UPDATE – The Insta360 One X Dual Battery Charger WORKS!

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Did a bit of research after I posted my review… here’s a short video on what I did wrong the first time and showing you that the Dual Battery Charger does WORK!!

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Update : Is RavPower 25000mAh Solar Power Powerbank Still Worth it?

Are you in search for the best waterproof solar power portable charger with a flashlight? Check out the video to find out if this product is for you!

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Update Warning Gyrfalcon Multi-Battery Charger

This charger seems great
However it appears to charge battery
All indications of batteries being charged
All indications that batteries are fully charged
However not the case batteries not charged and are in fact dead



Mobile Charger Manufactures

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Unboxing Hubsan H501S body only and firmware update

I bought only the body without the transmitter of H501S. The transmitter uses the H502S that I already have. I’m opening the package as it arrived. This box contains only the H501S body and propellers at the raised bottom. Battery and chargers are not included. This is all that was in the box. I bought batteries and charging cable by Amazon. Next, update firmware. First open the Hubsan homepage and press the H501S Latest firmware at the bottom of the SUPPORT page. Extract the downloaded file and read the document. Then upgrade the flight controller and receiver on H501S body. The first time I get an error, ignore it and press it again. Next upgrade the firmware on the transmitter. Before and after firmware change.


update on BMW battery charger

update on BMW battery charger


Innokin Endura T18 v2 Starter Kit & Vinyl & Vapor Liquid

Innokin’s Endura T18, a great starter kit, gets updated with the v2….let’s check it out!

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NRMA Electric Car Charging Network (Oct 2018 Update)

The NRMA is rolling out 40 electric car charging locations across NSW and ACT as part of its Social Dividend Reinvestment Strategy. The plan is set to cost the NRMA $10 million dollars and will account for 95% of road trips taken by NSW and ACT motorists. Each charger will be spaced at most 150km apart on major roadways. The latest location to go online is Mittagong, located at the Mittagong RSL Club carpark. All NRMA chargers are supplied by Australian company Tritium Veefil who have also supplied charging networks across Europe, USA and locally in Australia. Tritium chargers are rapid DC chargers using either ChaDeMo or CCS2.

More details:
NRMA installs charger in Southern Highlands: https://www.mynrma.com.au/community/news-and-media-centre/nrma-installs-first-ev-fast-charging-station-in-southern-highlands?fbclid=IwAR0mKZ_RPFGSlsxU4S6v7Kz9eBOL48ZsmFt5hh148vdgryd_BqLRRzEUX9s

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09 Oct 2018 | Update From Stockholm, Super Safe Model 3 and Crazy Homemade Range Extender

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Tuesday 9th October 2018. It’s Martyn Lee here and I’ve been through EV story today so you don’t have to.


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In the U.S. NHTSA has released it’s findings in the probability of injury for those involved in a Model 3 acccident and it’s the lowest score they’ve ever awarded. Apart from driving around in a tank, you’re safest in a Model 3. Tesla explained: “NHTSA tested Model 3 Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive as part of its New Car Assessment Program, a series of crash tests used to calculate the likelihood of serious bodily injury for front, side and rollover crashes. The agency’s data shows that vehicle occupants are less likely to get seriously hurt in these types of crashes when in a Model 3 than in any other car. NHTSA’s previous tests of Model S and Model X still hold the record for the second and third lowest probabilities of injury, making Tesla vehicles the best ever rated by NHTSA. We expect similar results for other Model 3 variants, including our dual-motor vehicles, when they are rated.” “In addition to its near 50/50 weight distribution, Model 3 was also designed with an extremely low polar moment of inertia, which means that its heaviest components are located closer to the car’s center of gravity. Even though Model 3 has no engine, its performance is similar to what’s described as a “mid-engine car” due to its centered battery pack (the heaviest component of the car) and the fact that Model 3’s rear motor is placed slightly in front of the rear axle rather than behind it. Not only does this architecture add to the overall agility and handling of the car, it also improves the capability of stability control by minimizing rotational kinetic energy.”  


Liam Denning has been taking a look at the announcement from Audi that Amazon will install charge points at home for it’s customers: “The oil industry has long been more concerned with generating supply than encouraging demand—why bother, when drivers had no alternative? The hassle of charging has long been one of the things holding back the electrical vehicle market. Amazon’s entry will make that a whole lot easier, potentially representing a major threat in oil’s biggest market.” according to Bloomberg: “The fossil fuel industry should be worried about a company such as Amazon encroaching on its territory. Back in the summer of 2008, three of the world’s five most valuable companies produced oil and gas. Exxon was No. 1. Today, four years after a global collapse in oil prices, Big Tech dominates and Exxon struggles to stay in the top 10.”  




No! No! No! A new article by Fast Company is typical of so many I see and it totally misses the point that EV’s are a change of habit, a change of how we *think* about fuelling personal mobility. They say: “In the not-too-distant future, your local gas station may have chargers for electric cars near the gas pumps. Gilbarco Veeder-Root–one of the largest suppliers of fuel dispensers to gas stations–just invested in Tritium, an electric vehicle charging company.”  



On Toyota RAV4EV owners was fed up with the range and took it into his own hands: “This enthusiastic owner wanted to increase the range of his Toyota, and built this simple trailer solution to double his battery capacity, nearly doubling his range, despite the trailer’s extra 454kg.” according to Gizmodo: “The trailer retains the original Toyota floor pan casing, making it likely as safe as it would have been bolted into the Rav4 body. I’m not convinced that high-voltage cables should be hanging out in the wind as seen in the connection between the trailer and the car, but everything in life is a calculated risk, right? What’s the worst that could happen?”  




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Free energy battery charger update 5