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Lumina 10000 mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger 2-Port External Battery Power Bank

Unboxing and quick review. If you need more information or want to buy cheap on Amazon:

Sophisticated Design: strong and durable polycarbonate shell for a compact drop resistant body
Fastest Charge, Every Time: intelligent microprocessors detect the ideal voltage and amperage to deliver to your device for the quickest charge
Dual Charging Ports: for maximum usability, our dual charging ports are able to charge up to two tablets at full speed simultaneously (4.8A total output)
Lifetime Warranty: contact us any time by checking Your Orders and clicking Contact Seller

Product description
Sophisticated Design: strong and durable polycarbonate shell for a compact drop resistant body Fastest Charge, Every Time: intelligent microprocessors detect the ideal voltage and amperage to deliver to your device for the quickest charge Dual Charging Ports: for maximum usability, our dual charging ports are able to charge up to two tablets at full speed simultaneously (4.8A total output) Lifetime Warranty: contact us any time by checking Your Orders and clicking Contact Seller

Product information
Package Dimensions 6.1 x 3.9 x 1.1 inches
Item Weight 9.6 ounces
Shipping Weight 9.6 ounces
Manufacturer Lumina

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DIY Lifepo4 Boat Install – Disabling Sterling Pro Batt Ultra Charger using Arduino or timer module

Based on my limited research, it is not a good idea to use the default Lifepo4 charging profile on most chargers. LFP Boat chargers should be shut off after reaching the “float” voltage. The Sterling Pro Batt Ultra BB1260 floats batteries at 13.8 volts. Lifepo4 batteries should be charged up to a charge level and then shut off and the chargers should not be kept on for days. The BMS2 input can be used to control the charger and prevent overcharging. I have programmed an Arduino to monitor the charge level and turn off the charge. I used an EAZY 2.1 timer / voltage sensor set a goal voltage to disable the Sterling battery to Battery charger.
Here is a link to the article about how float profiles are bad for lifepo4 batteries. I used this as a main reference for my project. I purchased the Sterling Pro Batt at

LiFePO4 Batteries On Boats

Here is a link to the timer relay and charger:

If you are interested in Arduino programming with modules check out these videos
If you want info on DIY battery building for LIFEPO4


Unboxing the duracell ultra automatic battery charger 0.8a 6v/12v

Unboxing and quick demonstration on the Duracell battery charger used on the Yamaha wave runners


Ainope Portable Charger Ultra High Capacity 20000mAh Power Bank – Review

If your looking for a high capacity power bank that has a led display that shows you exactly how much power you have left this is the review your going to want to watch.

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DIY Lifepo4 Boat Battery Charger testing of Sterling Pro Batt Ultra with Charge Cutoff Module

Boat Lifepo4 battery charging system testing and configuration using Sterling BB1260 Pro Batt Ultra battery charger with Timer Module purchased on Aliexpress / Ebay. System can be used with existing Flooded Lead Acid system when adding a LIFEPO4 battery. B2B charger isolates the Flooded Lead Acid Batteries. BMS input is used to turn charger off when voltage set limit is reached on Cutoff module. Low cost module allows for custom charging voltages and cutoff voltages. It is possible to mix Lead Acid Battery banks with Lifpo4 if you isolate the batteries with Battery to Battery Charger and you can keep your alternator and shore charger set for lead acid. It would be good if you donate to both and via paypal if you use this info and it helps you.

Please support by purchasing the charger here.

This is where I got my charger and all the info to do my project.

This looks like a the same module available on Amazon Prime.

Here is the timer module info but remember it needs to have P5 voltage mode!. See Robojax youtube link below for detailed configuration instructions.
Modes Selection:
P-1: A channel time (time) relay
P-2: B channel time (time) relay
P-3: A, B two way joint time relay (A first and then B, can recycle)
P-4: A, B two way independent time relay (A, B independent cycle time at the same time)
P-5: A, B dual voltage control time relay
P-6: Digital tube automatically turn off time and reset

Aliexpress Link where I got the module

Look on ebay/amazon and search for something like this = DC 12V Dual Programmable Relay Control Board Cycle Delay Timer Switch Module New

PDF for manual Eazy 2.1
PDF manual for this module:

Robojax video one programing the eazy 2.1 VLC controller

P5 voltage programming – Trigger

You may want to take a look at these videos also if you want to know more about Lifepo4 batteries on boats.
Read this detailed article a before you spend $1 or Lifepo4. Rod from . Best article on the internet.

LiFePO4 Batteries On Boats

Cheap Smart Smart BMS for Lifepo4 on Sailboat

Will is pretty inventive but you need to read the article by Rod first. How to build batteries.


