Navitas Explains what is GaNFast technology and how they make GaN chargers so tiny

At CES 2019, a Navitas representative explained GaNFast technology and showed us production units of GaN chargers.


Cygnett 45W PD Power Bank vs 15″ MacBook Pro | Best Portable Charger

I’ve been looking for a battery bank I could use with my 15″ MacBook Pro however most brands only charge between 18-30W which is too little juice. However, I found a 45W battery bank and wanted to share my test results with you in case you were looking to extend the battery life of your Macs.

Cygnett 45W PD:
Cygnett 60W PD:
MacBook Pro:

Usually I get 2-4 hours battery life on my 2018 MacBook Pro depending on how heavy I push it. To get longer battery life I tend to always disable Turbo Boost which makes it run slightly slower but doubles the battery life.

One thing to note about these Macs is that when Turbo Boost is being used the battery drains by 0.2% per minute even with the Official Apple 87W charger is plugged in – make sure you plug it directly into the laptop and not via a USB-C adapter as it drains a lot more through one of those – yes even the official Apple USB-C adapters.

With one of these 45W battery banks plugged in the internal laptop battery still drains by 0.9% per minute when being maxed out but if you’re just using apps normally it does indeed still manage to charge the Mac. For example I had Final Cut playing back a video with the iOS simulator and YouTube open at maximum brightness and it was charging at 0.3% per minute. Which is great.

They are a bit expensive, but they seem to work as described. Something to check out is their new 60W PD power bank – they are a little bigger in size but they’d be even more suited for a higher spec’d 15″ than the 45W.

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BEST USB Power Bank / Battery Pack – What to buy??

Safeguard your internet experience today at and use code MATTGRANGER to get 66% off a 2-year plan.

We have compared over 25 devices and show you which are fastest & most stable options for mobile and in office use.

BEST overall:
Best compact:
Best midsize:
Most power:
Best Style:
Special mention – drone battery adapter:

Large units – ~20,000mah
1. – Zendure ZDPX6PD – stated 20,100mah – got 12,140mah – 5 outputs, 45w in and out, low volt support, USB C hub, pass through power.
2. Ravpower Super C – stated 26,800mah – got 19,850mah – 3 amp out per port, dual input, 30w direct power, highest output tested
3. Zendure 6PD – stated 20,100mah – got 13,400mah – 45w in and out, 100% rugged, slim
4. Zendure A8QC – stated 20,100mah – got 16,200mah after 2 years – QC3, 100% rugged, pass through power
5. Anker powercore 26800 – stated 26,800mah – got 16,500mah – 3 amp out per port, dual input, no power direct tech
6. Technipro – stated 26,800mah – got 12,800mah – 3 amp out per port, dual input, cheaper

MidSize ~ 10,000mah – BEST to WORST
1. Yoobao slim – Stated 10,000mah – got 7553mah – 3 amp out, nice build, great value
2. Anker powercore QC+ – Stated 10,400mah – got 5700mah after 18 months – great but only 1 output
3. Yoobao Cat – Stated 10,400mah – got 6220mah – meow
4. Moshi IonSlim 10K – Stated 10,000mah – got 5,000mah – Power direct, great styling, low power, expensive
5. Ainope – Stated 10,000mah – got 6300mah – less than 3 eggs….. Not bad really
6. Jackery Giant – Stated 12,000mah – got 6184mah – aluminum, cheap but not much power
7. RavPower solar – Stated 10,000mah – got 6150mah – Rugged and solar – pricey
8. Zimmi – Stated 10,000mah – got 6300mah – USB C, slow discharge, flimsy

