lights, or electronics) prior to turning on the vehicle ignition and driving the car

If the vehicle is on, the vehicle alternator generates electrical energy and prices the car battery once the battery features a voltage fall.

But if the vehicle is not on, so you are using the auto’s electronics, you are just counting on the vehicle battery to electrical power Those people electronics.

This can be harmful to the car battery mainly because car batteries will not be meant for this kind of use.

Trick 3: Ensure that the car battery is safe and it has great battery cables

The battery needs to be secured all of the time. If a battery is jostling about Will probably be impaired and could quick circuit.

This tends to ruin the battery – and in some cases induce damage to your vehicle though creating a security possibility.

Trick 4: Insulate your automobile battery from Intense alterations in temperature

Protecting your car battery from massive variations in temperature should help increase the battery’s lifespan.
To do that You may use a vehicle battery insulation package.

Just be sure it suits your automobile’s battery compartment. Generally the companies providing these battery insulation kits can have a variety on their Site the place you can place in your automobile model and 12 months, and it’ll tell you When your battery will in good shape their kit – like listed here (leading of webpage).

Trick 5: Fully charge your car battery not less than after a week (make use of a motor vehicle battery charger or interchange batteries if You need to)

Your vehicle battery drains even though the vehicle is off.
This happens simply because existing is drawn through the battery by car or truck components (radio, lights, etcetera.) or the car computers.

This can be why persons occur house from extended holidays and obtain their car battery dead.

But to circumvent this, You can utilize both an auto battery charger or maybe a photo voltaic battery charger.
Car or truck battery chargers (frequent or photo voltaic) will manage the the best possible charge degree of your car battery when the vehicle isn’t in use.

They do this by providing enough power for the the vehicle extras and motor vehicle Laptop or computer, in order that they don’t repeatedly attract recent through the auto battery once the automobile is off.

As you’ll be able to picture, these chargers are incredibly helpful …especially if you go on a trip or go away your car unused for a while.

They’re also beneficial in case you go on many short motor vehicle visits (like to operate and back again daily) and in no way give your battery a chance to fully recharge. Repeatedly accomplishing this could considerably shorten your battery’s daily life.

Trick 6: Verify your vehicle battery’s drinking water level

Most auto batteries point out when there is a need for water.
So Verify the car battery water level indicator regularly and if water is needed, refill the battery with distilled water (Which’s vital, ONLY use distilled water to refill your automobile battery).

Trick 7: Do NOT overcharge your car battery
Never ever overcharge your vehicle battery. Direct-acid batteries release oxygen and hydrogen gases after they’re overcharged.
This triggers two troubles:
It might be explosive.
Additionally, it breaks down the composition of the drinking water while in the battery – which shortens its lifespan.
Trick 8 : Test your car’s alternator

If you’re executing every little thing we’ve recommended in the following paragraphs but your vehicle batteries are still dying early, you’ll want to examine your car’s alternator (or receive a mechanic to check it).
8 Straightforward Tricks to Lengthen The Lifetime of Your Car’s Guide Acid Battery


Sticking a charger…wii controller…Xbox controller etc to a wall! No tricks

I heard you can stick a phone charger to a wall just by sliding it. Soooo I tried as many things as I could to see what would stick! Hilarious


Juul Tips & Tricks

Thanks for watching my video! I hope to provide you some tips or information about the Juul Product. This video is intended for Audience members who are eligible to use the Product. Also please help my channel by liking this video and subscribing to my channel for cool content! Thanks and have a great day.

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Power wheels ride on- charging tips and tricks: How to video

What the Manufacturers DON’T want you to know, because they make money on overpriced replacement batteries. Today’s tech tip video is about stock battery chargers and how they can damage your battery. In this video, we go over upgrade options such as a smart charger or better yet an RC charger. There are tons of brands out there and with a little research, you can find a better way to keep your battery from overcharging. Stay tuned for independent product review videos in the near future. Below are links to the product we use and highly recommend. We are enrolled in the Amazon affiliate program and purchasing products from the below links allow us to budget for new products to unbox and review.

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Mobile ko Fast Charge karne ka tarika | Fast Charging Tricks For All Android Phone | By MK Factz

Mobile ko Fast Charge karne ka tarika | Fast Charging Tricks For All Android Phone | By MK Factz

How do you turn on fast charging?
What is fast charging?
Can fast charging damage your battery?
Is 2.1 A fast charging?
How long does fast charging take?
How do I enable fast charging on my c9 pro?
Does fast charging reduce battery life?
Is 5v 2a a fast charger?
Does the cable matter for fast charging?
Does Cable affect fast charging?
Do longer cables charge slower?
Are fast charging cables different?
Is 2.4 A fast charging?
What amp is fast charging?
Does my phone support fast charging?
Does fast charging wear out battery?
Will using a different charger ruin my phone?
Do wireless chargers reduce battery life?
What is the best fast charger for Android?
How can I get my phone to charge faster?
How do you turn on fast charge on Android?
Is 1a or 2.1 A faster?
Is it bad to leave your phone charging all night?
At what percentage should I charge my phone?
Can Samsung fast charger be used on other phones?
Which charger is best for Android?
Which charger is best for mobile?
What is the fastest wall charger?
Is it bad to charge your phone with a different charger?
What is the best fast charging app?

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