PSP – Sony Playstation: Portable Ultra Modern Gaming Machine

Sony PlayStation Portable system having 4.3-inch display which dominates the console body and its whole look is so classy, ​​expensive and very elegant. Apple fans can easily experience this feeling of having a PSP console in their hand. It's for sure PSP device is so handy with Pro Duo Memory stick, battery, inserted UMD and including all it just weighs 10.3 ounces. Revolutionary Sony PSP not just include handheld PlayStation 2 like features but beyond that PSP has other value – added features, the video player, the audio player and the photo viewer. PSP has more processing power than other portable console available in the market. Screen of PSP system is simply stunning with simplicity it has vibrant features and exceptionally clear view. If we talk about viewing angle which is again its incredible feature you can have very good image view from any angle with better refresh rate.

Till 2011 Sony releases 4 series of PSP named as PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and PSP GO (N1000). PSP-3000 and PSP GO are the only 2 portable consoles of Sony which are in production. PSP is the seventh generation of console with its 62 million units sold all around the world. Sony PlayStation Portable latest version loading time, 64MB internal system memory which is twice the memory of previous PSP console and this time PSP is 19% thinner and 33% lighter. Built in microphone enables you to enjoy all those games that employ a microphone and cutting edge communication technology enabled device make connectivity easier with your all online friends.

In the list of portable gaming devices Sony PSP has exceptional gaming power, audio-video quality is superb and when you watch movies on UMD it just look great on the sleek wide screen. Since the launch of Sony PlayStation Portable in December 2004, it is the leading handheld device in the portable gaming industry. Success of PSP console tells whole story about this device. True gamers admire PSP system for all its fully loaded feature, support, accessories, games and add-ons to make this device complete gaming and entertainment satisfaction zone while they are traveling. In true sense Sony PSP is more than a game console.


Rugged and Ultra Rugged Phones – Brief History

Rugged handhelds have existed for a long time as purpose-built devices for specific industries or agriculture. These devices were bulky, heavy, and built for a particular service or function. Telecommunication over public cellular networks were normally not supported. That meant that users of such devices would normally carry a separate mobile phone for regular communications.

About 10 years ago, with the rise of Voice over IP, some companies started adopting it as a mobile service, POC, ie Push-To-Talk Over Cellular, and looked for mobile devices to integrate and deploy it. This was before Android and other open platforms, so the service had to be developed and integrated as embedded proprietary solution on then-existing mobile phones.

Doing so was expensive and narrowed down the applicability of these devices for the regular consumer markets. These specialized mobile phones became purpose-built devices, mainly for the vertical markets.
From this starting point, it made sense to make these devices even more suitable for use in industry environments. In such environments ruggedness was an obvious and desirable product capability. Here, some big mobile phone vendors started adding one-off sturdier models to their product portfolios. But the real take off of the rugged mobile phone industry happened with the birth of some companies, which did nothing else and which products carved a new niche in the handheld industry.

This is what defined the rugged and ultra-rugged phones as purpose-built working tools, and triggered a technological quest to improve the product 'ruggedness' with respect to structural integrity, mechanical and environmental reliability, waterproofness, ingress resistance, etc. Initially, available military and ingress resistance standards were adopted as benchmarks for mechanical, structural and environmental qualification, but soon the leaders of that new industry segments developed and adopted their own standards for reliability and performance. The industry leaders even developed their own qualification specifications and the test equipment for them. Mechanical ruggedness was then completed with functional performance improvements for core usability areas – audio had to be loud, clear and loudspeakers had to be forward-facing for easier hands free use, radio antenna and location sensitivity had to be above average for work well indoors and under low signal conditions, and battery life had to be sufficient for several shifts of heavy-duty work, often extending to a week or more of more typical patterns of use.

The accumulated legacy in rugged research and development of handheld devices got a natural transition to smartphones a few years ago. The open operational systems of these devices, especially Android, made it easy to add enterprise services as applications. At the same time, the versatility of the smartphone as a consumer product made rugged smartphones attractive to many regular end users as well. Virtually all core rugged features of a modern rugged smartphone, in design and functionality, are applicable and attractive to professionals and enthusiasts alike. The top of the line rugged products can be found in use in as diverse places as transportation fleets, First Responders, extreme sport enthusiasts, active life style community, even the Department of Defense. These are the same core products, even if they can be configured for a particular use.

The fact that the end user price of top of the line rugged smartphones is often close to this of the regular consumer products is an achievement itself. Of course, one should not look for above average media or gaming capabilities in such products – this is not what they were designed for. And, of course, one should be careful with the copycats, which every new trend creates. In the rugged phone segment, more than anywhere else, what you pay is what you get.

The quest in 'ruggedness' continues today and some products have become ultra-rugged and ultra-reliable for use under very difficult conditions – whether on the job or as companion in an active life style.


Getihu $13 ultra slim 10000 mAh Portable Charger review

This is a quick review of the Getihu ultra slim 10000 mAh battery. Very inexpensive but with a major issue.

Here is the Amazon affiliate link to this battery bank –


Must Have Ultra Slim Power Bank Charger

Link to Purchase:
Discount: 59% off,Only $14.35 After Code: 8LB6F5Z7,Original price is $34.99

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