Small Units (below 10,000mah) – BEST to WORST
1. Anker Powercore Mini+: Stated 3350 – got 3200mah – great quality and power to size ratio
2. Moshi Ion 3k: – best quality but pricey!
3. GEMS: Stated 2000mah – got 1439mah
4. MyCharge Wireless: Stated 2000mah – got 1908mah – has wireless charging
5. EMIE Puppy: Stated 5200mah – got 3294mah – CUTE and high power
6. LB1: Stated 2200mah – got 1580mah – great value
7. URGE Basics: Stated 2000mah – got 1165mah
8. Mediabridge: Stated 2200mah – got 1325mah – built in cables but overpriced
9. ZeroLemon: Stated 2600mah – got 1341mah
10. Ifrogz: Stated 700mah – got 551mah – gets hot!
11. Rayovac: Stated 2000mah – got only 470mah!
12. Koyu: SKIP IT


Nimble Portable Chargers & Wireless Charger Unboxing & Hands On

Nimble portable chargers and wireless chargers look awesome, pack in cool features and come from a company that wants to protect the planet while keeping you charged up.


RAVPower ismart Charger (RP-PC017)

The Latest: “Best Smartphone Macro Lenses for 2018” –~–
All purpose USB-C and USB-A small charger.

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RAVPower 20100mAh Portable Charger (Quick Charge Input & Output; Type-C Port) Review

Has your smartphone or tablet ever run out of power and you are no where near a power outlet? How about needing to charge one of those devises during a power outage, or during a long night out? Have more then one device that needs to be charged? Does your phone have quick charge? If you said yes to anyone of these you need to look at the RAVPower 20100mAh Portable Charger. There are many other portable backup batteries out there, watch and find out why you should chose this one over the other options.

Amazon link: (affiliate link)

Product Dimensions 6.7 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches

Input (Micro): 5V/9V/12V 2A Max
Input (Type-C): 5V/3A Max
USB Output: 5V/ 2.4A
Type-C Output: 5V/3A Max
QC 2.0 Output: 5V/2.4A, 9V/1.5A, 12V/1.2A Max

Some other general tech stuff:

This video was taken using a Vixia HF R400 with these settings;
Auto .mp4 @ 35mps

Wireless mic; Audio Technica ATR288W VHF

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WHAT IS TYPE C CHARGERS ? | ಏನಿದು ‘ಟೈಪ್ ಸಿ’ ಚಾರ್ಜರ್..? /what is type c charger in telugu?

What is type c chargers..
In this video I’m going to explain you guys what is a type c chargers and what is uses of in this type c chargers please watch this full video don’t skip otherwise u don’t understand
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ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30,000mAh USB- C / USB Quick Charge Battery Charger

ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30,000mAh USB- C / USB Quick Charge Battery Charger
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High Capacity: World’s Toughest External Battery Pack @ 30000mAh Capacity. Charges the iPhone 6s 11 times, the iPhone 6s Plus/Galaxy S7/LG G5/HTC One 7 times or Macbook once. Safely recharges with a 2 amp or higher output charger (most phone chargers have only 1 amp).
• Anti-Shock: Toughest Exterior with Largest Capacity Battery – Perfect for the outdoors and on the go crowd. Double Layer AntiShock SoftShell+Hard Plastic material to disperse extreme shock.
• Type-C Compatibility: In addition to standard functionality, the type-C port makes it compatible with the new MacBook, charging at 5V/2.5A.
• Quad USB Ports: 1 QuickCharge 2.0 port (12V/9V) with legacy 5V/2A support, and 3 Ports for 1A charging
• Content: ZeroLemon ToughJuice Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank, Micro USB cable, welcome guide, ZeroLemon Guarantee 12 month warranty and customer service


Nimble Portable Chargers | Fast-Charge for iPhone, Samsung, Nintendo Switch & more

Nimble’s fast-charging portable batteries are designed to charge your devices over 3x faster. 18W Type-C PD delivers fast and safe power delivery for iPhone, Samsung, Android, Nintendo Switch, and more. Learn more at


2016 Macbook Pro Must Have Type C Accessories

Nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 Mini Adapter:
Kingston Digital Data Traveler Micro Duo:
Anker PowerCore+ 20100, USB-C/Type-C:

2016 Macbook Pro w/ Touch Bar // Good or Bad:


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